Basketball Academies in Massachusetts

This post “Basketball Academies in Massachusetts”, covers basketball academies in Massachusetts such as Basketball Elite Performance Academy, Academy of New England Hoops, Skyhawks Sports Academy, Academy of Sidekick Sports and lots more.

Basketball Elite Performance Academy

Coaches Ameer Shamsud-din and Rometra Craig, both of Menlo Park, have years of competitive and collegiate basketball knowledge between them.

The key components of the game are highlighted in EBP Training, raising players’ skill levels and basketball IQ.

Ameer Shamsud-din, the owner of EBP, has extensive exposure as a player in the NBA D-League, a coach at the NCAA undergraduate level, and also an international player in Spain.

Coach Ameer, the director of player development, has worked with athletes of all ages and is passionate about fostering youth development. EBP was developed to improve the mentorship, talent development, and ELITE mentality of athletes. Ameer, a native of Portland, Oregon, played at Cal State Fullerton and graduated with a degree in multimedia. He started coaching in 2016 and has had huge results with players like Brian Angola (Orlando Magic) and Brayon Blake. Shortly after, he started playing competitively (Cleveland Cavaliers).

Rometra Craig, co-founder of EBP and a native of the Bay Area, did attend Archbishop Mitty where she was named WBCA All-American and California State Athlete of the Year.

Rometra studied sociology and psychology in addition to receiving a master’s degree in coaching and athletic administration while playing at Duke University.

Also Rometra has more than 15 years of knowledge as a teacher, mentor, coach, and business owner. Rometra spent six years as the sports director at Nueva School and Hillbrook, and she is now concentrating her efforts on identifying and nurturing young talent in the Bay Area. Hannah Jump, a star athlete at Stanford University who has trained with Rometra since fifth grade, is one of the players Rometra has helped to develop.

Briana Roberson, a Stanford alumna who later played competitively for PEAC-PECS in Hungary and RPK Araski in Vitoria Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain, was as well coached by Rometra.

Your child is given the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and master something new thanks to the variety of experiences and exercises provided at EBP Training. Everyone has the opportunity to exercise both their bodies and their minds. Thanks to our exceptional personnel and first-rate facilities.

Academy of New England Hoops

To create well-rounded student-athletes who succeed both on and off the field by working diligently, resolutely, with good sportsmanship, and as a team.

Extra details

Coach Ricky Nault and Max Lopez established the New England Hoops Academy in May 2017 with the primary objective of instructing children starting the third grade through the eighth grade in basketball at an exceptional level while emphasizing cooperation, skill development, hard effort, and sportsmanship.

Our Objective:

  • To inspire our athletes to succeed both on and off the court.
  • To teach our players the value of effort, commitment, and resolve.
  • •To offer coaching to all of our participants.
  • To provide monetary aid so that athletes who genuinely want to compete won’t be turned away.
  • To improve our athletes’ basketball abilities and prepare them to participate at the top level.
  • Give middle school kids instruction in basketball drills and skills.
  • Participate in regional basketball competitions

Skyhawks Sports Academy – Massachusetts

Our goal is to use sports to teach important life lessons.

Skyhawks had the idea that every youngster should enjoy and profit from sports 40 years ago.

Jeff Heimbigner realized in 1979 that kids with different degrees of athletic ability did not have the same access to learning sport-specific abilities as committed participants or talented young athletes. Sadly, these kids did not have the best environments in which to acquire sport-specific skills, have great times, stay safe, and take those learnings home and implement them to their daily living. Several of these kids wanted to be better players. Every youngster should be able to enjoy and gain from athletics, according to Jeff.

“Teaching life skills via athletics” is the company’s mission statement, which Jeff wrote.

His mission and vision were clear, and the Skyhawks Sports Academy was established.

When Skyhawks Sports Academy first began, it was a regional soccer league with a Northwest emphasis. Over time, the camps gained prominence and produced some incredible athletes and lovely people. These Skyhawks soccer camps placed a strong emphasis on important life principles like sportsmanship, collaboration, and accepting defeat with class.

As the years went by, Skyhawks continued to stay loyal to its mission and vision by adding more sports and more secure, enjoyable, and skill-focused camps for sports including basketball, flag football, volleyball, and baseball. Skyhawks currently provides camps, clinics, leagues, multi-sport programs, and even Mini-Hawk® programs for players as young as 4 years old in more than 10 various sports.

Boys and girls from all across North America, coaches, and long-term coworkers of Skyhawks have made unforgettable moments over the past 40 years.

