The Mainz registration requirement FC Youth Academy

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Introduction To The Topic

Twelve different divisions make up Mainz 05’s youth academy. These divisions cover from football to handball to basketball and to gymnastics. It’s one of the best youth academies in Germany, if not Europe, especially for football. In the football division, it comprises of three junior teams and five senior teams. The age range for players in these Teams starts from six to twenty-five years old.

What Do I Need To Do In Order To Get Started?

A registration with the Mainz FC Youth Academy is the first prerequisite for participation. A simple online form or a face-to-face visit will be a good way of registering. Registration allows you to take part in the academy’s events, such as tryouts. Players must be between the ages of nine and nineteen to be eligible to register in the Mainz football academy. Read through to see how to join the Mainz FC Academy.

How To Go About The Online Registration

When you log on to the Mainz football team academy website, you will have to provide your personal details. Those details include; your name, address, and date of birth. It may also prompt you to create a username and password. After you are done with registration, you may now login and complete the online registration form.

At this point, the website will prompt you to upload a current picture of yourself. Your face should be clearly seen in the photograph, so make sure you make use of a good camera. Next step is to put down an account of yourself and your football experience in writing. This should be short and precise. Meanwhile, this write up must contain the position you play on the field and your achievements in football so far. Lastly, you will have to pay for required fees for registration.

How To Register For Players In The U12 Category

A Grade Point Report Card, a Health Certificate, and a Birth Certificate are to be presented by players under the age of 14. The Mainz FC Academy scouting process can be complicated, therefore here are some guidelines:

  • The initial step is to register with the club. It is either you do it online or physically.
  • In order to maximize your chances of participating the scouting process, take part in open trials. You should attend as many of them as possible. Scouts will be more likely to select you if they see more of your game.
  • At all times, perform at your peak level. In order to get recognized by scouts, it is important you showcase your best.
  • Keep your focus on what you’re doing.

More Information On The Academy Requirements

When it comes to the rating of football academies in Germany, the Mainz football academy ranks at the top. This is due to their number of successful professional footballers from their academy. You just need to adhere to some guidelines to make it into their academy.

At least, you have to be between the ages of six and eighteen. Then, filling up and submitting the online application form. In addition to this, the website will prompt you to present your photo, CV and a recommendation letter.

Meanwhile, the following documents are required after they book you for an interview: a birth certificate, passport, and proof of residence. They will also conduct a medical screening on you.

It is the duty of the club’s scouts to keep tabs on local sports teams and schools. By so doing, the will observe player who perform well, and offer them a trial in their academy.

What Will Happen If My Child Doesn’t Have A German Passport ?

It doesn’t matter if your child doesn’t have a German passport to enroll in the Mainz FC Youth Academy. What is important is your child to be between the ages of six and sixteen. However, the academy will also need their birth certificate to authenticate their age.

Next is to register your child online. If the academy receives your application form, they will book an appointment with your child for an interview. On the other hand, there are different plans for various family size. They have the family plan and the individual plan.

Both parents that subscribed to the family plan have exclusive access to witness every training session live at the Mainz 05 stadium. Meanwhile, the individual plan gives access to only one parent to attend training sessions with one child.

In order to subscribe to the individual plan, parents must have a European citizenship. This is because, you ought to put your signature on a contract that stipulates your respect and loyalty to Germany.

About The Team Selection

One can select from other German Bundesliga teams’ youth programs. To make it easy, most of them run a free trial and admission. But, to enroll in top German football academies like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund or Mainz, you need to work extra hard.

But before you start applying, those who are U18 must obtain their parent or guardian’s approval. This way, the academy is assured that they can support you financially.

At What Point Does My Child Gets To Feature For The Academy

When your child joins the club as a registered player, then the child can start playing. Registration in Mainz football academy requires a child to be between the ages of six to eighteen years old. The academy’s experts will assess your child’s abilities and place him or her on a team that they fit in.

When it comes to playing in Mainz’s youth academy, if your child isn’t chosen, there are several options. They can still play for Mainz’s youth teams.

An Overview Of The Youth Football Academy Of 1. FSV Mainz 05

Many children and teenagers participate in the youth football program at 1. FSV Mainz 05. They have total of eleven active teams, which has the U23 team. It provides an exceptional educational background for aspiring professional players and young talents.

The club employs the services of qualified and experienced coaches that lead the teams. In the academy, they focus also on the player’s character and personal development. It is not all about football in the academy.

The teams collaborate with associate schools to ensure that all of the youngsters at the youth football academy receive an excellent education and the best possible training conditions.

Several of these institutions have been designated as “Elite Schools of Sports” by the German Football Association “DFB”. Their curriculum is tailored to meet the specific demands of aspiring athletes, as lessons are scheduled to not collide with practice times. Housing for Mainz’s young soccer players is provided by the “Kolping Haus”, with trained workers to look after them.


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