How To Join Biskra Youth Academy

We shall study “How To Join Biskra Youth Academy”. Also, study how to join Biskra FC Academy, Biskra FC, requirement to register for Biskra FC Academy, Biskra Fc Stadium, etc.

Now, let’s look at how to join Biskra Youth Academy.

Introduction To Biskra FC Youth Academy

What is the purpose of knowing how to join Biskra Youth Academy? Or, what is the purpose of the academy itself ?. Its major focus is to groom young players to be elite footballers of the academy. So, to achieve this, the club stakes its finance and recourses. It employs experienced staff and workers to carry out this assignment.

The academy adopts a method to build the player’s confidence in football. Consequently, they engage in preparatory matches to develop their skills. Also, they under psychological trainings to get their mind fit for touch games and situations. 

Meanwhile, there are people searching for Football Academy Scholarships in Europe. Such people can approach the club although there are prerequisites. Most importantly, the academy maps out different schemes for different ages and groups. This will promote effective development.

Due to the club running with an open-door policy, there is a high number of applicants. So, if you are within the age of 8 years, hurry and visit the academy’s website to apply. This is also a way on how to join Biskra Youth Academy.

The Steps To Take While Registering In Biskra Fc Academy

The Biskra Academy Scouts are in charge of identifying prospective players. So, when they observe you, they invite you to the development camp. On the other hand, international students can apply through the academy website. However, the steps to register are:

  • Present a credible account of yourself. This includes contact and previous clubs if any.
  • The approval of the guardian or parents. Meanwhile, this applies majorly to players under 18 years.
  • Make sure you submit a video of yourself. Also, this applies majorly to international youngsters.

This is how to join Biskra Youth Academy.

Overview Of Union Sportive Biskra

Its other names are US Biskra or USB. It is an Algerian based football club founded in 1934. Also, the home ground of the club is Complexe Sportif d’El Alia with the club’s colour of green and black. However, the club competes in the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1. As for the football ground, it has a capacity of 35000.

On the other hand, legends have emerged from the club ranging from the early years of the club. Some of them include Majorie, Chaib Lakhal, Mohamed Jonas, Marini, Bessaou, Bouzidi, Ben Brahim, Doubba. At the early time of the club, they were at the top flight of their division. They usually compete with ES Setif and USM Bel-Abbès in domestic cups and matches. Meanwhile, l’US Biskra had the opportunity to move to division two, but the failed. This was due to a loss to Azzaba.

Subsequently, the club started performing well. They moved to the division 2 and 1 at some point. However, the turning point of the club came in May 2017. Consequently, after a period of eleven years, they promoted them to the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1.

18  February Football Ground

This is a very prestigious football ground that serves as the home ground of the club. It is located in Biskra, Algeria. Interestingly, it can serve different purposes. Consequently, it has a capacity of 30,000.

About Hamza Heriat

Born on September 6, 1987. Also, born in Biskra, Algeria. Apparently, he is an Algerian professional footballer that plays for US Biskra. This was where he started his career. Subsequently, other clubs started seeking for him. Amongst all, he signed a two-year contract with USM Alger. MC Oran was next on his list.

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About Chabab Ahly Bordj Bou Arréridj

Some people call it CA Bordj Bou Arrèridj or CABBA. Founded in 1931 in Bordj Boy Arréridj, Algeria. Its football ground has a capacity of 15,000. Most importantly, the club competes in the Inter-Régions Division.

Certainly, the club has won a couple of laurels. On a domestic level, they have: Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 2 — Champion (3x): 1998, 2000–01, 2011–12. Then, Algerian Cup–Runner-up (1x): 2008–09. On the other hand, the club has a regional achievement: Arab Champions League — Quarter Final(1x): 2006–07.

The Players

The Algerian teams only use two international players. Also, they make their squad list to be based on the country the players are from.

