How to Apply For Inter Milan Academy Scholarships

Do you have an interest in joining Inter Millan Fc Academy? This article on How To Apply For Inter Milan Academy Scholarships. You should also look out for tips on Registering into Inter Millan Football Academy, Joining Inter Millan Football Academy, Program details of Inter Millan Academy, and Requirements for entering Inter Millan Football Club.

Inter Millan Academy is quite popular because its coaches take a special interest in the footballer. They help footballers develop their talents and guide them on the path to becoming a professional player. Activities in the Academy follow certain rules and regulations drawn up basically to protect young footballers thereby creating a safe space for the practice of football. These rules and regulations were made by the Inter Corporate Policy for Children.

Inter Millan Youth Sector

The Italian professional football club Inter Millan just like most football clubs has provisions made for young players (youths) too. It is known as the Inter Millan Youth Sector or rather FC Internazionale Milano Settore Giovanile which is its Italian name.

The under-19 team were Italian champions 9 times in the Campionato Primavera 1 and have also won the Coppa Italia Primavera 5 times. There is an international tournament usually played every year in the country. The tournament is called the Torneo di Viareggio and they have won this 6 times.

This under-19 team defeated the under-19 team from 16 different clubs across Europe and was crowned champions in the first edition of the NextGen Series in 2012.

Joining Inter Millan Football Academy

If you are seeking to be a part of Inter Millan FC, be rest assured that you will have an equal opportunity to show yourself as other teammates. The club practices an open-door policy.

Young Footballers also seeking to join any other Football Academy in Europe will also find all of the processes written below quite useful. One major advantage to this is that you can easily get most of the requirements if you apply for Football Academy Scholarships in Europe.

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Surprisingly, even kids as young as 8 years old can enroll in Intermillan Junior Camp.

Check out the Academy website to see the available programs.

Registration for FC Inter Milan Academy Scholarship


Before a young player can be accepted into the club, he must first be in the right place at the right time. That is players should take note of the days for open try out and be available for them. Most of the time, players are usually accepted into the club through AC Millan Academy scouts who are always present at such tryouts. However, there is also the option of just applying directly through the club’s official website but this method is not always advisable. You can also be accepted into the club through special drafting.

Some of the basic requirements before joining Inter Millan Football Academy include;

  • A very detailed description of yourself, and your previous club if you had any of our contacts.
  • If you are yet to attain the age of 18 then you would need a letter or signature showing your parent’s approval.
  • If you are applying for a scholarship, you have to prove that you are actually in a financial crisis
  • For students applying from outside the country, you must submit a video of yourself too. Indigenes can also choose to do so.

Registering into Inter Millan Football Academy

To register and find out more about the academy, visit t website Milan-academy/all-the-inter Milan-academies. To get more updates on Football Academies in Europe, subscribe to our Newsletter here at SOCCERSPEN.

Inter Milan Youth Development System

As stated earlier, Inter Millan Youth sector is a sub-set of Inter Millan FC. They have played and won several games including the Campionato Primavera 1. Now we will discuss this tournament extensively.

Campionato Primavera 1

The Campionato Primavera 1 created in the 2017-18 season is an Italian Youth Football competition. It was also given a name, Campionato Primavera 1 TIM in posthumous honor of Trofeo Giacinto Facchetti because of his sponsorship of the club.

Campionato Primavera was created by splitting Campionato Nazionale Primavera into two leagues: Campionato Primavera 1 and Campionato Primavera 2. The two leagues were organized by Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A and Lega Nazionale Professionisti B respectively.

The Elite Academy Inter Millan.

The Inter Millan Academy has a youth division known as Inter Millan Elite Academy. This division contains 7 teams and they are; U19 Primavera, U18 Berretti, U17 Serie A/B, U16 Serie A/B, U14 Giovanissim Regional, and U13 Giovanissim. If you want to know more about the Elite Academy, check out our Newsletter.

Suning Youth Development Centre

The Suning Youth Development Centre was built in loving memory of Giacinto Facchetti. It is situated in the heart of the Youth Academy and is around 30,000 square meters in the large “Parco Nord di Milano”.

It is easily accessible due to its location and it is quite motorable. It is just about perfect for people living in Niguarda and Bresso.

