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Manchester City Scholarship Admission and Registration Requirements

Manchester City Football Scholarship Admission and Registration Requirements. Are you a talented football player and want to join Manchester City Football Youth Academy?

Welcome for you are at the right place. I am going to carefully show you how to make football your carrier and make more money for yourself and your family.

I have gathered all the information required for you as a footballer to participate in the Man City football academy trials, all you have to do is to follow the provided instructions on this webpage so as to start your application process.

Applicants that wish to apply for Manchester City Football Youth Academy, see Registration Requirements/Trials for under 16,17,18,19,20-22.

First of all, I’m going to introduce you to Man City football club so as to enable you to know some required information before you begin with the application. Manchester City Football School | Apply for Manchester City Football Academy. With a history full of records, Manchester City Football Club grew from a club to an English Football powerhouse. The club has usually been a football club until investment from investors in the UAE saw the big club sign up for professional players and climb the Premier League charts.

Manchester City spent several years in the English Premier League before securing a place in the Premier League. Great break for the Premier League winning clubs including the FA Cup in the 2011-2012 season. Since then Man City has gone on to win 5 Premier League titles with other Premier League leaders. Under Guardiola, Manchester City won the 2017-18 Premier League title at the highest level in Premier League history and ruined many other clubs in the English press. Manchester City’s earnings are the fifth highest in football clubs in the world during the 2018-19 season at 568.4 million. In 2019, Forbes estimated the club to be the fifth most valuable in the world at $ 2.69 billion.

In addition to having a great sport, the club also runs an academy where they take care of young people who have shown interest in leather sports. Our update today, will share local points such as the Manchester City Football Academy exam, Manchester City Scouts, Manchester City Football Academy pay, Manchester City Football Academy address, and how to apply for the Manchester City Football Academy.

Applicants that wish to apply for Manchester City Football Youth Academy, see Registration Requirements/Trials for under 16,17,18,19,20-22

Manchester City Football Youth Academy

Academic athletes of all levels are classified according to age and skill. The current manager of Manchester City Academy is Enzo Maresca. The land of the high schools of the arts and the teachers. Their club is involved in the best practice that takes young people to the sport of leather. Introduced students bring both academic and physical aspects of the game.

The youngsters with the help of professionals in the clubs are developing a good game in the spirit of the team needed for the game. Manchester City players also compete in development competitions. This helps to improve the student’s competitive edge for football.

Many Manchester City footballers or readers are advised to become professional or sell them to clubs that show a genuine interest in them. However, this depends on the level of development and skill that the player has demonstrated. There are also classes for senior youth, U-15 athletes. Those who show talent are promising but cannot afford to pay Manchester Football Academy usually offers temporary Scholarships at clubs. Also, besides England, the address of Manchester City Football Academy is also in other parts of the world as seen on the website. Manchester City Football Academy | Apply for Manchester City Football Academy

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Manchester City Football Scholarship Admission and Registration Requirements

In trying to apply for the academy, you have to keep in mind that there are certain requirements that cannot be ignored. As we mentioned earlier, Join some who took part in the introductory test or through the Manchester City Football Academy trial. In addition, Man City also offers job seekers the opportunity to contact them immediately. Our team here from Scouts has compiled the Requirements and How to Apply for Man City Academy.

  • Good academic records with recommendations from your school of study.
  • Provide good details of yourself, previous clubs [if any], and contact.
  • Parents consent especially for those below 18 years. Before you can proceed with the Academy Registration.
  • Proof of financial need if applying for the Man City Football Academy Scholarship.
  • Endeavor to submit a video of your self, this method applies mainly to international applicants.

How to Register Manchester City Football Academy | Apply for Manchester City Football Academy

The Academy maintains an open policy. Therefore, interested persons can visit the Man City Academy contact page and apply Applicants can also source materials from HERE.

