What Are the Best Courses for Tax Lien Investing?

Tax lien certificates are assets in which you acquire a license that pays back overdue real estate taxes in return for cash, Tax lien certificates are a terrific way for investors to generate better output in a low-interest-rate environment, Tax lien investing course teacher you how the process works, what makes a smart investment, and how to avoid the hazards.

The top tax lien courses steer clear of the excitement and educate investors on the fundamentals of tax lien investing. They cover all of the necessary areas while also offering important advice on how to prevent costly errors.

Ideal Tax Lien Investing Programs

  • Top In all: Tax Lien Certificates, the Attorney’s Secret to Financing
  • Leading in Community Aid: BiggerPockets.com
  • Top in Certification: University of the National Tax Lien Association
  • Top State Specific: Udemy

Tax Lien Certificates, the Attorney’s Secret to Financing

Why Did We Pick It?

The Attorney’s Key to Investing in Tax Lien Certificates is our pick for the top overall tax lien investing course. It’s the most complete course we could find at a fair price, so it’s an essential part of any investor’s toolkit.


  • Complete Course
  • Access to the instructor via email and phone for six months.
  • Rated affordably
  • An Internet-based facility
  • Guaranteed funds returned


  • Sometimes it doesn’t apply to five of the tax lien certificate jurisdictions.


The Attorney’s Secrets to Trading in Tax Lien Certificate provides a thorough program on the openings and closings of tax lien investing. Attorney’s Secrets, which is available for $249 and comes with a 1-month fund return guarantee, tops our ranking as the overall top tax lien investment program.

The training includes an audio CD guidebook with six hours of extensive teaching. The audio CD handbook is followed by a 240-page course book that includes bit-by-bit instructions on identifying, analyzing, choosing, and obtaining tax lien certificates.

Tax Attorney’s Secrets is a free online class that covers the legal and financial dangers of tax lien investing. Darius Barazandeh, a qualified attorney and real estate investor, formed the course. The course offers bit-by-bit teaching on how to prevent pitfalls.

The course also includes a seven-page, process plan of action that will guide you from studying to doing, employing a tried-and-true approach. You’ll get online access to a research center where you may look up tax liens by state.

Attorneys’ Secret also includes a full study of each state’s investment climate, file timelines, foreclosure regulations, tax sales registration rules, and unfriendly laws, as well as a legal and investment analysis for 27 tax lien certificate states.

The Attorney’s Secret is the most complete tax lien investment course available. 6 months of phone or email contact with the trainer for obeying coaching is included with the course.

Leading in Community Aid: BiggerPockets.com

Why Did We Pick It?

A BiggerPockets.com isn’t a course as such, it does provide a wealth of study aids and a vibrant community of two million real estate investors, making it our top pick for sponsorship.


  • A large group of people who invest in tax liens
  • There is ample content, tools, and aids.
  • Hire a skilled investor
  • Fresh insights on real-world tax lien issues
  • Affordable membership dues


  • There isn’t a structured course.


Usually, the best way to understand about a difficult subject is to speak with individuals who are deeply engaged in the field. BiggerPockets.com provides material, resources, and a group of individuals with helpful advice on how to get started investing in tax liens while preventing missteps.

BiggerPockets’ objective is to assist average individuals in accumulating money through real estate. They particularly like to assist one million of their customers in accumulating $1 million in wealth. With a membership base of over two million, they’re well on their way. The community of experienced investors is its most significant resource.

Become a member of our tax lien investing community. Understanding tax liens and how to win more profitable commercial real estate bids are among the topics covered. The best aspect is that the talks can get extremely technical, with state-or country-specific rules and practices being discussed.

It costs $40 a month to join the community and gain unlimited access to the forums and blogs. So, by Googling “BiggerPockets tax liens” or some other version, you can peek into some tax-lien-related discussions to see what they’re about. Several threads on the issue will be discovered by conducting a search.

Users can ask their personal questions and receive answers from the community by becoming members. But if you want to learn more about tax lien investment in another way, the BiggerPockets community is great for obtaining additional details.

Best in Certification: University of the National Tax Lien Association

Why Did We Pick It?

The industry standard for investors desiring to be considered as competent tax lien specialists is the Certified Tax Lien Professional Course.


  • Teaching resources abound.
  • Establishes an industry standard for evaluating tax lien sales expertise.
  • Institutional investor programs are available.
  • Tax lien investors with a vast experience


  • It’s a little bit expensive to get certified.
  • Travel to seminars and conferences is required for accreditation.


Since certification isn’t required to trade in tax liens, it can provide you with more opportunities for growth. Also, the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA) provides outstanding educational resources and training, as well as excellent networking possibilities.

The National Tax Lien Association (NTLA) is a profitless trade association that represents investors, lenders, service providers, and municipal and state governments in tax lien auctions. It was established in 1997. It provides additional education classes for those who desire to become a Certified Tax Lien Professional, in addition to its free educational and training materials (CTLP). 

Applicants must complete a demanding course in order to appear for a licensing exam. The program includes attending extra NTLA webinars and workshops, as well as participation in conferences and symposiums.

CTLP accreditation includes investing through NTLA’s institutional investor program for a more passive approach to tax lien investment and preparing you to invest securely in tax lien certificates. 

