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The China League Prediction includes both Free Daily Straight Win Football/Soccer Predictions and Sure 2 and 3 odds Predictions for today, and is provided exclusively for our fans.

Soccerspen is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to forecasting games in the China League. In addition to our free today guaranteed win predictions, we also provide Double Chance Soccer/Football Predictions and accurate predictions for games with under 2.5 goals.

The primary objective of Soccerspen’s China League Predictions is to give customers with reliable and free tips. The tipsters on our team have worked hard to compile these forecasts for your benefit.

See Teams in Super League This Season

So all the clubs in the Super League season are – Beijing Guoan, Cangzhou Mighty Lions, Changchun Yatai, Chengdu Rongcheng, Dalian Professional, Henan Songshan Longmen, Meizhou Hakka, Nantong Zhiyun, Qingdao Hainiu, Shandong Taishan, Shanghai Port, Shanghai Shenhua, Shenzhen, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, Wuhan Three Towns and Zhejiang Professional.

How Many Team do They have In the Super League?

The China Super League have 16 teams in the Super League for the 2023 season.

China League Forecasting Methodology

The Canadian Football Association’s (CFA) Super League

The Chinese Football Association Super League, also known as the Chinese Super League (CSL) or China Ping Pong, is the country’s premier professional football league. As a result of corporate support, China now has a professional football league. The CFA (Chinese Football Association) oversees its operations. In 2004, the league was founded after the Chinese Jia-A League, the previous highest tier, changed its name.

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China Football Association League

The Chinese Football Association League 1 (; Zhngguó Zqi Xiéhu Jij Liánsài), sometimes known as China League One or the Chinese Jia League (), is the country’s second-highest professional football division. It is the tier of Chinese football directly below the Chinese Super League.

Before the Chinese Super League was formed, the Jia League was known as the Jia B League. The Jia A League and Jia B League were the top two divisions of the Chinese football league back then. When the Chinese Super League (CSL) was founded in 2004, Jia A was renamed to become that league, while Jia B evolved into the current Jia League. In keeping with the numerical name conventions derived from the Chinese Heavenly Stems, the Yi League comes after the Jia League.

CFL’s Second Division

In the People’s Republic of China, the third division of football is known as China League Two, or the Chinese Football Association League 2 (Simplified Chinese: ). League One is the third tier of Chinese football, below the Chinese Super League and the Chinese Football League. Conversely, China League Two ranks higher than the Chinese Champions League.

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