What Is Initial NFT Offering (INO)

We shall study “What Is Initial NFT Offering (INO)?”. Also, study NFT’s initial poster offering, INO platform, advantages of INO, and how does INO work? etc.

This is a scheme that seeks to solve issues through crypto crowdfunding. Also, in a situation where one can’t fund a project, he or she can state out some NFTs. They do this on a launchpad. This way, you can raise funds. Now, let’s look at what is Initial NFT Offering (INO) is.

Meaning Of Initial NFT Offering (INO)

One may ask, what is Initial NFT Offering (INO)? Well, we have seen the likes of ICOs, CEOs, IDOs, etc as other forms of cryptocurrency crowdfunding. But now, we are placing our focus on INO. It is making money by listing a set of NFTs on launchpads or NFT markets. The project offers NFTs to first-generation investors. To clarify, the whole activity is running on blockchain technology.

Statistically, ICOs are the pioneers of cryptocurrency crowdfunding. Consequently, it gave rise and a platform to other forms to establish itself.

Most Importantly, INOs are becoming scalable due to the wide acceptance of NFTs. Every work of life is now making use of NFTs. They are all making money from it.

There are some important advantages of this.

Advantages Of INO

Low Entry Barrier

The structure permits easy launching. Unlike when you want to launch a local fungible token. This way, they gain the attention of the people. Also, they can buy and sell NFTs and make gains easily and conveniently.

Community Building

With the way NFT is developing, more people are coming together to operate on it. This gives a sense of communal interaction. When one gets an NFT, the others will want to know how to get theirs. Also, you can know which other NFT the next person has.

Becoming Project Representatives

As you experience the benefit of having an NFT, you begin to show it out. It becomes a point of interest to others. As a result, you are indirectly promoting and representing the project. However, NFTs have an inbuilt verification to show the ownership of the token. So, one cannot fabricate stories of having an NFT.

Low Transaction Cost

The INO projects ensure low transaction fees. This way, people can earn a living without much difficulty.

Privilege Of Asset Lending

Here, those who need NFTs can borrow from the investors for some time. However, this is for free as the investor will place an interest on the return of the asset. This is another way to make money out of the project.

The Relevance Of Initial NFT Offerings

As we all know, INOs operate with NFTs. So, the development of NFTs directly influences INOs. Therefore, it is easy to Crowdfund a project, by basically putting up NFTs on launchpads and Marketplaces. Similarly, with ICOs, investors get a reward from NFTs when they invest in the project. These platforms are impacting the business and firms of people.

We all know the influence of using decentralized platforms on cryptocurrency. Due to decentralized platforms, cryptocurrency is more scalable than before. In the same vein, NFTs experience this influence too. NFTs hold their prices in the shape of cryptocurrency. That is why the concept of RINOs is feasible.

The Working Principle Of INO

Some NFT platforms don’t just accept any project into their system. They must create an open opportunity based on consensus to induct an INO into their system. So, the NFT community decides which project is more beneficial to be on the NFT platform. This way, the community will gain from it.

This isn’t just an easy task. There is a lot to here which involves developers. Meanwhile, the idea is to present competent documents and statistics to help propel the project. In the same vein, a protocol of a lottery model is set, to enable the listing of a project. Simply, the more crypto tokens you have and stake, the more opportunity you have to gain a spot in the project. So, you have to put in the effort to have more tokens to be among the top holders. That will be beneficial.

One may ask, what is sold in the project?. However, it involves different digital assets in the form of artwork, fashion accessories, games, music, etc. In addition, we have Initial Staking NFT Offering or ISNO. The difference with the normal INO is, that it offers a scary version of NFTs you stake for sale.

The way they make it, token holders will be able to burn their assets. By burning it, they obtain crypto tokens. However, every asset has its unique burning time. So, after that, both parties benefit.

Reason For Adopting NFT as a Fundraising Model?

One can’t deny the popularity and scalability. of NFTs. Similarly, as INOs adopt NFTs, they share in the progress too. Meanwhile, some of the reasons for adopting NFTs are:

  • Low transaction fees with high financial gain.  
  • The low transaction fee is a plus for the project developers.
  • Notable budget profits relate to the limited transaction expenditures.  
  • Initial NFT Offerings make traders sit up and be active. Nobody wants to lose out on the scarce NFTs.
  • The NFT holders also obtain high profits from their investment in the project.

Attributes Of Initial NFT Offering Platform


The launchpad resource, evident in the platform aids content creators to make money from their work. They do this by offering their digital work to their target audience for money.

Direct Sale on Marketplace

The direct sale or peer-to-peer networking attribute gives efficiency in the transaction of NFTs.

High and Versatile Forms Of Earning

The design of the platform gives room for various means to earn money. It involves the staking and the farm-yielding programs.

Exchanges are based on decentralization  

Here, Automated Marketing Maker (AMM) and liquidity pool play a major role. Consequently, the liquidity pool harbors the crypto tokens of the investors. Then, the liquidity providers now take charge of it.

Combination Of NFT Marketplaces

Several NFT marketplaces can merge efficiently. This is the feature, the crowdfunding platform offers.

