NBA Academy in Hawaii

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Sports Jam NBA Academy

This after-school activity offers a secure, interesting, and enjoyable sports and fitness program for youngsters. This academy brings about methods and exercises for developing speed and quickness, with emphasis on their applicability across a range of team sports.

Topics discussed in class will include fundamentals, growth, and managed simulations. Each week, the players will switch to a new team sport to learn the fundamentals.

Football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball are some of the sports that can be trained for. But, this is based on the locality.

NBA Academy in Hawaii

The Pros Of The Program

Some of the advantages of the program are:

  • Education and athletics are the key points, and so is a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Low-intensity, speed and quickness workouts, as well as enjoyable (non-contact) controlled scrimmages.
  • Increase one’s sense of competence and worth (inspired by “Positive Coaching”)
  • Getting acquainted with collaboration and sportsmanship while developing meaningful relationships with others.
  • All necessary tools and equipment are included in our service. You can come with your Tennis shoes or sneakers and a water bottle.
  • The instructors carry out Our AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS on school grounds, where students may learn and have fun.
  • We hold AFTER SCHOOL lectures which lasts for an hour. There will be a strict cap of 12 students per class.

Coach Twitty Basketball Academy

This program is based of advising parents seeking to raise outstanding children (ages 7–10, 11–13, and 14–18) since 2008.

We offer training in Basketball Skills in the USA, Ecuador, and Honolulu, Hawaii. Basketball training for individuals and small groups is available on a global and national scale.

For the best results in basketball, parents have relied on our advanced training program since 2008.

PROformance Hawaii LLC

PROformance Hawaii’s mission is to give the best basketball training and coaching in the state.

Each player will receive individualized attention as we work to boost their basketball abilities, physical prowess, and mental toughness through the novel, stressful training methods.

Our training programs will contain our 5 Core Philosophies, which will foster not just the athletic and constructive development of our athletes, but also their overall well-being.

Individual training, group training, weekly skill clinics, and elite/advanced training during the weeknights are just some of the training options available at PROformance Hawaii to assist each player reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

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The teams that are not on stand-by enable high-caliber athletes to showcase their skills in front of college scouts and coaches during primetime NCAA broadcasts.

Our skilled coaches focus more on training the players in ball handling, shooting, and offensive efficiency.

In a supportive environment tailored to their growth as a whole basketball players, our athletes will be motivated and encouraged to make (and learn from) mistakes.

Instead of just reacting on the field, our players will learn to anticipate and adapt.

NBA Academy in Hawaii

Sports Academy, Inc.

In the playground, as children. Unknowingly, we became soccer addicts.

An essential compass on our life’s path was the joy we found in running outside and competing against others.

It prepared us for future leadership roles and helped us learn to work together while having fun and making memories with our peers.

We developed our competitive spirit and our capacity for equilibrium through participation in sports. We gained an appreciation for toilsome labor. It made us really happy. Our will and determination were strengthened by the experience.

Together, our highly qualified and experienced staff can instill in our young athletes the same ideals that drove us.

Our executive team features ex-professionals and college players, as well as USSF-licensed personnel and coaching professionals.

Together, we are committed to making high-level sports opportunities available to people of all ages and backgrounds in our local communities.

Our goal is to provide a positive environment for kids after school so they can gain confidence via sports and use that as an everyday advantage.

NBA Academy in Hawaii

Planning On Identifying With Us?

Send us an email and check out our gallery to find out how your school may become a partner. We collaborate with both the DOE and non-government organizations.

The Kalaeloa Youth ChalleNGe Academy

Mission Of The Academy

High school dropouts between the ages of 16 and 18 are the focus of the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. They aim at helping out in reforming their lives.

In addition, we hope to produce competent aluminis of the program with the moral fiber, education, and self-control vital to their development as responsible members of society.

What The Program Is All About

The National Guard Youth Challenge Program is a community-based initiative that guides, trains, and mentors high school dropouts between the ages of 16 and 18 in order to help them become good members of American society.

The kids at highest risk for substance addiction, teen pregnancy, misbehavior, and criminal activity are the primary focus of this award-winning program.

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NBA Academy in Hawaii

The Major Aspects Of The Program

Each teen will spend a year with a professionally trained community member who will serve as a mentor after completing the 22-week Residential Phase.

