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In this article, we will study the topic “what is initial farm offering (IFO)?”. Also, we will see how it relates to initial farm offering development, how to participate in IFO, advantages of IFO, NFTs, etc.

The predominant feature here is farming, decentralized exchanges, and Defi projects. It is just a way projects backed on Defi can gather money. They can achieve this through the farming property of decentralized exchanges.

Meaning Of Initial Farm Offering (IFO)?

IFO simply means a way of generating money through marketing activities of decentralized exchanges. This marketing activity comes in form of purchasing an item before it fully enters the market.

IFO and ICO have the same goal but different methods of achieving it. Unlike IFO, ICO uses cryptocurrency projects to raise funds.

When they release a local token into the market, investors begin to trade on the coin. This way, they generate money for the DEX. DEX bodies, don’t just list tokens. The research for the one with prospects will attract investors. However, it doesn’t mean that those tokens are the best. Also, certain factors can drop the value of those tokens.

The organizers of the IFO prefer to make use of PancakeSwap to carry out the project. This is because it has high prospects for both parties. Its unique feature is the communal influence that plays on it. We shall look are the two basic types of IFOs. They are:

  • Unlimited Sale: Here, there is no limit to the tokens an investor can invest.
  • Basic Sale: There is a limit to the number of tokens an investor can invest. Its special feature is no fee for being part of the sale.

There are basic requirements to join the IFO. The initial requirement is to open an account on any compatible decentralized exchanges. The next step is to invest in either CAKE or BNB tokens. The idea of this project is to benefit the two parties taking part in it.

Advantages Of IFO

  • There is no third party.
  • Peer-to-peer transactions.
  • Room to save some funds.
  • User friendly
  • High prospects of transacting on decentralized exchanges.
  • High security and transparency.

As you should know, cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset. Therefore, it is always advisable to DYOR before investing in any token. One of IFO’s biggest challenges is its low scalability. This is because it is still a new project. The likes of ICOs have become very scalable. So, with time, IFOs will develop properly.

But before IFOs were IEOs (Initial Exchange Offering). Some digital asset exchanges were able to pick some tokens through IEOs. Then put them in their exchange for users to buy. This method didn’t really pay off as there were lots of irregularities.

So, IFOs now made a decision to use DEX. This way, getting coins were a lot easier. However, note that one can only mine Bitcoin.

Meaning Of Farming

In a layman’s understanding, farming is the cultivation of crops and the rearing of animals. But Farming in cryptocurrency is different. It is basically, the various investment ways done on Defi to obtain Initial Farm Offerings tokens and cryptocurrency. They designate the local token you are working on to you. However, this doesn’t limit you from obtaining other tokens from other projects.

Well Known IFO Platforms

The most outstanding IFO platform is PancakeSwap. Also, we have the ApeSwap. There are many others, but we shall focus on this two at the moment. To clarify, these platforms function on BSC(Binance Smart Chain) network as decentralized exchanges.


With its high scalability and popularity, it ought to be the number one decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network. IFOs saw the need to adopt the PancakeSwap. This is because it offers high investment rewards. Also, this is done when users create a liquidity pool.

Now, we will see how to go about IFOs on PancakeSwap. When any project releases its digital asset, you simply swap it for your CAKE. That way, users create high liquidity from the coin pairs.


In terms of scalability, PancakeSwap is more scalable than ApeSwap. But, it still has prospective tokens running on the BSC platform. The BSC network offers a whole lot of benefits. That is why it is highly sorted after. ApeSwap can comfortably stand side to side with PancakeSwap. However, ApeSwap uses Banana Token as its indigenous token. So, if any IFO project adopts it, one can navigate with it.

It is sure that both tokens will still remain scalable and will be compatible with IFOs. In this one, you can obtain modern tokens. In recent months, ApeSwap has been experiencing depreciation in price value. So, users tend to switch to another platform. But, no matter what, it still has its position on the BSC network.

Is it Advisable To Engage in Crypto Yield Farming?

Many projects adopt the concept of yield farming. This has made it well known. But, there are certain shortcomings in the application of Crypto yield farming.

Firstly, there is no assurance of the project training. This could be frustrating to users having their tokens there. Consequently, your activity on the project become unresourceful.

Also, there is no safety guarantee for your assets on the smart contract. A single issue on the smart contract can lead to a loss of assets and money. On the other hand, some perpetuate criminal activities through the use of the smart contract. That is why it is always advisable to DYOR before investing in any project. This will save you from encountering such problems.

In conclusion, it is advisable to adopt yield farming. But, the platform adopting it must be devoid of irregularities and risks. Asides from that, it is a prospective project with outstanding chances for investors.

Initial Farm Offerings for NFTs

NFTs simply stand for Non-fungible Tokens. They are highly scalable and popular in the digital space. Due to its way of operation, no one can alter it but can perform transactions with it. Once the station is on a unique digital platform, it doesn’t have a counterpart. That is why is non-fungible.

