Weekly Updates On Latest Happenings In Metaverse

The recent happenings in the metaverse are CoinMarketCap and Nansen from the first-ever metaverse fashion week in Decentraland, to Yat Siu of Animoca pushing for an open metaverse. Weekly Updates On Latest Happenings In Metaverse, The World’s First Economic Summit In The Metaverse To Be Hosted By Dubai, $100M Metaverse Fund Launched By Qualcomm, The “Nansen Lite” Access Plan Launched By Nansen.

Will you like a virtual fashion show over a real one? Well, the first-ever metaverse fashion hosted by Decentraland showed last week, many prominent brands were present to showcase their designs.

Apart from fashion, in the metaverse, Dubai is set to host its economic summit, while Qualcomm launched a $100 million fund to support the startups and companies building products in the metaverse

Below is a rundown of some top stories in the metaverse scenes over the past week.

The World’s First Economic Summit In The Metaverse To Be Hosted By Dubai

South Korea is gunning to be the fifth-largest metaverse market by the year2026, while Dubai is gearing up to hold its first economic press conference in the metaverse this week. 

The summit of the Investopedia is one of the major strategic ideas under the Dubai ‘Projects of the 50’ which was announced by the government in September 2021. This event will discuss economic topics that are important, such as the impact of current economic transformations on their investors, likewise the prospects and trends of global investments until 2025.

Weekly Updates On Latest Happenings In Metaverse

The UAE Minister of Economy, Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri, explained that.  “Investors Summit also will shed light on the quick developments in the world regarding the cryptocurrency market. Encouraging banks to invest in the next generation of financial technology.” He also said that ” seeing Investors Summit in the metaverse would be great. And hosting the first economic press conference through this virtual world”. The vision of Investopedia is about future economies. Therefore launching the summit in the metaverse will come in line with this context. Which enriches Investopia’s discussions about the world’s technological developments and their impact on economies and investments. The attendance of ”The inaugural edition of the summit will be witnessed by more than 4,000 global figures, including government officials. SME leaders, institutional investors, and other stakeholders.

$100M Metaverse Fund Launched By Qualcomm

Qualcomm, a multinational software and microchip giant, has launched a $100 million metaverse fund. To aid companies working in the burgeoning metaverse industry. Dubbing the ” snapDragon metaverse Fund” in reference to the firm’s Snapdragon chips, the fund leads back companies in the space. Extended reality (XR), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR).

According to the press release on Monday, the funding will also go toward an ecosystem developer’s funding. For startups building experiences which are “gaming, health and wellness, media, entertainment, education, and enterprise. The company was described as a “ticket to the metaverse” by Cristiano Amon, the president and CEO of Qualcomm.

He said:  we look forward to empowering developers and companies of all sizes. “Through the Snapdragon Metaverse Fund, as they push the of what’s possible, entering into this new generation of spatial computing. Receiving early access to cutting_edge XR platform technology would be granted to the recipients. Where’s Qualcomm’s website suggests that the company is looking to combine a smartphone, AR glasses, and VR headset. Into a single device in the future to come resulting in XR replacing all the other screens in your life such as the big TV in your living room also becoming the world’s most ubiquitous and disruptive computing platform which are similar to today’s smartphone. Pushing into the metaverse Qualcomm is the latest inline

The Latest WEB3 Push Animoca Brands Target Social Media Giants

Sebastien Borget, the co_founder of Sandbox said late last year. That Big Tech was a big threat to decentralization,  following Meta’sbold foray into the space. He expressed his displeasure over the mass exodus of giants of tech into the virtual world.  The chief operating officer of the company said that we do not think those companies can build something. Truly fun that catered to the users because their much focus on their key business model. And how to satisfy shareholders rather than satisfying users who own assets or the governance of their own platform.

It shows that Borget was only voicing the vision of AnimocaBrands, which is the parent company of The Sandbox.   Sui just like Borges is also a supporter of the metaverse open concept. Which is opposed to one controlled by large centralized Web companies. He pleaded that decentralized Web tech such as NFTs gives users the opportunity. To maintain ownership rights over their content or data. He also said that the first future plan of Animoca Brand is its long-term vision of building an open metaverse. Was still nascent and super early, however. He was quick to mention the need for speed in other to prevent. The large centralized firms dominating the sector 

Adding to his argument suit also accused major tech firms say. That their business models are hinged on the monetization of users’ data.

