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An Overview Of CR Belouizdad Fc Academy

Nurturing and developing youngsters into elite senior team players is the main aim of the youth side of CR Belouizdad Fc. Youngsters are trained by professional coaches, Fitness experts, Tutors, and other Sports Academicians hired by the club.

They further develop their professional football ability by participating in the development league tie. CR Belouizdad FC partner with other clubs interested in acquiring youngers with great potential. The youngsters are also put through the Psychological aspect necessary to progress along with physical drills.

Provided you meet the standards, the CR Belouizdad FC is open to all in need of Football Academy Scholarships. According to age and experience levels, students are introduced to various programs while still processing our club’s registration. Knowing about the club helps you know how to join CR Belouizdad Fc Academy.

Gaining Entrance Into CR Belouizdad  Football Academy

This is synonymous to knowing how to join CR Belouizdad Fc Academy. They give equal chances to everybody looking to enroll in the Club’s Academy. Also, this aspiring to join any other football Academy in Europe can follow the processes listed below. Additionally, a good number of the requirements are also obtainable in Football Academy Scholarships in Europe. 

CR Belouizdad FC Junior Camp accept youngsters as young as 8. To check the available programs, visit the Academy website.

Necessary requirements to register at CR Belouizdad Football Academy

Belouizdad Academy Scouts and Open Football trials are ways players are accepted into the club. Although, other applicants especially International students can also apply through the club’s website or special drafting.

  • Provide good details of your self, previous clubs [if any], and contact.
  • Parents consent especially for those below 18 years.
  • Endeavor to submit a video of your self, this method applies mainly to international applicants.

Check the Academy’s  official website Also to find out more, subscribe to our Newsletter at SOCCERPEN for subsequent updates on Football Academies in Europe. Getting this requirements gives you an edge to knowing how to join CR Belouizdad Fc Academy.

About CR Belouizdad

It is fully known as Chabab Riadhi de Belouizdad, which means Sporting Club of Belouizdad in English. People also refer to the club as Chabab Belouizdad or CR Belouizdad or simply CRB.

CRB is an Algerian association football club that is based in Algiers in Algeria. It competes in Algerian football top tier, Ligue Profession Elle 1. The club holds a record of 55 seasons in the top flight. They spent only the 1988-89 campaign in the second tier.

On 15 July 1962, just ten days after the independence of Algeria, the club was formed. The Widad Riadhi de Belcourt and the Club Athéltique de Belcourt merged to form the club which was initially called Chabab Riadhi de Belcourt. The 20 August 1955 Stadium have served as the club’s home ground since foundation. The home strip which has also been used since foundation is a white with the red trademark “V” on the front.

CR Belouizdad has won 10 major trophies in 8 seasons during the 1960-70s and has produced many outstanding players. As a result, they are known as a major force in both Algerian and Maghrebin football.  

The club has won the domestic league title and the Algerian Cup eight times, two Algerian Super Cups, one Algerian League Cup and the Maghreb Champions Cup a record three times. These winnings established the club as one of the most successful Algerian clubs.  

More Information

The league was reformed to professionalize the Algerian Football in 2010. As a result, the club acquired professional status. Merely three years after their formation, CRB won their first title of champion of Algeria  at the end of the 1964-65 campaign.

Madar Holding Group bought 67% of the 75% of the shares held by the amateur sports Club (CSA), chaired by Karim Chettouf. As a result, they have been the majority shareholder of the share capital of the sports company by shares CRB “Athletic” since 15 October 2018. Mohamed Belhadj have chaired the board of directors since 22 September 2021. He replaced Mohamed Abrouk (who held this post after Charaf-Eddine Amara was elected President of the Algerian Football Federation on 16 April 2021).

Meanwhile, it was agreed that the new DG Hocine Yahi will oversee everything related to the sport component and the Chairman will have a purely administrative mission. On 30 March 2021, Yahi agreed to this position and replaced Toufik Korichi. Marcos Paquetá replaced Zoran Manojlovic and has managed the senior team since 23 September 2021.