For subsequent information on Football Academies in Europe, subscribe to our Newsletter here at SOCCERSPEN. Manchester City Academy Trials. Manchester City Scouts

Manchester Metropolitan University for International Students

Royal Northern College of Music for International Students

Manchester Academic Health Science Centre for International Students

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  1. Thapelo Prince Makhele



      2. Hi,I am Asisipho Tuntulwana 15 years of age from south Africa and would love to be be part of Manchester city football academy

      3. Hi Manchester City am a boy aged 17
        who is a forward and wants to join your
        club. Am still academical learning and
        also take hard practices on football.
        I will be grateful to join your club

        Yours faithfully
        Muruvi Blessing


      4. Bornface mukuwe

        Hi Daniel,am coach bornface mukuwe from Zambia.I have an Academy in my city called chingola were there’s a lot of young talented boys who can become world stars.I would like to be in touch with you if possible.My email

      5. Please my name is Elvis Paulson I want to join Manchester city I believe I can help Manchester city and you all will never regreat it

        1. I can play in two positions as a left winger and midfielder so the thing is I just need a place to show it and man city is the best option

          1. im 17 years old im from south africa i play football but im not perfect but it is my dream to play football in England for Man city cause it is my favorite team

        2. Am 17yrs old and am a boy born in Uganda and a man city is my favorite team and I would be happy wen I join the academy hope my message would be granted thanks

          1. Mohamady Koanda

            Salut je me nomme Koanda Mohamady âge 17 poste latérale droite polyvalent pays Burkina Faso club Santos FC

      1. everyone love football! because football is a game. but not everyone is in love with football because when a person loves a game, he does everything to be the best in that game. he told me this man; you are a football treasure ⚽️ but an abrupt treasure 🙂 <> and if today I have the opportunity to prove my talent to the world, I will be happy because my parents and my coach will be proud of me and the whole world too. thank you ! I am Ivorian +225 05 44 60 55 85 🥰👉⚽️👈🍏🍎

    1. am Patrick Sango aged 20 from Zimbabwe ..Am centre forward player..
      my wish is play for Manchester City Academy

    2. Good day, I am a south African who is more talented and man city is my favorite team that I which one day I will be part of them

    3. Etan Dum Felix ubu

      Greetings Sir i am a Cameroonian i really like football though I stoped playing but if you help me train in your club i will one of the best play in your institution ( Club) but the most thing i really want is to have a job to do in your institution ( Club ) that will me make the happies man on earth and I promise you I will be one of the best worker you have ever had.
      It will be the greatest pleasure for me working in your institution ( club )

    4. Am a Ugandan with a talent but unfortunately football is not catered for in my country .
      I just need a platform to upgrade to the next level in football

    5. Mghana Shedrack

      Am Mghana Shedrack from Kenya…I really mind football and I wish to join Manchester City Academy so as to become a proffesional footballer. Please accept my application.

  2. Hello my name is Moran I need to help me to go to play in manchester football please help I need to be professional football oooo thank you for your help
    Thank yoy

      1. My name is sheku kamara i am from Sierra Leone west Africa, Free town i want to play football but I don’t have the opportunity,i good in football I can play in any position but I good in number 8 and 10 so please help me to invest my talent

  3. Hello my name is John Gomez, i am a Gambian.My hight is 2.80meters and i play center back, I’ll be very glad if u give me a chance to join your Academy, and I’ll therefore prove myself

  4. Am Jimba Job from Nigeria.Am 17 years old,a good striker am interested in the academy and am looking forward to hearing from you soon.. thanks

    1. Hello I am a football am from the Gambia the western part of Africa I choose football as my professional and I need support to reach my final destination as a professional footballer one day

      1. I am striker l score a lot of goals please may you help me please I’m interested to join Manchester City academy I wish I will help one day one time in one way or the other I will help my team please help me 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🤜🙏🙏🙏🤘🤟

  5. I am a very good striker please give me the chance to prove myself help me football is my dream and want chase my dream help me to improve my talent sport me please
    Thank you all the best

  6. Olaoluwa sheriff

    I’m a talented footballer. I only fovmcus on football and I discovered that my talents is to be a good footballer because I only play I’m an area where there is football

    1. Godfrey lutaaya

      Am Godfrey lutaaya from Uganda I like football I play number 9 and 10 am good at dribbling and I would like to play for man city

  7. Tiring David Ayomide

    I will love to become a footballer in man city playing and controlling the Midfield am 16 from Nigeria

  8. Hi, my name is Eric N.G. Bleh ii from Thinker Village community Monrovia, Liberia. I want to be a part this all important Football Academy. I am a center bike. I play for Wonta United FC.
    17 years of age.

