How to Join Basketball Academies in New Hampshire

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Basketball Academies in New Hampshire

Are you interested in joining Basketball Academies in New Hampshire? kindly select from the listed academies on this webpage

Join Net Sports Academy

Welcome to In The Net Sports Academy, a completely insured sports training organization that offers year-round camps, clinics, programs, and individualized instruction for athletes of all ages. And skill levels under the direction of a staff of licensed professionals and collegiate coaches.

In The Net has been providing individualized, qualified training and sports camps all year long. This is to support our athletes’ success at all levels in the New Hampshire (NH) youth sports community for more than ten years. Our goal at In The Net is to offer the best player and team development programs. Through effective, systematic, and professional coaching techniques. We use a variety of tried-and-true coaching tactics and player development strategies in our team and personal player training packages.

In The Net will fulfill your skill development goals. Regardless of the age or level of your player. And we ensure this with a surety. With any of our schemes, your kid will be given a fun, safe, instructional, and competitive situation, or your money back!

Coaches, myself included (particularly in the early years of my coaching career), tend to lose sight of what’s truly essential in the pursuit of winning games, tournaments, and championships. We are teachers and mentors to these young athletes both on and off the pitch, so it’s not about us or our egos.

To ensure that our players succeed in every element of their lives, it is our responsibility as coaches to do everything in our power to instill in them strong work ethics and values.

I’ve come to understand my true motivations for choosing this career as I’ve grown older.

I want the gamers to feel a sense of community. And success after trying a new ability or achieving a team or personal objective.

Nothing makes me happier than witnessing a player or a squad succeed in what they set out to do and have a smile on their face(s).

It’s about the children, not about awards, results, or my ego.

-Patrick Mulcahy
In The Net Sports Academy

Play Practice Basketball

To assist the player in bridging the gap, we work together with the parents, team coach, and player. The discrepancy between practice and competition.

The Confidence FormulaTM is a comprehensive basketball education that is given to each player in 3 main phases. It integrates all of our best concepts, research, training techniques, and thinking tools evolved over fifteen years.

The Academy Principles

  • Reliable, Consistent, and Persistent
  • Continuous Learning
  • Calm, upbeat, and supportive
  • Creative Principled Action
  • Automate, simplify, and iterate
  • Results Come First, then Rewards

Coach BJ Mumford (Founder and Chief Coach)

I was homeschooled from kindergarten through the 12th grade, I didn’t play basketball until I was 12, and I was only 5’3″ tall in seventh grade, which upset me a lot because my sister was 14 years old. I first began playing basketball with a group of 12- to 18-year-old homeschoolers, some of them were as tall as 6’6.” Because I was small, inexperienced, and anxious under pressure, I took the hot-potato strategy, passing the ball to someone who was more qualified as quickly as possible.

I gained 11 inches in height between the ages of 13 and 15, growing to a league-standard 6’4″ center. I was untrained when I first started out and had to continually adjust because of how fast I was growing.

As you might expect, all of the homeschool coaches were volunteer parents doing their best to lead a professional team. Even though I got better during my time in high school, I was still mostly a “trash man,” whose key role was to clean up failed shots and throw them back in the basket.

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Those who can’t do, instruct… So I became a head coach immediately!

Our camp focuses on the essentials of sports while offering entertaining teaching.
basketball. Beginner players will be instructed in the essential techniques, laws, and sportsmanship. The more seasoned players will face challenges in terms of opportunity for skill development and competition.


Pinkos, a native of New Hampshire and the head coach of the women’s basketball team at SNHU for the past 17 years, contributes a lot of expertise to NH Hoop Skills.

As a player, counselor, assistant director, and present director of NH Hoop Skills for the past 17 years, Coach Pinkos has over thirty years of camp exposure.

She brings strong leadership to this camp with her Sixteen years of experience as a division I assistant coach and 15 years as a head coach.

Over the last Sixteen years, the number of members of NH Hoop Skills has tripled! We are overjoyed to have the chance to impart our knowledge whilst cultivating the next generation of basketball players in the state of New Hampshire.