The club’s local rivals are MC Algiers, NA Hussein Dey and USM Algiers. CR Belouizdad FC has been and is still one of the most popular football clubs in Algeria.


CRB parent teams ‘Widad Riadhi Belcourt’ (former club of the rue de Lyon) and the ‘Athletic Club de Belcourt’  were known for playing football competitions in the French colonial era. In Addition, they were both affiliated to the ‘FFFA’ (French Football Federation) and the ‘FLOT’ ‘(Algiers Ligue de Football Association). I believe you are still following up on how to join CR Belouizdad Fc Academy.

The Events Between 1963–1972:- The great Chabab

Particularly during 1963-72, the club has been successful and has done well generally since it’s inception in Algerian Football. The great Chabab won 10 titles in 8 seasons during this time, a record yet to be broken till date. The popular red and white colors worn by the best players in Algeria or Africa and also constituted the pillars of the national team of Algeria was worn by players. Some outstanding players are Lalmas (who was chosen as the best Algerian player of all time after a survey conducted by the Echibek sports weekly in 1993 including votes from more than 350 technical people from Algerian coaches to players), Kalem, Achour, Selmi and several others.

The aim of the team in its first Championship season (1962-63) was adaptation and coordinated team work. They were led by then chairman Mr Boukida Djeloul and coached by Yahia Saâdi. CRB was in the group of Bologhine and Bousmail in this season. They were satisfied to secure a place allowing it to compete in the centre of the championship.

The Second Quarter

All belcourtois and environs loved and supported CRB by even raising funds in this period. The big traders of the time; Boukida gentlemen, Bouhelal and Khemissa and others were among. The means for the club’s policy was offered as a result of these generous contributions.

The Third Quarter

CRB executives started recruitment after collecting the necessary funds. Targeted recruitment and quality resulting in the arrival of experienced and promising players such as (Zitouni, Paris Club), (Madani and Djemaâ USM Alger), (Zerar Hamam El-Enf, Tunisia), (Nassou and Amar Ain Beniane), (Koussim ES Setif), (Achour and Lalmas OM Ruisseau) and (Kalem IR Hussein-Dey). The teams growth to one of the biggest clubs in Algeria is attributed to the sacrifice of these noble leaders who were driven solely by love of the team.

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An average performance was recorded with losses against MC Oran (3–2), Batna (1–0), Constantine (1–0), Sidon (2–1) and MCA (2–1). CRB leveled up and destroyed every team in it’s path the following season, in 1965–1966. They recorded 9 consecutive victories starting with a victory against ASM Oran (0–1) during the 14th day and overwhelming wins (8–1), (8–0) and (4–1) respectively against MO Constantine on 20 August (halftime 0–1 for Constantine), Annaba and ES Mostaganem. They made an impossible comeback, moving from last place to first. Let’s proceed more on the topic “How To Join CR Belouizdad Fc Academy”.

The Events Between 1965–1966: The Club’s Outstanding Season

They registered victories (16 wins) this period lined with Prime Algeria. Their victories included big scores (0–4) in Blida and Oran to the MCO and 5–2 before the NAHD with a percussive attack that also called the Machine Gun Attack. They recorded 63 goals that season: (Lalmas 18 goals, Chanane 14, Kalem 13 and Achour 8), making 53 goals amongst themselves. In addition, they beat RC Kouba 3-1 to win their first cup of Algeria.

CRB recorded an average season in 1966–1967 and despite the acquisition of Selmi Djilali, the 1967-68 season was not any better. This was caused by the CAN 1968 tournament in Ethiopia where 9 Chabab players participated. They returned suffering from built up fatigue and injuries. They also experienced some errors in a late championship match against ES Guelma. CRB went trophy less for those two seasons.

The club regained form and went back to winning ways on the appointment of Ahmed Aaran as player-coach. They recorded big important wins against NAHD (7–1 and 5–2) in the 1968-69 season.