Skyhawks’ camps are a lot of fun for all and are described as having a festival-like atmosphere. They are interactive and exciting. The most amazing aspect of a Skyhawks Sports Academy camp is that because the training are so seamlessly combined with fun and engaging activity, the kids forget they are learning important sport and life teachings.

The goal of Skyhawks Athletics Academy is to educate practical skills via sports, which is what we value most.

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All associated with the growth of Skyhawks Sports Academy has enjoyed the journey, and we hope to keep changing the world, one kid at a time. Today, we provide numerous opportunities for your child to develop through our 10+ sports camps and programs. (Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, Baseball, Multi-Sport, Tennis, Mini-Hawk, Lacrosse, Golf, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Track & Field).

Our camps and programs come in a variety of formats. Such as classic summer day camps that last a full week, year-round after-school programs, sport leagues, and clinics. Our staff’s expertise and the growth of our camps and programs are focused on maintaining a track history of safety that can be verified.

Youth seeking an entrance to a sport or those wishing to hone and perfect their sport-specific talents are examples of those who should pay special attention to safety.

Since 1979, Skyhawks Sports Academy has established itself as a pioneer in juvenile sports. Skyhawks are dependable because we go above and above to prioritize safety. And we have a long history of successful safety records and procedures to back it up.

Some notables in terms of safety

  • Since 1979, setting industry benchmarks for safety and education
  • Placing the highest priority on the health and wellbeing of our campers
  • Obtaining ecstatic customer reviews.

The best camp was this one! My kid was always fully occupied and thrilled! The instructors exhibited a ton of energy and were well-prepared. I adored it! – Sarah (Granite Bay, CA)

Our happy moments are all made possible by parents like you and their amazing kids. We hope you will join us because we believe we can positively impact your family and neighborhood.

Academy of Sidekick Sports

Since 2012

A professional sports organization with a focus on community improvement and youth education is called Sidekick Sports Academy. We are in the Massachusetts metro area of Greater Boston. The majority of Sidekick’s on-court and off-court events take place in Massachusetts. By means of its professional affiliations, Sidekick manages leagues. In addition, Sidekick offers private training, competitive teams and clubs, competitive player clinics, coaching education clinics, specialized player clinics, and a wellness plan for people with disabilities and special needs. Programs for basketball, flag football, futsal, soccer, tennis, track & field, and other sports are available at Sidekick Sports Academy.


Aims to support local development initiatives across the Northeast region by developing competitive and leisure sports programs. Our goal is to make the most of all the natural advantages that sport offers in order to enhance the lives of each player, coach, and family we come into contact with.


is put into practice by consistently expanding programming and activities. Our goal is to serve all types of participants, from those looking for the pure delight of a high-five to the most motivated and combative athletes. We instruct via encouragement and motivation. Regardless of a player’s skill level or physical or mental constraints, we trust that sports may enhance their living standard.

Rise Above Basketball


Fundamentals, work ethic, sportsmanship, and the development of leadership both on and off the court are all heavily emphasized in our curriculum. As mentors and teachers of the game, we coaches are committed to assisting each player in realizing his or her full capacity. Each coach on the RAB staff has played basketball at the collegiate and professional levels, so they each bring a great deal of experience and expertise to the program. Our objective and goal is to create, foster, and enhance opportunities for competition whilst introducing the foundations of the game of basketball whilst maintaining the tempo of today’s play.

A Step Ahead Inc

Offering kids basketball activities in and around New England for 26 years.

A Step Ahead Inc. (ASA Hoops), which is now in its 26th year, operates all year long and offers clinics, workshops, camps, and AAU. More than 3500 individuals have started our programs in 2021. Our forthcoming season will be our greatest one yet thanks to the addition of our AAU program and the more than 60 camps we have booked. One of the largest basketball organizations in New England will be ASA Hoops. Boys and girls that take part in the program, who span in age from 7 to 18, are from towns all throughout New England and the world.

The 5 Success Factors

In order to train young athletes who have a love and a strong drive to grow and enhance their personal and foundational basketball abilities, ASA Hoops is a leading youth basketball program. One of the biggest and most well-known programs in New England, ASA is centered in the Greater Boston area.

1 Directions

According to their individual ability level, each player will learn different game principles. The intensity of education is tailored to each student’s level of comprehension and reflects a strong work ethic.

2 Contest

Competing against other players and also oneself will be emphasized.

At an ASA camp or clinic, competition is maintained throughout each day and/or week with encouraging comments and guidance. An atmosphere that fosters healthy, positive rivalry is essential for encouraging players to reach their particular goals.


