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If you are interested in joining a notable basketball academy in Arizona, then this article titled “ONE10 basketball camp” is for you. We shall also discuss sub topics like; ONE10 basketball camp, Gilbert Basketball Camp, Parent Reviews, Focused skills training.

A charity dedicated to the development of young student-athletes is called ONE10 Basketball Camp. Our goal is to provide students of all abilities and backgrounds the chance to improve their skill level, knowledge, and enjoyment of their sport. Athletes will develop fundamental virtues including perseverance, self-motivation, respect for others, discipline, and teamwork. Athletes from underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds can attend our organized camps for free. This is thanks to the money raised from corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and also our organized camp fees. We also give college grants to student-athletes who exhibit outstanding sportsmanship and integrity both inside and outside the sporting sphere.


ONE10 basketball camp emphasize skill development and drills. The design of these camps allows for thousands of supervised practice sessions. These practices will assist players develop the abilities necessary to be an attacking threat when they have the ball in their hands. Some of the approaches include:

  1. Individual improvement in ball handling
  2. Handling the ball with control
  3. Using implements like dribble goggles, tennis balls, cones, two balls, etc.
  4. Attacking defenders from various angles
  5. Disorienting defenders and then keeping them there
  6. Using game-speed dribbling techniques
  7. Finishing in a number of ways at the basket with both hands.
  8. Form shooting strategies and ways to improve accuracy
  9. Accelerating shot release
  10. Executing and executing game shots

Giving your all

ONE10 basketball camp is all about going beyond your comfort zone. Dig a bit deeper and then GO ALL IN just when you believe you have given it your all! Our instructors are skilled in pushing each athlete to acquire as many skills as they can.
Each athlete will define what it means to provide 110%. Nevertheless, ONE10 basketball camp will show your athlete how to push their brains and bodies to the next level. Regardless of whether they are a novice just beginning their basketball career or an accomplished player eager to take their game to new heights.


Every year, a lot of high school and college coaches begin with Level I fundamental workouts. They just advance through the ranks faster than a young squad. Fundamental exercises are beneficial for players of all ages and ability levels. Even our most skilled players from ONE10 basketball camp benefits from basic skill development using one of our many strategies. Every dribbling exercise may be performed more quickly, accurately, and at a lower height. The majority of outstanding shooters include basic form shooting as a crucial component of their warm-up exercises. Every shooter may also gain from form shooting till every shot is a swish. It is crucial to have a solid base of essential abilities on which to develop as an athlete becomes stronger, quicker, and more competent.


The term “muscle memory” is often used to refer to skill acquisition. It is the capacity to perform certain actions without thinking, gained as a consequence of repeated exposure to that movement.

According to experts, it might take anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 repetitions for abilities like shooting and dribbling to be permanently remembered in the brain. The brain and nervous system prioritize movements that are done often as being essential. It also works to improve their efficiency and effectiveness for use in future activities.

This practice has to be directed since doing a skill incorrectly may develop muscle memory. Also, it can take three times as many repetitions to break a bad habit. We’ll teach about this at the ONE10 basketball camp.

Game tempo

Athletes must also be able to perform techniques and skills that will be effective in competition as they build a foundation of basic abilities. It is essential for athletes to practice maneuvers against real defenders in controlled game conditions, such as 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, etc., throughout the skill development process. Players will learn here what techniques are effective, how to adjust movements for different opponents. Also which abilities they still need to perfect in order to be a full-fledged offensive threat. We’ll teach more about this at the ONE10 basketball camp.

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Not only hoops

Passion and determination

Learning new things is seldom simple. It might be difficult to develop new habits as well as break old ones. Every great athlete, business tycoon, and parent must understand the importance of pushing yourself above your comfort zone. Persevering when things are challenging is also crucial. We’ll teach more about this at the ONE10 basketball camp.

Work Hard, Get Results

It takes a lot of effort to do thousands of repetitions throughout a week of camp. Athletes will be worn out and typically sore. When athletes push themselves, their performance will significantly increase. Also, they may be proud of what they have accomplished. We’ll teach more about this at the ONE10 basketball camp.


