How to Join Sandefjord FC Youth Football Academy

Today’s topic is all about how to join Sandefjord FC Youth Football Academy Trials, we will how to get attention of scouts in Sandefjord fc academy, the eligibility requirements and trial dates.

If you want to join the Sandefjord FC Youth Academy, there are a few things you need think about before submitting your application, including your age and playing type.
To ensure that your application will be accepted with flying colours, here is a list of eligibility requirements that will help you get the admission.

Sandefjord FC Youth Football Academy Trials Requirements

Players must fulfill the following criteria in order to take part in the Academy trials.

  • At the time of enrollment, you must be between the ages of 10 and 18 .
  • Not be a member of any other club.
  • Have a current passport.
  • Reside within 100 kilometers of the club’s training grounds.
  • Be able to attend training sessions at least three times every week.
  • A complete registration process and payment of the registration fee.

Then login to their official website and complete an online application form.

In order to take part in the Sandefjord FC Youth Academy tryouts, you have to fulfill a few requirements to qualify. Players  must initially be between the ages of 10 and 20. Next, participants must be Norwegian citizens or have been born there. Player registration as a youth member with Sandefjord FC is the final requirement.

The club website offers an easy online registration process. Create an account first, then fill out a few questions about your background in football and who you are. After completing the registration form, you must pay the registration fee.

After registering and paying the fee, you must wait for an email confirmation from the club before you may participate in the trials. Once you can confirm your participation then it’s time to celebrate. You now qualify to participate in the Sandefjord FC Youth Academy.

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Sandefjord Football

A professional football team in Norway, Sandefjord Football, or simply Sandefjord, was established on September 10, 1998. Currently, the club plays in the Eliteserien, the top division of the Norwegian football league structure. The Release Arena in Sandefjord, Vestfold, is their home ground.

The team moved quickly through the division’s first level after reaching it in 1999, where they quickly established themselves as formidable opponents for promotion to the top flight. The club qualified for play-off matches by placing third in their division in both 2002 and 2003, however they lost both times. They came in fourth place in 2004. The club finished second in the 2005 season and received automatic promotion to the top tier.

The team played the cup final while finishing ninth, in their inaugural season. Relegation came knocking as they finished last in 2007. Despite a shaky start in 2008, they got the promotion ticket back to the Tippeligaen. The eighth place finish in the 2009 season is their best season ever. However in 2010 relegation came knocking again.

They won promotion back to Tippeligaen in 2014 after winning the 1. divisjon championship. Relegation came knocking again in 2015, but immediately got promotion back in 2016. However, their stay in the top flight was just for 2 seasons. After spending the 2019 season in 1. divisjon, the team was to once more win promotion.

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The club’s colour and badge

Blue is the color of Sandefjord Football. They wear blue shirts, blue shorts, and white socks when playing. The club wears these colours in respect to thier parent teams Sandefjord BK (yellow and black) and Runar (white). Before the start of the 2006 season, the club changed their badge. This was primarily done for media purposes. In addition to the blue and red, the former badge also includes a yellow field. Only the colors red and blue remain present on the new badge. In addition, the white whale tail on the symbol makes reference to the city of Sandefjord’s whaling past. 

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The club’s home Stadium

Sandefjord Arena, formerly known as Komplett.no Arena and Komplett Arena due to sponsorship agreements, is the home venue for Sandefjord Football. The Sandefjord Arena cost about 100 million kroner to build and debuted on July 21, 2007. With a capacity of around 6,582, this stadium is entirely contemporary. On July 21, 2007, the inaugural game against Lyn saw a record-breaking crowd. The game had 8,103 spectators watching it. The stadium will eventually expand to accommodate 8000 people. Field dimensions are 105 by 68 meters.

Prior to moving into their new home, Release Arena, Sandefjord Fotball played all of their home games at Storstadion. From 1999 to 2007, Storstadion served as the site of Sandefjord Football’s home matches. It was ultimately decided to construct the new and modern Release Arena and open a new and exciting chapter in the history of the young club because the stadium itself did not meet the criteria one could expect from a modern football stadium.

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Today’s topic is all about how to join Sandefjord fc youth academy, we will how to get attention of scouts in Sandefjord fc academy, the eligibility requirements and trial dates.

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