How to Join Basketball Academies in Kansas

This post on How to Join Basketball Academies in Kansas, covers basketball academies in Kansas such as Darting Basketball Academy, Drive5 Sports Center, Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy, Legends Basketball Program amongst others.

How to Join Darting Basketball Academy

There are aspects of the game that are beyond your control. Neither your height nor your opponent are changeable. Your effort is the only thing you have any control over and the only thing that counts. Early on, players at the Darting Basketball Academy learn the importance of working hard.

Our instruction emphasizes the fundamental motions and skills used by top players. Our coaching staff has competed at the top levels and developed the top athletes in the country. We customize our programs to each player’s strengths and potential. The Darting Basketball Academy hence pushes players to reach new heights.

So you spend .6% of your week at our training academy per hour. You will gain the knowledge necessary to improve your game. Next we will show you the ethical culture needed to be elite. However the other 99.4% of your time will decide the kind of player you end up being.

Founder and Director of the Skills Enhancement Program

Both as a player and a coach, Kerry has had the chance to be connected in the sport of basketball. Kerry had the honor of playing with elite coaches at various levels as a player. After finishing his playing career in college, Kerry was given the chance to coach at the Division I level with some of the best coaches in the nation. Since that time, Kerry has invested time working with a variety of NBA and college athletes, such as Josh Jackson, Evan Turner, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Darius Johnson-Odem.

Co-founder and head of coaching

Coach D has been a successful coach for more than 40 years, both at the college and high school levels. With five state titles, more than 500 career victories, and several athletes who went on to play at the collegiate levels, he has experience developing both teams and athletes. He is very passionate about coaching other coaches and also players in the sport of basketball.

How to Join Drive5 Sports Center Academy

Drive5’s mission is to assist young basketball players in realizing their greatest capacity. We’ve repeatedly observed that the best manner to do this is through expert coaching and mentoring, clearly stated goals and the procedures needed to reach them, and the ongoing development of essential court-side abilities and instincts through practice rounds and professional play.

Drive5 is a setting that offers all of these components to young athletes and coaches through academy sessions, access to one-on-one coaching, regular player and parent evaluations, team involvement in tournaments, and daily availability of training courts.

How to Join Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy

The Kansas City MLB Urban Youngsters Academy is a nonprofit with the aim of empowering Kansas City’s youth to become tomorrow’s heroes through baseball, softball, academic, and social activities.

Dayton Moore, the general manager of the Kansas City Royals, and local authorities were the ones who first conceived up the Academy. The Academy came to be and opened in March 2018 thanks to funding from Major League Baseball, influential figures in Kansas City, the State of Missouri, and a large number of kind donors.

The Academy’s main goal is to give young people in our neighborhood the chance to master baseball and softball skills while also growing into morally upright members of society.

The Academy’s goal is to establish itself as the Midwest’s premier youth baseball and softball facility, starting in the urban area surrounding the famed 18th & Vine District.

The Negro National League, which was established in the Paseo YMCA building in 1920, brought about a significant change in baseball history, and the Academy is only a block away. One block south of the Academy is the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum as well.

The Academy is dedicated to giving our children a good experience. In addition to providing them with coaches and mentors who instruct them in baseball and softball techniques and serve as positive role models, we also educate players about what it implies to be “Major League citizens.” We create a solid foundation for young people centered on work ethic, leadership, duty, accountability, and moral ideals through our athletic-focused training, education, and character building initiatives. Student-athletes from the Academy will be able to develop the unwavering power of purpose that is essential for personal success thanks to the foundation.

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The complex has a 38,000 square foot building, four outside fields, and a press box for instructional activities. The indoor complex has 4 batting tunnels, 4 classrooms, an athletic training area, and a turf infield the size of an MLB field.

Basketball Legends Program

Basketball teams of boys and girls in grades 3 – 12 have the option to compete in professional games and leagues all year long through the Legends Basketball Program, an all-year competitive AAU basketball program. Young people from the following counties make up the Legends teams: Jackson, Cass, Platte, Clay, Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami, and Leavenworth County.

Youth basketball players can develop, perform, excel, and increase their personal ability through our qualified and seasoned Coaches by participating in the Legend Basketball Program. In a bid to raise each player’s specific skill level and optimize progress, the player’s performance is tracked and evaluated. The Legends basketball teams play in leagues and tournaments all year long to have the chance to compete and use their basketball abilities. The League of Legends Basketball, whose major purpose is to bring in and conduct AAU-sanctioned competitive basketball events for youngsters through our tournaments and leagues, is a subsidiary of the Legends Basketball Program, which likewise acts as the parent group for it.

