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Forge FC: The Youth Academy

 Forge FC Youth Wing is dedicated to developing the future generation of professionals. However to train the kids, the club spends a lot of money on recruiting experienced coaches, fitness specialists, tutors, and other sports academicians.

The development league allows players to hone their skills in preparation for professional football. The club also keeps in touch with other clubs that are interested in purchasing young players who have showed promise in the developmental stage.

Furthermore, the players are not only put through physical drills, but they are also taught about the psychological aspects of being a professional football player. More young people are called into the Forge youth Academy through open trials.

Joining  Forge Football Academy

Everyone is welcome at the Club, which operates on an open-door basis. The procedure outlined below can also be used to learn how to join a Football Academy in Europe/Canada. A large number of the prerequisites are also available in Canada Football Academy Scholarships.

Forge Junior Camp accepts children as young as eight years old. Also to learn more about the many programs offered by the Academy, go to

Registration into Forge Football Academy

Entering Requirements

Forge Academy Scouts and Open Football trials are used to recruit new members. Applicants, particularly international students, can still apply via the club’s website or by special drafts.

  • Give detailed information about yourself, your past clubs (if any), and your contact information.
  • Parents’ permission is required, especially for children under the age of 18.
  • Make an effort to provide a video of yourself; this strategy is mostly applicable to overseas applicants

How to Register into Forge FC Academy

To register and learn more, go to the official Academy website at

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Forge FC

Hamilton, Ontario-based Forge FC is a professional soccer team in Canada. The also club plays in Canada’s highest soccer league, the Canadian Premier League. Tim Hortons Field is where it has its home games.

One of the seven original teams in the CPL, Forge FC debuted in the 2019 season.

The team won the Canadian Premier League’s first and second championships. Consequently, the team won the league championships in 2019 and 2020. When Forge earned a spot in the 2019 CONCACAF League, it became the first CPL team to take part in a continental event.

Forge FC History

As early as June 2013, Hamilton was connected to a professional soccer franchise. Thus t that time, the first rumors of a professional soccer league beginning in Canada started to circulate.

Owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Bob Young was a member of a group of financiers who collaborated with Victor Montagliani, president of the Canadian Soccer Association.

Permission to change the Activities

The owning group asked Hamilton City Council for permission in February 2016. To allow for year-round activity, as well as soccer, they sought to put a dome over the Tim Hortons Field playing surface.

It was confirmed that Hamilton’s club would serve as the league’s flagship franchise when the Canadian Premier League was formally unveiled.

Hamilton Approved

Hamilton was however one of the two cities that the Canadian Soccer Association approved for professional club membership on May 6, 2017. However, this took place after the Canadian Premier League’s unanimous approval.

The Unveiling

On July 12, 2018, Forge FC was formally introduced as the league’s sixth team. In addition to announcing its position in the league for the 2019 debut season, the team also unveiled its crest, colors, and branding.

However the name was chosen to reflect the city’s history as an industrial center and its drive to achieve a better future.

Period of Bobby Smyrniotis

Bobby Smyrniotis was named the first head coach and also technical director of Forge FC on October 1st, 2018.

The club named Kyle Bekker as well as Chris Nanco as its initial additions on November 29, 2018. Thus, the announcement of each team’s inaugural player acquisitions coincided with the event.

2019 Season

On April 27, 2019, the club played its first-ever game against York9 FC in the CPL’s debut match.

The club battled FC Edmonton and Valour FC for a seat in the 2019 CONCACAF League as one of the league’s “inaugural teams.” As a result of overcoming Valour FC 2-0 on June 16, 20, and qualifying.

Forge defeated Antigua GFC in their first international encounter. Thus winning the two-leg preliminary round series to move on to the round of 16. There, Olimpia of Honduras owever defeated Forge FC 4–2 on the road to elimination.

First Season Win

After defeating Cavalry FC in the 2019 CPL Finals, Forge FC won the league title in their first season.

On October 26 in Hamilton, the first leg’s opening goal was scored by Golden Boot winner Tristan Borges. On November 2 in Calgary, during the second leg, David Choinière scored the decisive goal in the final seconds of stoppage time.

Season 2020

The CPL postponed the 2020 Canadian Premier League season because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The University of Prince Edward Island, however, played it as a condensed bubble tournament.

With goals from Alexander Achinioti-Jönsson and Maxim Tissot, Forge successfully defended their championship. Hence defeating HFX Wanderers FC in the CPL Final.


Forge also won single-leg away games against Municipal Limeo and Tauro in the CONCACAF League. Following that, they lost on penalties against Haitian team Arcahaie in the quarterfinals.

In a play-in game, the team had one last opportunity to earn a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League. However, Marathón of Honduras overcame them.

Season 2021

Forge participated in the CONCACAF League for a third straight season in the club’s 2021 campaign. The club also made it to the semifinals for the first time this season.

However, Santos de Guápiles had to be defeated in the quarterfinals after falling behind to advance to the CONCACAF Champions League in 2022.

Forge won the CPL domestically and thus earned a spot in the CPL Final. However, Pacific FC overcame them, ending the team’s quest for a third straight championship.

