NBA Academy in Colorado

If you have been seeking to enroll in a competent NBA Academy in Colorado, we shall study Chauncey Billups Professional Basketball Academy, Colorado Basketball Academy Inc. Colorado Premier Basketball Club, Skyhawks Sports Colorado, and others

You will discover all the requirements you need to meet, to be qualified for Shine Basketball Academy.

Shine Basketball Academy

The Shine Basketball Academy has been training players in Colorado for longer than any other academy. We model our comprehensive training program in line with the USA Basketball Player Development Curriculum.

In the program, there are four tiers of practice schemes. They designed it to help athletes progress from a foundation of basic skills to advanced mastery. Colleges and professional teams require these skills.

Rob Pierson, Shine’s founder and a player development coach with 22 years of experience, heads the training program.
Any interested player from the third grade through high school can arrange for an assessment to see where they would fit in the Academy’s curriculum.

Visit our fitness center every Monday between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. for a FREE EVALUATION.

NBA Academy in Colorado

The Chauncey Billups Professional Basketball Academy

In Denver, Colorado, there is a non-profit, non-tax payment organization called College Bound Elite Basketball Academy (“CBEBA”).

Denver native and NBA All-Star Chauncey Billups had the idea for CBEBA, along with ex-NBA players Ronnie DeGray and Elton Davis. They are now influential figures in the youth basketball community.

However, they established CBEBA in the spring of 2010. This happened under the supervision Ronald Sally and Vince Buckmelter.

In Colorado, the best youth basketball program for boys is the College Bound Elite Basketball Academy (“CBEBA”). It offers both elite and developing teams for players of varying abilities.

The top teams will compete nationally and feature the best young athletes in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

CBEBA will serve as a foundation for young boys who are dedicated to improving their basketball talents, their academic performance, and their personal growth as young men.

NBA Academy in Colorado

Colorado Basketball Academy, Inc.

For more than 15 years, Coach Doug Maier has run the Colorado Basketball Academy. He has a Gold Level CHSAA coaching certification and is highly experienced.

Also, he has a USA Basketball certification. For nearly two decades, Coach Maier featured as a coach in High School Basketball.

Your child will practice Basketball Development Drills that are age-appropriate for their level of play with existing high school players who serve as junior coaches and mentors.

Clinics at Levels 1, 2, and 3 are designed for novice and intermediate players, aged 5 to 16.

Individual and specialized player development skills, such as ball handling, agility, coordination, shooting, and finishing, are consistently worked on throughout the six-week CBA sessions. These skills are applied to 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and 3 on 3 game situations.

Your comments and coaching ideas are welcome all year round at the CBA.

Feel free to call Head Coach Doug Maier at 303-345-3755 or email him at if you have any further inquiries. Check out our Twitter @CBAcoachmaier for updates. The only place to sign up is at

NBA Academy in Colorado

Colorado Premier Basketball Club

This club came about by those who want to see basketball taught properly. Youth basketball club, Premier Basketball Club is a non-profit organization under the sponsorship of Nike.

It is situated in Colorado and Utah with the goal of giving kids aged 3-19 an exceptional basketball and life platform.

We have almost 2,000 players that we cater for across the Rocky Mountain Region, with our Premier Academy Teams consisting of players from the following communities:

  • Jefferson County, CO – Littleton, Lakewood, Denver, Highlands Ranch, Evergreen, Conifer, Golden and West Denver
  • Parker & Aurora, CO – Parker, Lone Tree, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Aurora
  • Utah Premier – Metro Salt Lake City and Suburbs, Utah

Premier Basketball Club has received official recognition from USA Basketball Organization as an official member club.

Our Colorado and Utah basketball clubs offer programs for players of all skill levels, from those just starting out to those who are ready to compete on the national stage as members of our premier Nike Premier Academy teams for boys and girls.

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The Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) is made up of the best 32 club programs in the United States, and our Girl’s Premier Academy Teams are Official Members.

Premier Basketball Academy provides a wide range of basketball-related services, including camps for kids, leagues, and tournaments for adults, clinics for beginners, team options for different ages and ability levels, and more.

NBA Academy in Colorado

Skyhawks Sports Colorado

Over four decades ago, Skyhawks’ goal focused on making every kid anywhere, have access to the benefits and excitement of playing sports.

In 1979, Jeff Heimbigner saw that kids with different sports talents didn’t have the same access to training as those of the elite players.