The Suning Youth Development Centre consists of;

  • The College
  • One grass match Pitch
  • Two artificially made turfs for training and two-match pitches
  • Two training pitches artificially made of turf
  • An artificial seven-a-side pitch
  • A nine-a-side grass training pitch
  • A fully equipped gym
  • A medical room
  • 10 spoliation
  • A clubhouse containing a restaurant and bar
  • Offices
  • Storage/ Laundry room

Inter Millan Academy

Luckily, Inter-Academy has made it easier for any youngster wishing to succeed and excel in football or any sports for that matter by giving unlimited access to the club’s knowledge, innovation, and a chance to get the best training exercise. The Academy does this because its major aim is to create talented players that can deliver both on the field and out of it. Unlike most Academies, they have a mantra; build a man first before a Champion. This is because they are not just interested in your journey as an athlete but your life in general.

Inter Millan’s Youth Academy and Soccer School   

Inter Millan through the Inter-Academy coaches provides two kinds of academic experience. They have a Lon Term approach which covers all academic programs and a Short Term approach which is mostly about the Camping and Experience.

We will now go on to look at each extensively.

Inter Millan Academy

As stated earlier, Inter-Academy is just an extension of Inter Millan’s Youth Academy. All academic activities follow the laid down rules by Inter Corporate Policy for Children majorly to protect each child. The club is well known because of the effort its coaches put in to ensure that each player becomes what they hope to become; Professional Players and also their many wins on the field.

Program detail:

The major reason why the Inter-Academy was formed is to specifically train youngsters irrespective of their gender as long as they are from 3 – to 17 years old. They create high standards for the players to meet. The Academy also has a Pre School Program: Early Learning.

After careful consideration and observation, the Youth Academy in Italy sends out a team of dedicated and hardworking coaches to the Inter-Academy. The Inter-Academy Staff manages all the programs in the academy. Inter Academy partners are also not left behind in all of these benefits as the Academy offers them a unique cutting edge experience through technical, digital, and marketing support.

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Inter Millan Camps

The Academy offers a chance to meet with the coaches one on one for about a week. All youth players from ages 6 to 17 get an equal shot at the Inter-Academy Camp. The Club’s selected Inter-Academy Coaches are in charge of all the sessions in the camp. All assistant coaches also get a copy of the syllabus before the start of any activity.

Inter Millan Experience

Just like the Camp, Inter Millan Experience is also one week program for youth players from ages 8 – to 17 who want to live a Nerazzurri Experience while receiving high standard specific training in the facilities in Millan. There is usually a tour of the facility, a Matchday experience, and a lot more exciting activities.

Inter Millan Early Learning Program

This program was formed for children. By paying special attention to their Cognitive-kinetic development, children can now play sports, engage in Soccer School activities, and learn with excellent results. The program provides an excellent foundation by reducing learning time in other to develop and nurture new upcoming talent. The Physical Educators for this program also o through a 3-year process before they can develop any child.

The Inter-Academy found a way to make learning all fun and games involving both parents and children to show them that games can also be an efficient learning tool. This method also develops the kid’s coordinative skills, social skills, and cognitive learning.

The Inter-Academy provides diet tips to the Early Learning Program as the nutrition habits of the 3 – 5-year-olds begin to develop.


The Stadium was named after Inter Millan’s former player, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. However, it is commonly known as San Siro which is the district where it is located. The stadium is made up of 75,923 seats.

Piero Pirelli Millan’s then Chairman personally funded the construction and has been the home of Millan since 1926.

After 13 and half months, the building was finally complete and was owned by a club until 1935 when it was sold to the city. It took about 120 workers to construct the stadium. Inter was eventually accepted as a joint tenant in 1947.

The first game played at the stadium was a friendly match on 19 September 1926 between Inter and Millan in which Inter won by 3 goals. That same day, Millan played its first league game against Sampierdarenese and also lost. The stadium was renovated in preparation for the 1990 FIFA World Cup and its 35,000 seat capacity was increased to 85,700 all covered with a polycarbonate roof. Its capacity was however reduced to 80,018 in 2008 to meet the new standards that were set by UEFA.

Inter Millan FC

Inter Millan or Internazionale Milano as known to the Italians is a Millan-based Italian Football club in Lombardy. Since its debut in 1909, Inter is the only Italian club that has competed in the top flight of Italian Football. The club was founded in the year 1908 and has since then won 33 domestic trophies; 19 league titles, 8 Coppa Italia, and 6 Supercoppa Italiana. It is also important to note that the club won its first championship in 1910 after the separation of Millan Cricket and Football Club which is now known as AC Millan.

They have since then won the championship title 3 times; two consecutive years, 1964 and 1965, and then 2010. The club had also won 5 successive leagues from 2006 to 2010 which was a record at the time. In the same year, Inter won Coppa Italia and Scudetto and this made them record breakers as this has never been done before in the history of Italian Football. The club has also gone ahead to win 3 UEFA Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups, and 1 FIFA World Cup.