Basketball’s League of Legends

For children in grades 3 – 12, League of Legends Basketball aims to build and manage a year-round basketball program. Through our tournament and league structures, League of Legends offers a platform for young basketball teams to grow, execute, excel, and evolve in both teamwork and personal skills.

Additionally, League of Legends Basketball will give college recruitment scouts a stage. In order to be successful in their future academic and basketball pursuits, they will watch and track athletes as they develop year after year whilst pursuing scholarships. Our mission is to support basketball teams and players in competitive competition whilst advancing through all levels and utilizing their skills, giving them the chance to perform at the best level attainable.

Three things are the core objective of League of Legends Basketball:

1.) The objective is to find, draw, and create an environment where college recruiting evaluators can study potential athletes for scholarships at colleges and institutions. Recruiters can track young athletes’ development as they improve their basketball abilities and go through their educational years.

2.) League of Legends Basketball has made the decision to affiliate with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in order to hold AAU-sanctioned young basketball competitions through our tournaments and to enhance and broaden the reach of youth college scholarships. Our Super Regional Championships, where teams can advance for AAU World Class National Championship events, are extended by League of Legends competitions.

3)There will be invitational tournaments and Super Regional championship games for League of Legends Basketball. A forum for networking and bringing a range of new professional teams to play in local and regional tournament activities will be provided by League of Legends Basketball in our district and region. Teams from our district and across the area will have the chance to advance for AAU National Championship tournaments through the League of Legends Basketball organization in what will be referred to as our “Super Regional Boarder-less Connection.”

i9 Sports South and West Johnson County, Kansas City

Youth sports are being reclaimed for kids by i9 Sports, who are transforming lives. Radical reform in youth sports can only be led by those who supply the programming. Therefore, by concentrating on these 10 essential changes to the way our national youth sports leagues run, we have taken the initiative to redesign youth sports from the ground up:

FUN FIRST… We make youth sports enjoyable for kids. It’s the chief cause kids participate in sports. And it forms the basis of the i9 Sports advantage.

• INCLUSIVITY… We think every child should have an equal chance to play youth sports, irrespective of status, gender, or race. By arranging trials or drafts, we can’t reject anyone, and our goal is to provide every child an equal amount of match practice.

• SAFETY… We think that an injury sustained while participating in youth sports should never be accepted. The physical and mental safety of our athletes is first for us, and we only provide non-contact sports.

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• DEVELOPMENTAL GUIDELINES Our opinion is that age-appropriate sports programming enables children to develop into their own bodies, minds, and interests. Our programs are created for specific age groups, and we provide our coaches with practice schedules and teaching materials that have been tailored to each age group’s physical and cognitive ability.

• GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP… we think that sports should be about more than just talent and performance. At each training and game, we promote and teach excellent sense of teamwork, which helps to develop player personality.

• CONVENIENCE… We think that participating in youth sports should be simple and shouldn’t interfere with a child’s or family’s ability to lead a balanced life. Matches and training both take place in the same day. We don’t organize required fundraising, and we don’t make parents sell concessions at games.

• SPORT SAMPLING: In order for youngsters to choose their favorite sports and positions and to grow physically literate, we think they should be able to attempt a variety of sports and activities. Hence in each of our national child sports leagues, we provide a variety of sports, promote participation in several sports, and rotate youngsters through various places in the sports they select.

• HEALTHY COMPETITION… we think that part of being an adult is understanding how to win or lose with equivalent pride. Where it is age-appropriate, we keep count, however we never let it get in the way of having pleasure.

• LEAGUE CULTURE… We think that cultivating a healthy atmosphere off the field begins with doing the same on the sidelines. We urge all parents and coaches to sign a statement agreeing that youth sports are for kids, not adults, and that at this age, enjoyment of the sport and developing a love of it are more essential than the outcome.

• CELEBRATION… We think that being a good teammate, being a good sport, using one’s skills to the fullest, and succeeding all deserve acknowledgement. Hence all of them are honored and celebrated.


To Help Kids Succeed in Life Through Sports® is our company’s mission. We believe that youth sports programs for children under the age of 15 should fit parents’ lifestyles rather than the other way round. Parents should be able to trust that their children will receive high-quality training and will have an equitable chance to improve their abilities to the fullest of their abilities, however in a way that doesn’t force the child and family to put other aspects of their lives last.

Families looking for a very combative environment with a culture of winning at all costs won’t feel at home in our leagues. As we recapture youth sports for the millions of children around the country who simply want to play sports for pleasure, our model is blatantly leisure. That’s the i9 Sports variance.