$450 Million Raised By Yuga Labs To Build Metaverse Project

The creators of the popular Bore Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTcollection. Yuga labs closed a funding of $450 million last Tuesday. This new capital is said to be used to build several NFTinitiatives, starting from its own metaverse project and games. Andreessen Horowitz led the round with the participation of others. Such, as Animoca Brands gaming studio, crypto exchangeFTX, Google, Samsung, and Adidas. Likewise, Celebrities such as Colin Kaepernick, Shaquille O’ Neal, Steve Aoki, Timbaland, and several others also participated.  

The CEO of Nicole Muniz Yuga labs said that the adoption of Mainstream on the web is accelerating. At a lightning speed and he is at the merging at forefront of merging cultures. And innovation for everyone entering the metaverse. To invest in this brilliant team, including their vision we are thrilled. Forging the next frontier of entertainment owned by the community. Speaking of the other side of its metaverse. It is an online multiplayer role-playing game that is meant to be connected to the NFT broader space. The team is aiming at an interoperable world creation that’s completely decentralized and gamified.

Weekly Updates On Latest Happenings In Metaverse

 The latest expansion of Yuga Labs into the metaverse scene came just a few weeks after the company has taken the bold step of acquiring from Larva Labs. The IP rights of CryptoPunks and debits The three most lucrative NFT collection has been moved, Yuga Labs having a much bigger arsenal to pull from when building its game and metaverse ecosystem.

While the details are still sketchy. Yuga Labs had teamed up with a few different game studios in other to breathe life into the other side project. 

Nicole Muniz,  the CEO said that the project wouldn’t be limited to just Bored Ape holders. Only as there will be tools developed to integrate other NFT’s projects.

The Metaverse Project “Mandelaverse” Launched By Nelson Mandela’s Family

With the metaverse being touted as the next big thing. We’re opening door to the launch of the Metaverse project “Madelaverse” by Nelson Mandela’s Family. Them making an entry into the space with a new project becomes their long walk to freedom brand.

The metaverse project will feature a holographic gala hosted in Los Angeles. Theme “A Long Walk to Meta: Mandelaverse,” in addition to four NFT art collections.  In  Princess Zenani Mandela Dlamini’s statement on Tuesday:

Here the Mandelaverse will amplify African voices, connecting a global community through the telling of stories and uploading the legacy. Principles, and values of a revolutionary man. She also said her father was a great champion of education and he believed. That it was the most powerful weapon one could use to change the world. The promise of a decentralized. Community-driven paradigm shift held by the Web shows that it will allow a new generation. To democratize and restore the power of creators. This project released Range Media collaboration likewise, PhoenixJames Art Haus, Tinywins digital product studio.

From the initiative, the first four NFT collections, expected launched in May. With proceeds going toward Mandela’s education program. Meanwhile, the first collection will include 100 gold and access tokens of silver. With one gold token Shareholders will be able to enter the Mandelaverse Gala with the tokens. And also be eligible for a trip to South Africa

DECENTRALAND Hosted The First-Ever Metaverse Fashion Week

Virtual events are in swing ranging from office meetings to metaverse weddings. To the first-ever fashion event hosted on the metaverse which happened last week.

From March 24 to 27 Metaverse Fashion week(MVFW) hosted Decentraland. With more than 50 prominent names in the fashion industry attended the event where people. As Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Dundas, and Etro were present to showcase their works

Signing up for the event was free and users had the freedom to explore. Purchase real estate play games, and interact with others in the Ethereum-based 3D virtual platform. The creative director Sam Hamilton of Decentraland Foundation creative director. Said that Decentraland is a social virtual world for everyone, anywhere. To introduce to the world the philosophy, Metaverse Fashion Week serves as the perfect. Monumental event to show everything we built and run for by its community. We endeavor to broaden the horizon of what ‘metaverse’ means through MVFW22. We decreased the limitations and leveled up the playing field for the fashion world. You will be needing a “fit” even in the metaverse.

The fabricant co_ founder Amber Jae Slooten in an interview. commenting on how important the event was said. If a place and time for people are facilitated by this fashion week to come together. Only and not to fly across the world creating all of those physical items or waste to produce a fashion. Show of about 10 minutes, his would save a lot of valuable resources.

The “Nansen Lite” Access Plan Launched By Nansen

Nansen Blockchain analytics platform had just launched. A free account plan that gives users access to a select number of dashboards and features. Readers interested could sign up for the Nasen lite account and start to explore them immediately! This free lite plan includes five watchlist items. A Stablecoin Master dashboard,  access to an overview dashboard, NFT Paradisedashboard, and Nansen’s NFT indexes.

These also have an option to upgrade to a 7 days trial for $9 of the Standard tier. Unlocking the Nansen majority dashboards offer.

Weekly Updates On Latest Happenings In Metaverse

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