  9. Abdul Osman Mansaray

    I am a sierra leonean I am a midfielder I need this chance to fulfill my dream to become professional footballer

  10. Hi my name is Andrew t kollie I am a footballer i really need this scholarship how can i get it please help me.

  11. Hello,I am Apsie Abu Bakarr Jalloh from Sierra Leone,I will like to be part and parcel of your academy football team, Iam a midfielder and played with both feets.My dream is to played international football competitions like Christiano Ronaldo or Messi are my favorite players that I admired most of the time and I will be much happier if my request is solicited from you,I hope to hear good news in returned!.

  12. Hello,iam Apsie Abu Bakarr Jalloh,a Sierra Leonean.Iam a midfielder, I want this opportunity to be as to be a successful one to me and I will be much glad if you accept my request as your youngest academy midfielder. I hope to hear back from you soon thanks.

  13. Excellent guys may God continue to bless you all for this kind opportunity, thank you very much and I’m interested to play for the Manchester city football club academy and my position is 4 and 5 defender

    1. everyone love football! because football is a game. but not everyone is in love with football because when a person loves a game, he does everything to be the best in that game. he told me this man; you are a football treasure ⚽️ but an abrupt treasure 🙂 <> and if today I have the opportunity to prove my talent to the world, I will be happy because my parents and my coach will be proud of me and the whole world too. thank you ! I am Ivorian +225 05 44 60 55 85 🥰👉⚽️👈🍏🍎

  14. I’m Dominic very hard working player and am able to play any position I love fitness training and am able to communicate with others I like sprinting

  15. Blessings Mulenga

    Hello my name’s are Blessings Mulenga from Zambia am a right wing I have good ball control,good speed and strong I play for division 2 and my dream is to play football as a professional at a very big club please i really need you help am support

  16. Hi thanks for the information about the trial .
    I live in Kampala ( Uganda )
    I would love to join this club and it’s my dream club I love it with all of my heart thank

  17. Am a man city’s fan and am a good strike and really wanna take my football far because its my talent and would you please help me to join your academy for me to be better in future.

  18. I really need your help because Manchester City team is my dream team,I started loving the team when I was 11yrs of age,I even promised my parent that,the team will be my team when ever I travel to became I Academy or professional player in Europe.Now I am 15 years of Age..I live in Ghana.

  19. Mohamady Koanda

    Salut Je me nomme Koanda Mohamady âge 17 poste latérale droite polyvalent pays Burkina Faso club Santos

    1. Mohamady Koanda

      Salut je me nomme Koanda Mohamady âge 17 poste latérale polyvalent pays Burkina Faso club Santos FC, +226 55755170

    2. Tolerance Mdidimba

      Greetings. I’m Tolerance Mdidimba am interested in joining the academy, am a forward with very good striking force initiatives, am good in decision making and composure.

  20. Theophilus A Nagbe

    Please, please I need a help!!
    Am Theophilus A Nagbe from West Africa to be precise Liberia, I was born May 10 2007. Please I’ve really been in search of a football scholarship and I think this is a real chance. Am a Right foot winger (RW) and some time play as center forward (CF). PLEASE HELP ME.