2022 Season

The club’s ownership changed on January 2, 2022, to the recently revealed Hamilton Sports Group. It is a company that will also hold the master license for Tim Hortons Field as well as ownership of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The chairman and major shareholder is still Bob Young. We also warmly welcome additional investment from Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson, club CEO Scott Mitchell, and Hamilton-based steel giant Stelco (represented by its chairman and CEO Alan Kestenbaum).

Forge FC was the first Canadian Premier League team to take part in the CONCACAF Champions League on February 16, 2022. As a result, hosts Cruz Azul suffered a 1–0 loss and was first-round eliminated.

Forge FC Stadium

Tim Hortons Field is the site of the club’s home games. It is a multi-use stadium with 23,218 seats that has largely been utilized for Canadian football. Only lower deck spectators were permitted during the debut season due to decreased capacity. To give fans a cozy atmosphere, club and suite facilities were also upgraded.

With tickets now only being sold in the east side lower deck, capacity has lately been significantly restricted. Except for games with a high demand, the club and suite levels were also decreased.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League moved into the stadium in 2014 as their home field. During the 2015 Pan American Games, it served as a soccer field as well.

The Donut Box

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada’s Tim Hortons Field, sometimes known as “The Donut Box,” is a multi-use stadium. Tim Hortons Field, which was constructed to replace Ivor Wynne Stadium, is mostly used for soccer as well as Canadian football.

Forge FC of the Canadian Premier League and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League also call it home.

It was known as CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium during the 2015 Pan American Games. However two months after its originally projected completion date of June 30, 2014, the stadium was opened in September 2014.


stadium construction

The stadium was initially intended to serve as the main Pan American stadium for soccer and track and field/athletic activities.

However, disagreements about the stadium’s site occurred between Bob Young, the 2015 Pan American Games’ organizers, and the City of Hamilton. There are also disputes about whether or not a track should be constructed around Hamilton’s proposed stadium.

The 2015 Pan-Am organizers stated in 2012 that they would be refocusing their efforts on locations and “clusters” that could host multiple events due to financial limitations. This might avoid the requirement for a brand-new soccer-specific stadium.

York Athletics Stadium

To host the track and field competitions, they suggested using York Athletics Stadium, another stadium on the York University campus.

This had the potential to jeopardize the Hamilton stadium project, as did the scheduling of rugby sevens and soccer matches on different days. However, the construction of the Hamilton stadium proceeded according to schedule.

The international restaurant business Tim Hortons, which got its start in Hamilton over fifty years ago, was announced to have purchased naming rights to the stadium in July 2013.

Construction and Opening

Hamilton, Ontario’s Tim Hortons Field is a Major League Baseball (MLB) and Canadian Football League (CFL) stadium. Ivor Wynne Stadium, which was demolished to make room for the current stadium, served as the foundation for its construction.

For Canadian football, the stadium can accommodate about 24,000 spectators, with a possible capacity increase to 40,000 for special events.

Due to scheduling conflicts with the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays playoff games, the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts played two home games at the stadium in 2015.

Games Hosted

The field hosted the 2016 Labor Day games between the Hamilton Hurricanes and McMaster Marauders.

The 52nd and 53rd Vanier Cups, which will be hosted in November 2016 and November 2017, respectively, were given Tim Hortons Field hosting rights by U Sports in January 2015.

Since 2019, the stadium has hosted Canadian Premier League matches between Forge FC, a brand-new soccer team owned by the Tiger-Cats.

Tim Hortons Field hosted the inaugural CPL match in April and the inaugural CPL Finals game in October of the 2019 season.

Their Crest and Colors

Both a “H” for Hamilton and a “F” for Forge are intended to be represented by the crest. Three orange sparks in the lettering that resembles a waterfall stand in for Forge FC’s city, community, and club.

The primary crest’s “H” is located at the head of the club’s secondary crest, which is a hammer.

Additionally, there are six stripes on the handle to symbolize the six communities that merged to become the new City of Hamilton in 2001. Among the municipalities are Hamilton, of course, but also Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Flamborough, and Glanbrook.

Official Colors and Subsequent ones

“Spark orange,” “platinum steel” gray, and “waterfall white” are the club’s official colors. Thus representing the sparks produced by a hammer blow, the region’s manufacturing sector, and the numerous waterfalls in the vicinity.

Forge FC declared it would don a black and gold kit for the first home game in June to commemorate Hamilton’s founding date of June 9, 1846. Consequently, the uniforms of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Hamilton Bulldogs, and Hamilton Tigers complement the city’s traditional athletic colors.

The team did this ahead of its home match against Valour FC on June 15, 2019. However, they have not continued in later seasons.

Culture of the Club


The sole officially recognized fan club for Forge FC is the Barton St. Battalion.

The organization was established in February 2016 after information about the Canadian Premier League and a Hamilton club became public. It is situated in section 112 of Tim Hortons Field.

The club’s initial 75 founding members were revealed to be the group’s supporters who were seated behind the stage during the club’s formal debut.


The club’s mascot is Sparx, a huge orange dragon with a hammer in its mouth. Before making his debut at Forge FC’s inaugural game on April 27, 2019, he was made public on April 18, 2019.

