The Dreamteam Basketball Academy

Have you been looking to join a prestigious basketball academy in Arizona? If so, then this article titled “The Dreamteam Basketball Academy” is for you.

You’ll like the Dreamteam Basketball Academy in Arizona if you desire to develop your basketball abilities. A training program’s ability to assist you advance your abilities rather than merely provide you with repetitive exercise is one of its most crucial components. Look at these important aspects of this basketball school to see why it’s one of the greatest in Arizona. Also see what sets it apart from other facilities in the region since no one wants to improve at shooting hoops if they’re doing the same exercises over and again.

The Dreamteam Basketball Academy is what exactly?

The Dreamteam Basketball Academy teaches men how to develop as men while also teaching them how to play basketball. We practice honing your basketball talents every day and developing your character to help you become a successful player and citizen. Numerous children have learned about devotion and hard effort through Dreamteam. Come see what it takes to be the best for yourself!

Who ought to attend the camp?

There are a variety of activities at the camp that can accommodate children of various ability levels. There’s no question that everyone who attends will have a fantastic time. Adults may participate in the camp as counselors or volunteers as well. This is the place for you whether you’re searching for personal development, want to improve your game, or simply need some one-on-one coaching!

Basketball is a fantastic activity that allows players to improve their coordination while having fun and shooting baskets. Participants get specialized coaching and years of playing experience at the program. Players are pushed to develop their dribbling abilities, learn new positions, and explore their talents in order to become more well-rounded basketball players.

How did it begin?

Because there weren’t enough high-quality basketball camps accessible for youngsters, CEO Mayia Slavova founded the Dreamteam Basketball Academy. She explored for other choices since she didn’t want her son and daughter to feel like they were being denied this chance. She decided to build her own since none were discovered. Since then, Mayia hasn’t gone a day without considering how many young children also miss this experience.

How can I get there the best manner possible?

Flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is your best option if you are traveling from outside the region. Consider making a reservation for a rental vehicle before you come if you will need one while you are here so that it will be ready for you when you land. You may get from the airport to Paradise Valley, where the academy is situated, using a variety of transportation choices. Depending on what is most suitable for your schedule and budget, you may take a taxi or an Uber/Lyft. If public transportation better suits your requirements, it is also available. Please allow ample time to get to the academy using whatever method works best for you so that we can welcome everyone at the welcome event!

What should I bring along?

The Dreamteam Basketball Academy has two facilities in Chandler and Queen Creek where it provides year-round instruction as well as summer camps. High school and college students who wish to flourish over the offseason might consider year-round training.
Players of all ages and abilities are encouraged to attend summer camps. Campers get to work on their love of the game by exploring what it means to be a part of a team, train with seasoned players and coaches, hone their skills on top-notch equipment, enjoy fun pool parties at the conclusion of camp, win exciting prizes, and even shoot hoops with NBA player Jerryd Bayless. During the academic year, students will have access to some of the best basketball coaches in the nation for training. This also includes clinics for all levels of players.

Where can I get more information about this program?

If you’re determined about raising your level of play, it’s time to check out the brand-new, cutting-edge Dreamteam basketball school. This comprehensive program is intended to bring your jump shot, dunk, and pivot abilities up to speed with all the most recent methods and movements. The academy is conveniently located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Michael Gallagher, the head coach, has been recognized as one of the top five high school coaches in America on six occasions. He is present as a teacher and motivational speaker at our weekly seminars where youngsters get the most information and inspiration possible to help them achieve.
Enroll right now to create a lethal squad of hoops stars!

What Dreamteam Academy Offers

Dreamteam Basketball Academy is a fantastic site to level up your gameplay. There are several advantages to practicing your swing or shooting baskets. Anyone playing here, from a beginner to a future pro, will find the environment to be ideal. Modern facilities and top-notch coaching will be available to you, allowing you to master new abilities and refine your technique in order to up your game.

More on Dreamteam Academy

Youth aged 6 and up may get basketball skills and sports performance training at Peak Basketball @ DreamTeam Basketball Academy in a cutting-edge, air-conditioned facility. Our program is designed to guide players and bring out their greatest athletic qualities. While also developing their moral character and self-assurance.

Boys and girls may mingle, do their schoolwork, and broaden their horizons in our Club Level Lounge. It is a secure, enjoyable, and welcoming space.

Taylor Rohde

Director of Athletics & Co-Founder

Taylor is a great local hero. Taylor proceeded to have an outstanding collegiate career after receiving several accolades and setting numerous records at Pinnacle High School, including Gatorade Arizona Player of the Year. He spent two seasons each playing for Arizona State University and Alaska Anchorage. He was recognized at UAA as the National Player of the Year and also an unanimous All-American.