How to Join Next Level Hoops Academy

All driven student-athletes who wanted to compete at the highest level formed the Next Level Basketball Academy with their best interests in mind. At The Next Level Basketball Academy, we place great importance on meeting people where they are in terms of talent, confidence, and skill before moving forward from there. Since we genuinely care about each participant’s progress both on and off the court, we extensively love developing strong relationships with each one of them.

The Next Level Basketball Academy differs from other programs in that we recognise that, despite the fact that most student-athletes share the desire to be the best, there is no “cookie cutter” method for everyone to follow in order to attain their objectives. Through sports-specific I.Q. development and individual skill breakdown, we satisfy each person where they are in order to help them reach THE NEXT LEVEL as student-athletes.

How to Join Basketball Academy Stutz

We think kids don’t practice their basketball abilities nearly enough. So, the ONLY thing we want is for every academy member to play basketball to the best of their ability.

In addition to Coach Stutz’s expertise in player development, Stutz Basketball employs a “MRI like” method to dissect each player’s patterns in order to best foster or rebuild them.

Although we recognize and appreciate the need for teams among children, we have no ambition to build a team-based organization. In fact, we provide family rates as well as discounts to teams who bring in numerous players.

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Bill Stutz

Founder and head coach; before that, Bill served as the LeVo Sport Complex’s director. Additionally, he founded Enjoy The Game and served as the area director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Kansas City Chapter.

Logan Stutz

Logan has stopped from playing after a highly spectacular playing career that featured being awarded an NCAA D-II All American, becoming the league’s top scorer in three different leagues, and winning the MVP Award. He served as the first-ever head coach and general manager of the Sudbury Five in the National Basketball League of Canada, served as an assistant coach for the Syrian National Team, and is currently Boston College’s men’s basketball team’s interim director of player development.


Elijah Johnson, a professional basketball player who attended the University of Kansas, finished in 2013. I just finished my fifth year of professional experience abroad. I have performed in a variety of nations. Including Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Israel, and Turkey. I work out, mentor, and train kids across the nation during the off-season. Giving back has always been a passion of mine, and playing basketball obviously affords me the opportunity to accomplish so. I am aware of the standards and requirements needed to succeed because I am an athlete.

Talent is vital, but so is character! I welcome the chance to impart that information.


I began my career by participating in women’s basketball at the University of Kansas from 2011 to 2015. Following graduation, I went on to complete my master’s degree in sports management at KU whilst also serving as the graduate assistant for the women’s basketball team. once I had earned my Master’s. As the assistant varsity girls basketball coach at Freestate High School in Lawrence, Kansas, I started my coaching career.

I chose to keep coaching after a year at the high school level, and also of right now, I’m an assistant women’s basketball coach at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas. Our skill and development training classes are used to help prospective athletes achieve their goals since we are dedicated in doing so.

How to Join Kansas City Sports Academy

The objective of the Kansas City Sports Academy is to offer adolescents in the Kansas City metro region resources for sports, education, and life skills.


Michael rose-ivey

I am aware of the value of learning how to balance a demanding academic program and the responsibilities of being an athlete because I was a past football player at the University of Nebraska. The close closeness of the academic center, life skills center, and athletic facilities at the University of Nebraska was one of its draws. Coaches and academic team members regularly discussed athletes’ academic success, which established a network of obligation.

Athletes frequently received chances to serve in their community from life skills staff members, who also assisted athletes in building relationships with alumni and local business owners. These programs helped us think about our futures outside of football and develop into well-rounded student athletes.

The Kansas City Sports Academy will give young sportsmen the chance to grow in a setting akin to what I encountered in college. Youth players will have exposure to speed, agility, weightlifting, and sports-specific training sessions in addition to tutoring, ACT/SAT prep, academic counseling, help with the NCAA Eligibility Center, and tutorials on life skills. Athletes will learn about topics like money management, interview manners for jobs, presentation skills, and more through life skill courses. A community training center that combines resources for academics, athletics, and life skills will help players in Kansas City become good both on and off the field.

Homefield Olathe

Our goal at Homefield is hence to foster in athletes a love of athletics that lasts a lifetime.


We accomplish this by providing athletes and their parents with first-rate facilities and top-notch development programs.

The same performance information, services, facilities, and programming that are often only available to professionals are available to all athletes at Homefield, regardless of their age, skill level, or area of interest.

Hence to secure a spot or find out more information about our leagues or athlete development opportunities, stay in touch.

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