Certification costs $995 for non-members and $795 for members of the NTLA. The yearly subscription fee for the NTLA is $500.

Prime State Specific: Udemy

Why Did We Pick It?

Udemy is known for its high-quality investment education courses. Our top recommendation for the best state-specific tax lien investing course is its course on Investing in Real Estate Tax Lien Certificates in Florida.


  • It is an excellent introduction to the subject.
  • The instructor has a high reputation.
  • inexpensive
  • A refund is guaranteed.


  • Only one state is allowed.


All tax lien investing is state- or even county-specific, and tax lien sales in Florida are numerous. Anyone in the United States can partake in Florida’s electronic tax lien certificate auctions. The Udemy expert is a Florida native who has trained over 16,000 participants and received a 4.4 score..

This 2.5-hour on-demand video lesson will teach you everything you need to know about tax lien investing in Florida. It regularly costs $24.99, but you can get it for $11.99 if you use commonly available coupons! There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The class isn’t as comprehensive as some of the other tax lien investing courses on this list, but for the fee, it’s a worthwhile investment of time and money to obtain a solid foundation in the subject.

The Closing Word

Finding a tax lien investing school that focuses on providing an excellent and complete education is hard. Attorney’s Secret to Investing in Tax Lien Certificates, on the other hand, provides exactly that for $249 and comes with a money-back guarantee, which is why we chose it as the best overall tax lien investing program.

Researchers particularly appreciate the fact that it spends part of its comprehensive curriculum on legal and financial hazards, which is incredibly beneficial to investors. It’s one of the few courses that covers the regulations and procedures for 19 tax lien certificate states, and it’s also the only one that provides students with six months of access to the teacher, demonstrating a genuine commitment to their achievement.

Contrast The Tax Lien Investing Programs

CourseFeeAssuranceTechnique of LearningLearner Aid
Attorney’s Secret
top In all
$24930-day money-backAudio CD guidebook, 240-page coursebook6-month access to instructor via email and phone
Top in Community Aid
$39 per month None Resource library, interaction with community members Massive community of interactive members 
National Tax Lien Association
Top in Certification
$995 for non-members None On-demand courses, workshops, and conferences Access to instructors and mentors 
Top State Specific 
$11.99 30-day money-backOn-demand course, downloadable resources Email access to instructor 

Things To Examine In A Tax Lien Investing Course

The curriculum important factors when selecting a tax lien investment school. Is it cofmprehensive enough to teach students all you need to know about tax liens and how to invest in them? Will there be any instructor or mentor support for students?

The educator should be able to deliver key insights based on his or her prior expertise. The appropriateness of the teaching approach with respect to your learning preferences and schedule availability is the second component.

Tax lien investments yields big profits, but you must first put your money where your mouth is. Any tax lien training will try to push you to courses that can cost $20,000 or more. A lower-cost course and conducting your own research could be a better option.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What Are the Advantages of Becoming a Licensed Tax Lien Specialist?

The National Tax Lien Association (NTLA) is the sponsoring organization for the sole tax lien investor certification program. CTLP certification is not required to invest in tax liens, it does provide you with a reliable appraisal of your knowledge and skills.

Are Tax Lien Investing Courses Subject to Requirements?

Tax lien investing courses do not have any prerequisites. Those with experience in real estate or foreclosures may be able to grasp the material more rapidly.

What Do You Understand In a Tax Lien Investing Course?

After taking the course, you should know the essentials of tax lien investing in terms of the process; calculating the purchase price; understanding the bidding and redemption processes; knowing your legal rights as an investor; finding, identifying, and selecting tax liens; and reviewing the pitfalls of tax lien investing. 

A good course provides insights into the rules, processes, and legal aspects of investing in specific states or counties. Some courses are specific to one or two states, which is fine if you plan to invest in those states; other courses try to cover more states. 

Knowing the rules, processes, and legal aspects differs from state to state and county to county, and most courses don’t have the capacity to cover all the nuances of each. A critical part of your education process is to conduct additional research in the states or counties you want to target. 

What Is the Disparity Between a Tax Lien and a Tax Deed?

Tax liens and tax deeds are similar except in how they are auctioned and how the investor generates returns. With a tax lien sale, you bid on a certificate produced by the state or county in the amount of past-due property taxes owed on a property. Essentially, you bid the interest rate paid on the certificate. Tax lien certificates are offered with the maximum rate payable by the state. To reduce its costs, the state awards the certificate to the lowest bidder. The property owner has a certain amount of time to redeem the certificate, at which time the investors receive the interest.

With a tax deed sale, you bid on the property title. The tax deed is transferred to the highest bidder, giving them an ownership interest in the property. If the property owner pays the back taxes, they can redeem their ownership interest. 

if the property owner cannot redeem the certificate or the title, the investor receives the property, and they can sell or manage it for rental income. 

How We Selected the Best Tax Lien Investing Courses

Our initial research found about 20 websites claiming to be tax lien investing courses. After a deeper dive, we found that most were less instructional and geared more towards marketing, seeking to upsell people to a much more expensive course after taking a free or low-cost course. We narrowed our scope to those courses that are purely instructional with good reputations, reasonable pricing, and solid curriculums.

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