How to Join S.S. Lazio Academy

S.S. Lazio Academy Scholarship. We shall study “How To Join Lazio Fc League Academy Scholarship”. Also, study the requirement for applying to Lazio Fc Academy, Lazio Youth  Academy Sector, how to register for Lazio fc Academy, Lazio Fc Stadium, etc.

Now let’s look into the topic “How To Join Lazio Fc League Academy”.

Introduction Of How To get Lazio Academy Scholarship

Società Sportiva Lazio is the main name of the club. But, people generally know it as Lazio. It is notably a professional club that bases in Rome, Italy. Also, 1900 is its establishment year. Most of its football level is in the Italian Seria A. Consequently, it has a couple of trophies to its name. Some if them are : Serial A title, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA Super Cup.

The Youth Evolution Program Of SS Lazio

This particular program adopts “MODEL LAZIO”. To clarify, this has to do with how the Academy or club plays. Also, it has to do with collective effort. There are three vital things, the Lazio academy players must have in mind. They are family, school and football. In short, these three elements are instrumental to an academy player.

The Principles Of Lazio Academy Scholarship

The standing principle of the SS Lazio Youth Sector is to improve the technical, tactical and physical-athletic phases of young players. As a result, this players can attain the first team squad. How can they achieve this?. Firstly, is to groom the players to know that football can be their profession. On the other hand, letting them know that, not all will make it thus far.

Also, getting them to pass through an academic pathway. This inculcates a level of awareness to the players. In addition, it increases their sense of belonging. Then, the act of teaching them football in the SS Lazio way.

This is an extension of how to join Lazio Fc League Academy.

The Infrastructural Hierarchy At The SS Lazio Academy Scholarship.

  • 1 General Coordinator
  • 4 Secretariat Employees
  • 32 Accompanying Executives

The Technical Aspect Of The Hierarchy

  • 4 Coordinators Technicians
  • 7 Coaches Prof. UEFA A
  • 24 Coaches UEFA Base B
  • 9 Coaching Youth Soccer UEFA C
  • 10 Coaches Goalkeepers Professionals
  • 8 Coaches Goalkeepers academy
  • 1 Team Manager Women’s Football

The Aspect Of Athletics

  • 15 Professional Athletic Trainers
  • 3 Graduates in Motor Sciences for the development of the Coordinating Chapters of the children of the Soccer School

The Medical Aspect Of The Hierarchy

  • 1 Health Director
  • 1 Coordinator
  • 11 Specialized Doctors
  • 15 Sports Physiotherapists
  • 1 Sports Psychologist
  • 2 Psychological Assistants
  • 1 Nutritionist
  • Lastly, 1 Podiatrist

The Aspect Of Scouting

  • 12 observers operating on the provincial, regional and national territory

All these will aid you to know how to join Lazio Fc League Academy.

The Football Institution Of SS LAZIO Academy Scholarship

The soccer schools of SS Lazio, gives room for the participation of unique sports in the Roman, Lazio and other selected areas. In 3 November 2018, Luna Capanni made an impact in the U-19 Seria A Primavera match. He scored the opening goal.

However, the SS Lazio football institution seeks to adopt methods to groom the players to be exceptional.

The SS Lazio Post-Career Training Project.

President Claudio Lotito is the spearheaded of this project. Also, the project is for young players in their Youth Sector. On the other hand, the SS Lazio Women First Team and Primavera players can take part in it too. Most importantly, the President works hand-in-hand with UniNettuno International Telematic University and Banca Igea. There is a goal that the president wants to achieve with this project. Certainly, it is to bring both male and females of SS Lazio to a grooming scheme, so, they can have a bright future. In the same vein, they will understand all about football and its professions.

The project is to commence from October 2020 and end May 2021. During this period, the players are to learn and write tests or exams. In the aspect of teaching the courses, it will be only in the afternoon time. Subsequently, within the month, youngsters will be substituted to attend lessons at Green Club and Formello.

Meanwhile, the associate partners seek to aid the young players made accurate decisions regarding their choice of faculty. Most importantly, those with high performance, gets a scholarship from the sponsors.

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What The Project Stands For

The major focus of the project is on prospective players in the youth segment. Some of the experienced technicians that train them emerge from various fields. They are:

  • Master of the technique;
  • Athletic trainer;
  • Nutritionist;
  • Sports Psychologist;• Martial Arts Master.

Most importantly, the club adopts high technological and modern facilities to enable the players train well.

If you know all this, then it will be easy for you to know how to join Lazio Fc League Academy.

Reasons For Adopting Psychological Support

There are various ways for adopting psychological support for young players. The reasons are:

  • To enhance family relationship and communication;
  • Also, to solidify the confidence and self-esteem of ones abilities;
  • It also serves as a driving force to achieving more. Players will also focus more.
  • Lastly, players can be able to control their actions coming from adolescence.

