How to Cancel Walmart Plus

This article will enlighten you on how to cancel Walmart Plus for those who wish to stop their subscription but don’t know how to. Due to the Walmart plus cancellation policy, the process of cancelling one’s subscription to this package is easy. There are various reasons for cancellation of the Walmart Plus membership and this is dependent on each person. Indeed, it will educate you on the various means to cancel Walmart Plus subscription whenever you want.

What is Walmart Plus?

The Walmart Plus has a lot of benefits which includes offering participating gas stations fuel discounts and many others. A fee of $98 per year is paid by members as Walmart plus is a membership program provided by the retail giant. However, a monthly plan option that costs $13 only can be chosen by members instead.

Advantages of Walmart Plus

Indeed, there are various perks to being a member of the Walmart Plus option that are really beneficial to both individuals and families. Individuals or families who are always busy get to save time and money due to the free delivery option and this is a great advantage. In short, the delivery of groceries and household items right at people’s doorstep was of great benefit to many during the worldwide pandemic. In addition, those who frequently need to fill up their gas tanks have the opportunity to save lots of cash as a result of the fuel discount. Those who prefer to stay on top of sales or deals are offered the opportunity to save more as they are always offered advanced access to events and offers.

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Another advantage is the mobile scan & go option which happens to be of great help to those who shop in-store. Generally, one can testify that regular Walmart customers tend to save a lot of time and money which makes membership a valuable option. Note that a Walmart Plus gift card can be purchased online or at any Walmart store.

Can Walmart Plus Be Canceled Anytime

You have the free rein to cancel Walmart Plus anytime you feel you no longer desire to be a member. If you feel like you want to end your membership either as a result of dissatisfaction with the service quality, you can do that anytime. Nothing bars you from terminating your membership and there are no cancellation costs required of you to pay. In short, whenever you feel you want to become a member again in the future, a free opportunity to reactivate your account is available for you.

Walmart Plus Cancellation Policy

Members to this option are given the freedom to cancel their subscription anytime without attracting any penalty. This is as a result of the Walmart Plus Cancellation Policy though there will be no refunds of any unused benefits or discounts. Those that put in payment for a yearly membership should note that a refund for the rest of the months will not be received if they cancel early. In addition, do not expect any of the advantages that comes with Walmart Plus to still be available for you once you cancel. Whenever you feel it is necessary to cancel your Walmart Plus membership, it is quite easy to cancel indeed.

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You should think on this decision critically before taking a step towards cancellation. In the future, your shopping experience can be greatly affected with this decision so consider it well before terminating your membership. Any linked credit or debit cards to Walmart Plus will not be canceled automatically by the termination of your membership. Therefore, it is highly necessary that you carry out the cancellation of the cards separately. Furthermore, any linked grocery pickup or delivery order will not also automatically cancel when you terminate your Walmart Plus membership.

Reasons for Cancellation of Walmart Plus Membership

There are various reasons why people go ahead to cancel or terminate their Walmart Plus membership. These reasons are dependent on each person and they can make people decide to cancel their Walmart Plus subscription. Specific brands and items that a customer may be searching for are not offered by Walmart. Therefore, some people see their limited product selection as a reason to cancel their membership. Negative experiences by customers from certain Walmart employees which may include rude behavior or poor customer service can push some to cancel their membership. Due to the inconvenience of the store locations, a customer may see it as too far away to shop at frequently and this brings about cancellation.

A customer who sees the return policies of Walmart Plus as unsatisfactory or doesn’t like the time limits on return of items may choose to terminate the membership. For customers that do not regularly shop at Walmart stores, the high cost of maintaining membership might be too much and this may prompt cancellation.

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Customers may decide they prefer to shop in other stores due to better prices and product selection available to them and this will bring about cancellation. In addition, Walmart’s business conduct or their effect on the environment may not be in tandem with a customer’s ethical concern and this can make them cancel their subscription. Compared to other retailers, Walmart lacks strong online options and this may seem as a great drawback for those who prefer to shop online. As a result of the low-quality in-store experience seen at some Walmart stores, customers may stop coming there to shop and as such cancel their subscription.