  21. Hi am am good footballer I play the position of the centre back and very good at that so I would be glad if my request is accepted

  22. My name is ezeakunne kc I play 7 a winger I am interested in it and I am sure very sure that I will make you proud


    I am an attacking midfielder. The very position of Lionel Messi. I talk in the pitch not outside the pitch

  24. My name is Oscar Denaldo
    Am from Nigeria
    I am an Athlete to be
    I need Help to become a very good footballer so I need help from Manchester city football club
    Please help me so I can manifest my dreams
    Thanks for hearing me out
    (Oscar Denaldo)

  25. Im agood player I am aprof.player .my position is Age is .13 yrs .Im .Somali .I play the somali premeire leage and the country.12th.Ilove manchester city.Iwish all the best

      1. Hi I’m Ahmed seid from Ethiopia i would love to join your club and be the best player of Manchester have ever seen so if your interested in me I’ll show you my talent
        Contact me

  26. Please I am a boy from Ghana who wants to become a great goalkeeper in future but need help because my parents do not have money to push me.
    Please help me achieve my goal
    Thank yo

  27. Hi my names are Ezekiel Chulu I would love to play for Manchester city I’m a center back I want to be the greatest
    I’m 16 years football is my career and favorite sport

  28. I am a namibian midfielder with all requirements passed i would like to show the great club what i have to offer football is my life#mancity

  29. I am Zehh i am 13 years old I want to apply at Man City because I want to pursue my career in football I am apply for the under 16 team I want my position to be goalkeeper I am a really great keeper I always play with my friends they always call me the best keeper the have seen can you kindly accept me.

  30. Hi Manchester City club..
    I want to join Manchester City football club
    I’m a Central Back defender but a left footer
    I graduated my secondary school 2019
    Have not yet entered a university
    I want to do architectural or computer engineering

    Here is my number


    1. Iam abdi aeyeradin iam from ethiopia ilve in tureky antalya
      iam one A deram one day i”llbecome prfoessinal foot ball player
      Please help me my postiion midde fillder fulback and winger straiker

    2. Abubakar Muhammad inuwa

      Hello sir.
      My name is Abubakar Muhammad inuwa I’m living in Nigeria , kebbi state . I’m a professional footballer in my area and in our league at all I have been awarded as a highest goals scorer in our last two season games. I’m a fast goal scorer, sometimes my teammates call me goal machine , I have graduated from barewa College Zaria, year 2019 . I’m still a student and I need your help
      Thank you for your condolences

    3. I am Bario J.R ,a Kenyan citizen I love football as much as I love Manchester city,I have the ability and potential to do great in football,all I need is the chance and opportunity to prove and show what I can really do.
      Here is my number;+25469127458

  31. Please!Man City FC help me to register with the team. As am very sure I will make something good to the club.Am a South sudanese by nationality,am 18 years old.
    I love this club with the whole of my heart.l will be grateful if my comment is considered.Man City for life.

  32. Am a Kenyan with a dream to play soccer for Manchester City am 17 years I know it’ll be hard for me but I’ma sweat until I reach there I play as a center attacking midfielder or a left winger I hope and pray I reach my goals

  33. I would love to join your youth team am 19 years old and I live in zambia I payer division one league for three years

  34. Blessing Muruvi

    Hi Manchester City am a boy aged 17
    who is a forward and wants to join your
    club. Am still academical learning and
    also take hard practices on football.
    I will be grateful to join your club

    Yours faithfully
    Muruvi Blessing

  35. I am a Ugandan teen I love football en I know with the right set of practice I will be the greatest IAM 16 Yrs old and I would love to join man city

  36. Franek kułakowski-rupert

    I live in Australia. I play as a striker, a centre mid or a left mid. I am not to fast but I can get the job done.

  37. Am Desire Azuh , am a Chelsea fan , am 19 years old, am a defensive midfielder , I play for abia worriors , am through with college , please I want to play for your team , contact me on : or 08119462133

  38. Dennis StarDom Ahorlu

    I’m a young talented footballer,my dream is to become a footballer in future and play for team like Manchester City.Am from Western Africa(Ghana)
    Age 17yrs
    Position 6 (Defensive midfielder)
    WhatsApp number +233276105323

  39. My name is Aliah Jusu I am a fans of Manchester City. I’m 19 years old, i am a defensive midfielder. I have my certificate of Galla competition, i am a up coming good footballer but i don’t have no person to courage me so that i can improve more in my football skill, so i need more support from you people for me to improve in my football skill please. So contact me on this number 232074105062 or

  40. My name is King Jo and am from Nigeria and am really interested in joining Manchester city football club please I need help

  41. Ezeanyanwu henry arinze

    Please am from Nigeria I know it’s hard to accept but I have faith and by God’s grace I will be there .

