How to Join Al Ahly SC Youth Academy Trials

In this post “Al Ahly SC Youth Academy Trials”, you’ll get to know the registration requirements for Al Ahly SC Academy, Al Ahly SC stadium, how to pass Al Ahly SC Youth academy trials, and also lots more about Al Ahly SC.

Al Ahly SC Youth Academy

Al Ahly Club Football Academy is a school that imparts the principles of football using methods that are now used in the game. Starting at age 4 and going up to age 14, students can apply to the academy. It is at this low level that one can qualify to participate in professional football in the years ahead, hence excellence in results is required. Every year, the Academy’s season begins at the start of July and lasts until April. The branches operate under the same Academy structure. Furthermore, the frequency of training exercises, coaching days, and internal matters specific to the branch may vary.

The agreement between Future Horizons Company of school and private school supervisors with the Egyptian Al Ahli Club, which is overseen by the administrative and technical cluster of Al Ahli Club, has been observed in accordance with the demands of Al Ahli supporters.


Reaching Al Ahli Club’s supporters in the UAE by bringing together UAE residents and members of the Egyptian and Arab groups with their kids who participate in the Academy during training and in all of the Academy’s events, which promotes bonding and ensures adherence to the Al Ahli Club’s core tenets, regulations, and entity.

Our Vision

  • Teaching suitable strategies, legal procedures, and game crafts.
  • Finding and nurturing talents so they can take part in Al Ahly Club and the youth segment.
  • Physically improving and refining players’ skills.
  • Increasing the levels of education, psychology, and health
  • Raising educational and cultural standards, cultivating a sense of community, and reinforcing discipline.
  • Teaching young people more about the importance of relationships with family and friends.
  • Assessing a player’s strong points and limitations with the goal of helping them grow and thrive.
  • Providing academy products to elite domestic and international clubs in compliance with Al Ahli Club’s requirements and rules


Al-Ahly Academy frequently competes in youth competitions run by the Cairo Zone of the Egyptian Football Association. The Academy entered teams in the contest the year before, fielding one team for each of the age divisions for 2006 and 2007, and 2 teams in each of the age divisions for 2008, 2009, and 2010. The Academy took part in the youth international championship of the shooting club last year. Each Academy branch is organizing its own internal league, which will be succeeded by a league tournament league involving all branches.

Awards are given to the victors in each age group during the season and at the conclusion.


The Academy’s initial branch was established in Nasr City’s Al-Ahly club in July 2006, and as of right now, it has more than 15 locations throughout Egypt and other Arab nations. The Al-Ahly Academy’s branches include Cairo: Helwan Club, Diamond Club, and Al-Ahly Club in Nasr City. El-Saedya Secondary School fields in Giza; Al-Ahly club in Sheikh Zayd; Petroleum of Nasr Sports Club Dahlia: El-Mansoura University Stadium Alexandria: Pioneers School and Victoria College School AboKbeer Youth Center in Sharqi Assiut: Assiut University Stadium School in Sohag Aswan: United Arab Emirates El-Kuwait branch of Aswan’s sports stadium.

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On Family Day

Al Ahly’s academy usually hosts the players’ parents for a family day, and they usually throw one for the start of the season and another for the season’s conclusion to present the players with prizes and certificates of appreciation.

The Al Ahly SC Football Academy registration process

To start registering and learn more, go to, the academy’s authorized site.

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Enrollment Details for Al Ahly SC

By way of Open Football tryouts and Al Ahly SC Scouts, young people are admitted to the club. However, candidates, particularly foreign individuals, may also use the club’s website or a specific service to submit their applications.

  • Clearly describe who you are, your past clubs (if any), and also your contact information.
  • Parents’ permission, particularly for children under 18 years old.
  • Strive to upload a clip of yourself; however, this strategy works best for candidates from other countries.

Al Ahly SC Academy Tests: How to Succeed

Trials continue to be a crucial part of talent identification. Also, note many of the players at Al Ahly SC Academy were recruited through tryouts. A conditional football scholarship at Al Ahly SC is granted to young people who have demonstrated promise and ability but do not have the financial ability to afford the academy’s tuition, it was explained to us.

  • It’s crucial that you hence show up for summer programs.
  • Consistently perform to your highest potential while maintaining good sportsmanship, notably when communicating with colleagues.
  • Try to record your performances when practicing alone or competing in intercollegiate soccer tournaments.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and a drive to improve; this inspires coaches and recruiters.
  • Attend all local open football tournaments whenever possible.

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How to Be Selected by the Recruits of the Al Ahly SC Academy

Being recruited by Al Ahly SC Academy recruiters is a necessary part of the process of joining the academy, and the most common way to do this is by participating in the soccer programs in your area. The club has a wide reach of football recruits that search the world for young, promising players. Parents and guardians should try to register their children in one of the Al Ahly SC Soccer Schools if they are clearly displaying remarkable abilities.

With years of expertise working with children and young athletes, the club has the greatest staff. Furthermore, young athletes are subjected to the top ways to rise via Al Ahly SC Academy tests through football academies, particularly summer programs. Additionally, it is anticipated that the player will depart the academy in a better condition than when he arrived.

The chosen candidates would be transferred to the training sites and assigned to various league categories depending on their ages following the Al Ahly SC Academy tryouts.

All of it, though, ultimately depends on the youngster’s degree of talent and ability.