Inter has two rivals; AC Millan and Juventus. They contest the Derby d’Italia with the latter and Derby Della Madonnina with the former. They however share the San Siro stadium with AC Millan and this is where their home games are played. The rivalry with AC Millan is the most widely followed and anticipated derbies in the history of Football. Inter had the highest home game attendance in Italy in 2019 and was the 6th highest in Europe. It is the most valuable Italian Football club and is one of the highest in the world too.

History of Inter Millan

The Early Years (1908 – 1960)

Founded in 1908 0n the 9th of March, it was known as Football Club Internazionale after the separation of the Millan Cricket and football club. The founding members of the club wanted a club that would accept not just Italian players but also players from other countries so they gave it that name. Virgilio Fossati who was killed in battle in the Italian Army during World War I 1 led the club to their first-ever Championship win in 1910 as the coach. They didn’t win another till 10 years later. Sometime in 1922, Inter was almost displaced to the Second Division but after winning two playoffs, they managed to remain at the top.

The club was renamed Societa Sportiva Ambrosiana after it was forced to merge with the Unione Sportiva Milanese during the Fascist era.

The club’s jersey was inspired by the city’s flag and coat of arms which was a White Jersey with a Red cross inscribed on it. However, when Oreste Simonotti became the Chairman, he brought back the normal Black and Blue Jersey and also changed the club’s name to Associazione Sportiva Ambrosiana. Because supporters continued to call it Inter, the new Chairman in 1931, Pozzani gave in to pressure and renamed the club Associazione Sportiva Ambrosiana-Inter.

Giuseppe Meazza led the club to its first Italian Cup win in 1938-39. He also led the team to a 5th Championship in 1940 while injured and at the end of World War II, the club won its 6th and 7th Championship in 1953 and 1954 respectively. They also regained their original name.

Grande Inter (1960-1967)

Inter had a new manager in 1960, Helenio Herrera who joined from Barcelona. He brought his award-winning midfielder Luiz Suarez with him. Helen’s mission was to make Inter the greatest team in Europe with the help of the European Footballer of the year, Suarez. He made the flexibility for counterattacks greater by amending a 5-3-2 tactic known as the “verrou” (door bolt). Karl Rappan who was an Australian Coach invented the Catenaccio system. Rappan’s system was played with Four fixed defenders who play a strict man-to-man marking system and a playmaker in the middle of the field who played together with two midfield wings. This system was modified by Herrera who added a fifth defender and a sweeper or libero behind the two center backs. A sweeper is a free man and he deals with any attacker that goes through the two center backs.  The first, second, and third seasons in the Seria A had Inter finishing in the Third, Second, and First place respectively. This was followed by a consecutive European Cup Victory. All of these wins gave Herrera the title “il Mao” (The Wizard).

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Herrera’s team was made up of: The attacking fullbacks Tarcisio Burgnich and Giacinto Facchetti; The Sweeper, Armando Picchi; The playmaker, Suarez; The winger, Jair; The left midfielder, Mario Corso and The inside-right, Sandro Mazzola.

Inter beat Borussia Dortmund and Partizan in Semi-finals and quarter-finals respectively in 1964 thereby making it into the finals where they met Real Madrid a team that has reached 7 out of 9 finals to date. The match ended in a 3-1 score with Mazzola scoring two goals for the team. The team also won the Intercontinental Cup against Independiente. About a year later, two-time winner Benfica was defeated in a final match held at home after a goal from Jair. In the same year, they defeated Independiente again in the Intercontinental Cup.

Inter lost the European Cup final to Celtic in 1967 following Suarez’s injury and Jair’s leaving. In that same year, the club changed its name to Football Club Internazionale Milano.

Subsequent Achievement (1967-1991)

In the 1960s when Inter was still thriving, it won its Eleventh League title in 1971 and the 12th in 1980. In the final of the European club, Johan Cruyff’s Ajax scored two goals against Inter thereby defeating them for the first time in 5 years. Between 1977 and 1982, Inter added another 2 Coppa to its Italian tally.

In 1989, Inter again coped Seria A Championship led by German Duo Andreas Brehme and Lothar Matthaus; and Argentine Ramon Diaz. Although they couldn’t retain their position as champions even after adding fellow German Jurgen Klinsman, they won their first Supercoppa Italiana at the end of the season.

Mixed Fortunes (1991-2004)

The 1990s wasn’t a great period for Inter because while their rivals, Ac Millan and Juventus were thriving and making numbers, there were going around in circles, maintaining the same average positions in their domestic leagues. In the 1993-34 season, they had their very worse moment as they ended the season just one point away from being relegated. They still won three UEFA cups in 1991, 1994, and 1998.