  42. Am leone from Kenya ,,,a central midfield ,,interested to join my dream team (manchester city)am a big fun 🧡🧡kindly help me i will do as u wish ,,take it kindly.

  43. My name is Adrian and am from Uganda
    I would like to joine Manchester City football club because of my dream score I have En its really my dream team am a winger who plays no 11 En 7 and I know my role while in the pitch so I take this opportunity if smone may help Mi join the team and 16yrz old

  44. I just want to make some steps to get a chance what I can do with the ball. My carrier is to be a professional footballer since I was kid. I was dreaming to become the greatest but now I ask for assistance to be there just to fulfill my dreams. Thank you… contact.+254722471537

    Show quoted text

  45. am a very strong sharp and talented right back…am currently in Kenya playing for a local team here but my results are very impressive…I am a fan of Kyle Walker, canceló…and Ruben días…

  46. My name is Jerome k Auta from nigeria i’m a good athlete with no help almost lost hope in football, as a nigerian i thougth playing for man city would be the impossible for me but after this evening match against man utd am determined to be attacker which man city need, playing alongside foden and grealish is my greatest wish!!

  47. My name is mapalo Mumba I play as attacking midfielder I want to join mancity acardemy am from Zambia am lubwa player

  48. Good day,
    My name is john hope, am from Nigeria, done with college from faith academy Goshen a nice my dream is to become a professional soccer player I can’t comment on my abilities in football because u have not seen me before so like I am unique player and straight forward attack minded player. It will be a pleasure if man city should call me.
    My contacts +2349074500316

  49. I am a young 16 years boy who believes in chance to, for someone to shine and accomplish his dreams . My wonderful dream is playing soccer in a better platform like MAN CITY… It is a plea from I MAN CITY, please grang me the chance to achieve my dream

  50. My me is ifenna ifedioranma from Nigeria
    I am a good midfielder and probably a forward but I would rather stick with Attacking and midfielding .I want to play for the citizens because I love city for ever⚽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔵🔵💙💙💙💙💙 I love the cityzens

  51. I’m in Ivory coast I love football it’s my dream and I want to chase it ,I need your support to be great footballer please

  52. It would be one of the best players you have ever seen
    I live in Ethiopia and I am 17 years old
    And I can play the whole midfielder and wings my phone number is +251925001857

  53. Gildas Djigbe
    December 2021 At 3:14 p.m.

    I love football a lot and it is my big passion
    My dream is to be a professional footballer and to play for a club like your team
    Am from West Africa, “Benin”
    Age: 22 years old (01/29/1999)
    Position: attacker “left or right side” (I play both feet)
    Clubs played: ASPA CF
    Current club: No (Free Agent) a few months ago
    Contact / WhatsApp +22961727877

  54. Good evening. Please I am a winger and a midfielder. Please is the way you can help me.There is a saying that ,the dream you have no one can take it away from you unless you have make up your mind that you don’t like it .