We encourage players to have faith in the abilities they have worked so hard to develop. We encourage sportsmen to employ their abilities while playing games. They gain confidence when a move succeeds. A player eventually becomes so confident in their abilities that it transfers from the court to every aspect of their lives. We’ll teach more about this at the ONE10 basketball camp.

Team spirit

Being able to manage both winning and losing with the same degree of grace is a quality of a great champion. Regardless of an athlete’s ability level, we promote strong competition with respect for all athletes and their labor. We’ll teach more about this at the ONE10 basketball camp.

CO-FOUNDER of the ONE10 basketball camp


“Nothing is more fulfilling than assisting children in developing self-assurance in their skills and talents.”

“Coaching is essentially about using basketball to impart life lessons, in my opinion.”


My parents raised me on the south side of Tucson, Arizona. They put in a lot of grueling hours to provide us with a roof over our heads and food on the table. For extras, we didn’t have a lot of money left over. My younger brother and I were latchkey kids who developed good street smarts at a young age. Never converse with strangers, avoid taking the same route home at the same time. Also, check to see whether the person picking you up has the secret password if they claim to have been sent by your mother.

Being from Tucson, we were surrounded by University of Arizona basketball. At recess, I initially took up a basketball in an effort to replicate a jump shot that I had just seen local hero Sean Elliot make. I was a mediocre player on school teams in grades 5 through 8. However, I adored basketball. I learned that there are cuts in high school, and because I wasn’t even among the top 12 players from my middle school. I thought it would be challenging to join the squad. My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic from a young age.
Six days a week during the summer before high school, I played basketball. There was even a free program to keep youngsters off the streets at my high school. A variety of activities were available, including an open gym. I started to truly improve my game at this point.

As the lone female in the gym most of the time, I played for hours every day, generally against older guys and men. I was shooting when there weren’t enough players for games. My ability to shoot would turn out to be one of my strongest skills. Leo, a janitor, saw how much time I spent in the gym and introduced me to the high school’s ladies coach. I had already left.

Playing Career

My efforts have paid off. Even though I made the varsity squad my freshman year, my new objective was to play Division I college basketball. I was unable to participate in club ball or summer camps. Instead, I returned to that gym every summer and worked there. I made the First Team All-Conference my senior year. I spent my two years playing on a full scholarship at Pima CC, where I started each game. Smaller four-year institutions showed some interest in me, but playing Division I basketball had always been my goal. I accepted a new challenge and stepped on to the NAU team because I would not accept anything less. By the winter, I had advanced to the starting 3 guard position from bench warmer with hardly any playing time.

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I’ve gotten so much from basketball. I acquired new skills in the areas of goal-setting, perseverance, and discipline. Despite the fact that my family did not have the resources to invest in my basketball training, I was fortunate to have a mother who never lost faith in me. Some children aren’t fortunate enough to have a network of allies.

Coaching Career

My coaching career has been devoted to supporting the underdog.Every child should have the chance to work hard for their goals, in my opinion. I don’t believe I would have made my high school team my freshman year or even played collegiately without the free gym in the summer. I just needed the opportunity to work hard and establish my abilities. My goal is to provide as many youngsters as I can the opportunity.

Gilbert Basketball Camp

Gilbert Basketball Camp, Arizona: A Fantastic Way to Develop Your Child’s Abilities

The Gilbert Basketball Camp, which is held every summer in Arizona, can be of interest to you if you have kids who want to play basketball and develop their talents. Kids between the ages of six and seventeen are welcome to attend the camp. It will run from July 21 to July 24 this year. Your youngster may take part in four different classes each week. Whether they are focused on shooting basics, developing their abilities, or playing real games. Also check out our guide for information on how to register and how to get your kid ready for camp!

Reasons for parents to enroll their children

Gilbert Basketball camp is a fantastic method for parents to keep their kids active and healthy during the hot summer months. Skills including dribbling, passing, defense, and shooting are emphasized in the curriculum. In addition, parents will be able to interact with other parents and enjoy some time alone without their children. By enrolling your children now, you’ll not only be providing them with a summertime activity but also a chance to learn useful skills that they can use all year long.

