What Is A Fan Token?

In this article, we will be studying the topic “What Is A Fan Token?“. Also, we will look at the topic’s relationship with Socios, contracts, blockchain, cryptocurrency, Sports teams, etc.

A fan token has to do with sport teams, governance, reward and discount. It is basically a cryptocurrency that a particular sports team give. One who has this, receives appreciable benefits. Also, they can take part in governance.

Meaning Of A Fan Token

Just like the previous paragraph, its use circulates around right to sport participation. It is a type of cryptocurrency that confers on the holder, some certain benefits in participating in sports, example football. This rights and benefits include discounts, prizes and voting rights on kit designs. Also, includes voting rights on club decisions, and lastly, being part of sports team experiences.

However, there are certain platforms that were initially incharge of generating fan tokens. Some of them are Chiliz mobile application and Socios. This platforms give users the privilege to present their opinions on uniform design modifications, team matches, and so on. Meanwhile, smart contracts play an important role in ensuring that Socios users are able to vote. Most importantly, buying a Chiliz(CHZ) is the first step to obtaining a this special token. Also, on various exchange platforms, one can trade this tokens.

Uses Of Fan Tokens

There are different uses of fan tokens. Fans of Sports teams can get a pass to meet their favorite players. Also, with it, sport fans can get a VIP seat to view match games. More fan benefits require more fan tokens.

In the aspect of interrelationship, holders of the fan token interact with other fans through a mobile voting platform. In addition, fans can use this voting platform to give their opinions where it matters. Meanwhile, there is a way of going about the fan token. The more fans participate in voting, the more their rank increase. This way, their chances of obtaining VIP privileges becomes achievable.

Where Can One Find A VIP Fan Token ?

There are certain platforms where one can get a fan token. One of the most popular platform is Socios.com. Also, the likes of Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG), run on centralized exchanges (CEX). However, some platforms may not list other tokens due to they aren’t scalable yet.

It is important to note that, the worth of fan token is volatile, just like a cryptocurrency. Consequently, the activities of sports teams can affect the price of this tokens. Examples are player signings, league performance, team management activities, etc.

For instance, the recent movement of one of the greatest football players, Lionel Messi to PSG made an impact on the PSG token. The token made over 300% increment in value within a short time. However, the price hasn’t been stable, but with time, it attained stability. In conclusion, it is evident that team activities influences the price of fan tokens.


It is important to scrutinize any product or investment before investing in it. That is to say, one should look out very well before obtaining a token. This is because, teams activity can easily affect the value of the fan tokens.

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