The Hammer

The team started celebrating home victory in the 2022 season. They accomplished this by having a renowned match participant strike an anvil in front of the Barton Street Battalion.


Matches between Forge and York United FC, a club with its home base in Toronto, are referred to as “905 derbies.” The clubs competed in the Canadian Premier League’s first league game at Tim Hortons Field on April 27, 2019, which resulted in a draw. The clubs were two of the league’s founding members.

During the 2019 year, a heated rivalry with Cavalry FC, based in Calgary, grew. Considering that the teams clashed nine times after emerging as the league’s top teams. Additionally, there will be encounters in the Canadian Championship and CPL Finals.

The league’s best rivalry has been said to exist in the natural rivalry.

Forge FC: The Head Coach

On April 24, 1979, Haralambos “Bobby” Smyrniotis was born. He serves as the head coach of Forge FC in the Canadian Premier League He is a Canadian soccer coach and former player. Smyrniotis is one of the co-founders of the Mississauga-based Sigma FC soccer academy.

Career as a player

Smyrniotis participated for York University and the College of Charleston.

Career as a coach

Initial career

Smyrniotis worked as a coach at Olympiacos’ academy in 2003 and 2004.

He was a founding member of Sigma FC and served as its head coach from 2005 until 2018.

Forge FC

2019 Season

Smyrniotis was appointed the first head coach and technical director of Canadian Premier League club Forge FC on October 1st, 2018.

In both the Spring and Fall Seasons of the 2019 season, Forge came in second place to Cavalry FC.

When Forge defeated Cavalry FC in the 2019 Canadian Premier League Finals, he became the first coach to win the competition.


Forge was eliminated from the Canadian Championship in the second qualifying round for the 2019 campaign as well.

Additionally, they participated in the CONCACAF League, where they lost in the Round of 16.

2020 Season

For the 2020 season, Smyrniotis is back as the head coach of Forge FC. Three rounds made up the 2020 Canadian Premier League season. After placing third in the first round, Forge advanced to the following round. As soon as they took first place in the second round, they then earned a spot in the championship match.

After defeating HFX Wanderers 2–0 in the Championship final, Forge successfully defended their title as league champions.

Season 2021

Smyrniotis led Forge FC to the CONCACAF League semifinals. The team was thus granted its first-ever qualification for the CONCACAF Champions League.

Forge FC: The Chairman

The open source software company Red Hat Inc. was founded by Robert Young, a serial entrepreneur. Additionally, he is the team owner of the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He also acts as the team’s self-declared caretaker.

Early years

Canada’s Hamilton, Ontario, is where he was born.

In Port Hope, Ontario, he attended Trinity College School. Victoria College at the University of Toronto awarded him a Bachelor of Arts degree.

His Career

Michael Young established a number of computer rental and leasing companies before helping to launch Red Hat. When ACC purchased Ewing’s Red Hat trademarks in 1994, Marc Ewing and Young formed a partnership.

Young served as CEO of, a print-on-demand self-publishing business, which he started in 2002. Young created the Lulu Blooker Prize in 2006 as a book award for blogs.

From 2015 until 2017, Young was the CEO of the commercial drone technology business PrecisionHawk. He invested in PrecisionHawk early on before being named its CEO in 2015. He still serves as chairman of its board.

When did he acquire the club?

Additionally, in 1994, Young co-founded Linux Journal. However, he acquired the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2003.

He sold Jim Lawson, team president Scott Mitchell, and American steel producer Stelco minority holdings in the Tiger-Cats in 2022.


Young concentrates his charitable work on expanding knowledge and facilitating access to information. He helped found The Center for the Public Domain in 1999.

Young has supported a number of organizations, including the NCSU eGames, Public, the Dictionary of Old English, the Loran Scholarship Foundation, and

Premier League of Canada

A professional soccer league in Canada is called the Canadian Premier League. It serves as the country’s main national soccer league competition and is at the top of the Canadian soccer league structure.

Eight teams from five of Canada’s 10 provinces make up the league.

The regular season, which consists of 28 games for each team, is followed by playoffs and the CPL Finals.

The format of play

The CPL champion is given a spot in the CONCACAF League, where they will compete against Central American and Caribbean teams. In the Canadian Championship, all CPL teams compete against Canadian clubs from different leagues.

The Canadian Championship or CONCACAF League are the two options available to CPL clubs for CONCACAF Champions League qualification. The CPL will receive two straight entry spots for the CONCACAF Champions League beginning in 2024.

First Formal Endorsement

On May 6, 2017, the Canadian Soccer Association gave the league its formal endorsement. Originally scheduled to soft launch in 2018, that date was later postponed to 2019.

A number of restrictions are in place to ensure that the league’s primary goal of developing Canadian soccer talent and the sport as a whole is achieved.


These include restrictions for domestic under-21 players, a Canadian university draft, and a minimum percentage of Canadian players on team rosters and starting lineups.

Seven teams competed in the CPL’s inaugural season; Atlético Ottawa joined for the following year’s second round. In 2023, a new expansion team from Langley, British Columbia, is expected to make its debut. Toronto, Ontario serves as the home base for the CPL.

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