After Massimo Moratti took over from Ernest Pellegrini in 1995, Inter broke the world record transfer fee twice. The deals were 19.5 million Euros for Ronaldo from Barcelona in 1977 and 31 million Euros for Christian Vieri from Lazio in 1979. In the history of Inter Football club, the only time they didn’t win a Seria A Championship was in the 1990s. the inter fans didn’t know who to blame for the consistent bad luck befalling the club and this caused some serious issues between them and the chairman, managers, coaches, and even some individual players.

Eventually, the fans had someone to channel their anger towards after Moratti sacked Luigi Simoni who was widely loved by all, and sundry after a few games into the 1998-99 season. Simoni had just received the manager of the year award a day before he was unjustly relieved of his duties as coach. Inter didn’t qualify for any European competition that season for the first time in about 10 years. They eventually finished 8th place.

Marcello Lippi, former Juventus manager was appointed the following year by Moratti. He also signed in new players like Angelo Peruzzi and Laurent Blanc. He also brought in Vieri and Vladimir Jugovic who were former Juventus players. For the first time since 1989, the team reached the Coppa Italia final but was defeated by Lazio.

It seemed like the bad luck affecting Inter continued the following season as they were beaten yet again by Lazio in the 2000 Supercoppa Italiana match despite initially taking the lead through Robbie Keane a new sign-in.

They also didn’t make it past the preliminary stage in the Championship league.

After Inter’s first-ever defeat in Seria A to Reggina, Lippi was sacked. His replacement, Marco Tardelli was no better as he is only remembered as the only manager that was woefully beaten in the derby against Millan.

Some members of the Inter family suffered like Vieri and Fabio Cannavaro who had their restaurants vandalized after they lost to Rossoneri.

Inter eventually made it into the UEFA semi-finals in 2002 and was also 45 minutes away from being through to the finals. All they had to do was maintain the one-goal lead they had over Lazio. But that didn’t happen as Lazio equalized during a first-half injury and scored 2 more goals in the second half. Their win saw Juventus eventually win the Championships. Inter finished as league runner up the following season and faced Millan in the Champions League semi-final but lost on the away goal rule.

Changes In ownership (2011-2019)

 A Chinese consortium led by Kenneth Huang declared interest to buy a minority interest in the club from Moratti and this was announced on 1st August 2012. On the same day, it was announced that an agreement for a new stadium has been reached between Inter and China Railway Construction Corporation Limited. However, the Chinese deal didn’t go through.

Inter failed to qualify for any European competition and came 9th in Seria A in the 2012-13 season making it the worse season recently.

Walter Mazzarri who has appointed after his tenure at Napoli eventually the team to fifth in Seria A and got them qualified for the 2014-15 UEFA Europa League.

An agreement to acquire 70% shares from Internazionale Holding S.r.l was reached and signed by an Indonesian consortium led by Erick Thohir, Handy Soetedjo, and Rosan Roeslani. While Moratti’s Internazionale Holding S.r.l still retained 29.5% of the shares of the club, the shares of inter were now owned by a chain of holding companies. These companies include; Sports Capital S.p.An of Italy which owns 70%, International Sports Capital HK Limited, and Asian Sports Ventures HK Limited of Hong Kong. Asian Sports Ventures HK Limited itself another intermediate holding company, was owned by Nusantara Sports Ventures HK Limited which had a 60% stake and is owned by Thohir, Alke Sports Investment HK Limited which had a 20% stake, and Aksis Sports Capital HK Limited also having 20% stake.

Thohir who co-owned a couple of leagues announced that Inter and one of the leagues he co-owned, D.C United had formed a strategic partnership. The club began to reduce its financial structure during Thohir’s tenure, yet it violated the UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations in 2015. The club was fined for this and had their squad reduced in the UEFA competitions. Robert Mancini returned as manager and Inter finished 8th. The 2015-16 season ended with Inter coming forth but they didn’t make it to the Champions League.

0n 6th June 2016, the majority of the stake was held by Thohir’s consortium International Sports Capital S.p.A and the remaining shares from Moratti’s family were acquired by Suning Holdings Group. Rumor had it that the total investment from Suning was 270 million Euro. After the deal was approved, Suning Holding Group acquired a 68.55% stake in the club.