These youngsters dreamt of improving as athletes but didn’t have an environment to support this. They couldn’t get a space to relax and have a good time and avoid injury. Above all, to get a place to integrate their newfound knowledge and skills into their everyday life.

The excitement and advantages of athletics remained important to Jeff. He wanted those feelings to be shared by all children. Jeff established the company’s goal.

After he articulated his goals for the academy, he established the Skyhawks Sports Academy.

The Skyhawks Sports Academy began as a regional soccer program in the Pacific Northwest.

The camps gained more and more recognition as time went on, and eventually produced some truly remarkable athletes and people.

At these Skyhawks soccer camps, participants learned about the value of sportsmanship, collaboration, and accepting both victory and defeat with dignity.

Over the years, Skyhawks expanded to offer camps for a wider variety of sports while staying true to its original mission and vision. These sports and camps now include basketball, flag football, volleyball, and baseball.

Skyhawks currently runs camps, clinics, and leagues in over a dozen sports, as well as multi-sport programs and Mini-Hawk® programs for kids.

Our camps and programs come in a variety of forms, from the standard weeklong summer day camp to after-school offerings that run all year long. Also, we have organized sports leagues and clinics.

We have a durable safety track record and methods to back up our claims of a zero-incident rate. This is one of the reasons why Skyhawks is a reliable company. Features that stand out in terms of safety are:

  • Pioneering industry standards since 1979 for safety and curriculum.
  • Holding the health and safety of our campers in the highest regard.
  • Generating glowing consumer testimonials.

Sarah (Granite Bay, CA) claimed that the camp was absolutely fantastic; the best camp ever. Also, she stated that her kid never once lost interest or became bored. Lastly, she gave accolades to the trainers who came out, ready to work.

Because of parents like you, our academy workers have so many lovely memories with your kids. We can make a difference for you and your community if you join us, so please do.

NBA Academy in Colorado

Empire Basketball Academy

At Empire Basketball Academy, we look into every aspect of the athlete.

Because of individuality, athletes need various approaches to training and mentoring from their coaches.

We don’t subscribe to a particular philosophy, so we give each of our athletes as much specialized attention as they need to reach their full potential.

When it comes to helping our athletes succeed off the field, our coaches consistently go above and beyond.

Our athletes are honing their skills through individual and group training, while also developing qualities that will distinguish them. Meanwhile, such qualities are teamwork, sportsmanship, collaboration, etc.

The six tenets of greatness upon which they built the Empire are Effort, Maturity, Passion, Integrity, Respect, and Enthusiasm.

Our coaches will impart life lessons to their trainees that will be useful far beyond the playing field.

Also, our ultimate goal is to cultivate a new generation of sports lovers who will spread their enthusiasm to everyone they meet.

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NBA Academy in Colorado

We offer the following services:

  • AAU Travel Basketball (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer)
  • Clinics (Grades 3rd-8th)
  • Little Dribblers (K-3rd)
  • Skills Academies
  • In-House League

Colorado Swoosh Basketball Club

Building character and unity through mental and physical training is key to the Colorado Swoosh Basketball Club’s mission.

Coaches provide appropriate disciplinary measures in the form of evaluation and open communication. Also, they will also set high standards for their players’ work ethic.

Colorado Swoosh players will work toward academic achievement and be good examples to members of their families, schools, and communities. Also, they will have a genuine care for one another and a love for the game.

A player’s ability determines the squad they’ll be assigned to.

The goal of our recreational program is to help players who are new to the sport of basketball reach their full potential.

We don’t expect recreational coaches of Colorado Swoosh to win games because their primary role is to instruct players.

As a result, they are able to focus solely on player development, employing constructive coaching methods that increase players’ self-esteem and enthusiasm for the game.

If you are a serious basketball player who aspires to play at the collegiate level, or if you simply want to be the greatest player throughout your high school experience, then our competitive program is for you.

When a player reaches a high level of competition, we start booking tournaments out of state at events where college coaches are likely to be in attendance to increase their exposure to potential recruits.

The coaching staff also places a greater emphasis on the college game for the older teams.

The competitive Colorado Swoosh teams also participate in national events where they can display their skills in front of college scouts from all around the country.

NBA Academy in Colorado

Colorado Soar Basketball

Northern Colorado is home to a competitive basketball club called Colorado SOAR Basketball. It is only for female athletes.

SOAR’s goal is to give the girls a place to learn, where they will feel safe, valued, and able to put out their best effort.