Relevance Of Infinite Block Tech In The Development Of INO Platform

This part gives us the reason INO platforms adopt the service of Infinite Block Tech. It is the initial company in charge of developing crowdfunding platforms. Also, it has consistently created an efficient crowdfunding platform that is still functioning today. In short, they consistently provide that they have all it takes to develop the INO platform. Being aware of the scalability of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies, they subsequently update their features. These features will now aid in propagating a customer’s business while giving them a pleasant experience on the platform. So, to experience these benefits, you can try them out.

How To Create And Mint Your NFT.

There is no lateness in learning about NFTs. It only takes resilience and determination to do that. This guide will put you through how to go about creating your own NFT.

Consequently, the thought of NFT gives one thrill due to the prospects it emanates. Around April 2021, a lot of content creators could own their work and earn royalties through digital means. There are a whole lot of NFT collectors out there. For instance, Whale Shark is the founder of the WHALE token. In the same vein, there are lots of NFT platforms. But, we shall focus on the prestigious OpenSea for now.

We shall base this segment on reference to a journalist. Below are the various steps to mint your first NFT token:

Choose A Unique Concept

This financial journalistic finds interest in astrology with Noah Frere as his mentor. Also, he finds interest in Roman Mythology, involving gods. So, he chose his first NFT in connection with two gods, Juno and Jupiter. He chose poetry as his line of creativity. Thereby, giving his poetry alter a name, “Juno Muse”.

The most important action to take after the readiness of the poems is to mint them.

Selecting An Efficient Platform

For minting the NFTs, he chose the Opensea NFT platform. Although there are other platforms, the most desirable was the Open sea. This is because you don’t need to have coding abilities to mint there.

Let us look at some of the NFT platforms that are compatible with first-time creators:


It runs on Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain technology. In as much as the gas fee in Ethereum blockchain technology is high, OpenSea still offers a convenient environment for NFT operations. One can put up their work for sale on their profiles. Then, when one picks interest and collects it, they will now sort the gas fee from there. We know this feature as a “lazy mint option”.

Requirements to carry out this process:

One needs an ETH wallet, either MetaMask or Coinbase.


It runs on Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos blockchain technology. This offers a variety of NFT mints. It could be books, music, videos, and so on. Also, one can have a glimpse of what your work looks like. That way it will motivate the collector to take it.

There is another dimension to this Raible project. One can own the project’s token which is ERC-20 RARI. This automatically confers some ownership rights of the project on you.

Requirements to carry out this process:

Select any compatible blockchain wallet.


It runs on Solana blockchain technology. Many people recommend the use of Solana blockchain technology as it is very effective and efficient. With time, it may displace the Ethereum blockchain technology in rank.

Requirements to carry out this process:

Make use of Phantom wallet and Reconnect Wallet.


It runs on Tezos blockchain technology. But, it wasn’t the primary marketplace. It offers a couple of features like; direct minting on the platform.

Created as a secondary marketplace, the object now allows artists and creators to mint directly on its platform. the verse co-founders Sasha Stiles and Ana Maria Caballero in the company of other literary NFT creators, make use of this platform.

Requirements to carry out this process:

There are a couple of compatible wallets to use. So, choose from these few:

  • Spire
  • Temple Wallet
  • Galleon
  • Kukai Wallet
  • Umami
  • AirGap Wallet

Connect and build community

The major working tools here are Twitter and Discord-a slack-like a platform where people on the NFT project can interact. Meanwhile, it is on these channels that one can get authentic information about the project they are on.

In addition, creating an effective and active community will aid in your NFT transactions. Certainly, it does this by saving you cost and stress. Also, they will keep pushing your projects out, through tags and interactions. Above all, you may not even spend a dime on marketing the project.

Being Unique In Developing Your Art

“As a journalist that chose poetry as my art, in what ways can I develop it?” was the question he asked himself. So, he took all the devices and materials he needed to make good poems, including old poems. The goal was to digitalize the poem.

The following steps will guide you to make your first NFT:

  • Utilize preexisting materials and tools.
  • Adopt the use of modern tech and ideas.
  • Employ the ideas of experienced creators
  • Choose and focus on your target audience.
  • Decide on how you want to put out your NFT. Is it in visual, audio, or written form?
  • Select a compatible file type. OpenSea accepts a variety of them.
  • Consider the file size. The maximum limit in OpenSea is 100 MB.
  • Create spontaneity in writing. You can employ the use of subtitles to increase the interest of those reading your work.

The Minting Process

OpenSea is certainly the most convenient place to mint your NFT. The notable steps in OpenSea mining are?

  • Upload your files
  • Input your collection’s description
  • Develop your profile
  • Determine your royalties
  • Complete your listing.

The Sale Of Your NFT.

This is the last and final stage. Meanwhile, it comes after minting.

According to the journalist, he listed his work for 1 ETH price. However, he claimed that it will remain on his Juno Muse OpenSea profile until Feb. 20. On the contrary, till when someone takes the NFT off the market.

It is advisable to keep working on other projects while awaiting the sale of others.


To clarify, nobody can hack NFTs. This is because they are built on blockchain technology. Also, both NFTs and cryptocurrencies will continue to develop and be scalable. On the other hand, INOs will continue to assist people to fund their projects through crowdfunding. In addition, the scalable of NFT influences it. So, it is also going to last for a long time.

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