Basketball Scholarship at Duke University, North Carolina

If you have been looking for Basketball Scholarship at Duke University, North Carolina, welcome for you are at the right place. On this webpage, I will lead you through the process of acquiring the scholarship grant.

Duke University basket ball team is called The Duke Blue Devils. The team has won 5 NCAA championships and has been in the top four contenders in innumerable games across the US. Mike Krzyzewski has been coaching the Blue Devils since 1980 and has crafted innumerable victories for the team. He is perhaps the only coach to have led so many victories.

List of most favored majors at Duke University

  • Computer Science
  • Econometrics and Quantitative Economics
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Biology/Biological Sciences
  • Psychology

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At Duke, You’ll get more than financial aid. The University offer support. The goal is to ensure that students have the resources to attend and thrive—from application to graduation and all the experiences in between.

Applying for financial aid can be daunting—that’s why we’re here to break things down, help you get started, and make Duke a reality.

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