Conditions / Qualifications Al Ahly SC

  • Available to all young, prospective football players worldwide with the assistance of Al Ahly SC Recruits.
  • Parental approval is still required, particularly for those under 18.
  • If you are previously a member of a team, Academy wants to view your stats and performance history.
  • An intense love of sports.
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Al Ahly SC Youth Academy Application Procedure

Children can enroll in Al Ahly SC Academy in a variety of ways. Straight enrollment at the Al Ahly SC Academy or football public day tryouts are both options.

Furthermore, in conjunction with other qualifications, a specific level of expertise is necessary.

The Al Ahly SC Academy upholds a philosophy that gives all a fair probability. Application criteria for Al Ahly SC Academy are listed below.

  • Sportsmanlike conduct
  • Letters of permission from the parents, particularly for those under 18 years old.
  • Information (Height, Position, fitness, e.t.c )
  • If you are enrolling straight out of high school, your academic credentials are from your institution.
  • Positive teamwork.
  • Effective social skills.

How to Enroll

If you meet the aforementioned conditions, go ahead and consult the academy for the enrollment process by visiting

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Suggested Scholarships


SC Al Ahly

Al Ahly Sporting Club, also known as Al Ahly, is a professional sports team from Egypt with its headquarters in Cairo (Arabic: literal translation: The National Club). According to the aggregate number of titles earned, it is among the most prosperous football teams in the world. The top division of the Egyptian football league system is the Egyptian Premier League, where its professional football team competes. The club was established on April 24, 1907, to serve as a meeting venue for the student unions of Cairo.

Al Ahly is Egypt’s most decorated club, having won 42 national league championships, 37 national cups, and 11 national super cups. The team has never been demoted to the Second Division of Egypt. One of the continent’s titans, Al Ahly is regarded as the most prosperous team on the continent.

The club has earned an unprecedented 10 CAF Champions League championships, a CAF Confederation Cup, an unprecedented eight CAF Super Cups, an unprecedented 4 African Cup Winners’ Cups, an Afro-Asian Club Championship, an unprecedented 2 Arab Super Cups, and 3 bronze awards at the FIFA Club World Cup. Al Ahly is the most prolific football team in African heritage and was selected by CAF as the continent’s club of the 20th century. They have won 23 continental championships.

Background Of Al Ahly SC

African Triumph and the Mahmoud El Khatib Era (2017-date)

Mahmoud El Khatib was chosen to serve as the club’s new president starting on December 1.

However, with 20,956 votes, El Khatib defeated Mahmoud Taher to win the election. 13,182 votes were cast for Taher, who served as president from 2014 to 2017. Mustafa Fahmy received 14,269 votes in the vice-presidency contest, falling behind winner El Amry Farouk, a past Egyptian minister of sports, who received 19,923 votes.

Al Ahly earned their 42nd Egyptian Premier League championship on September 18 following Zamalek’s defeat to Aswan SC. This was the club’s 13th league title overall since 2004 and Weiler’s 2nd championship before exiting the organization and being followed by Pitso Mosimane, the first South African manager in the organization’s evolution.

Continental hegemony (from 2020)

Al Ahly defeated Zamalek 2-1 in the 2020 CAF Champions League Final on November 27. El Solia’s header in the fifth minute gave Al Ahly the lead. However, in the 31st min, Shikabala evened up for Zamalek with a left-footed effort from the edge of the penalty area that went past El Shenawy and into the upper left corner of the goal.

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In the 86th min, Magdy scored the game-winning goal for Al Ahly. After a clearance, he controlled the ball on his knee outside the penalty area prior to actually volleying past Gabaski and into the right corner of the goal to earn Al Ahly’s 9th championship and their 1st since 2013.

A week afterward, Al Ahly won the Egypt Cup Final, 3-2 on penalties, over Tala’ea El Gaish SC. Al Ahly became the first African team to accomplish the continental treble on 3 occasions with this win. Hence marking their 3rd treble win in team existence.

Al Ahly SC Stadium

Al Salam Stadium (Arabic: ), commonly known as Al Ahly WE Al Salam Stadium (Arabic: ) for sponsorship purposes after they acquired the stadium, is a multi-use stadium with a seating occupancy of 30,000. It is primarily utilized for association football games. Al Ahly and El Entag El Harby of the Egyptian Premier League call the stadium their home field.

The stadium, which was constructed in 2009, conducted both games in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations as well as Group B of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2009.

Al Ahly Takes Over

In accordance with the club’s “2045 vision,” Al Ahly revealed on December 4 that they had purchased the stadium from the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production for 25 years until 2045, with the alternative to return it if Al Ahly’s new projected stadium is constructed. However, as a consequence, it was noted that on August 12, 2020, the stadium’s identity was modified from Al Salam Stadium to Al Ahly WE Al Salam Stadium.

Al Salam Stadium will remain the name of the stadium, as agreed upon by Al Ahly, the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production, and Estadat, per an announcement made by El Entag El Harby president Ashraf Amer just one day afterward.

To prevent any unnecessary issues or disputes in the league’s plan, Al Ahly affirmed that El Entag El Harby, a club managed by the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production that used to perform their home games there, would be permitted to play there ordinarily until the close of the 2019–20 season, with the alternative to prolong it for additional seasons. Al Ahly also added that all national teams would be permitted to compete there.

Africa Cup of Nations in 2019

One of the locations for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations was the stadium.

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