What Is Economic Utility

This article will be discussing the Definition Of Economic Utility. Classes Of Economic Utility. Explanation On Form Utility. Details On-Time Utility. Information On Place Utility. The Meaning Of Possession Utility. Instances of Economic Utility. Conclusion.

Definition Of Economic Utility

Correlating Economic utility to economics, It is the absolute fulfilment one can emanate from consuming goods or services. There are four classes of economic utility and they include form, time, place, and possession. The ability of a product or service to meet the customers’ wants and needs is Form utility.
Time utility occurs when a company tries to reach a consumer’s preference with the available goods or services within a time frame. The physical availability of goods or services for possible customers is Place utility. Lastly, possession utility is the amount of service or sensed value that a consumer or owner gets from owning a product.
Economic utility concentrates on the relationship between the consumer’s wants and needs and the performance of the good or service.

Classes Of Economic Utility

Economic utility aids companies estimate customers’ satisfaction with goods or services to improve sales. Form, time, place, and possession are the four classes of economic utility. Companies make decisions based on these to boost their sales by identifying areas they are lacking in their marketing strategies.

Worthy To Note That:

  • Economic utility is the whole amount of pleasure experienced when a product or service is consumed
  • Form utility is the worth a consumer emanates from products or services they desire.
  • The ability of a company to provide goods or services to consumers at a specific time is time utility.
  • Place utility involves making products or services available in locations that allow consumers to easily access them.
  • Possession utility is the service or perceived value a consumer gets from owning and being able to use a product or service promptly.

Explanation On Form Utility

The ability to blend consumers’ wants and need with the usefulness of a product a company is offering is a Form-Unity. Companies strategize on research to identify how a product or service can meet or exceeds the needs of consumers. They may sometimes include some market strategies such as offering a lower price or wider range of products to improve the sensed worth of the products. The purpose of this utility is to perceive the value of a product.

Details On Time Utility

Time utility is the ability of a company to deliver or meet consumers’ desires on demand or when they need them. Concerning this type of utility, companies research and modify their procedure for production from manufacturing to delivery. Considering the time a company choose to make their service of products available is a way of developing time utility. For instance, a supermarket opens on weekends when its customers shop for a product or service at that time. it is also known as a time marketing cause design of products or services is based on the persuasion of the consumer.

Information On Place Utility

The availability of making goods or services in a location for easy access of consumers is place utility. The location of a company is an essential utility for the growth of a company. It might not always be physical but a digital location like a website and on different social media platforms. This utility aims to improve the easy accessibility of goods and services to customers that is the satisfaction of a customer is key.

The Meaning Of Possession Utility

This utility works on consumers owning a good or service as soon as he/she can buy it. Companies strategize on how to make goods or services to be easily owned by consumers. The ability to sense the value a consumer desires from a specific product and use it as soon as possible is Possession utility. This helps companies to improve sales and revenue.

Instances of Economic Utility

Many companies do a lot of research to study their consumer’s desires or needs to make a purchase. The absolute pleasure a consumer derives from a product or goods in economic utility. which could be from houses to banking services.

A detailed instance is of Mrs Desmond who has a dog and will like to walk her dog with a leash. The leash will satisfy her need to tie her dog. However, the satisfaction she derives from the leash can be measured on a scale of 100. There are different types of leashes with different degrees of satisfaction. A regular leash might have a utility of 60 with the only aim of tieing the dog but an ergonomic leash might score 100 since it supplies further comfort score, since this is what she is looking for.


In conclusion, there are numerous tastes and opinions of different consumers. The ability of a company to meet this satisfaction is what economic utility is all about. There are four main types of economic utility and they include form utility, time utility, place utility, and possession utility. They help companies to improve sales and Profits by interpreting and modifying their market strategies.

The Definition Of Economic Utility. Classes Of Economic Utility. Explanation On Form Utility. Details On Time Utility. Information On Place Utility. The Meaning Of Possession Utility. Instances of Economic Utility. Conclusion.

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