Will Smith.

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Will Smith Biography.

Will Smith full birth name is “Willard Carroll smith II. He was born on 25th September 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania united states . He is 54 years old of Age. Will Smith stage name is known as “The fresh prince”.

He grew up in West Philadelphia wynnefield neighborhood and he was grommed by Baptist. Will Smith started his rapping Career at the age of 12 which was discovered by his grandmother who came across his notebook of lyrics.

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Who is Will Smith.

Will Smith is an American actor and rapper, Smith started his career as a fictionalized version of himself via the NBC sitcom. His films have ranked over $9.3 billion globally which made him one of Hollywood most paid stars.

How old is Will Smith.

Will Smith is 54 years old.

How tall is Will Smith

Will Smith’s height is 1.88 m.

How did Will Smith get famous?

Will Smith got famous in the late 1980s, when he achieved an outstanding Fame as a rapper under the name as The fresh prince. And again Smith popularity also added to when he appeared in the famous television series. His commitment as an actor and also a musician gave him a Fame and also an Academy Award and Four Grammy awards he won.

Will Smith Net Worth.

Will Smith estimated Net Worth is $394 million as an Actor.

Will Smith Family.

Will Smith has three sisters, and a brother, two of his sisters are twins Harry and Ellen. Then Will Smith is a father to three children and being married to pinkett smith. Will Smith first child is “Willard Carroll Tery III and was born on 11th Nov, 1992 in Los Angeles.

Will Smith was once married to Sheree Zampino in 1992 and they got divorced in 1995. Will Smith’s son “Tery featured in his Dad’s Music video during the 1998 singles.

Will Smith Career.

Will Smith career began as the MC of the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh prince along his childhood friend “Jeffrey DJ Jazzy Jeff”. Will Smith’s first major roles were in the drama six Degrees of separation 1993 and the action Bad boys in 1995. Will Smith was known for light – hearted story telling raps.

What is Will Smith Snapchat?

Will Smith is active on Snapchat with the username @wsmitty21.

What is Will Smith Instagram?

Will Smith is active on Instagram with the username @willsmith.

What is Will Smith TikTok?

Will Smith Official TikTok handle is @willsmith which he has about 72.3M followers.

What is Will Smith Facebook?

Will Smith is active on Facebook and his account is also verified, his username on Facebook is @willsmith and has 112M followers.

What is Will Smith Twitter?

Will Smith is active on twitter with the username @iwillsmith.

What is Will Smith YouTube?

will Smith is a YouTuber with over 9.8M subscribers , you can watch his YouTube channel by searching @WillSmith.

What song did will Smith remake?

The American rapper and actor “will Smith remaked his music titled”Miami “. Which was released on 23rd November as singles. The song was ranked number 17 on a chart billboard.

Is Will Smith the biological father of Jaden Smith?

Yes, Will Smith is the biological father of Jaden Smith which he him with Jada pinkett smith in his early life on 8th July 1998 in Malibu, California.

What happened to Will Smith Father?

Will Smith Father was diagnosed of cancer weeks after Smith was signed into filming industry and the father later died in 2016.

What syndrome does Will Smith wife have?

Will Smith wife”Jada has been battling from hair loss condition called Alopecia , which she bald her hair.

Where does Will Smith mother lives?

Will Smith mother by name “Carolyn smith” lives with her family at Philadelphia suburbs.

Where is will Smith living currently?

Will Smith current location is Calabasas Los Angeles and that’s where he lives with his wife “Jada pinkett smith.

Will Smith birthday?

Smith’s birthday date is 25th September 1968.

What is the real name of Will Smith?

Will Smith real birth name is ” Willard Carroll smith Jr.

Will Smith Snapchat deal?

Snapchat had a partner deal with Google which involves will Smith to pay black content creators $120,000 In a year.

Who did Will Smith have his first child with?

Will Smith had his first child with his ex- wife Sheree Zampino in 1992 to 1995.

When did Will Smith start his singing Career?

Smith started his song career in 1997 with the release of “Men in Black”, the song topped on the charts across several regions in the world, including UK.

How much money does Will Smith have in 2022?

Will Smith is still one of the highest paid American actor and 85% of his earnings come from his film career while the other of his earnings comes from his Investments in different ventures. His net worth is $375 Million.

Is Will Smith a Virgo?

According to famous birthdays checker, Will Smith is a Libra because he was on 25th September 1968

What did will Smith do?

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock live on camera during the award show, according to the New York Times reports. Smith was banned from the Oscars for 10 years.

What is Will Smith mainly known for?

Will Smith is known for different categories in Entertainment such as ” Songwriter, Comedian, rapper, producer, actor. According to Newsweek they said”Will Smith is the most powerful actor in the Hollywood.

What are 5 facts about Will Smith?

Will Smith have different good outstanding prolific achievements. The followings are the facts to always pinpoint when talking about Will Smith an American Entertainer;

1. Will Smith was nominated for five Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards, and will Smith has won Four Grammy Awards.

2. Will Smith has an estimated Net Worth of $260 million.

3. Will Smith was married to Sheree Zampino in 1992, the couple had a son together “Trey Smith born on November 11, 1992 and they got divorced in 1995.

4. Will Smith is into full Entertainment as an actor, songwriter, comedian, producer, rapper and songwriter.

5. Will Smith had a deal with Snapchat.

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How has Will Smith changed the world?

will Smith have touched lives through community development, like youth educational projects and under -privileged children and their families. Will Smith have also hosted the Nelson Mandela AIDS benefit concert in George, south Africa.

Images of Will Smith.

Here are the images of Will Smith an American Entertainer (actor).


Will Smith is one of the most recognized actor globally, he is a full force entertainment. Smith’s first major roles were in the drama six Degrees of separation in the year 1993. Will Smith has three kids with his wives. He had his first son with his divorced wife.

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