At ASA, we support young people in becoming leaders and role models both on and off the field. Every player is expected to act with sportsmanship, and we emphasize how important it is to appreciate their teammates, parents, teachers, and coaches.

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As a team, we strive to boost each child’s self-esteem by emphasizing their strengths. This is furthered by addressing their areas of limitation (social, physical, and comprehension) and assisting them in implementing those adjustments into their gameplay.

5 Entertaining

At the end of camp/clinic, players feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Thanks to A Step Ahead’s remarkable balancing act of instruction, competition, and play.

One Love Sports


Being the most available youth sports program whilst upholding an excellent level that serves as a template for all current and upcoming sports programs in Boston.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to provide Boston’s youngsters with a secure training atmosphere so they can grow into responsible citizens. One Love Athletics Academy (OLSA) offers the youngsters it serves comprehensive care by combining sports with a variety of wrap-around services. Our guiding principle is that better results are obtained when you engage the complete child.

Our Goal

to lay the groundwork for our young people’s service via work habits values that enable them to succeed in areas other than athletics. encouraging young folks to take responsibility for their own achievement and to “Do Whatever It Takes” if they wish to advance in sports and other endeavors.

Club de basketball Dana Barros

The DB Next Level Factory Signature Partner Court is available for private instruction as well as group workshops. Classes are separated by academic level and concentrate on abilities that will help you step up your game.

Individualized Group Training

You have the choice to train with colleagues under the guidance of one trainer or bring a friend to our private group trainings. Having that buddy by your side can motivate you to finish a class. Your gameplay will improve if you participate in a session with other people who are as competitive and serious about the game. In order to get the most out of the workout, it is highly advised that all athletes be roughly the same age and/or talent ability.

Team Building

The programs that want their athletes to hear a new voice attend our team practices. Through this training part, we put the entire team through a simulation of a game situation. We use exercises to help athletes become better teammates and communicate more effectively with one another while also improving their knowledge of the game.

We run a number of clinics all year round. Typically, holidays, school breaks, and summer vacations are when our clinics are open.

Join us for a full basketball clinic, where you’ll use the day trying out new exercises for passing, shooting, and ball handling in addition to playing 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 games. Athletes participating in clinics receive attendance jerseys. Our clinics are stimulating and enjoyable. Our team of past professional and collegiate athletes teaches each athlete the skills they require to know to get ready for the next level, setting our clinics and trainings apart from other programs.

Beast Basketball Training

Bringing empowerment and skills together, B.E.A.S.T.

Our objective is to use basketball instruction to develop significant life skills.

Owner, Founder, and Lead Trainer: DaeShawn Beasley

Cincinnati, Ohio, was the birthplace and upbringing of coach DaeShawn Beasley. At Wright State Lake University, where he played basketball, he presently holds the records for points, assists, and rebounds. He participated in professional basketball for the Florida Flight Basketball Association, Italy, and Spain in Orlando, Florida. The last 4 years have seen him mentor basketball players. He spent 3 of those years coaching high school basketball in Orlando, Florida, and the last year he was Pine Manor College’s assistant men’s basketball coach. Coach Beasley can teach our young athletes a ton about the game of basketball. He values progress above perfection in his training methods. He however places a strong emphasis on practicing the basics of basketball.

Samantha LaForgia, Skills Coach/Trainer

Samantha LaForgia, as Coach Sam, grew up in Staten Island, New York.

She has been a basketball player from the third grade and through college. She has coached young and high school summer camps, clinics, recreational leagues, and more for more than five years. Sam usually volunteers at camps for people with disabilities during the summer. She graduated from Merrimack College with a master’s in exercise science.

She continues to be active in higher education, private lessons, and teaching yoga in her spare time as well to participating in sports and coaching. Shooting coach and director Raffi Boyadjian.

‘Coach Raf’, a native of Watertown, served as the captain, defensive anchor, and MVP of the 1980 graduating class. At the Watertown Boys and Girls Club Summer League, he played basketball and coached among Division I athletes. Shooting is his area of competence. He once won several shooting contests (where he hit 100 free throws in 5 minutes) and made 1,000 shots in 2 hours to raise money for charities.

He imparts shooting consistency and mental concentration.

Premier Hoops

In 2009, Premier Hoops was established.

Premier Hoops’ purpose is to develop young basketball players via conditioning and skill development while emphasizing the value of having goals, striving diligently, and acting responsibly.