Taylor took the risk of playing professionally abroad for 5 years after graduation. He participated in a variety of German and Euro Challenge teams. Taylor has been a coach for much of his career, and right now his attention is on developing his players and teams.
His area of expertise is post-player training.
“We are all aware that practicing in teams is not sufficient for success. I attribute a large portion of my success to my thorough training and the excellent mentors I had along the road. My goal is to emulate them and give back.” (Taylor Rohde)

Matt O’Meara

Director of the Club Team

Matt has thirteen years of coaching and player development expertise. He worked his way up from freshman coach in 2005 to varsity coach in 2008 throughout his almost ten years of service at Agua Fria High School. He led the Owls to many postseason trips, including a trip to the 2009 state championship game. His teams at Agua Fria had a combined record of 136-68 during his time there. Also, several of his players went on to play at the university level.
From 2014 to 2017, Matt served as Arizona Christian University’s assistant coach and director of basketball operations for three years. While at ACU, the varsity team achieved a school record most victories in a season with a record-setting 74-30 overall record (25).

Coach O’Meara graduated with a B.A. in Secondary Education from Arizona State University in 2007. Additionally, he has a master’s degree in administrative leadership from Western Governors University. He also holds a dual master’s degree in sports administration and sports business from the United States Sports Academy.

Jen Framjee

Operations Director and Camp Director

In 2017, Ms. Jen, as we refer to her at DreamTeam, joined us to assist in the front office. Ms. Jen is a former member of the US Marine Corps. After becoming married to a Marine and deciding she too wanted to serve her nation, she enlisted. In the Reserves, she worked as a military police officer. While her husband was in the USMC for 13 years, Jen was a devoted military mother and wife.
Ms. Jen began working as a special education paraprofessional for the Scottsdale Unified School District in 2013. This was after leaving the military and relocating to Arizona. She played that duty for seven years, devotedly serving the school community. Ms. Jen has worked with DreamTeam Basketball Academy for three years. She has a passion for encouraging kids to always be their best selves.

Club Squad


For students in grades 3 through 12, the Peak Basketball Club program provides an all-year, fundamentally based youth development and competitive program. We provide two practices and two one-hour Skills Academy training sessions every week in our Club Program. Our Talents Academy instruction focuses on the foundations of ball handling, footwork, shooting, etc. to assist each player develop their skills. Although the Skills Academy is optional, it is essential and strongly advised for player’s confidence and growth. Practices are primarily held at the Pyramid. Skills Academies are often held off-site at Pinnacle High School, Mountain Trails Middle School, or at the Pyramid.
Our pricing choices include:

  1. Tier One: This includes two team practices and two lessons at the Skills Academy each week + Peak App
  2. Tier Two consists of two team practices, one Skills Academy lesson, and Peak App per week.
  3. Tier Three: This level includes two weekly team practices plus Peak App.
  4. Dress code: Shooting shirt, Under Armour jerseys, and backpack
  5. Each event has a $35 entry fee. (Only applicable to competition teams).


TeamSnap is how we communicate most often. Once your player has registered, please download TeamSnap (if you haven’t already). Also, once your player has been approved into the team, anticipate an invitation from us. (Please check the junk mail folder.) For the squad to have enough players to participate, your child’s availability is crucial. You must also update their availability on the app once each week. In order to stop autopaying for our program, we need a player to provide us a documented 30-day cancellation notice. Send it to if possible.

  1. The game schedule is typically released on Thursday, if not before.
  2. There will be no refunds after the season starts, and participants are financially committed to the season.
  3. 4–7 days after tryouts, decision emails about selection are often sent out.
  4. You may register and make payments online at
  5. The practice schedule can alter during the season.
  6. A player cannot alter their Tier level until the season is over, unless they are upgrading.
  7. Please contact Coach Matt via email for further details:
  8. Because our program is autopay, we need a documented 30-day cancellation notice from a player who has to suspend membership. Send it to, please.

Club Level

Socialize With Friends In A Secure Setting

After a hard day at school, camp, or on the weekends, kids may relax and mingle at the Kids’ Social Club at DreamTeam Basketball Academy.
Features of The Kids Club:

  1. E10+-rated, nonviolent games on the most recent Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Wii gaming consoles
  2. Classic arcade games
  3. Board games and chess
  4. Seasonal guest speakers
    Reservations Necessary

Study or have meetings in the boardroom.

The DreamTeam Academy Boardroom serves as our study space during the academic year. Meanwhile, it can also be rented out for gatherings like birthday parties or business meetings.

  1. Huge conference table with 12 to 15 seats.
  2. A screen and overhead projector in SVGA
  3. A large whiteboard
  4. A tranquil setting for reflection. Children may read, relax, and think about the day’s events in the Relaxation Room at DreamTeam Basketball Academy. It contains
  5. Light-touch massage chairs
  6. A large library full of excellent literature
  7. Beanbags for resting and unwinding
  8. Cozy furnishings and lighting

Have you been looking to join a basketball academy in Arizona? If so, then this article titled “The Dreamteam Basketball Academy” is for you.

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