The Premier League Big Six Clubs

In this article titled ”The Premier League Big Six Clubs”, we would be talking about the competitive six clubs in the English Premier league and why they attained this status. Also we shall discuss the following subtopics: Clubs That Make Up The Premier League ‘Big Six’, The Team’s Stadium And City, The Era Of EPL Big Four and Overview Of The Premier League ‘Big Six’.

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Introduction To The Topic

Some of the largest and wealthiest football clubs in the world compete in the Premier League, making it one of the most intense leagues at the highest level of the sport.

Unlike in certain European leagues, where just one or two clubs dominate, the Premier League has what they know as “The Big Six”.

The big six clubs are clubs that are very competitive and have shown their worth in the premier league. They have left their marks on the premier league.

Okay, so which clubs make up “The Premier League Big Six Clubs”? Get all the information you require from this article.

Clubs That Make Up The Premier League ‘Big Six’

In the premier league, they consider Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham to be the ‘big six’.

Many wonder what makes these teams the “big six”. They reason is because, they have the best track records of winning in the league overall.

Also, they have the largest stadiums, the most fans, and the highest revenues.

It’s important to keep in mind that the term “big six” just came out recently. One can say it is a slang term at its best.

From the 2010s onward, the clubs listed above consistently performed well, finishing in the Premier League’s top six at the end of each season.

Also, the same clubs competed for continental qualification.

The Team’s Stadium And City

ArsenalEmirates StadiumLondon
ChelseaStamford BridgeLondon
Man CityEtihad StadiumManchester
Man UtdOld TraffordManchester
TottenhamTottenham Hotspur StadiumLondon

The Era Of EPL Big Four

In the previous decade, the 2000s, a “top four” of dominant teams established in the Premier League.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea were the “big four,” or constant contenders.

There were some clubs that they didn’t include in the “big four”. They are Premier League champions Blackburn Rovers (1995) and Leicester City (2016). Their success belies the fact that they have not been reliable and consistent enough.

Just like there are “major” clubs in England like Aston Villa or Nottingham Forest that have had tremendous success in the past, their current results have damaged their ranking.

Teams like Leeds United, Everton, and Newcastle United, perennial Premier League challengers, have also struggled with inconsistency and even relegation in recent years.

Of the “big six,” only Tottenham are devoid of a Premier League title. As a result, some of their rivals exploit that information as a punchline when making fun of Spurs fans.

On the other hand, the north London club has won the First Division twice (1951 and 1961).

They are one among the “big six” because they have been consistently competitive over a long period of time. Also they perform well to qualify for Champions League and Europa League while leaving their marks on the domestic league.

Overview Of The Premier League ‘Big Six’

1. Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson has been instrumental in making Manchester United a force to reckon with, in the English Premier League.

However, since Alex Ferguson left the club, the club’s performance has dropped very much. But, they are still a financially balanced and a threat at the top of the table.

2. Liverpool

Although Liverpool dominated English football before the Premier League’s establishment, the Merseyside club won its first Premier League championship not until 2020.

Despite this, Liverpool have been title contenders under managers Gerard Houllier, Rafa Benitez, and Brendan Rodgers despite a rough patch in the 1990s.

3. Arsenal

Even if the Gunners’ success has dwindled throughout the 2010s, especially when Arsene Wenger left the club, Arsenal is still one of the six “major” teams in English football.

As a result of qualifying for the Europa League rather than the Champions League, they have fallen to the bottom of the ‘big six’ in recent seasons.

4. Chelsea

Although Chelsea was never a classic English football force, Roman Abramovich’s investment propelled the club to the Premier League’s elite early on.

Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, and Antonio Conte have all won the Premier League with the Blues, cementing the club’s status as one of England’s elite teams.

5. Manchester City

It wasn’t until the 2010s that Manchester City became one of the “big six” clubs in the Premier League.

When Sheikh Mansour’s Abu Dhabi group purchased City in 2008, the club immediately rose to the top of English football.

6. Tottenham

Throughout their history, Tottenham has been one of England’s best clubs, winning titles on occasion. However, it wasn’t until the 2000s that they truly established themselves as title contenders.

They haven’t won the Premier League yet, but they’ve come close.


In this article titled ”The Premier League Big Six Clubs”, you will find out the six most competitive clubs in the English Premier league and why they attained this status.

You can research more on these subtopics: Clubs That Make Up The Premier League ‘Big Six’, The Team’s Stadium And City, The Era Of EPL Big Four and Overview Of The Premier League ‘Big Six’.

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