Fulham Academy Scholarship

Fulham Academy Scholarship. We shall study the topic “How To Join Fulham FC Academy”. Also, we will study Fulham Fc Academy, Fulham Academy Tryout, Fulham FC, Fulham Stadium, etc

Fulham Academy Scholarship

Are you a young footballerAcademy Trials for Young Footballers at University College Dublin? Do you feel you have the talent to make it in football? Then, I guess this is your chance to join Fulham FC Academy. The focus of the Fulham FC Academy is to groom young prospective footballers to become professionals. In the course of this, the Academy still ensures that they get the best coaching, health and nutritional treatment. Now, let’s see how to join Fulham FC Academy.

Information About Fulham Academy

The Fulham academy has excelled in areas of youth development. Also, most of their academy players are now in the club’s first team. They have also scaled high in all aspects of life.

There are a couple of prospective talents that came from the club. Some of them are; Johnny Haynes, George Cohen, Paul Parker, Sean Davis, Moussa Dembélé, Marcus Bettinelli, Ryan & Steven Sessegnon and Harvey Elliot.

Approximately 10 years ago, the club got into the Category 1 rank. It has not gone below that rank ever since. However, the club continues to find ways to elevate the standard of its structures and facilities. As a result, they have already started reconstruction work in the club’s stadium.

In terms of scouting for young players, the club is neutral and unbiased. In the same vein, the scouts go in search of players from different parts of the world. Indirectly, this promotes communal life and proper communication.

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In addition, the Academy provides room for quality education. Young players are able to obtain sound education while training for football in the academy.

There are 3 watchwords that players in the academy. They are Honesty, Humility and Hardwork. To achieve the success they desire, they employ the services of professional workers. Also, these workers including the coach have the single aim of developing the young players to be professional while living a holistic life.

The location of the Fulham Academy is at Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6PT. The club employs the best person to carry out the educative aspect of the grooming. To do this, they apply the use of technical knowledge and coaches to produce the best in the players. Due to the high level of a tussle to get the opportunity, the club takes their time to scrutinize individuals. It isn’t so easy to get into the Fulham Academy. Currently, Academy phase 1 clubs have the privilege to sign players under 12 years. Unlike before, where their ability to do this was regulated. The FA saw the need to remove the regulation to give a sort of liberty to the aspiring players. All that the Fulham Academy has done, is to provide a conducive environment for these players to feel at home. It improves their psychology to attain greatness.

There are a couple of activities facing the Fulham Academy. They have matches to play and events to host. You can actually determine the time and venue for all these activities.

Requirements To Get Fulham Academy Scholarship

The basic requirement to get a trial is to possess the desirable talent of football. Also, to be always informed and available whenever the club’s scout comes around. Bear in mind that most times, you won’t notice their presence. So, diligence is also of key importance rather than sending your football clips to the Fulham academy’s mail. This is because most times the operators of the mailbox don’t go through all the videos and links.

Also, by enrolling in a soccer school run by the Fulham FC. It is the most achievable way as the chance of getting a trial is high. More so, during your local club training, the club can send out scouts to observe young players. The scouts already have the qualities they wish to see. Once they discover it, they make contact with your coach or manager. After that, they send you an invitation to the club’s development centre for an interview. Most importantly, enrolling children in football schools helps to properly develop them. This way, when the players get to the pitch, it won’t be a big challenge.

What Can One Do Get Fulham Academy Scholarship

Most times, the Fulham Academy scout just shows up at your training centres and observes without your knowing. Then, you are ignorant of their presence, so you are not under pressure. So, it is important to always be at the right place, at the right time to get an opportunity. On the other hand, one can message the academy if they wish to be scouted. But, bear in mind that the chances are low due to the high volume of messages they get. However, there are some details the Academy expect from an aspiring player. They are:

  • Players CV
  • Covering Letter
  • Players Vital Statistics: Players’ position, Age, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, contact email/phone/address, current club, previous clubs, detail of any trials already attended, any representative honours such as school, districts, county etc
  • Players’ school they attend
  • Fixture list of your current team, including location and kick-off time to be passed to scout

At the readiness of these details, send an email to Fulham Academy via this address: enquiries@fulhamfc.com

After reading the information, Fulham Academy will now deliberate if they will assign a scout to you.

