Basketball Academy in Maryland

Do you need a Basketball Academy in Maryland? Check out this post on “Basketball Academy in Maryland”. Also see their location and Academy requirements.

Pat The Roc Basketball  Academy

The Player Highlight Reel package, which our basketball academy offers, is a professionally recorded highlight tape of your workout at our academy.

On our platform, which is used by hundreds of coaches at the professional, collegiate, high school, and aau levels, we broadcast your highlight video. Pat The Roc, the company’s owner and founder, was born and raised in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Although Pat acknowledges his mother always won when they played competitive games of horse as kids, Pat attributes his achievements to his mother’s early guidance.

Due to Pat’s range of abilities, he has landed numerous sponsorship contracts. Pat was the first basketball player to receive an Under Armour endorsement in 2008.

Pat was one of the five SBA players selected in 2009 to tour Europe alongside Mugsy Bogues, Tim Hardaway, and Dennis Rodman, three NBA icons. For his contribution to the growth of basketball in Africa, Pat received citizenship and a Diplomatic Passport from the President of the Gambia, in Africa. Some of the best NBA players from clubs like the Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, and Washington Wizards, to mention a few, train and work with Pat.

The best college basketball players from Maryland, Duke, Indiana, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Memphis, and George Mason, to mention a few, are also among those he coaches. Many people all across the world are inspired by Pat’s legacy and narrative. He is getting closer to his aim of changing lives one bounce at a time thanks to his efforts to encourage others to think “Anything is Possible.”

CP Basketball Academy

At CP Basketball Academy, we recognize that parents find it difficult to obtain quality basketball instruction, so we developed a system that makes learning easier and fosters skill development. As they mature, we assist young athletes in gaining confidence.

We Offer Training You Can Rely On

The distinctive method used by CP Basketball Academy offers both boys and girls a fun and demanding training atmosphere. Children entering grades 1st through 10th who wish to develop their competitive game in a welcoming setting with open and encouraging coaching.

In order to transform, educate, and inspire every young basketball player on the planet, CP Basketball Academy uses performance innovation, the power of connection, and enjoyment. A reliable training program that is consistent is necessary for developing your basketball skills.

Things to do

Young athletes are more successful and likely to keep playing if they are exposed to enjoyable learning environments. Your athlete will receive regular work and learn how to play the game properly at the weekly Skill Development Training sessions offered by CP Basketball Academy.

  • Get guidance and criticism on your training from professionals.
  • Gain access to Coach Parker’s virtual sessions and more!
  • Convenient Maryland training locations!
  • Learn and put into practice the essential principles required to play better.
  • Test your abilities to ensure proper execution.
  • Obtain insider knowledge from Coach Parker and his crew.

Skills Academy Basketball Camp

2022 Camps…


85 Patterson Mill Road

Bel Air, MD 21015 And

Emmorton Rec Center

2213 Old Emmorton Road

Bel Air, MD 21015

For Boy’s Kindergarten through 10th grade

The Girl’s Kindergarten through 10th grade



5 day camp – $210

4 day camp – $200

Pups Camp – $110

Basketball Academy in Maryland

Note: Over the past couple years our camps have sold out. Some sold out very early, we can not guarantee walk ups will be available. Please make sure to register prior to camp as we had to turn away a number of campers. We will again provide a waiting list when camp sells out. Being on the waiting list does not guarantee that a spot will open.

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Regular Camp Sessions:

Mon-Fri: 9:00AM-3:30PM

Doors open at 8:15AM – Camp Doors close at 4:30PM

Before Care and After Care – Free of Charge: Please inform Staff prior.

Pups Camp Sessions:

MORNING Monday through Thursday

Mon-Fri: 9:00AM-12:00PM

New World Basketball Academy

The game’s foundations are taught at New World Basketball, which has a reputation for nurturing the region’s top players from an early age. We impart all facets of the game to our players at all phases of their basketball growth so that they are prepared for high school and college.