The items you must bring

I went to the Gilbert basketball camp this past weekend in Arizona. I hadn’t played with the kids in a while, so I was really looking forward to it. It was very simple to register. All we had to do was fill out our names and go through orientation before we could enter the court. My daughter realized she wasn’t very good once they started the drills and struggled much more than she ought to have. We will keep working on her dribbling and shooting more regularly so that her abilities may develop over time. Consider attending one of these camps in your neighborhood if you’re looking for a chance for your kid to improve their abilities or simply try out a new sport.

Where it takes place

Basketball players and their families from high schools now often go to Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert is home to some of the best high school basketball teams in the nation as well as professional basketball leagues including Nike, Adidas, and other leagues. With so many others distributed across the league, the city has two NBA players on its home club. Gilbert Basketball Camp (GBC) is a good choice if you’re seeking for a focused camp that will assist your child’s abilities . This year’s GBC will take place at Gilbert Christian High School from July 6–8, featuring eight distinct sessions. Depending on your goals and skill level, sessions may be one day (9AM–12PM) or four days (9AM–4PM), with a variety of various pricing points.

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What is the price?

My kid doesn’t have any plans for the summer, so I’ve been browsing for summer camps for her. The Gilbert basketball camp is a fantastic location for her to develop her talents. She can also make new friends with other players who share her passion for the sport. The tuition and expenses for camps like these total $300, but you may enroll before the price increases. When you consider all that comes with it, I believe this to be a truly fantastic price. Tomorrow is her first day of camp, and I can’t wait!

Who are the instructors?

The coaches are always kind and adept at the sport of basketball. They teach a range of skills, ensuring that you get the finest instruction possible. We run exercises that concentrate on core abilities while also pushing players to think critically and attempt novel things. We learned how to establish leverage on defense by shoving the offensive player with our backside. Then lifting them up as they spin off for simple layups in transition. Other one-on-one techniques we practiced included a jump stop into an up-and-under layup. Trying something new was enjoyable!
At Gilbert Basketball Camp, there is never a lack of activities. So participants never get bored.

When are courses held?

Sessions for the Gilbert basketball camp are held twice weekly. On Monday through Thursday from 7-8pm and on Sunday from 1-2pm. Registration is necessary but participation is free. Age division among participants helps to guarantee that everyone has a good time. Each session lasts around 45 minutes and consists of an hour of training and a 15-minute game.

What happens if my kid has no prior knowledge of Basketball?

Many individuals like playing basketball, however not everyone has the chance to do so. Fortunately, by allowing them to participate in our basketball camp, we can provide your kid that opportunity. They will get the chance to master the fundamentals of the sport and express their creativity on the court. While also having fun at the Gilbert basketball camp. We really hope your kid has fun learning about this fantastic sport with us! What should my youngster bring, if anything? -Adopt outdoor activity attire Sneakers or sporting footwear -Bottle of water -A hat or pair of shades -Sunscreen and a cap for outdoor afternoons

Which competencies will my kid acquire at this camp?

Your youngster will acquire cutting-edge skills from qualified instructors at the Gilbert Basketball Camp. All of the basketball teachers are former NBA players or members of elite college squads who are aware of the hard effort, perseverance, and talent required to succeed in the professional game. Breaking down principles and focusing on one skill at a time until your kid learns it are the main goals of instruction. Children also get access to an ongoing group of peers at the Gilbert camp who are just interested in helping them become better at what they do while making friends for life!

Reviews by Parents

Since she began attending the Gilbert basketball camp, my kid has made enormous progress. For anybody who wants their kid to develop their talents, I believe it would be worthwhile.

The camp’s coaches are really helpful, both to the campers and to one another as instructors. They seem to care about the students and want them to succeed, in my opinion.

We’re returning to Gilbert Basketball Camp the next year since my daughter had a great experience there. She claimed to have picked up a lot of new knowledge and met some wonderful individuals.

If you are interested in joining a notable basketball academy in Arizona, then this article titled “ONE10 basketball camp” is for you. We shall also discuss sub topics like; ONE10 basketball camp, Gilbert Basketball Camp, Parent Reviews, Focused skills training.

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