The eight major aspects of the program are:

  • Academy Excellence
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Job Skills
  • Leadership/Followership
  • Life Coping Skills
  • Service to the Community
  • Physical Fitness
  • Responsible Citizenship

Hawaii’s Afterschool Of All-Stars

Since 2009, the state of Hawaii has been home to After-School All-Stars Hawaii (ASAS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that offers free after-school programs to middle school children.

Through its collaborations with the Hawaii Department of Education and other community groups, ASAS annually assists over 2,300 children across the islands.

ASAS Hawaii makes use of local assets to better serve its student body by supplying them with stimulating educational opportunities, tackling the most pressing problems they encounter, and offering workable answers to the problems faced by students from low-income, high-needs areas.

Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity are Values that We Support.
After-School All-Stars recognizes and appreciates the wide variety of human histories and identities.

We recognize that racism and other forms of systemic unfairness exist and are actively working to eliminate them. In order to achieve our goal of a more fair world, we pledge to create programs and policies that are both comprehensive and purposeful.

NBA Academy in Hawaii

The Southside Sports Complex

The Southside Sports Center is a gymnasium, covering 14,000 square feet.

Kauai Christian Fellowship (KCF), the founding, parent organization, is excited to welcome the community and provide a much-needed venue for sporting events, while also finding a method to accommodate the growth of its youth ministry.

KCF is a nondenominational Christian church that prioritizes youth development, community building, and having fun.

NBA Academy in Hawaii

Detailed Plans and Objectives

  • To fill a significant void in the area’s recreational infrastructure, they designed the gym to accommodate a wide range of users, both in terms of age and sport, all at once. Kalaheo has the only other gym on the south shore. Koloa, Omao, and Poipu have no protected space to call their own.
  • The rooms available within the gym complex allow us to provide for the youths in a risk environment and teens for missionary purposes. This is in addition to providing a site for sports, so we’re taking advantage of this expansion to provide more space for our growing youth ministry. To produce well-rounded athletes and teammates, we prioritize teaching both foundations of the sport and godly character and respect.
  • Our architect has built one end of the building to resist winds of up to 180 miles per hour, as required by FEMA regulations, to ensure that the people of Popiu and Koloa have access to a safe storm shelter. If there were an emergency, the campus would be available to the public like it is during Tsunami warnings.
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There is no complexity to our guiding idea. All aspects of our lives are places where we aim for perfection.

Our code of conduct is based on the values of modesty, courtesy, integrity, persistence, and self-control. These are the sorts of personal growth that we encourage, and we want to set an example in this regard.

Salvation Army Kroc Center, Hawaii

The Kroc Center, which is on 15 acres in Kapolei, is the largest community center of its sort in Hawaii.

Young and elderly, alike, can make use of the many available resources to further their learning and develop their personal and professional skills.

They can do this while increasing their sense of self-worth and optimism.

The late Mrs. Joan Kroc, widow to McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc, left The Salvation Army with a $110 million in a legacy that was used to build the Kroc Center.

Due to the large Kroc award, the community had to collect roughly $23 million in local funding, bringing the total to $133 million.

The start of April 15, 2010, construction of the Kroc Center Hawaii continued until its February 2012 opening.

NBA Academy in Hawaii

The Characteristics Of The Facility

  • 25 yards x 35 meter, 14-lane Olympic-sized Competition Pool having two climbing walls, a double flume slide and 1-meter diving board.
  • Adventure Cove Pool includes two water slides, two lazy rive channels, interactive splash pad, Vortex play structure and four poolside Party Cabanas available for rent.
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fitness Center is 14,000 square feet includes two studios for group exercise
  • classes, outdoor instruction lanai, Dynamic Training Room, massage
  • therapy rooms, cardio equipment and free motion machines.
  • Athletic Center with NCAA regulation gymnasium, team rooms and outdoor
  • gym lanai
  • Worship & Performing Arts Center with up to 500 seating capacity
  • Conference Center with up to 360 banquet seating or more than 700
  • theater-style seating.
  • Four multi-use classrooms, up to 40 classroom-style seating. Two
  • classrooms are separated by an air wall and can open up to a larger
  • classroom.
  • 40-bed dormitory for traveling teams or ministry groups to rent.
  • 3-acre multi-use outdoor field


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