  55. Good evening I am bethuel rop from Kenya and my beloved club is Man City also I am a good Goalkeeper and I need to show that I am capable of doing it God bless you my beloved club 🙏

  56. Hi my name is Kiyaga Aaron and l am a winger. I love Manchester city so much and l would like to join the first team lam 16 years old and l want to show case my talent. I am a Ugandan

  57. Hey am playing number three and I am also interested to join the club please if you there is a way you can help me please I request you to help me

  58. I swear am a talented kid leave in kenya i need to be promoted to manchester city juniors so tommorow we can help our team inshallah i hope i will among the people who get scholarship

  59. I would like to play in my favorite team which is man city and make my family proud cause it’s my dream to play in man city and also to play for my country

  60. I would like to play in my favorite team which is man city and make my family proud cause it’s my dream to play in man city and also to play for my country , please help me to make my dream to come true

  61. Okunnuwa Timilehin Vincent

    Please I need a helper that will helpy glory.
    I’m a great player, please consider my comment by helping me
    I’m an under 18 player

  62. I really want to play for man city since when I was little boy and I know my dreams will come through one day,my name is prince am from nigeria

  63. Good morning. Am senzosenkosi Dube and am a midfielder am 17 years old.l would like to join the club and I need a coach that can help to push and work very hard to be the next coming player of football. Contact me on 0786333836.

  64. Hello,Am Michael by name am from Nigeria so am a Nigerian my purpose of being here is to try to get someone to help me to fulfill my dream of being a professional football player actually am a Manchester City fans from 2016 I love how they possess and their coach tactical can contact me on my or my Mobile number@+2349075079311

  65. Hi my name is Hillary I love football and I play position 9 and am very good so please give me a chance please my phone number is 0786978722

  66. First of all i would like to greet the staff. I’m a footballer from South Africa, I play for Mata FC. I would like to join Manchester City Football Academy and show them my hard work, dedication and talent. All i need is just a chance for the trials.

  67. Hi I’m Naftal Tomas am 16 years old from Namibia,i play as an attacking midfielder and I need football trial with Manchester city youth club ,please i kindly ask to help me and one last thing i am from a middle class family we eat sometimes but not eveyday…….

  68. Good day citizens
    My name is Chernor Alie jalloh
    Am from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱
    Football position
    I play central defend 4 and 5
    And also play attack 9,10,11
    Am so talented in those areas.
    I love Manchester city
    And my dream is to play for the club.
    Pls help me to get the scholarship to achieve my dream.
    Hope to get your reply soon

  69. love football alot and my dream is to join Manchester city youth acadamy and am a midfilder number 6 I play football a lot like ngolo kante and am 17years from Ghana
    Contact me /WhatsApp me on 0509324745

  70. All my life what I have been dreaming is to be a footballer in future but I don’t have anyone to support me to reach my future.So pls help me to reach my dream so that I can be able to help my mom with her needs

  71. I’m Ayach Manyok Deng I like playing football and its my favorite sports that I like watching and playing it so I am I good midfielder .please I really want your help if you can give me these opportunity to chase my dream of becoming the greatest footballer in the world please I need your help

  72. Good day my name Clinton Ben am 19 I play Defensive midfield I put all my best in all what I do and love the most ….I believe am the future 😍

    Please please this very big opportunity for me even me am trying to do so but i can’t without your help please i want to join the club because even here i always support Bayern Munich even not that i want to play Bundesliga even here My fellows people use to called me Toni Kroos because i play like him because he is my player so please i want to join the club with your name is Clinton Ben from Nigeria West Africa Please you can also call and write me on whats app +2347013666255

    I really love Man-city and i also want to play with Kevin De Bruyne Ra-ham Sterling Riyad Mahrez i also love them in PS 4 you can also send me a message on my Email Address

  73. Hi am Noble Lekey from Accra Ghana a left footed attacking midfielder and also a forward. Am well disciplined I hope I can get the chance to play for this awesome team because you would not regret it having me thanks.

  74. Je parle seulement le français
    Je veux une equipe française mais j’aime trop la Manchester city je reste au Bénin

  75. My name is Ben Tigere and my passion is football.My goal is to be a professional footballer at Manchester City
    I’m from Africa,Zimbabwe
    Club:Harare City Football Academy
    Position:Winger or Midfielder

  76. My name is Ben Tigere and I’m from Africa,Zimbabwe.Football is my passion and my goal is to become a professional footballer at Manchester City.