Taj Hawkins, the founder of New World Basketball and a Washington, D.C. native, developed a love for basketball and a desire to help others early in life. He founded New World Basketball Academy in 2013 because of his love for basketball and children. Taj went on to provide services to hundreds of elementary and middle school students who wanted to advance their education while studying the game of basketball through New World Basketball Academy.

Taj worked as an assistant coach at Huntington Preparatory School before joining NWBA. The men’s team at Huntington Prep was the best in the country when he was a student there. Taj also coached for D.C. Assault Inc., one of the top grassroots basketball leagues in the country, in addition to Huntington Prep. Taj Hawkins played basketball while a student at Oak Hill Academy and later graduated from IUPUI with a degree in marketing and marketing distribution management.

Basketball Academy in Baltimore

Jevaun Bishop began playing basketball when he was eleven years old, but it wasn’t until he joined an AAU team sponsored by Baltimore Raven Terrill Suggs that he truly fell in love with the sport. Jevaun averaged 20 points per game while playing AAU basketball for four years. At Kasa High School, Jevaun continued to play basketball on the varsity team. In that place, he guided a squad that had never won a game to a local title and an undefeated season. Jevaun was diagnosed with an enlarged heart when he was 18 years old, just following his senior season.

Jevaun was informed by the doctor that he couldn’t continue to play elite basketball. He was in shock. Basketball playing in college dreams that were on the verge of becoming true evaporated like smoke. Jevaun was compelled to acknowledge this new truth. He would never again be able to compete in basketball.

Basketball was Jevaun’s passion, and even though he was no longer able to play, he was still able to teach others how to play. Jevaun became intensely passionate about coaching others. He began by taking his younger brother James Bishop to the neighborhood courts to practice shooting and ball handling.

James Contributions

James made the varsity team as a freshman at Mount St. Joseph High School, a top-tier high school program. He attributes a lot of his success to his older brother Jevaun. James has ten offers for division 1 scholarships at the moment. N.C. State University, Kansas State University (Big 12), LSU, Temple University, and Virginia Commonwealth University are the institutions making the offers.

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In addition to the University of Tulsa, other universities include the University of South Florida (AAC), Towson University (CAA), Coastal Carolina University (BSC), Rice University (C-USA), and the University of Central Florida (AAC). Jevaun’s passion and goal with the Bmore Basketball Academy is to teach others how to realize their greatest potential. In order to become the best basketball player on the floor, one must train both mentally and physically.

Giant Basketball Academy

The Giant Basketball Academy is committed to imparting sound basketball principles. For both boys and girls, GBA offers camps, clinics, and leagues in Falls Church and Loudoun County.

Gheorghe Muresan, who is 7’7″, spent seven seasons in the NBA and won the Most Improved Player Award in 1995–1996. Muresan a 1993 NBA draft pick of the Washington Wizards (Bullets), dominated in the area surrounding the basket thanks to his 7’10” wingspan. Gheorghe, a Romanian, led the NBA in field goal percentage for the 1996–1997 campaign. played professionally in France before being selected by the Bullets, averaging 18.7 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 2.8 blocks per game. The abilities of Gheorghe go beyond the basketball court. He co-starred in the 1998 movie My Giant starring Billy Crystal.

Masi Sports Academy


Encourage a young generation to cultivate a lifetime love of sports and movement.


Encourage all kids to learn the principles of movement and sports, which serve as the foundation for all sports.


Children can participate in youth sports development programs offered by Masi Sports Academy. In a playful, interesting, and positive setting, we provide dynamic sports including soccer, basketball, flag football, multi-sports, movement programs, and clinics.

Basketball Academy in Maryland


Sports give kids the chance to learn from practical experiences that foster their social, emotional, and physical growth.


Children learn by moving about.


Sports provide us freedom of movement, which fosters creativity.


Movement helps youngsters develop cognitive control and gives them the confidence to set and achieve goals.