About The Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1

The club has other names that the fans know it with. Its either Championnat National de Première Division or Ligue 1. Apparently, it is the top flight division in the Algerian Football league. Ligue 1 constitute, two other divisions; Ligue de Football Professionnel and Ligue Professionnelle 2. Its mode of operation is unique. Meanwhile, 16 clubs compete in the league. Kuwaiti, Mobilis and Nedjma have sponsored the club at some point, which affected the name of the club.

In the year when Algeria gained independence, they created the league. This was in 1962. Before them, they didn’t play in major leagues. As a result, they played national playoffs which will lead them to play the North African Championship. At a point, they made the Algerian Championship, devoid of Morocco and Tunisia. This was between 1957 and 1962. Note, FAF change the league’s name to Ligue Professionnelle 1 in 2010.

Background Of Football In Algeria

The period (1897–to 1962)

Interestingly, there is a unique relationship between the Algerian football and French football. Then, the North Africa was under the influence of the French Authority. So, when they started football, they introduced it to the North African side. Some of the pioneer clubs then were Oran, Club des Joyeuseté Oran. On 28 September 1897, they created the second club, Club Athlétique Liberté Oranais.

That was how French football began to gain root in the Algerian soil. Development started coming, people formed new clubs and associations. But, everything stopped in 1962 when Algeria left the French rule.

1963–1964, Second Phase Of The Championship

Those in charge of organizing the championship tournament redesigned it to take another form. It had a regional final and a final contest that will present the first Champion of Algeria. As a result, they drew structures and plans on how the contest will be. Meanwhile, the Championship got the name DH, which means “Honor Division”.

On the other hand, ASM Oran won the MC Iran, to become the regional champion. As a result, they progressed to the national tournament. On the aspect of Division Honneur, NA Hussein Dey won CR Belcourt, thus, qualifying for the national tournament. Similarly, it took a turn in the East region or Eastern Division Honneur. Here, USM Annaba won the MSP Batna, to qualify.

The organizers set the stage at Constantine for the title decider. However, at the end of the contest, the USM Annaba, winner in the semifinals of the ASM Oran, will play against NA Hussein Dey. Consequently, this is the one and only league competition of Annaba.

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About The National Division One

Over time in the regional competitions, the Algerian Football Federation reshuffled the championship. The plan was to make the 16 teams have a face-off amongst themselves. Meanwhile, to refer to the last season’s result. So, it was the five Western region teams to the five Algiers region teams. In addition are the Constantine League champion, USM Annaba and the other five ranking of this region.

The Various Ways To The First Division.

Domination CR Belouizdad (4 titles) – (1965–1971).

The initial name of CR Belouizdad was CR Belcourt. Apparently, it dwells in Belcourt. Meanwhile, they formed the club by joining Widad Riadhi Belcourt and Club Athéltique Belcourt. Consequently, they are linked to the French Football Federation Association and League Algiers Football Association.

The team has been scalable, winning titles in a short season. She noticed the performance to make two doubles championships in seasons 1964–1965 – 1965–1966, then during the season 1968–1969 – 1969–1970. The likes of Yahia Ahmed Saadi, Arab Zitoun and other prolific players led the team to many achievements. Especially, in Algeria at the Maghreb where they won three Maghreb Champions Cup consecutively.

However, the team had two big oppositions. They are ES Sétif Salhi brothers and MC Oran. Both of them an notable title winners.

Opposition from 1972-1980: MC Alger (5 titles) – JS Kabylie (4 titles)

In the 1970s, MC Algiers had a back and forth experience in the division. It faced relegation at some point. But, it didn’t take long before they got back to the division. So, to maintain good performance, they employed experienced staff and coaches like Khabatou Zorba.

In the 1975-1976 season, MC Algiers won the Algeria Championship – Algerian Cup – African Cup of Champion Clubs. Subsequently, JS Kabylie came up as a strong opponent. Apparently, they named it “Stream roller” for its winning streak. However, the would-be second on the list to win a double championship in seasons 1972–1973 and 1973–1974. Also, they will win a double Algerian Cup in the 1976–1977 season.