The Events Between 1969–1970:- The Club’s Ever Hat-trick

The club recorded it’s first hat-trick in the history of Algerian football and went on to win their fourth championship. The championship was won uniquely because they lost only a match; against MC Oran Oran (3–1). It was the club’s best season ever. They went on to beat USM Alger 4-1 in the Algerian Cup final and defeated Sfax(Tunisia) in the Maghreb Club Champions Cup. CRB recorded a memorable win against Senegalese Joan of Arc 5-3 in the first leg. As a result, they secured entry into the African Cup of Champions Clubs after previous threats of reprisal.

The Events Between 1970–1971

CRB had to win the North African Cup to save the season after a draw and a win against MC Alger and a defeat against MC Oran. Also the Algerian Cup defeat against CS Constantine on penalties (this ended 48– 47 and is the official record Algeria, another one!). Tunisia were defeated as a result 3–2 after a great final after crushing and Morocco’s FAR 3-0 in the previous round.

The famous French sports newspaper the Team and the paper devoted a large space in one of their editions to Chabab Riadhi Belcourt.

The Events Between 1971–1972

The team relapsed after starting the championship with three wins against WA Tlemcen (7-0), JSM Tiaret (8-3) and USM Bel-Abbès(4-1). It was the beginning of the end of a cycle. Meanwhile, they recorded a 3rd consecutive win for the Maghreb that same season.

The Evolution Of Young Players

In 1978 to 1995, the club failed to win titles despite the good results that made that the team after all the earlier years, ranking each time 2nd, 3rd or 4th. They experienced their worst ever season till date when they relegated to D2 in 1998. They also lost on penalties to USMA in the Algerian Cup final. This all occurred when the team was referred as the best Championship squad on paper with the likes of Yahi, Amani, Badache, Laamouri, Khoudja, Kabrane, Abdesamia, Kouhil, Demdoum, etc. On the ground though, things were otherwise. The club returned to the D1 the next year, in 1988 and the nightmare lasted only a season.

However, CRB considerably lost its fame of a run of successive championships. They  even managed to repeatedly avoid relegation until 1994.  The Mourad Abdelouahab led Shabab was ranked 4th in the championship during this year. Qualification for the Arabic Cup in Saudi Arabia was the major objective. However, the club participated in this competition the next year (1995) and recorded an outstanding semi-final run. They were eliminated by Esperance de Tunis who managed a 1-0 win. CRB beat O Medea 2-1 to clinch their fifth Algerian Cup in 1995.

Is it possible to know all these events and not know how to join CR Belouizdad Fc Academy? I doubt.

The Evolution Of Young Talents

A new generation of young and talented players evolved, despite the change of office (departure and arrival of Lefkir Selmi) and officials.(Mourad replaced Abdelouahab of Bacha-Adjaout). It was a golden age and the squad was described as an “Algerian dream-team”. The team included players like Bekhti, Badji, Settara, Talis, Bounekdja, Selmi Yacine Chedba Ali Moussa, Boutaleb and others. The tactical approaches and goals of coaches were met as fresh players were brought in constantly and CRB developed a beautiful football style. Mezouar and Boukessassa arrived at the club at this period.

Chabab were Champions of Algeria for the 5th time due to some new talent arrival during the 1999-2000 campaign. On 19 March 2000, they also defeated MC Oran 3-0 in the league cup.

They cemented their reign by beating JSK and USMA 7 days of the end of the championship winning a title 2 row from 2000 to 2001. For the record, mid-season Shabab had won 10 consecutive games with Nour Benzekri.

The Trying Times Of The Club

Due to the unreasonable policy of its new direction, dark years began for the club after this season. However, they still managed to reach the 2003 Algerian Cup final . The referee(Berber) was to blame for this loss due to a scandalous bias in favor of USM Alger. The club was run very lawlessly in this period in the sense that 17 players were released in 18 months. Everyone knew that Chabab went straight to ruin after all this. The club managed to  escape relegation to D2 twice; in (2003-2004 and 2004-2005). It was two of their worst seasons (after 1988). The played with about 16 players and still recorded a decent 2005-06 campaign.

Winners Of The 2020 Champions

The 2019-20 season was halted due to COVID-19 pandemic and CR Belouizdad were declared champions of the unfinished season.

Learning more about the topic “How To Join CR Belouizdad Fc Academy” through discussing of the club’s stadium.