The Fulham Academy employs the best and most effective training programme. The training schedule is made flexible to permit the players to explore other aspects of their life. Meanwhile, the training programme is in two sections; the technical section and the tactical section. Also, they still put Goalkeepers into consideration. Let’s see the different parts of the training at the Fulham Academy:

  • There is the professional development part
  • Also, they have the youth development part
  • They have the foundation part
  • There is the youth / professional development part
  • Finally, the foundation development goalkeeper part

We recommend you enrol in Fulham Academy.

For more information, visit the Fulham Academy website @http://www.fulhamfc.com/the-teams/academy.


What is the recruitment routine at Fulham Football Academy?

The work of recruitment begins with the Academy scouts. When they watch your games and find the desirable potential in you, they approach your trainer or coach. After that, they take you to the Academy’s recruitment chamber.

Are open trials predominant in the club? If yes, what is the possibility of getting one?

Yes, the club’s academy runs an open trial. They do this in a random way. So, access the club’s official online page to get updates. Also, if you wish to get a trial, you can email the club’s academy. Ensure that you don’t miss the essential materials you need to present. The academy will also need your personal details. In addition, attach any recommendation or reference letter to the email. Note, if you don’t have an EU passport or ‘leave to remain’ document, you may not get a trial.

What is the possibility of knowing an observing scout?

Similarly to the question of how to join Fulham FC Academy, how do we know that a scout is observing?. The only possibility of you knowing, is if we inform your school or local club of our visit. Asides from that, the possibility is slim. However, we don’t feel it’s ideal to inform the players of our arrival. This is because it will either influence their playing style negatively or positively. So, we always choose to appear neutral and in some cases, disguise. Upon spotting a prospective player, we head over to the coach or manager for further discussion.

During scouting, what are the distinguishing factors you seek?

When it comes to the qualities we lookout in a young player, there are quite a number of them. But the predominant one is “Talent”. All other qualities like endurance, pace, strength, etc are secondary. Similarly, we carry out a thorough assessment of the person. This assessment will be based on physical, tactical, and psychological features among others. After that, we consider age and maturity. This includes how well the player can adapt to the football Academy. At this point, the scouts may now decide to make a review to determine who has better performance; the new ones or those already in the Academy.

In a situation where one hasn’t gotten a trial, what does one do?

One needs to keep trying and not back down. A lot of young players seek to join the Football Academy. The tussle for the spot is high. So, one has to show determination and keep reaching out to club academies. Also, scaling your local league gives you an upper hand. It places you in a position where your chances of getting a trial are high. Above all, let it be that you are playing for the passion of football and not for the recognition. This way, much pressure won’t be on you. Before thinking of how to join Fulham FC Academy, you have to build yourself in all ramifications.

Please email your information to the club’s email or contact them through the Fulham Academy website @http://www.fulhamfc.com/the-teams/academy.

Fulham FC Soccer Schools

Overview Of The Fulham FC Soccer Schools

The goal of the Fulham FC Soccer Schools is to groom young people, who have an interest in football to develop their talent. However, you can find the soccer schools in London and Surrey.

Every activity is done in the Fulham Football Club way. They adopt quality and standard methods to achieve this. In the same vein, the school employs the services of qualified and experienced coaches to groom the young players. Their goal is to produce players with a high level of skill and technique. Players who are efficient and worthy to be called professionals. They can achieve this through adopting ways of developing their skills. It can start with fun educational sessions before moving into the practical.

The pride of a young individual is to achieve his or her dream. That is why the Fulham soccer school is here to nurse that dream. Subsequently, they will develop and move up to top-flight teams. On the other hand, the coaches, under the appointment of the F.A are to govern the Fulham Soccer Schools. They have passed through training and have obtained certification from the F.A.

Forms of Soccer Courses

  • The Fulham soccer school offer 2 forms of courses. The one for individual player development and the one for simple dribbling.

Some examples of Fulham FC that one can enrol in are:

  • Boys and Girls Soccer Schools
  • Goalkeepers Academy
  • Pan-disability

Also, there are certain recommendations one must attain before entering a Fulham FC Soccer School. If you fall into any of the age groups, then you are eligible to be in the soccer school.

  • Billy’s Beginners 3-5 yrs.
  • Skill Development 6-10 yrs
  • Player Progression 11-14 yrs

It isn’t really costly to enter the Fulham Soccer schools. You just have to identify which age group you wish to enrol a child in and then pay. But, you can visit the school’s site for the full cast list and secure a spot in Fulham FC’s Soccer school.