Through movement, children acquire adaptability, intelligence, will, reason, and body and mind control.

Sterling Stars Basketball Academy

The Sterling Stars Basketball Academy’s mission is to guide students toward the highest degree of competency and mastery in basketball basics, skills, and methods. The physical aptitudes of the trainees—their strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, body awareness, and balance—are developed through our holistic approach.

The crucial mental traits of discipline, patience, humility, self-control, perseverance, attention, and respect will also be developed in trainees. The performance of trainees in their chosen sports will improve when our Program of Study (POS) is demonstrated to be effective. Along with other activities like academics, the arts, technology, and other fields that test the mind, demand cognitive growth, expand learning capacity, and enhance brain function and critical thinking abilities.

How is the POS operated?

“Achievement Level 1 – High School Junior Varsity” is the level at which all trainees start their training. The POS’s demands will be met by the trainees, who will train and advance according to their own desires and capabilities.

By polishing and perfecting their physical and mental skills as they advance through the POS, trainees will be chosen to “test up” by passing SKILLS LEVEL TRAINING EXAMS and moving through nine ACHIEVEMENT LEVELS. As learners develop, they are rewarded in line with how much their knowledge and proficiency have increased.

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Basketball Pro-Fit Training

The best basketball academy in Maryland for producing world-class players

For athletes of all ages and skill levels, we provide both private and small group basketball and strength training programs. There is a bespoke, designed curriculum to help you develop your game, whether your objective is to broaden your general skill set, compete at the collegiate level, or polish and advance as a professional.

Why are we so certain?

At Pro-Fit, every trainer has years of high level collegiate (NCAA D1) and professional (NBA/international) expertise. We know firsthand how difficult the recruitment process is, what college coaches are looking for when assessing potential, and how to achieve your basketball ambitions. Each session, Pro-Fit trainers incorporate NBA-level assaults and footwork to help our customers stand out from the crowd. In order to help our clients perform to the best of their abilities, we also employ full-time strength trainers.

Your initial session is free.

One free, no-obligation group session is provided to all new clients as an evaluation. We appreciate the chance to demonstrate to every player why we are the best basketball training program in the state of Maryland with absolutely no risk involved. Contact Pro-Fit right away for additional details.

Koa Sports League


Koa is dedicated to using athletics to influence children’s lives. Each child at Koa is encouraged to reach their maximum athletic and personal potential.


The world of kid sports can be challenging, demanding, taxing, and plain perplexing. For athletes aged 4 to 18, we provide parents and athletes a strategy and cradle to grave solutions. We’re here to help you; please trust our timeline as we don’t promise success right away. We don’t want you to try to succeed on your own.

Inside Koa

We encourage everyone of our athletes to discover their inner champion because the word “Koa” implies “strength.” Although facing adversity is unavoidable, doing so will only make one stronger. All of our athletes are to become more resilient, which is our aim. Our priority is player development; pursuing awards is not.

Global Squad


Motivated student-athletes who are exposed to collegiate-level training gain life skills, increase physical and mental toughness, and have the opportunity to be recruited.


For student-athletes who desire to develop to their full potential both on and off the playing field, we offer the resources and instruction they need.


We tell our athletes to “DREAM BIG AND WORK HARD.”


We value individual responsibility and internal drive to confront challenges, compete, and win.


By consistently going through key principles to grasp potential, we improve long-term development.


In order to attain long-lasting improvement for both the mind and body, we impart patience, diligence, and character.


To preserve a lasting alliance and support system, we create a global community of morally upright leaders.


We believe in aiming high while pursuing attainable objectives, persistent discipline, and a superior work ethic.

Successful people and organizations must consistently uphold their clearly stated beliefs. A specific set of ideals held by Global Squad extends beyond athletics. Players frequently take on our values or discover the benefit of developing their own unique set of values.

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Do you need a Basketball Academy in Maryland? Check out this post on “Basketball Academy in Maryland”. Also see their location and Academy requirements.

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