Twing Extendable Snow Remover

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Twing Extendable snow remover

This product can stretch from its initial length of 28.54 inches to a maximum of 37.9 inches, easily spanning most windshields. Its 360 rotating brush head can be used to its fullest extent with that much reach. However, after removing the snow and ice from your windshield with a brush and a scraper. you should be able to wipe it clear. and be ready to drive your car.

The Snow Moover Extendable Snow Brush is a strong bristled brush. made to easily clear snow from your car’s windows and windshield. The product is designed to do different things. for instance, a squeegee is next to the brush head and an ice scraper that can be removed for quicker and simpler operation. Furthermore, the wiper and bristle tip snow brush, the ice scraper, and the telescopic extender are three distinct pieces that make up the snow scraper. Note, To make use and storage more convenient, all three parts can be combined or divided.

The ice scraper’s hard features and non-scratching jaws are designed to quickly break through the ice’s surface. before the flat head slides underneath to remove the remaining material. In other to allow you to get rid of snow in your car this product can stretch up to 39 inches. Also, Given that it weighs roughly 2 lbs, using it for an extended amount of time can get unpleasant.

People who have used this product complain that it’s heavy and bulky. Owners of this product have said the bristles feel too sharp. Therefore, it is possible to scratch your car in the process of removing the snow. It’s also important to note that a few owners have reported having the brush head completely break off.


1 Model K07506

2 It has a 37.9-inch extendable shaft. 

3 A Squeegee is featured in the product.


1 Its shaft can stretch up to 37.9 inches.

2 The product is affordable 

3 The bristle of the product is thick.


1 Stowing is difficult due to the large size.

2 it has No carrying case or breakdown features

3 The likelihood of scratching is increased by sharp bristles,

4 it’s heavy

Product Description 

• 3-in-1Snowbrush

The brush, The squeegee, and the ice scraper have different roles they play. The brush and the squeegee remove snow but the squeegee only removes thick snow. while the ice scraper removes ice and frost from windows or windshields.

• Easy to Install

With the help of the splicing button style, The car snow brush handle may be installed quickly and easily without the use of screws or other tools.

• Extendable Pole and 180° Pivoting Head

This snow mover can effortlessly remove snow from your car’s windshield or roof because it can stretch from 34.25″ to 42.12″. However, To make it simpler to remove snow, the snow brush head may be turned 180 degrees.

• Comfortable Foam Grip

It is comfortable when using all you need to do is keep your hand and control it well when in use. Also, endeavor to Keep your hands away from the cold. it’s a removable snow brush that is easy to store.

• Safe to your Car

The bristle of this product is treated and even though it might be strong yet it gives better results. The automotive snow brush guarantees that heavy snow will be removed without damaging the paint of your car.

Benefits of Twing Extendable snow remover

Whether it’s large or thick it performs the duty of getting rid of snow easily from your vehicle.

However, Bristles made with specific treatment won’t damage the paint on your automobile. Also, an Ice scraper is used to ice and frost from windows and windshields.

It has a handle that is covered with foam and is also comfortable to place your hand on. Also, it’s both easy to control and handle. Always endeavor to Keep your hands away from the cold. 

Top reviewers 

Mouamong Kue

I like the nice length and it worked out for me even without taking much of my time. Where I live in Wisconsin I experienced a few drops of snow which made me excited to make use of my new snow brush. Because I went for the cheap one few minutes trying to get rid of the snow the top broke off. So I advise people to pay up to 20 to 30 dollars to get a better one.

Thom O

This product did exactly as I wanted it to do. But my major concern was that the foam around the shaft has no protection from the shaft. Because of this, you must hold it by the scrapper when operating it because the shaft revolves. I was impressed with the product it did a great job!


In December, in preparation for the upcoming winter, I purchased this product. On the 31st of January, I had the chance to make use of this product. When I used it for a while the head of the unit fell off even though I tried to fix it back with a bolt and nut. Time was against me so I couldn’t return this product and get a refund. In conclusion, the device became worthless after I assembled it with the lag bolt and used it to push off around 8 inches of snow from my car. Yet,  the arm just below the head split. I was so devastated.

S. Bonafiglia

The caliber of this product is poor because It doesn’t go as far as it claims. This product won’t be suitable for tall vehicles like truck roofs or tall SUVs. But it can as well be suitable for cars. One of the features I like about this product is the pivoting head.

Annick Prefontaine

This brush is quite inexpensive. With just one screw, the entire head is kept together. I’m not sure if mine was faulty, but this brush can’t clear a light snowfall. After a few swipes, the head of the swiveling head which I had about 3 inches of snow snapped off. It revealed one plastic-encased screw holding the entire head.

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