The following services are presently provided by Premier Hoops:

  • Private Instruction
  • Lessons in Small Groups
  • Year-round program for skills for all ages
  • Teams
  • Vacation camps
  • Leagues
  • Vacation clinics
  • Free clinics
  • Clinics for coaches
  • Assistance with college enrollment
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Training locations are located in Marblehead, Peabody, and Danvers on the North Shore region.

From towns like Lynn, Swampscott, Peabody, Saugus, Marblehead, Danvers, Nahant, Beverly, Manchester, Essex, Gloucester, and others, kids travel to train.

Region of the South Shore, including offices in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Belmont, Lexington, Somerville, Arlington, Medford, Malden, Cambridge, Newton, Roxbury, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, Brookline, Hyde Park, Milton, Quincy, Boston, Dorchester, and more are among the cities from where a lot of athletes travel to train.

Southern NH Region: Methuen and Billerica, Massachusetts, are the practice locations.

Players from Salem, Pelham, Methuen, Haverhill, Lawrence, Dracut, Andover, Reading, North Reading, Wilmington, North Andover, and other communities are catered to at these locations.

We offer programs in basketball skills, camps, AAU teams, and leagues that are unmatched in New England.

Our coaches have a variety of backgrounds. Our coaches have experience competing at the D1 and professional levels. In addition, we have coaches with experience at the D1, D2, and D3 levels.

90percent of our coaches have experience playing both varsity basketball in high school and college. A few of our coaches are presently working with young athletes and high school teams.

For our players, the combination of these teachers and our acclaimed skills training program yields amazing benefits.

All skill-training programs have a set maximum enrollment and are open to children of all ages and play levels. To create the optimum training environment, players were divided based on their gender, age, and ability level.

Basketball South Shore Academy

By imparting assurance in young players through the teaching of basketball principles, we hope to improve their level of play and increase the enjoyment of the game.

Sarah Behn, a basketball icon from Massachusetts, launched the Behn Basketball Camp in 1994. Since Sarah began her first two-week camps, there have been over 27,000 prolific graduates. Since a large number of our young basketball players have gone on to play at the junior varsity, varsity, and even university levels, we are always pleased to watch the personal growth of our campers.

You’ve hence come to the right location if you’re seeking for an incredibly fantastic basketball game. For boys and girls aged 6 to 17, we provide full-day, half-day, and overnight programs in more than Twenty sites around Eastern Massachusetts.

Your youngster will pick up basketball the right manner, develop their skills, and hence enjoy themselves in the process.

Regarding Sarah Behn: Sarah Behn won basketball and soccer All-America honors at Foxboro High School. In 1989, Sarah earned 2,562 points in her High School career, hence breaking the state scoring record for Massachusetts.

Sarah continues to rank among the 10 leading scorers for both boys and girls in Massachusetts history. As a senior, Sarah received the Gatorade Player of the Year award.

Sarah was the first BC female student in school annals to score more than 2,000 points. She was named the league’s “Rookie of the Year” and hence established the Big East freshman scoring record with 428 points. As a freshman, Sarah became the first athlete from Boston College to ever be named All-America. In Boston College basketball history, Sarah is the only player to have earned 4 AllAmerica honors.

When Sarah was a senior at BC, she surpassed all other Big East women’s basketball players in scoring (2,523 career points).

In 1998, Sarah was also honored with a spot in the Boston College Athletic Hall of Fame. The only female athlete at Boston College to have her jersey retired, Sarah’s was done so in 2003. Sports Illustrated has also named Sarah as one of the 10 leading athletes in British Columbia history.

After graduating from Boston College, Sarah played professionally in Ettlebruck, Luxembourg, where she led central Europe in scoring with an average of 35 points per game.

Sarah however started Behn Basketball Camp after she stopped playing basketball. In addition to managing the camps, Sarah has experience coaching at the varsity level at Foxboro High School in Foxboro, Massachusetts and also Division III and Division II colleges.

She currently serves as Brown University’s head women’s basketball coach.

We’re so excited to meet you at camp!

The local Boards of Health have granted Behn Basketball Camp a license, and it complies fully with all rules and guidelines established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In accordance with 105 CMR 430.000, Behn Basketball Camp. However on demand, you can review copies of our policies on background investigations, health care, disciplinary, and grievance handling.

In order to partake in the camp, all Behn Campers must provide a copy of their most current physical exam and immunization records to our office with their application, or as quickly as possible after. The last 2 years must have passed since this physical was performed. Irrespective of past participation at camp, each camper is required to present an updated version of their most current physical and immunization records per Board of Health standards.

The policies and grievance handling for health care, punishment, and background checks are available for examination by parents/guardians upon request..

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