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Welcome to the Vermont Vultures Basketball team

In the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, particularly in Vermont and the adjacent areas, Vermont Vultures has a long history of supporting junior basketball for both boys and girls. We offer options for competition, skill development, and training in a fun setting. Within the game of basketball and the larger community, we encourage and build a culture of pride, commitment, and respect.

Domestic junior contests

The Vermont Vultures are a local team in the Melbourne East Basketball Association (MEBA Inc.), which is a part of Basketball Victoria, Victoria’s top basketball regulating organization.

We enter teams in the Junior Domestic Midweek and Saturday Competitions at all levels, beginning with Under 8s. The Greater Eastern Basketball Conference is another name for the Saturday contest (GEBC).

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To submit your Expression of Interest for a training spot for the Summer 2021 season, kindly click on this link:

Only on weeknights do all junior training sessions take place. We try to give younger age groups as many early timeslots as we can.

The number of teams in each age level and the number of coaches, though, both play a major role in this.

Each team is given a 1-hour training period as a general rule, within the following hours:

  • 4:30–6:30 for children under eight
  • 4:30 to 7:30 pm for children under 10
  • 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm for those under 12
  • 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for minors
  • Ages 16 and older: 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The club currently uses several locations for training:

  • Vermont Primary School, 3133 Nurlendi Road
  • Vermont Secondary College is located at 27 Morack Road in Vermont.
  • Forest Hill College, 178 Mahoneys Rd, Forest Hill 3131
  • Mullauna College, 456 Springfield Rd, Mitcham 3132
  • Eva Burrows College, 100 Maidstone St, Ringwood 3134
  • Rangeview Primary School, 27 Churinga Ave, Mitcham 3132
  • Nunawading Basketball Stadium, East Burwood Reserve, Burwood Highway, East Burwood 3151

Coaches send requests to the club’s venue manager with their choice training day, time, and location before the beginning of each season, and this details is utilized to provide the best practice timeslot for each squad.

Right before the commencement of the season, the team manager will inform the players and their families of the specifics of the assigned training session.


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The club provides a variety of sponsorship opportunities that fit every pocket.

Kindly get in touch with the club’s strategic partnerships officer to learn more about the sponsorship options open:

Strategic Partnerships, Brendan Jackson,

Choosing a team

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Crucial Info About Team Selection

Weekend competitions (GEBC)

Ages 8 and below

Teams are generally determined by buddy requests, school-based groups, and birthdate. The experience and skill of the player will be taken into account.

Under 12

Attention switches from buddy requests, school-based groups, and date of birth to a heavier emphasis on skill set, expertise, and team balance.

14 to under 18

Depending on each player’s skill set and positional aptitude, balanced teams are intended to be clearly structured.

Competitions held midweek (FNJ/MWJ)

Every age range

The main factors used to choose teams are requests and friendship networks.

Extra Points to Take

The Club is aware that there can be exceptional situations that call for further attention. If this is necessary, we ask that it be communicated in writing through email to as soon as your child has been registered. All simple demands will be taken into account but there is no assurance that they will be fulfilled.

Additionally, there may be situations when a parent questions the team their child has been assigned to or objects to it. Furthermore, we ask that you send this to in written form. This makes sure we understand the request’s or concern’s nature and can respond to it appropriately.

After teams are chosen, their names, together with that of their coaches and team managers, if any, will be posted on our website. They will subsequently be communicated to the team manager and coach, who will subsequently get in touch with the team as necessary.


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To compete in games, every Vermont Vultures player must acquire a playing uniform (singlet and shorts).

A uniform set, consisting of a singlet and shorts, costs $90. When placing an online order through the link below, kindly select the Playing Uniform alternative. The singlet costs $60 and the shorts cost $40 when bought individually.

Here is a link to purchase club-approved gear, including uniforms and other items:

Shop for Vermont Vultures uniforms

Please be aware:

Singlet numbers are assigned to players by the Club. When ordering, you can specify up to three chosen singlet numbers, however keep in mind that they may not be available for the player’s age group as a whole, not just the squad they are playing on.

The club does not support the sale of used uniforms, however if you do, you must get in touch with the uniform coordinator to make sure the singlet number is still accessible and register the player before the uniform may be worn during matches.

Each month’s uniform order cycles end on the 15th, and it takes about 4-5 weeks for them to be created and sent to the club. You will receive an email or SMS when your order is prepared for pickup.


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Enrollment for Players, Coaches, and Team Managers

Basketball players can no longer sign up to participate in the forthcoming summer 2022–2023 season.

There will be a waitlist for any late inquiries emailed to

As in past years, all team managers and coaches must submit their information on the PlayHQ website. There is no charge for doing this.

To sign up as a coach or team manager for the game on Saturday, kindly visit

To sign up as a coach or team manager for one of the midweek games, kindly check out the following link:

You can find the enrollment costs for the upcoming event on our website here –


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The following are the club’s enrollment costs for the two seasons (summer and winter):

  • First kid: $110
  • Second child: $80
  • $50 for additional children
  • Less than 8 players: $80
  • Free registration for new girls ages 8 to 10 players.
  • Team not in training: $60#
  • NOTE – The aforementioned discount rates only exist when all siblings enroll at the same time and in the same deal, and they call for the entry of a specific discount code at registration.

To get this code, email

Refunds will be given to team managers to use toward future team sheet fees at the conclusion of grading. The upfront fee for enrollment must be in whole. Team managers, if this applies to your group, kindly let know that your group does not require a training session to be reserved for it for the current season.

Notice – Special registration code required for discount. Kindly reach out.
For the code, email

To aid in the coordination of getting teams on the court for their first game, the Round 1 team sheet charge is now included in the registration fee mentioned above.

If you play in both the Winter and Summer seasons, Basketball Victoria likewise levies a $25 annual membership fee that is added on top of the club’s registration expenses.

Game day

The team manager must pay the $84 team sheet cost every game using the Teammo app right before the game, which is in addition to the joining fee. The cost is distributed equally among the team’s members, so a team of eight players would pay $10.50 for each match. The stadium entrance charge for athletes, parents, family members, and friends is now included in the team sheet fee.

After reaching the stadium, there is no longer a fee per individual.

Every team management collects this charge in a distinct manner, and they will let you know at the beginning of the season what they want. The team management must be paid in order for a player to be considered “financially sound,” and they will not be allowed to play until this is resolved.

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