Tottemham F.C. MY PLAYERS IMPRESSED ME, Antonio Conte

Antonio was happy to secure a wining point clearly merited over the line. “We did good and we will keep doing our best always,” he said. “We dominated and won. The game was astonishing, Our style of play, the strength, the intention and magnitude. 

“We performed so well. A great performance to remember. It’s obvious, when it came to the game, he added, we played so well and kept them at bay and in check. Also, in this situation is where the full expertise of the goal keeper is needed. Hugo, you are aware, is the best choice for us. 

“I’m delighted at how my players played, and I made it known to the game when the game ended because we did our best and deserve the win. In the end, there’s no win without a goal. We will have to triple /add in terms of clinical, to be moreaggressive, and to win more. If this is achieved then can we rest and have fun in the game. 

“I’m not happy we conceded a goal, but, it’s fine, to win is more important, we started the campaign well with a good start and before we kick off in the Champions League, to win. Now, we have to enjoy the win and we have a great game coming withMarseille.”

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