The first season of new ownership surely did not begin as expected as the club started with poor performance in the pre-season friendlies. Head Coach Roberto Mancini left the club upon mutual consent having disagreed with the club’s direction. This happened on 8th August 2016 and he was replaced by Frank de Boer who was sacked on 1 November 2016 after leading the club to a 4W-2D-5L record in11 Seria A games as head coach. His successor, Stefano Pioli didn’t do any better either. He and the club parted ways when it was clear they won’t be in the top 3 that season too after 6 consecutive seasons of being below that.

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Former Roma coach Luciano Spalleti was appointed on a2 year contract in 2017 and after 11 months of his reign, the club got a spot in the UEFA Champions League after 6 consecutive years. Because of this success, Spalleti’s contract was extended to 2021.

A new president was appointed in 2018 and 2019, the club announced that an agreement to acquire International Sports Capital HK Limited’s 31.05% shares in Inter had been reached by LionRock Capital from Hong Kong as they intend to be the club’s new majority shareholder.

Spalletti was sacked after the 2018-19 Seria A season despite making Inter come forth.

Recent History (2019-present)

 Former Juventus player and Italian manager, Antonio Conte signed a 3-year deal with Inter on 31 May 2019. That season, Inter was runner-up after defeating Atlanta in the Seria A league. They also reached the finals of the UEFA Europa League but lost to Sevilla.

On May 2nd, 2021 Atlanta drew against Sassuolo thereby making Inter Champions for the first time in 11 years and ending Juventus’s run of 9 consecutive titles. After a disagreement with the board based on player transfers, Conte left the club on 26 May 2021. Simon Inzaghi was appointed as Conte’s replacement in June 2021.

This is a list of happenings that took place since his appointment;

  • June 22, 2021- Carlo Cottarelli launched the shareholding of the fans with the InterSpac project.
  • July 6, 2021- Achraf Hakimi was sold to PSG for 68 million euros.
  • August 8, 2021- Romelu Lukaku was sold to Chelsea for 115 million Euros (this is the most expensive football transfer by an Italian Football club ever)
  • August 10, 2021- Inter confirmed the termination of Radja Nainggolan’s contract
  • August 12, 2021- Inter Millan and PSV reached an agreement for the transfer of Denzel Dumfries. The deal closed for 12.5 million Euros.
  • August 13, 2021- Inter confirms the acquisition of Edin Dzeko who was sold by Roma. He signed a contract till June 30, 2023, and will be receiving a salary of 6 million-plus yearly.

Supporters and Rivalries

According to research in August 2007 by Italian Newspaper La Repubblica, inter is one of the most supported clubs in Italy. Before the First World War, Inter fans were majorly Middle-class citizens while Millan fans were typically working-class citizens. During Moratti’s ownership, Inter fans were viewed in a moderate left-political eye and during Silvio’s rein, Milan fans were viewed in a moderate right-political eye. These divisions today are anachronistic.

Boys san is the traditional ultra-group of inter. As the oldest ultra scene, they hold a significant place in history founded in 1969. One group of the ultras known as irreducible are right to win and this group has good relationships with the Lazio ultras. Asides from the main group of Boys San is known as Apolitical, there are 5 more significant groups. They are; Viking (apolitical), Irriducibili (right-wing), ultras (apolitical), Brianza Alcoolica (apolitical) and imbastisci (left-wing).

The most vocal fans of the club usually gather in the Curve Nord or North curve of the San Siro. Because of this tradition, people now refer to the club’s most die-hard supporters who wave flags and scream at the top of their voices to support their team as Curve Nord.

As noted previously, Inter has two rivals; AC Millan with whom they compete in the Derby Della Madonnina ever since their break up in1908. The derby was named after the statue at the top of the Milan Cathedral which is the city’s main attraction. It is called Blessed Virgin Mary.

The match is almost always friendly or sometimes offensive with several banners raised before the match. Flares used to be allowed until it injured a flare thrown by an Inter supporter injured the Millan keeper on his shoulder.

The other rival is Juventus with whom they compete in the Derby d’ Italia. Before Juventus’s relegation, the two clubs were the only Italian clubs that has never played below Seria A. Sometime in the 2000s, Inter was also rivals with Roma who were runner ups to Inter in all but one of Inter’s 5 winning seasons between 2005-06 and 2009-10. They have also contested 5 Coppa Italia finals and 4 Supercoppa Italiana finals since 2006. They are also rivals with other clubs like Atlanta and Napoli.   

Do you have an interest in joining Inter Millan Fc Academy? This article on How To Join Inter Millan FC Academy is for you. You should also look out for tips on Registering into Inter Millan Football Academy, Joining Inter Millan Football Academy, Program details of Inter Millan Academy, and Requirements for entering Inter Millan Football Club.

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