Means to Cancel Walmart Plus Subscription

You are now informed that you can cancel your Walmart Plus subscription anytime but not many know how to really go about this. Worry not however as the procedures we are about to provide will help you easily cancel your subscription. Below are laid down step by step guides to enable you cancel your Walmart Plus subscription whenever you deem fit.

How to Cancel Walmart Plus Online

You can login to your Walmart account from any browser of your preference in order to achieve cancellation online. The first step is to locate the Walmart website and then login to your account. After this, navigate to the “Account” tab located at the top right corner of your screen. Several tabs will be displayed for you on the left side menu so go ahead and select the Walmart+ option. An option of “Manage Membership will be available on the top right of the screen and you are to click on this. Once you have done this, move down to the bottom to click on an option that says “Cancel Walmart+.

Immediately after clicking, you will be moved to another screen where Walmart will remind you of all you stand to lose if you terminate membership. Go on ahead and click on the “Cancel Membership” tab. An array of options will be provided to you as to your reason for cancellation, therefore choose the one that applies to you. In addition, you are offered the opportunity to give a feedback if you want to. Lastly, go ahead and click on the “Cancel Membership” tab once again.

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Canceling Walmart Plus on the App

The simplest and fastest way to cancel your Walmart Plus membership is doing so through the Walmart app on your device. All you need to do is click open your Walmart app. Then click on “Account” shown at the menu at the bottom of your screen. Once you select “Walmart+”, you will be moved to a different page containing various information on your account. Navigate to find “Cancel Walmart+ Account” at the very bottom of the new page.

Cancel Walmart Subscription by Phone

In order to achieve cancellation on your phone, you will be required to call customer care first at 800 924-9206. Intimate the customer service representative on your intentions to cancel your Walmart Plus subscription. Certain information to confirm you are the one and to locate your account may be asked for. The customer service representative will proceed with canceling it once they confirm your account. Note that you should take precautions to confirm the cancellation was carried out successfully to avoid charges in the future. An advantage of following this process is the fact that it’s done immediately without the extended waiting for an online or email confirmation.

In addition, any questions or issues can be addressed in real time when you speak with a representative which is another advantage. However, this process has the drawback of probably taking more time than sending an email or using an online form. Moreover, the convenience and simplicity of canceling at their own time without the stress of speaking to a representative might be preferred by some customers.

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Can Walmart Plus Free Trial Be Canceled?

At the moment, Walmart is known to be providing a 30-days free trial for prospective customers. As a result of the Walmart Plus free trial, customers are given the opportunity to check out the advantages and decide if it’s worth a paid membership. Customers are potentially saved from cost as they are offered benefits such as fuel discounts and free delivery. You must have a credit card linked to your account in order to begin the free trial. Note that your membership will automatically switch into a paid membership if you do not cancel by the end of the trial period. Indeed, it is wonderful to know that your Walmart Plus free trial can be canceled at any time.

Steps to Take to Cancel Walmart Plus Free Trial

The steps to be taken to terminate the free trial are quite similar to the process for canceling your membership plan. Simply go to the Walmart website or app and login to your account. Move to the “Manage your Walmart+ Membership” segment and click on the option to cancel your membership. Another method can also be the calling of a Walmart service representative to cancel your membership. Note that you can no longer access the benefits of membership once you terminate your trial or membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Ask for A Walmart Plus Refund?

Not at all. It is stated clearly in the terms and conditions that membership fees cannot be refunded. So you will not receive any refund even when you cancel your membership. However, you can reach out to Walmart customer service if you are having issues with your membership. As a result, you may be offered a solution or some sort of compensation.

Can you Cancel Walmart Plus Anytime?

Indeed, your Walmart Plus subscription can be canceled at any time you wish. Depending on which you prefer, you can choose to cancel at the end of your pay cycle or cancel immediately. However, note that you won’t be granted a refund for the remaining period if you cancel in the middle of your cycle.

What Phone Number Can I Call to Cancel My Walmart Plus Subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, you can reach out to the Walmart+ customer service line at (800) 925-6782.


I believe that this article has made it easy for you to understand the processes and know how to cancel Walmart Plus membership. The cancellation of Walmart+ can be done at any time through the mobile app, website, and customer service line. However, if you are having difficulties canceling your subscription, it will be best to contact a service representative for assistance.

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