The Football Ground Of CR Belouizdad Stadium

20 August 1955 Stadium (Algiers)

CRB utilizes the 20 August 1955 Stadium as it’s home ground. It is a multi-purpose stadium in Mohamed Belouizdad, Algiers, Algeria. The stadium has a 15,000 seat capacity and is currently used mostly for football matches.  

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They completed Stade 20 Août 1955 in 1930. This happened during the French colonial era. They buiIt it contain only 8,000 spectators since its inauguration. Also, they made a skating side near the stands. However, they used at the 1975 Mediterranean Games and at the 1978 All-African Games. The clock in the stadium held the relay competition and was the most important stadium that France left.

The Algerians used it after independence, along with Omar Hamadi Stadium and Mohamed Benhaddad Stadium in Algiers. Algeria received influential guests at this stadium before the inauguration of Stade du 5 Juillet in 1972. This happened during the reign of President Houari Boumediene. The Algerian national football team used the stadium as their home ground.

The Greens played many memorable games in this stadium after independence. They once beat West Germany with two goals. They only lost twice against Tunisia  and against FC Nantes in a friendly match in over 10 years after independence. Until their last game in the stadium, they beat many teams and scored draws against Morocco, Egypt and other teams. On 21 March 1971, they played their last game in the stadium which was a Munich Olympics qualification match. They drew 2-2 against Mali. This led to their elimination. The competition started the next year.  

The Tragedy

The biggest tragedy that Algerian stadium have recorded since independence struck on November 26, 1982. It was a game between MA Hussein Dey and MP Alger in the 7th round of the national championship. This happened after a lot of people came to watch the 1982 FIFA World Cup and the stars of the “Gijon” epic. This led to the collapse of the side stands of the stadium. Ten supporters died and over 500 injured.

The Algerian singer and rapper Soolking held a large concert which over 30,000 fans attended. This was in August 22, 2019. Other artistes L’Algérino, Fianso, Alonzo and Dhurata Dora accompanied him. There was a stampede while entering the stadium and 5 people died. The Two girls aged 19 and 22 and three boys aged 13, 16 and 21, died as they transferred them to Mustapha Pacha hospital (CHU). This was on Captain Nassim Bernaoui’s  

They evacuated 32 wounded people to the CHU of the capital in the process. “They left the hospital the next day,” said the same source. One of the reason of the accident was that, they sold more tickets than the capacity. Soolking apologized and stated that he would have cancelled the party if he knew what had happened. The dismissals of the boss of ONDA, organizer of the event, head of the national police and the Minister of  Culture followed.

Foot Note

The various people turn responsibility for the tragedy to each other while waiting for investigations to finish. They opened the stadium doors by 4 p.m. to welcome an already large flow of fans. Some arrived in the morning, says Captain Nassim Bernaoui, Civil Protection communications manager. Security guards filtered the public in dribbles in front of the entrances. The people were eager to enter the stadium as the time for the concert approached. He stated that the second major risk in Algeria is massive regroupings. 

The Head Coach of CR Belouizdad

The head coach of CRB is Marcos César Dias de Castro, also referred to as Marcos Paquetá. He was born on 27 August 1958. He is a former Brazilian central midfielder.

His Managerial Career

He began his career at hometown side America’s academy. They gave birth to him in Rio de Janeiro. But, was raised in the Paquetá Island. He moved to Vasco da Gama In 1978 where he spent his first season with their U-20 team. The eventually promoted him to the first team. He retired in 1981 at just 23 years.

In 1987, they appointed him as manager of America and started his managerial career. He took over UAE Pro-League side Al-Shabbab the next year in his first move abroad. Subsequently, they appointed him, the Flamengo youth system manager. This came after he left the club in 1989.

Paquetá was an interim manager of the first team for one match, after the arrival of Edinho in 1995. He stayed as a youth team manager until 1998. He moved to Fluminense the also in charge of the youth setup the following year.

Paquetá returned to Fla in 2001. They appointed him as interim manager again in 2003. He replaced the dismissed Nelsinho Baptista. However, he later led the Brazil U-17 team to the FIFA U-17 World Cup and did the same only months later with the U-20s. 