Join Westwood Park YMCA

Highlights and Facilities at Westwood Park YMCA

  • 4 multipurpose courts for games including pickleball, badminton, basketball, and volleyball (all of which were created at the YMCA!).
  • A full-size indoor turf field and practice space for field sports like soccer, flag football, cricket, kickball, lacrosse, and field hockey.
  • NEW! Kids’ and adults’ Ninja Obstacle Course.
  • NEW! Kids’ and adults’ Ninja Obstacle Course.
  • A performance training facility with a full inventory of Cybex, cardio equipment, and free weights as well as the MX4 Functional Training System
  • Exercise courses, cycling, and group training are all covered with your membership.
  • Leagues, classes, seminars, and training programs in sports for athletes of all ages and skill levels.
  • Children can be watched in the Kids Stop area even as their parents attend YMCA programming.
  • Rental batting cages are available.
  • A multipurpose area for teen programs, health education, the arts, enrichment, and more
  • Youth development programming at summer camps with a sports focus
  • Teen Nights at the Y: Designed by and for teenagers!

Join Merrimack Youth Association (MYA)

The Merrimack Youth Association was founded to provide community youth with recreational opportunities. It was established in 1968, and in 1971 the federal government officially recognized it as a non-profit business. The Association’s influence extends to children in kindergarten through their senior year of high school.

Every year, this all-volunteer organization serves the community for more than 125,000 hours. Every year, it enter into an agreement with the Town of Merrimack to offer youngsters in the community organized recreational sports. Baseball, basketball, football/cheer, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and wrestling are the seven sports that the MYA now offers to the community.

Each program is in charge of its own budget and has a separate board of directors.

The Executive Board, which oversees all MYA Programming and communicates with the Town appropriately, receives monthly reports from all programs.

All Merrimack schoolchildren have the chance to engage in sports through the MYA, regardless of their ability or willingness to do so. This gives the kids the chance to interact with their friends around the Town and gives the parents access to a social network. More than 30,000 adolescents have been assisted by the MYA over the years, and throughout this time the Association has garnered recognition from numerous communities in New England and elsewhere for its solid administrative relationships and helpful influence on the neighborhood.

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The MYA shows how the best interests of the Town of Merrimack and all of its residents may coexist. The Merrimack Youth Alliance will proceed to do good work with the help of the Town of Merrimack, the Merrimack School District, and also its corporate neighbors and volunteering network.

Join Wilks’ Basketball Academy

Each player develops to the fullest extent possible thanks to our tried-and-true player development process, which equips our sportspeople with the abilities and insights required to vie at the upper ranks of basketball.

By offering a wholesome and safe atmosphere where students can gain esteem. Whilst also learning and developing important basic basketball techniques. It is our mission to become a vital part of a player’s athletic trip.

Our organization is dedicated to helping all of our athletes improve as individuals. Our teachings incorporate fundamental principles like moral fiber, cooperation, respect, gamesmanship, and life stability.

Basketball players of all ages and skill levels are mentored to reach their complete capability. Hence through perseverance and hard work in the WSD program, which was established in 2015. The program aims to create a healthy, safe, inclusive, and competitive setting.

Join NH Sportsplex

The NH Sportsplex is a collection of top indoor sporting venues covering more than 170,000 sq. ft. It is a sister company to the Executive Health and Sports Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Express Fitness in Hooksett, New Hampshire. ft. of complex, conveniently located in Southern New Hampshire (off Technology Drive/South River Rd), on the Bedford/Merrimack/Manchester town lines. NH Sportsplex has more than 130,000 sq. elite athletes and amateur players alike can vie, exercise, and train on the ft. of indoor playing surface. We are a super industrious company that is enthusiastic about the associations, partners in youth sports, clients, initiatives, leagues, clinics, camps, activity groups, and sports we serve!

Presently, the NH Sportsplex complex has a big arena-style 54,000 sq. ft. full field, an athlete training facility, and a field that may be partitioned into thirds or halves.
a sports bar and grill, a sports court with roller hockey, dek hockey, ball hockey, basketball, volleyball, and pickleball, 5 batting cages, arcades, and a bounce house village play area are also available. Three boarded turf fields are also available. Youth sport programs starting at 1 years old are among our core offers. – 8 years. birthday celebrations, premier club teams, camps, clinics, field rentals, adult sport leagues (18+), youth sport leagues (7–18), and large event space.

