How to Join Midas Football Academy

Are you aspiring to become a professional footballer in Nigeria or anywhere in the world? Are you looking to play for the Nigerian national team one day? If so, then this article titled “Midas Football Academy” is for you. We shall also cover How to join Midas Football Academy, Midas Football Academy fees, Midas Football Academy contact, Midas Football Academy Hostel/ Accommodation and Trial, Who is the owner of Midas Football Academy.

In addition to organizing elite soccer tours, trials, and competitions for individual players and teams in Africa, Europe, and the United States, Midas also offers broadcast and sports equipment buying services to private and corporate entities. Our mission is to develop the next wave of football’s biggest stars and talents. hile also providing them with the finest possible education in the sport that will serve them for the rest of their life. Our vision is to grow to be the largest football academy in Nigeria and all of Africa, with centres and branches throughout the globe. We want to create the best players for national teams and the whole football industry.

About Midas Football Academy Lagos

In order to identify and develop young soccer potential in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, Midas Football Academy Nigeria was established in November 2006. The Lagos State Football Association and the Nigeria Football Federation both recognize the academy’s legal registration and affiliation. We feel that Nigeria and Africa are rich in natural resources and human capital, particularly in the football sector. To help us identify and use these talents, the Midas Football Academy was established. We are devoted to the development of soccer in Nigeria and across Africa.

Why you should join Midas Football Academy

The Academy is officially acknowledged by the Nigerian government, football coaches, professional players, media, and clubs. It also has its full registration with CAC.
You will have the chance to participate in many local and international tournaments in Nigeria and overseas.
You will also have the opportunity to compete in several age-grade competitions for the Nigerian national team (or the national team of your own country) and later get pro.
On joining the Midas Football Academy, football teams, football scouts, and football agents will be able to access your profile.
Your information will be seen by some of the most significant people in football from across the globe. Thanks to our established connections with high profile individuals.
A regular schedule of international trial matches will be open to all members. You will also get the chance to demonstrate your talent to the teams, scouts, and agents via this. Additionally, they assist their players with obtaining visas for whatever nation they are touring or auditioning in.
You will also have the chance to play in front of international football representatives from all around the globe as a member of this academy.
The academy have all the tools you need for training and development. So that you may become a skilled player who can survive anywhere in the globe.
Their tuition costs are the lowest you can find in this region of the globe for an institute that provides rising stars with so many chances.
Your personal information is secure with Midas. It won’t be utilized for any nefarious purposes that might jeopardize your football career.

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How to join Midas Football Academy

First, you will need to register by getting the Midas Football Academy Registration Form. You can download it online on their official website. You could also visit their establishment to get the registration form. Afterwards, you are to make payments for other necessary things that are required of their players.

Midas Football Academy Fees

The total cost of everything for the Standard Registration is 100,000 Naira. Below is the complete breakdown of Midas football academy fees.

  1. Midas Academy Application Form – 5,000 naira
  2. Compulsory Medical Fee – 15,000 naira
  3. Compulsory Yearly Coaching Fee – 35,000 naira
  4. Compulsory training Jersey – 5,000 naira
  5. Compulsory Midas Academy Uniform/Ceremonial Dress – 5,000 naira
  6. Compulsory ID Card – 5,000
  7. Project Fee – 10,000
  8. Compulsory Vocational education application – 20,000
    Some other payments, such as the camp fee, are not constant and are only paid as needed.
    Please go to Keystone Bank and deposit into the official Midas Football Academy account information shown below.
    All payments MUST be made through it.
    Account Name: Midas Football Academy
    Account Number: 1000960956
    Kindly submit your Teller to the Team Manager or Head Coach for confirmation after you made your payments.

Where is Midas Football Academy located in Nigeria?

The team’s official training ground is at Ikola Pitch, behind Army Resettlement Centre, Ikola, Ipaja, Lagos. Once your payments have been successfully approved, you are to resume training there. The team currently trains on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7am.

Midas Football Academy contact

Should you ever get stuck along the way and feel like talking to any of the Academy’s official representatives, do not hesitate to call any of their helplines: +2348033769034, +2349091430200 or +2348176019417. These contacts can also be used to reach their agency.
You can as well send an email to or Also, visit their official website at

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Midas Football Academy Hostel/ Accommodation and Trial

You’ll have to regularly check the Midas Football Academy website for updates on the academy accommodation and trial.

Who is the owner of Midas Football Academy?


Bayonle Arashi is a dedicated media and soccer professional with years of expertise in public speaking, digital marketing, managing sports events, TV & radio production, and communications. He is also a member of US Soccer Coach and a licensed US Soccer Referee.
In order to find, teach, and develop future football players, he established the Midas Football Academy in Nigeria. He also has plans to construct a football facility where the players may combine vocational training with soccer to realize their full potential. The Academy has competed in and won international youth competitions in South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Israel, and Nigeria. They have also won a few regional competitions.
While looking for footballers to be recruited by clubs and schools, he founded Scoutballers Soccer Recruiting. It is a marketplace for football video makers to display their athlete films and contribute data.

Experience and Achievements

Arashi has more than 20 years of experience in broadcasting, having worked for the Millenium Broadcasting Channel in Houston, Texas, and the Murhi International Group, which owns MiTV and Star FM as well as Africa Independent Television (AIT and Raypower FM) in Nigeria. In addition to RUSSIA ROUNDUP, a program that highlighted all 32 countries that competed in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, he is also the producer of LIMITLESS SOCCER. It’s a weekly magazine show that showcases highlights of major leagues in Europe and the United States Major League Soccer. His programs are broadcast in Houston, Texas, on the African Broadcasting Network and Afrocentrik Television.
As a volunteer, Bayonle covered the FIFA World Cup in Germany in 2006, the Africa Cup of Nations in Tunisia in 2004, Egypt in 2006, Ghana in 2008, and also South Africa in 2010.
Listed on Amazon and available globally, Bayonle is the author of ROADMAP TO A SUCCESSFUL FOOTBALL CAREER (A step-by-step guide). Follow @bayonlearashi on all social media platforms.

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Head Coach and Manager

Coach Njoku Chukwuemeka Felix’s professional aim is to seek and advance a career in this respectable company by using his capacity to create value in order to meet organizational objectives. In 2011, as a young and promising coach, he joined the Midas Football Academy. In 2015, he was then named head coach and manager.
For the academy, he won the prestigious Abesan Cup title in 2013. He also trained several players for the academy who went on to play in third level soccer leagues and universities in the United States. He is also active in the training of young athletes who currently compete for Nigerian professional league clubs and national league teams. As a coach, he has achieved success in local competitions for the U-8, U-10, U-12, U-15, and open age groups. In addition to his high school graduation, Coach Emeka also received a diploma from the fcaan in 2016. And also an advanced certificate in coaching and training from the national institute for sports.
Coach Emeka’s fundamental competencies include solid and effective communication skills, a strong sense of duty and substantial attention to detail, the ability to prioritize tasks and manage her time efficiently, good administrative abilities, a strong analytical foundation, and the capacity to instruct well. He has a strong desire to see the young people succeed as football players and also develop into their best selves. Sir Alex Ferguson, a former Manchester United icon, is Coach Emeka’s mentor.
His interests include reading, watching football, and traveling. His direct phone number is +2348022595194.
For further information, visit their website:


I hope you enjoyed this detailed guide on how to join the Midas Football Academy. The goal of this article was to bring all the necessary information about the Midas Football Academy. We also covered How to join Midas Football Academy, Midas Football Academy fees, Midas Football Academy contact, Midas Football Academy Hostel/ Accommodation and Trial, Who is the owner of Midas Football Academy.

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