    Club:Harare City Football Academy

  77. My Name is Richard from Zambia I’m a super fan of Manchester city and my ambition is to join Manchester city academy. I’m a midfielder I can play 6,8 and 10 , if there is anyway u can help me , please help me and your response will be helpful

  78. My name is Van Dee I’m 17 years old I’m a soccer fan of Manchester city and my ambition is to join Manchester city academy . I’m a midfielder I play 6, 8 and 10 please help me

  79. My name is ilyes mtaallah from kelibia(Tunisie) really love Manchester city and my ambition is to join Manchester city academy football club nombre WhatsApp 55564353

  80. My name is mustapha malik from Nigeria i really love Manchester city and my ambition is to join Manchester city academy football club,I can play as attacking midfielder,I’m 18 years old,and I will like to prove myself to the club so that the club can make proud of me.


    Good Day Sir/Madam
    My name Mohamed wurie Jalloh am a Sirra Leonean I am always dreaming to play for Manchester City I am 15 years of age
    I may like to be part of Manchester City under 17 team I pray that u will acpect my application whatsapp number 088808723
    Thank you Sir/Madam

  82. hello my name is Bo tié richard i would like to join the club i am a striker i play with both feet i am ivorian (Ivory Coast) i play a sol fc (an ivorian first division club) u17 and also i also play in a DH club (honor division) but I was unable to obtain a license with the club

  83. Muhammed jallow

    Hi my name is Muhammed am from The Gambia so am interested for joining Manchester city football Academy and I need help please and my number is here +2207075212 please!!

  84. By names am called Econi Francis, ugandan. Iam a midfielder playing number 8. Man city z my dream club n willing to join the academy.

  85. Am isaac Grace,16years old, am a footballer and i wish to join Manchester city

    My telephone number please, +256 704067724

    1. Kanu Ishmiel Zito

      I love football is my carrier so I need to play a perfect football am doing the training every day am 18 years old just contact me with this phone number +232 32240851 / +232 88127166

    1. I am a 12th grader
      I am a young man who loves to play football. My age is 18 years old
      my parents are not with me
      I need you to do everything you can for me is very important please
      I can’t record a video

  86. Tolerance Mdidimba

    Good evening I’m Tolarence Mdidimba in Durban and I’m a forward”good with striking force,decision making and composure”

  87. Tolerance Mdidimba

    Greetings. I’m Tolerance Mdidimba am interested in joining the academy, am a forward with very good striking force initiatives, am good in decision making and composure.

  88. Am Barrack from can I get a scholarship,I want to join your academy please my a footballer.I want to succeed in my career please help me

    1. Am Richard Aggrey,(ROMANTIC).
      Am from Ghana and I want to be a member of Man City academy. please help me to get this opportunity please,am interested in Man City academy.

  89. Hello my name is Saibo Kabba live in Gambia town and I like football I’m footballer too here I’m playing with my guys I don’t have any chance to play academy I don’t have any money my brother’s there don’t want to help me when I see your scholarships I just say maybe I’ll get chance here please I want help please
    I’m 19 years old

  90. My name is Sulaiman Sesay am from Sierra Leone a talented footballer, and my favourite football club in the world is
    Manchester City,I really like the club and I need your help l really want to play for Manchester City football club so I need your help

  91. Hey, my name is zakaria. I am Manchester city fan
    I’m very interested to join this magnificent club.
    I’m central forward and I have skill to play this position
    So I’m looking forward to hearing from you

  92. Hello am called Ambe Felix from Cameroon, I wish to apply for the scholarship and trials for man city youth team as an outfield player and a goalKeeper. Am 15years turning 16 this June and am a left footed player both play with both legs, I really wish I can get this opportunity

  93. Nfoyem Ewane Blaise Cédric

    Bonsoir je m’appelle Nfoyem Ewane Blaise Cédric je suis camerounais d’origine âgé de 21 ans étudiant en 3ème années, je joue dans plusieurs club mais mon rêve est de joué dans un club comme le Man City.

