About Assist Oshoala Academy

The illustrious four-time African Footballer of the Year, CAF women’s player of the year, and FC Barcelona Women star, Asisat Oshoala, has proudly unveiled the ‘Asisat Oshoala Academy’ (AOA). With partnerships from Nike and Women Win, the academy aims to offer overlooked schoolgirls in Lagos an opportunity to engage with football and educational pursuits.

Delving into the Asisat Oshoala Academy (AOA)

This academy is a testament to Asisat Oshoala’s dedication to empowering young girls in her community through the blend of sports and education. In her official statement, Oshoala expressed, “This football academy is a dream realized for me. Through it, more young women can combine the power of sports and learning to carve a path for themselves. My heartfelt thanks go to Nike and Women Win for their unwavering support in making this vision come to life. Collectively, we can achieve wonders.”

The daily operations of the academy will be managed by the Asisat Oshoala Foundation, which was established in 2015. Contributing its expertise, Women Win, a global women’s fund from Amsterdam championing the rights of women and girls, will play a significant role in shaping the academy.

Yvonne Henry, the director of Women Win brands, commented, “We are incredibly excited to collaborate with our esteemed partners – Nike, Asisat, and the Asisat Oshoala Academy. Through sports, we envision empowering Nigerian girls to harness their rights. This initiative is pivotal in guiding these girls to confront the unique challenges of adolescence and to unearth their leadership prowess.”

Academy Blueprint

The AOA has charted out a plan where 30 girls, aged between 12 to 18, will undergo 90-minute football training sessions three to four times a week. An integral part of the curriculum will be dedicated to life skills, touching upon various facets of empowerment and human rights. The academy aspires for its graduates to channel their newfound leadership skills to uplift their communities.

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In addition to the regular sessions, the academy will host ‘She Plays’ events quarterly. These events aim to broaden the academy’s outreach, accommodating up to 100 schoolgirls per session.

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