More Information

Subsequently, he became in charge of Avaí when he returned to Flamengo for the 2004 Copa Sao Paulo de Futbol Júnior. They appointed him as manager of Saudi Arabia national team on 17 December 2005. This was after he impressed as manager of Al-Hillal. He led the Saudis to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.  

Paquetá signed with Qatar Stars League side AlGharafa in 2007, after a short spell back at Al-Hilal. He lead them to the league title twice and the Sheikh Jassem Cup . He headed Al-Rayyan for a season. Then, they appointed him the manager of Libya national squad. This happened after signing a two-year deal in July 2010.

Paquetá signed a contract to take over Al Shabab for a second time in his career in June 2012 and left in 2014. On 7 June if same year, he signed a two-year contract and returned for a second spell as manager of Al-Gharafa.

Paquetá signed a contract with Egyptian club Zamalek SC in December 2015. However, the club sacked him on 3 January the following year. He took over Iraqi club Al-Shorta in October 2017.

Foot Note

Paquetá took the job as manager of Indian Super League club FC Pine City on 31 May 2018. Unfortunately, he cancelled the deal barely a month later. They later appointed him as manager of Botafogo on 26 June.

However, after four of five games in charge, the club sacked Paquetá from Bota on 1 August 2018.

Iconic Players

Bogy (footballer)

Popularly known as Bogy, Ahmed aFathi Mohamed was born on January 30, 1989, in Ismailia, Egypt. He is an Egyptian forward. He shared the nickname “Bogy” with Mohamed Abdelfatah, an Egyptian wrestler.

Bogy played at the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup as part of the Egypt U-20 squad. Egypt hosted the competition.

His Club Career

 Bogy signed an 18-month contract with Algerian club CR Belouizdad in January 2014. He came on as a substitute in the second half to make his debut for the club on January 18. It was a league match against RC Arbaâ. However, they released him from the club at the end of the season.

His International Career

He currently plays for the Egyptian U-23 national youth team. In the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup, he featured in all the fixtures. The tournament lasted from September 25 to October 16.

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Bogy scored a brace against Italy after the coach substituted him in the second half. It was his best performance in the 2009 FIFA U-20 World .

Onome Sodje

Onome Sympson Sodje is a Nigerian born striker. He was born on 17 July 1988. He has featured for Professional clubs in England, Slovakia, Malta, Vietnam, Algeria and Albania.

His Career

Sodje was born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. His grooming ground is Charlton Athletic youth academy. In the 2003-04 U17 FA Premier Academy League, he netted 14 goals in 19 appearances. He featured for Welling United on loan towards the 2004-05 season ending. In September 2005, they loaned him out to Conference National team Gravesend & Northfleet. He played another loan spell for the club in February the next year.

He later permanently signed for Gravesend & Northfleet in August after his release by Charlton in 2006. On 18 June 2007, Sodje moved to fellow Conference Premier club York City on a free transfer.He was joint top goalscorer with 17 goals in the 2007–08 season. Sodje won the Conference Premier Goal of the Month award in September 2008. His goal against Torquay United won with 30% of the vote. On 9 May 2009, he came on as a 63rd minute substitute in the FA Trophy Final. However, they lost 2-0 to Stevenage Borough at Wembley stadium. He struggled with form only scoring seven goals in 46 appearance in the 2008-09 season.

On 15 June 2009, Sodje signed for Championship team Barnsley. He played at York on a non-contract basis for a while before moving on a free transfer to Barnsley.  His contract status was due to his lack of a valid work permit, connected to an ongoing dispute with immigration officials over his right to reside in the UK. This case attracted help of the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu and MP Hugh Bayley. York spent £5,000 on legal fees. He chose to move to Barnsley rather than sign a new deal with York after winning the case.

More Information

On 15 August, he came on as a 79th-minute sub to make a debut for his new club. However, the match ended in a 2-0 defeat by Coventry City. On 23 November, he joined Conference Premier leaders Oxford United on an emergency loan. He came in as a substitute the next day to make his debut in a 1-0 win over Forest Green Rovers. His debut goal came against Salisbury City, where he put Oxford in lead by a goal.