  94. My name is Ishmiel Kanu from Sierra Leone I am 18 years old I like to play football am flanker and also a streaker please I need a help to play for man city this is my WhatsApp number +232 32240851

    1. Greetings citizens of worldwide 🌍, I’m a player, I 16 years old I want to join Man City football, may u help me.

  95. My name is Gibson Lazarus, from (AFRICA) Nigeria, Rivers State in particular, i have the dream of playing in manchester city, and i will appeal for your support for my dream to be accomplish, i’m 16 years old, a right winger, i want to be in the academy. I Will be so much grateful if my request will be granted.
    You can also reach me here on whatsapp/gsm

  96. Hello I’m Trokon Cooper from Liberia, I need to know how l can be a part of this platform because I love football is my game only sport I can play.

  97. My dream became football player my position LB RB CB
    Please help me I’m from Ethiopia 🇪🇹 tell +25194 063 3683

  98. My dream became football player my position LB RB CB my team U16
    Please help me I’m from Ethiopia 🇪🇹 tell +25194 063 3683

  99. I’m Mohammed From Somalia And I Love Football I’m Big Fan Of Man City And I Would Love To Try To Make. A Step In To The Man City Academy 🥰

  100. Greetings to you all.I am a young football player who is looking for an opportunity for me to play your team.I am a left winger and can also play center midfielder.I am a young boy who loves football since the age of six years.please you can call me through this number +233 599190042.I hope you will call me for more details thank you for reading this message.I will be waiting for your respond

  101. Hello everyone my name is kerfala Fofana I am 17 years old I am living in Guinea Conakry west Africa I want to become a professional football player in the world please I you guys help

  102. SALAWU Adebayo I.

    Help a player from Nigeria please 🙏
    I will be absolutely glad to play for this best (great) club. Manchester City is my favorite choice.

    Help to fulfill this dream please @Kelvin Debryune @Ikay Gundogan @Pep Gadiola the boss sir etc around the world of football 🙏🙏🙏


  103. Hello Man city Management am so happy to see search a scholarship which is fully funded. So may you help me find out how to get this opportunity to show my dream up.

  104. Tarhyal dawi chiroma

    Am tarhyal dawi chiroma
    From Nigeria
    Player but could not find an opportunity to join academy
    Am here by applying for support if u could help.
    Thanks you

  105. Salim Muhumed

    HI my name is Salim I’m a 15 year old whose trying to achieve the dream he dreamt of ever Since I thought of what to do in my future and I’ve been a fan of the club ever since I started watching football I hope that I achieve my goals and be the best one day Insha Allah 🤞

  106. Kidus Demelash

    I am kidus from ethiopia and I play in attacking midfielder position like debruyne and some good players….and I have a nice speed I can pass balls nocely(Acurately)…and please help me achieve my goal…I hope you guys will choose me

  107. Kabesha Kalunga

    Hello my name is Kabesha Kalunga
    I play
    : Right winger and Left winger
    : From Zambia please I need a scout or anything my Dream is to meet Foden and Mahrez and Cancelo

  108. Je suis passionné de foot vous pouvez m’aider a adhérer dans votre équipe pour que a mon retour moi aussi je vous aide à rapporté des trophées merci

  109. I am a 15 year old young footballer since your whole club has always been my dream club that’s why when I saw this link I decided to apply to try my luck I live in Ivory Coast🇨🇮 +2250759691776

  110. I’m Joseph Oduka from Kenya I have been a Manchester city fan since I was 5 up to date I believe I have all the qualities to be a good footballer I play defense number 5 and I really enjoy it because I get to control the game I hope for positive response from you even as I prepare for the good news

  111. I’m 15 years old and I’m a Ghanaian,im a defensive midfielder and also a center back ,teams played(wafa,acadamy 11, and now currently at promos with this opportunity I would like you guys to give me a trial and you see how best am I man city have been my dream team ever

  112. Christopher yeboah

    Am from Ghana. how can i get a scholarship, want to academy please my a footballer.I want in my career please help me i will thank you .

  113. Christopher yeboah