There are many uses and benefits of NFTs. They majorly portray ownership of arts and materials relating to cryptocurrency. One can use it in knowing how a transaction took place. It can also stand-in for a real-life material like a house or automobile.

Its base on blockchain technology offers it a whole lot of security. There are many other advantages of NFTs

So, how do we go about farming NFTs? It is simple. When one performs actions on a smart contract like investing and blocking funds, then it becomes achievable. Unlike the previous IFOs that reward users with tokens, they give NFTs as rewards. NFTs are not really easy to obtain. So the project you are on will determine your chances of getting one. Most important thing is, that it is very prospective, as only one NFT can be worth a lot.

Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of IFOs.

Importance Of Initial Farm Offerings

  • It serves as an effective for users to obtain tokens.
  • When there are trading pairs, it stares up liquidity.
  • Users are duly rewarded for their activities on the smart contract.
  • Long-lasting rewards.
  • The user is friendly to conversant virtual currency handlers.
  • Digital currencies and NFTs are the predominant rewards.
  • Decentralized platforms make use of IFOs.

Disadvantages Of Initial Farm Offerings

  • High risk of failing especially if run on a new platform.
  • Low level of security of smart contracts.
  • No assurance of high coin value over time.

Certain factors contribute to the pros and cons of IFOs. The platform in use, a project in use, and funds that you block on smart contracts are a few of them. Next are the pros and cons of Crypto farming.

Pros Of Crypto Farming

1. High prospects with low risks.

With careful and accurate steps, you are sure of making a fortune from it. Just know which channel you wish to block your funds.

2. It isn’t location definite.

Not being location definite means, you can explore this project from anywhere. Once you connect to the internet and have the right knowledge, you are good to go. So, you don’t need to worry if you’ll still make profits by changing your location.

3. Convenient and free to use.  

With simple guides on how to start up, you are on your way to making it big. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency farming doesn’t require a fee to start up.

4. High risk and loss management.

The overall supervision of the activities is solely yours. No third party does the monitoring price value. So, this way, you can make appropriate decisions that will yield more gain than loss.

Engaging in an IFO

Provision of liquidity is the main focus here. Also, having a wallet that fits in with BSC smart contracts will enable navigation in the Elfin kingdom. Engaging in an IFO here offers a whole lot of functionalities. The Elfin Kingdom plays its own role while you play yours. However, the activities of the kingdom offer some benefits to the users.

It is important to note that the Elfin Kingdom keeps becoming scalable. It is currently running on the BSC network, soon it may run on other reputable networks.

The emergence of the farming project may give rise to new tokens or native tokens. This will enhance the gaming properties of the Elfin Kingdom. Also, users can gain rewards when they carry out an assignment. Excelling in any challenge attracts an equivalent remuneration.

Meaning Of Overflow Sale Method

What plays a major role in the overflow method is the measure of funds one put into the IFO project. At the end of the sale, they will calculate all the funds for the project. This will be according to the allocation of each person. In a situation of fund remnants, the system disperses across users.

Consequently, low input may entail no token reward at all. Most times, it is in comparison to what others put in that they will use to calculate your reward. In a situation where you don’t get a reward, you can retrieve all your CAKE tokens. In a situation where the plan of IFO doesn’t go through, the sale with continue. But, it will spend the general contribution of funds.

If you wish to develop your own IFO project, it is advisable to do that with PancakeSwap.

The Current Initial Farm Offering Development?

The scalability of Initial Farm Offering Development can’t be over-emphasized. With it, people can actualize a financial revolution in fundraising. In the same vein, creating a positive track for business to thrive. Also, helping users scale through in their digital environment by safeguarding their transactions. Most importantly, individuals can obtain tokens through initial farm offering development projects.

Always consult a credible IFO personnel to guide you on creating your own IFO. We recommend SHAMLA Tech for this. This is because it is scalable and operates an effective user platform.

It has connections with some countries across different continents. Meanwhile, it is very much perspective because it offers a wide range of utilities and benefits to its users. Examples: steady support, tagged service packages, convenience for users, worthy service, etc.

IFOs share certain similarities with IEOs and ICOs. But, it still has its distinguishing factors. The similarity is their ability to raise funds for crypto projects. The device is a method of token disbursement. Either through pre-sale or on exchanges.

It is no doubt that the initial farm offering development is advantageous. A way of raising funds to build a crypto business project. Your Crypto project can skyrocket when you adopt IFO development solutions.


The capabilities of cryptocurrency continue to create room for the emergence of good projects. Also, these projects run on decentralized platforms, offering a high level of security. There is no central authority.

Also, the emergence of IFOs has really been beneficial to users. Most times, they gain tokens and NFTs as rewards for some actions. Finally, the more Initial Farm Offering development increases, the more chances it has to displace its active counterparts.

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