Where One Can Find A Fulham FC Soccer Schools

One can find Fulham Soccer schools in the following places:

London – Watford FC Soccer School

Bishops Park, Fulham, London, SW6 3LA

Hurlingham Park, Hurlingham Road, Fulham, London, SW6 3PR

Dundonald Recreation Ground, Dundonald Road, London, SW19 3QH.

Fulham FC Soccer Schools In Surrey

Fulham FC Training Ground, Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6PT

Tadworth Primary School, Heathcote, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 5RR

Surrey Sports Park, Richard Meyjes Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7AD

TM United, KNK Stadium, Bishopsford Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 6BF

YMCA Hawker Centre, Lower Ham Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 5BH.

Overview Of Fulham Football Club

1879 is the discovery year of the club. Its native land is Fulham, London. Recently, the Fulham Football Club got into the premier league. Currently, they are the oldest active professional club in London.

It is a notable achievement that for over 27 seasons, the club hasn’t dropped from the English top division. In addition, the club has experienced the leadership of Mohammed Al-Fayed. But, in the 1970s, the club had an impressive season. It was at that period that it lost the FA cup final to West ham. Then, in 2010 where they lost to Atlético Madrid in the UEFA Europa League Final.

In West London, Fulham faces a couple of other neighbouring clubs for supremacy. Some of them are Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers and Brentford. The club is currently using a white shirt and black shorts as their official kit.

History Of The Club

The Club’s 2001–2007 Premier League Season.

The club finished in 13th place on returning to the premier league. It faced some standing restrictions. This served as a motivation for other clubs to put seats in their stands. Meanwhile, it got to a period where Fulham had to share grounds with QPR. This was at Loftus ground. The reason was due to the renovation of the Craven cottage. Speculations came up as the club owner sold out some rights of the club.

Due to the poor season of Fulham, the manager could not sign a contract extension. A new manager, Chris Coleman, took charge of the club for the remaining season. They were able to escape relegation. Consequently, it was the issue of finance that led to the challenges at the club. This even led to a court case against the former manager for alleged overpayment to players. However, the Fulham club lost the case.

The club saw an impressive season performance under the new manager, Coleman. They kept moving up the table, season by season. Meanwhile, a West London derby saw them trail against Chelsea in a 1-0 win. However, the coach lost his job in the 2006-07 season and Lawrie Sanchez replaced him. Although the first five games weren’t very impressive, the club appointed him the manager of the club.

The Hodgson’s Effect In The 2007–2010 Season

As much as the club supported the new coach financially, he could not perform well. The club had to terminate its contract. Then, in December 2007, the club appointed Roy Hodgson as their new manager.

Similarly, he didn’t have a good start. It was after a month that he got a win against Aston Villa. Consequently, Hodgson kept seeking a better performance but none was forthcoming. This really affected him as the chances of Fulham surviving relegation were slim. But, he didn’t lose hope. Their hope came to life after a dramatic victory over Manchester City. Consequently, this victory was an assurance of escaping relegation. Also, a victory against Birmingham City at Craven Cottage propelled them further.

Hodgson ensured that they sealed their place in the premier league. Another incident took place which made Fulham lose their UEFA Cup spot. This was due to a Fair play rule. But in the 2008-09 season, they secured their UEFA Europa League spot by finishing seventh on the premier league table. The 2009-10 season was impressive for the club. They trialled across the FA Cup but dropped out in the quarterfinals. Also, in the Europa League, they got to the finals but were defeated by Atletico Madrid.

The club significantly won over other top-flight clubs. As a result, the manager Roy Hodgson got the honour of LMA Manager Of the year. The manager took on a new course by moving to Liverpool by the end of the season.

The 2010–2013 Season.

The club brought a new manager, Mark Hughes at the beginning of the season. The manager is well experienced in the managerial course. However, he started off well by winning a couple of matches. But, he didn’t last long in the club as he left 11 months later. Meanwhile, this didn’t stop the club from having an impressive season.

Subsequently, other managers came forth. Martin Jol succeeded the outgoing manager. He began on a good note by winning matches. As a result, they performed well in the Europa League group stage. But, they didn’t proceed further as they were knocked out.

The 2011-12 season was filled with ups and downs. The club won some games while they lost some. Also, they signed some players like Bobby Zamora and Pavel Pogrebnyak. These players excelled in their various positions. They scored a lot of goals during their time. Most importantly, they bagged hattricks and braces.