The Professional Soccer Schools

This serves as a controlled environment, where young players with football dreams come to obtain the necessary knowledge. Also, it accommodates players, who have not developed their will power.

Necessary tools for teaching football to the young players;

Planning informative meetings for managers, technicians and guardians. In the same vein, it involves the medical personnels.

The Technical Aspect Of The Course.

The technicians have only one duty. That is, inculcating the knowledge of football into the players through training. Most importantly, they are to carry both the male and female teams on the general study of football. So, the teams are to undergo 120 hours every year under the supervision of the technical coordinators.

How Can One Gain An Entrance Into Lazio Football Academy?

An important update is that, the club runs open trails. So, there is high chance of gaining admission. Below are some of the processes to follow. In addition, one can gain admission through Academy Scholarships in Europe. Also, through Lazio Youth Academy trials, Lazio Academy registration, Lazio Academy Players and Football Academy Scholarships in Europe.

Players that are up to 8 years, can access the Lazio Academy Website @

What are the needed informations for registration in Lazio Football Academy?

When the Scouts pick players, the get a call from the development camp. After the development camp is the academy. So, there are certain details one need to provide. They are:

  • A detailed account of yourself. Also, previous clubs and contact details.
  • Those under-18 must present a letter of consent from their parents or guardians
  • Proof of financial need if applying for AC Milan Academy Scholarships .
  • International players that are applying must present a short video of theirself.

S.S. Lazio Youth Segment

This consists of the U-19 squad and the academies of S.S. Lazio.

Lazio U-19 Team Or Primavera

The Campionato Primavera 1 is their usual category. But, in 2020-21 season, they relegated to Campionato Primavera 2. They have a five time Champions of Italy title to their name. In addition, they have won the Coppa Italia Primavera and Supercoppa Primavera. Leonardo Menichini has piloted the Lazio Primavera for 55 matches before Alessandro Calori took over in June 11, 2021.

Overview Of S.S. Lazio

Notably, the clubs has lots of domestic trophies. But, it won its first ever trophy in 1958. The Seria A title came afterwards in 1974. Meanwhile, the club accomplished a lot in the 1990s. They won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Seria A title and Coppa Italia titles during their financial crisis in 2000. Also, they reached the UEFA Cup final. In 2002, the glory of the club began to depreciate as they ran into financial crisis. The President Sergio Cragnotti left with other prospective players. Claudio Lotito then took charge of the club in 2004.

The club kit is a sky blue shirt and white short with white socks to match. This kit dates to the Tomes historic Hellenic Legacy. The home ground, Stadio Olimpico, holds a capacity of 70,634. Consequently, the fans see the A.S. Roma as their greatest opponent. Both of them have competed for the Derby della Capitale on few occasions.

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The creation of Società Sportiva Lazio saw the club take part in over 40 sports disciplines. They hold the record of the highest amongst other associations.

Background of Lazio Fc 

9th January, 1900 is the founding year of Società Podistica Lazio. It is located in Prati, Rome. In 1912, they club got its promotion to compete for the Championship league. Consequently, they had the privilege to win the Championship playoff finals three times. But the lost all. They competed with Pro Vercelli, Casale and Genoa.

In 1927, they initiative of Fascist regime came. But, Lazio refused to be part of it. In 1929, they played their first staged Seria A, which was captained by their striker Silvio Piola. On the other hand, the first time Lazio relegated was in 1961. Then, they went on to face it in the 1970-71 and 1979-80 season.

They have challenged for the Scudetto with Milan and Juventus. Their team squad had players like Giuseppe Wilson, Luciano Re Cecconi, Mario Frustalupi and Giorgio Chinaglia. Tommaso Maestrelli was their head coach. Within that period, the club lost key players and staff of the club which made the team suffer psychologically. During that period, Bruno Giordano joined the club and finished as the league top scorer. It helped to relieve the players of the psychological stress.

In 1980, the Lazio F.C got into a betting scandal. As a result, they were duely punished. Another scandal in 1986, led to a nine-point deduction. They fought relegation battles with Taranto and Campobasso. In 1988, the club came back to the Italian top flight league under the management of Gianmarco Calleri.

The Sergio’s Cragnotti Regime

In 1992, Sergio Cragnotti took over the managerial assignment of the club. His aim was to bring the club back to its initial glory. To achieve this, he signed some prospective players like Paul Gascoigne, Juan Sebastián Verón, Christian Vieri and Hernán Crespo. During the 1995 till 1997 season, the were among the top five. Also, in 1999, they lost the Championship match to Milan. But, in 2000, they won the Scudetto and Coppa Italia.

In the same vein, Lazio became also the first Italian football club to be quoted on the Italian Piazza Affari stock market. The glory of the club started dwindling with the 2002 financial scandal. As a result, the club sold off key players like Alessandro Nesta and others. In 2004, an entrepreneur, Claudio Lotito acquired the majority of the club. Two years later, the club got into a match-fixing scandal. This cost the club their European competition.