Remarkably, a couple of managers have emerged to lead the team. They are: French Jean Lemaître, Christian Banjou, Jouan Cestic, André Nagy, Virgil Popescu and Petre Mândru. In addition, Bazil Marian and the prestigious Stefan Zywotko. The Ministry Of Youths and Sports made plans, to enable professional clubs to have a strong financial foundation. However, this wasn’t going to be easy, it will require some sacrifices like club name, etc.

Clubs like MC Alger, MC Oran and ES Sétif, under the sponsorship of Promoted oil of Sonatrach, changed their names to MP Alger and so on. Every other event followed suit. However, some are of the opinion that this clubs should be independent citing example with Mouloudia of Algiers. Its Versatility in sports is top-notch.

The Time Of Hegemony JS Kabylie (6 titles) From (1981–1990)

At this period, the club performed exceptionally well. As a matter of fact, they even qualified for the World Cup and other international competitions. Now, let’s look at the JS Kabylie (JSK), Jeunesse Électronique de Tizi-Ouzou (JET). Apparently, it was managed by the renowned Stefan Zywotko and Mahieddine Khalef. Certainly, the won a lot of titles all around. This led to their nickname”Jumbo Jet”.

Also, he won the championship and finished in second and third place in the 1980-84 season. At some point, the fans named the team “double Champion”. As this went on, JE Tizi-Ouzou won a couple of titles too. He won two doubled African Cup – Algerian Championship and his second double Algerian Cup – Algerian Championship. Finally, at the end of the year, they had ninety-eight points in thirty-eight games.

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MC Oran currently named MP Orang still stood a chance to compete this record. He was the opposition to JE Tizi-Ouzou. However, with him winning the 1987-88 title, he will be in the African Cup of Champions Clubs. GC Mascara is among the first Algerian football club to win a championship in the French colonial era in the 1983-84 season. RC Kouba now RS Kouba won his initial championship in 1980-81. Consequently, that is the only one they have won.

Lastly, the EP Sétif now ES Sétif won her second championship in the 1986-87 season. As a result, she will be in the African Cup of Champions Clubs. She won the Nigerian side of Iwuanyanwu National.

The Switching Of Positions Amongst CR Belouizdad (2 titles) USM Alger (3 titles) And JS Kabylie (2 titles)

Here, we will observe different names taking turns to dominate the championship. Although, it hasn’t been like this for a long time now. Apparently, it started with CR Belouizdad who won championships. Before now, they haven’t won it for close to thirty years. However, they added two more titles to their name. By the end of the ten years, another club emerged.

ES Sétif became dominant, winning the championship, twice. The more title he won earned him the nickname “champion of Algeria”. The 1986-87 was its last year of winning it. In the 2006-07 & 2007-08 seasons, this side won two Arab Champions League titles. Certainly, USM Alger and JS Kabylie had an impressive season. The star man of USM Alger, Billel Dziri was instrumental to the success of the team. This USM Alger side also won the championship back-to-back in the 2001–2002 and 2002–2003 seasons. Then, from 2004–to 2005.

The club stood with the likes of CR Belouizdad, JS Kabylie, MC Algiers and MC Oran. It is worthy of note, that he won three Algerian Cup. Notably, USM Alger stood above all in the local football. However, JS Kabylie rose to challenge the record. Remarkably, this side has three championship titles. Also, they finished second in the championship, four times. They could have won the title, if not for some challenges. But, amidst all these, they won the African Cup three consecutive times. They chose to prepare more for the African Cup than the CAF cup.

Foot Note

An edition is to be made in subsequent seasons. Like the 1999–2000 face the Egyptians to the Ismaily SC. Then, then 2000–2001 Tunisians face of the Étoile du Sahel and 2001–2002 face of Cameroonians Tonnerre Yaoundé. At the end of that decade, a total of six titles were won. Also, the closet rivals were JS Kabylie and USM Alger. But, above all, MC Algiers to the title of that competition making it his eleventh title after eleven years. However, this was at the end of the fifth decade of the Algerian Championship.

In conclusion, I believe you understood how to join Biskra Youth Academy. You can carry out more research to gain more information.

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