Do not hesitate to send us an email at info@nhsportsplex.com. This is if you have any questions about any of the services we have listed.

Join Ultimate Sports Academy

We are a top program whose mission is to instruct new athletes in thorough skills and technique while fostering an environment in which they can realize their full potential. We instill the virtues of grit, teamwork, and sportsmanship in our athletes and show them how to use those abilities in real life. Go for the Bobcats and stand out from the crowd if you enjoy baseball and wish to be immersed by committed, gifted players that share your enthusiasm!

Join Goffstown YMCA Allard Center

The Granite YMCA, which has locations in Manchester, Goffstown, Concord, Londonderry, Rochester, and Portsmouth, and also 2 overnight camps in Alton and Strafford, is the biggest YMCA in Northern New England.

For many years, we have provided programs that support families and people in achieving better health results, assist kids in realizing their ability, and inspire everyone to get active in improving their society.

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The Granite YMCA was founded in 1854 and is a part of the global non-profit Y movement. We concentrate on youth system, healthy lifestyle, family bolstering, and community involvement. We have divisions in Manchester, Goffstown, Concord, Londonderry, Portsmouth, and Rochester. The Granite YMCA is a component of the state’s safety net for the underprivileged. In the middle of a nationwide pandemic in 2020, we offered 5,144 people in New Hampshire financial assistance and/or free services worth over $1 million dollars. This outreach comprised free or reduced-cost child care services, a sliding-scale price system for activities and services, and free facility use for a wide spectrum of non-profits.


The Y is dedicated to inclusion and equity, providing alternatives for everyone. As a
a foundational element of the communities we serve,

  • actively pursues diversity, multiculturalism, and the promotion of a society free from prejudice and injustice
  • Boldly exemplifies welcoming, anti-racist practices for all people.
  • Constructively touches all facets of our communities and links and enhances them.
  • We have the power to change the world when we work as a single, united group.

The Academy PURPOSE

The Granite YMCA fosters an inclusive community and fosters the development of a healthy spirit, mind, and body founded on the principles of duty, honesty, and compassion.

The Academy BELIEFS

The Y is committed to ensuring that people of all ages, cultures, and walks of life have the chance to realize their full potential. In a way that is honorable and is driven by our fundamental values of caring, honesty, respect, and duty.


Join Sports Academy Elite

Owners of Elite Sports Academy, James and Sarah Christie are who we are. Just off the Epsom Traffic Circle, in the town of Epsom, New Hampshire, we are thrilled to bring ESA.

An indoor sports complex called Elite Sports Academy offers a multi-sport field.
the potential to transform our area into two full-size basketball courts over a field
the season of summer. In addition to the HitTrax program, golf simulator, and ESA Fitness Center/Weight Room. We have seven specifically designated batting cages where elite athletes can train all year long.

The fact that our facility was “constructed different” makes us happy. Although we designed it for local athletes, the parent/family environment is where we put a lot of our attention.

We have invested a great deal of time in athletic infrastructure across the state as parents of young athletes. With families in consideration, we designed Elite Sports Academy to offer a cozy spot to plug in and get some jobs completed on our field view mezzanine. Customers can as well unwind and watch Television whilst checking up on the players as they play and practice.

Parents are welcome to use our fitness center, which offers a complete view of our main field and courts.

Additionally, fans can join a league and PLAY TO WIN by scheduling a tee time in our golf simulator.

Granite State Elite Baseball, Granite State Elite Softball, Revolution United Sports, NH Comets Softball, No Wasted Reps Basketball, Northern New England Soccer Club, Black Bear Lacrosse, and more are just a few of the teams that ESA is happy to host!!

Actual game play and league play throughout the winter in our facility.

Onxy Athletics, which has created programs especially for our players, will offer certified strength and conditioning services.

Being local residents who are presently the owners of ESA, we are thrilled to offer our company to the neighborhood.

For many coming years, we hope to offer the neighborhood an Elite Level Training Facility!

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