The club suffered a lot of challenges during this period. Consequently, they finished in fourth place in the UEFA Champions League group stage. Also, they finished 12th on the Seria A table. In 2008-09 season, they won their fifth Coppa Italia. Then, they won the 2018-19 Coppa Italia, which made it their 11th time carrying the trophy.

On 22 December 2019, Lazio won their fifth Supercoppa Italiana title. The season after the case of COVID-19 saw Lazio lose their chase for the title. They were able to finish in top fourin the 2020-21 season. As a result, they secured their Champions league spot after 12 years.

The Club’s Wears and Identity.

The national emblem of Greece influenced the Lazios’ white and sky blue colours. Initially, they wore a shirt with white and sky blue quarters. Then, black shorts and socks. Most importantly, their jersey consists of sky blue and white clours. This led to their nickname “Biancocelesti“.

Luigi Bigiarelli select the Lazio’s traditional club badge which has a symbol the eagle. It has its root from the Greek god “Zeus” also known as “Aquila”. As a result, the club got their second and third nick names “Le Aquile” and “Aquilotti”. The current club badge features a golden eagle above a white shield with a blue border; inside the shield is the club’s name and a smaller tripartite shield with the colours of the club.

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The Football Ground Of SS Lazio

The prestigious Stadio Olimpico, serves as the stadium or football ground of the club. Also, the stadium is the home ground of Italy national football team. In addition, both Lazio and Roma makes use of it. Being located in Rome, it was officially commissioned in 1937. It also has a seating capacity of 70,634. The stadium has served for the 1960 Summer Olympics and 1987 World Athletics Championships. A couple of other European competitions has held in the stadium.

The club has also played matches at the Stadio Flamino during the renovation of the Stadio Olimpico. The Lazio President Claudio Lotito in 2018, appealed for the privilege to build their own stadium. This appeal wasn’t granted.

The Club’s Fans And Oppositions

In Italy, Lazio has a lot of supporters. Currently, the club ranks as the sixth-most supported football club in Italy and the second in Rome.

Their fan club known as Irriducibili was founded in 1987. During Derby Della Capitale, they produces aesthetic displays. This competition comes with high tension and anxiety. Consequently, a Lazio fan has died due to violent attack by a Roma fan. On the other hand, a part of the Lazio’s ultras, making racist signs and symbols on the banners. After 33 years, the Irriducibili disbanded on 27 February 2020. They Lazio fans now answer Ultras Lazio.

In terms of opposition, Napoli, Livorno, Pescara, Atalanta, Fiorentina, Juventus and Milan are strong rivals. In terms of alliance, they relate with Internazionale, Triestina, and Hellas Verona. Also, the relate with the Bulgarian club Levski Sofia.

The data of Lazio F.C with statistics and records

The club record holder for most appearances is Ștefan Radu with 416 appearances. Also, in the aspect of goalkeeping, it is Luca Marchegiani with 339 appearances. Aldo Puccinelli holds the record for most league appearances with 399 appearance. Ciro Immobile holds the record of the all-time goal scorer with 170 goals. After him is Silvio Piola with 159 goals. He also holds the Seria A highest goal scorer record with 274 goals. With 4 goals in a single UEFA Champions league match and 20 goals, Simone Inzaghi holds the all-time top goalscorer in European competitions.

The highest home match attendance of the Lazio F.C is 80,000. It was the match that they won their first Scudetto.

The Entity Nature Of Società Sportiva Lazio

Società Sportiva Lazio S.p.A. became an entity in 1998. This was under the leadership of Sergio Cragnotti. Remarkably, they are the pionner club to do so. In 2001, Cragnotti resigned.

Claudio Lotito, took over from Cragnotti and in 2004, bought the club. In it, the manager owned 26.969% of shares. Meanwhile, the second largest share came from the banking group Capitalia with 17.717%. Both shareholders still carried out subsequent purchase in the club. To clarify, Claudio had the highest share of the club. In the list of Borsa Italians, Lazio is there, in company of Juventus and Roma.

As of 2004-05 season, Lazio ranked as the 20th highest earning football club in the world. Consequently, they have an assumed revenue of €83 million. As at 2005, it ranked 15th. On a sad note, the 2016 list didn’t contain the Lazio club in the top 20 ranking. Meanwhile, the club was highly profitable. They were sanctioned by UEFA for breaching Financial Fair Play.

As a result, Lotito received a prize that joint awarded by Associazione Italiana Allenatori Calcio and DGS Sport&Cultura. Also, this was due to Lazio’s financial health. The sponsorship with Macron in 2017 was renewed for €16 million per season. However, after a period of 10 years, they ended the sponsorship deal. Mizuno took over the sponsorship deal of the team’s sportwears and gears. This was worth €20 million for five years. There was a drop in the between June to December 2021. But, they made more gain in relation to the past six months.

I hope you understood the topic “How To Join Lazio Fc League Academy”. You can carry out more research to get more information.

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