A situation occurred where the Fulham team needed a win against Sunderland. Winning that game will see them breaking a record of the largest point in a season. But, they couldn’t achieve this. Even the 2012-13 season didn’t start well. But with time, they started improving. They were 12th on the premier league table by the end of the season.

Rivalry With Any Other Clubs

Consequently, Chelsea is Fulham’s biggest rival. As both are in the premier league, they will definitely meet often. In addition, their stadiums are 1.8 miles apart. So, travelling for matches won’t be an issue. In the same vein, the Fulham fans consider Queen Park Rangers as their second rival. However, Fulham has defeated QPR more in their encounters. Furthermore, Brentford is on their list of rivals. In their encounter, Fulham won the Brentford side. This was in the Championship playoff final. On the other hand, Crystal Palace is among their rival but not a major rival. Fulham fans also consider Gillingham as their rival. This is because of an unhealthy competition which led to a fan’s death.

Those In Support Of the Club

The support from fans hasn’t been stable. This is due to the unstable performance of the club. Every club needs the support of its fans to scale through. Also, the Fulham fans have been interactive and supportive of the club. They consistently engage in the club’s social media handle. With that, the club grows in popularity.

The Fulham Stadium

Craven Cottage

The Craven Cottage is the official home of the Fulham football club. It was established in 1896. Also, it has a capacity of 19,359. The club played a couple of matches with Millwall. A total of 49,335 people came to watch the match. United States, Australia, Ireland, and Canada men’s national football teams have made use of the stadium. It was and was formerly the home ground for rugby league club Fulham RLFC.

The Stage Before Fulham Establishment

William Craven is the main builder of the main Cottage in 1780. At that point, it hasn’t developed fully. It was still covered with woods. Subsequently, fire engulfed the cottage. The club had to move to another land to establish themselves.

Edward lived in the Cottage. Around 12 other lands were in their possession. As a result, it showed that they had fewer lands than QPR.

The Dynamics Of The Stadium

A couple of matches were played in the stadium. Examples of them are the England v Wales match and the England v Australia rugby match. A plan to merge Arsenal with Fulham arose. Henry Norris and William Hall were in charge of this plan. This was because Fulham couldn’t advance to the top divine of English Football. But this didn’t go through.

Another plan that didn’t pull through is the redevelopment of the stadium. They wanted to erect an 80,000 capacity stadium. But the Great Depression obstructed it.

The spectators were consistent in viewing Fulham’s matches. The Fulham v Millwall witnessed the highest number of spectators. Currently, the Craven Cottage now has a full seats around the stadium. Consequently, the stadium has hosted an Olympic game too.

Achievable Plans Of The Club

After a period of time, the club proceeded with the reconstruction of the stadium. The reconstruction led to an increase in the seating capacity of the stadium. According to the club, they had a goal to make the club the “Manchester United of the south”. This was due to the expensive nature of the project. However, some projects are uncompleted till now. Other proposals like bridging to span the Thames was put out. This is for the development of the Riverside stand and museum. On the other hand, they did lots of other renovations in the stadium.


Since 2002, the goal of the Fulham FC Foundation is to groom young people, who have an interest in football to develop their talent.

The Fulham FC foundation adopts quality and standard methods to achieve this. In the same vein, the foundation employs the services of qualified and experienced workers to groom the young players. Their goal is to produce players with a high level of skill and technique. Players who are efficient and worthy to be called professionals. They can achieve this through adopting ways of developing their skills. It can start with fun educational sessions before moving into the practical.

Most importantly, the love of service to humanity propels the club to mount its foundation across South West London. This way, they can help the lives of many people.

How To Achieve This

With the aim of building better lives for people, we can achieve it in some ways.

The vision of the foundation is to create a healthy and interactive community. Also, the mission of the foundation is to achieve its vision through sports.

Our Well-planned Pillars

It is to develop chances for groups that are marginalized.

Increase Contact Time

Improve routes & assisted movements.

The impact the foundation has made has been very effective. In addition, the community have developed. Consequently, the foundation has invested a lot of money to achieve that. The foundation dispatches solutions with favour or preference. Also, they demand reviews and feedback to enable re-strategize.

You can also visit the foundation’s impact Dashboard to obtain the details concerning all that is happening. Visit the impact dashboard at www.fulhamfcfoundation-impact.com.

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