So that we may celebrate our girls’ achievements as a family, we’d like to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

Karin Nicholls, the head coach, has a coaching experience of 30 years. She coached at the collegiate level for 20 years. For sixteen years of those coaching years, she served as a head coach at Divisions I and II.

Karin’s sole intention is to have a constructive effect on every girl that participates in the program. Her unique talent is in her ability to relate to and inspire each athlete in their own unique way.

She has a singular focus on them reaching their full potential.

Colorado Soar encourages you to give some thought to the idea of your daughter learning to soar like an eagle. This is by enrolling in the academy.

NBA Academy in Colorado

Pro Skills Basketball In Denver

Two ex-Davidson Wildcat and overseas pro players established Pro Skills Basketball in 2009. They did it as a summer program in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Since its early beginnings, the organization has expanded to include more than 175 Club Teams and 100+ Camps and Clinics each year around the United States.

Jr. NBA selected PSB as one of the top 15 youth basketball organizations in the United States in 2017. This earned them a spot in the Jr. NBA’s “Flagship Network.”

PSB teamed up with Stephen Curry, an NBA All-Star, to form Team Curry in 2020. Then, PSB went on to produce more than 175 successful collegiate and professional athletes.

NBA Academy in Colorado

RiseUp Sports

This is for both boys and girls, mastering basketball tournaments, camps, and leagues.

The basketball programs at RiseUp Sports are some of the best and most reasonably priced program in Colorado. However, it is accessible to boys and girls in grades 3 through 12. RiseUp Sports hosts youth basketball events.

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All Groups All teams are welcome, whether they are visiting from another country or simply looking to get together for some fun. As much as possible, RUS will try to pair off teams evenly (competitive & non-competitive).

The deadline to sign up for the tournament is 14 days before it begins.

NBA Academy in Colorado

i9 Sports Eastern And Southern Colorado Springs, CO

i9 Sports®, with over 3.5 million registrations in communities all over the United States, is the biggest multi-sport provider in the country. Its exclusive goal is on providing high-quality, community-based kids’ sports leagues.

We host recreational leagues, camps, and clinics in flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and volleyball for kids and teenagers.

Age-appropriate, engaging, and easy instructions are what our coaches and teachers offer.

Keeping with our motto of “Helping Kids Succeed in Life Through Sports,” we emphasize the need of teaching good sportsmanship together with fundamentals each week.

NBA Academy in Colorado

That’s The Way Youth Sports Should Be, at least in our opinion.

Southern Colorado Basketball

We at Southern Colorado Basketball (SoCo) are a community-run league that values friendly competition and sportsmanship above everything else.

Leagues, tournaments, and clinics are just some of the many basketball possibilities available to youngsters and teams in SoCo all year long.

SoCo basketball is a great way to build character and integrity.

For those looking to improve the performance of their squad, the SoCo League offers all that.

Coaches of boys’ and girls’ teams in grades 4-8 (during the current school year) are welcome to register their teams for our various season league.

Each league plays eight games during the regular season before holding a single elimination playoff.
At any of the eight games that make up the league’s regular season, fans can watch for free.

The league is run by SoCo, which also provides all of the venues, officials, t-shirts, tournament prizes, and insurance for all games.

SoCo will also cover the cost of liability insurance for the arenas where your team will be holding its practices and games.

All teams must be affiliated with or registered for the SoCo event or league for coverage to apply.

Please get in touch with us if you need your practice facility insured as an additional insured facility.

Traditionally, springtime begins on the first weekend of April. There are no games on Mother’s Day or Easter Sunday.

About the middle of March is the cutoff for registering a team. On Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays after 12 noon, are when participants play the spring games.

The fall seasonal period occurs from the second weekend in September and continues through the end of October. Submissions of applications must all come in by early September.

In the fall season, games typically take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00 p.m.

It’s possible that each team to play only one or two games per weekend.

The season’s full schedule will be distributed in advance of the first game to let families make long-term plans.

Each season, before practice begins, coaches are required to watch a video outlining the year’s goals and objectives.

SoCo may create a Gold and Silver division if a certain group has 10-14 teams.

Teams with more experience will compete in the Gold bracket, while those still learning will compete in the Silver.

Even the Silver division should be quite intense. We’re here to assist you in selecting the appropriate league for your squad.

NBA Academy in Colorado


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If you have been seeking to enroll in a competent NBA Academy in Colorado, we studied Chauncey Billups Professional Basketball Academy, Colorado Basketball Academy Inc. Colorado Premier Basketball Club, Skyhawks Sports Colorado, and others

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