In January 2010, Oxford confirmed the non renewal of his loan.  He joined Slovak Super Liga team FK Senica and scored a header in his debut to defeat MFK Ruzomberok. He scored only a goal in 13 appearances in the 2009-10season. Also, he featured in a goalless draw against MSK Zilina which was his only appearance in the 2010-11 season.

Sodje also played with Vietnamese First División club Dong Nai. He later joined Maltese Premier League club Floriana in December. Hi s debut was against Hamrun Spartans which ended in a 4-2 victory. He signed a three-year deal and joined Algerian club CR Belouizdad in July 2012. They released him at the end of the season after scoring only once in 13 appearances in the Algerian Ligue Profession Elle 1.     

Foot Note

He joined Partizani Tirana, an Albanian Suoerliga club after his release from Belouizdad. On 18 September 2013, he sored his debut in a match against Bylis Ballsh that ended in a 2-2 tie. Sodje returned to England after signing for Nuneaton Town in October 2014. He joined Billericay Town for the 2015–16 season and scored 7 goals.

His Personal Life

Sodje attended Sedgehill school in southeast London after moving to England at 14.  His uncles, Sam, Efe , Akpo , and Steve all play football in England as well.  Another uncle Bright was a  professional rugby league footballer.

Alain Nebie

Alain Nebie  is a Burkinabé football player born on 8 September 1984 in Burkina Faso. He was about 186cm tall and played as a striker.

His Career In CR Belouizdad

Newbie first featured for his homeland teams Santos Ouagadougou and RCK. He later played for Congolese club’s Vita Club Mokanda and FC Bilombé. Algerian club CR Belouizdad tried him after he returned to Burkina for the holidays in 2008. He later sealed a move to the club and landed in Algiers on 6 January 2009. He netted four goals in seven goals  and also scored the only goal in the 2008-09 Algerian Cup Quarter-finals. His goal led them into the semi-finals. 

In Morocco

In 2011, he joined Difaa Hassani El Jadidi, a Moroccan side. Nebie chose to stay in Morocco after they offered him few contracts to Europe. He claimed their Championship level was better than those in Europe.

In Indonesia

In the early months of 2014, he moved to Indonesian second-tier club PS Mojokerto Putra. Nebie played in a trial match against PSIR Rembang, creating two auspicious scoring chances but ultimately failing to record any goals that game. He developed few months later and netted four goals in four games   by August that year. He had a facial resemblance with Samuel Eto’o and looked up to the Cameroonian legend as his mentor.

Hocine Yahi

Hocine Yahi is a former Algerian International footballer. He was born in April 25, 1960 in El Madanja, Algiers. He played at the 1982 FIFA World Cup with Algeria.  

Club career

Yahi joined his hometown club of CR Belouizdad at age 11. He went on to spend his entire domestic career there. He won the Algerian Cup in 1978 during his time there. They defeated USM Alger in the final 2-1 by penalties. 

He joined Northern Irish club Linfield F.C in 1990. He won the Gold Cup and reached the 1990 Floodlit Cup final during his brief spell at the club.  

His International career

Yahi represented Algeria at the 1979 FIFA World Youth Championship in Japan. He scored the opener against Mexico which ended 1-1 and started in all Algeria’s games at the competition.

Then, he featured for Algeria at the African Cup of Nations in 1982, 1984, 1986 and 1988. He scored once in 16 overall appearances in all four tournaments. 

Yahi was a member of the Algerian squad at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow in 1980. However, Yugoslavia eliminated Algeria in the Quarter-finals without him making an appearance. He also featured at the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain. He replaced Abdelmajid Bourebbou in the 31st minute in the final group against Chile. It was his only appearance and Algeria won the match 3-2.


  • Won the Algerian Cup  once with CR Belouizdad  in 1978
  • Won the Northern Irish Gold Cup  in 1990.

In conclusion, hope you understood the topic “How To Join CR Belouizdad Fc Academy”.

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