How to Join D.C. United Football Academy

We are going to discuss How to Join D.C. United Football Academy on this blog post. D.C. United Football Club is one of the elite clubs in the United States. This article will discuss on how to register with D.C. United Football Club, the eligibility requirements for D.C. United Football Club and how to attend their trials.

The D.C. United Youth Academy is the perfect place for aspiring young soccer players to learn from some of the greatest players in the country. One of the most prosperous clubs in the country has developed a world-class training facility that gives gifted young athletes the chance to hone their skills while attending one of Major League Soccer’s most prestigious teams. You can start on your route to joining D.C. United as a young soccer star by following these instructions, just like many of the game’s top players did before them.

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D.C. United Youth Academy

Youth soccer players have had the chance to hone their abilities in a professional setting since 1999 thanks to D.C. United, a Major League Soccer team situated in Washington, DC. The program’s objective is to find and develop gifted soccer players within a framework that will allow them to compete at the highest levels of international soccer competition. According to FIFA eligibility regulations and guidelines, as well as USSF and MLS player acquisition guidelines, players are chosen based only on their ability, without consideration of their race, color, religion, or country of birth. When applying to our academy program, you must

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Registering for D.C. United Youth Academy

Fill out the form on the right to sign up for a live information session at our academy, located at 2300 Shannon Place, Suite 100, Rockville, Maryland 20852. You should register for the session that is most convenient for you because these sessions are normally held on Fridays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm and Saturdays from 11:00am to 12:30pm. When you arrive, staff members will give you a thorough rundown of our youth academy program while giving you the opportunity to interact with other guests and learn what it’s like to be a DCU player. You will then have the chance to ask any last-minute inquiries while savoring food and beverages.

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How to Join D.C. United Football Academy

We receive more than a thousand inquiries for tryouts with our U-14 and U-16 teams each year. Each year, our program offers 120 roster spots at each of the two levels of young competition: Developmental and Player Development (PDL) (Academy). As a result, many great young players are left without a venue to demonstrate their abilities.

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Trials for D.C. United Youth Academy

Tryouts for the Washington, DC United youth academy teams are now open, so make a plan and start making an impact on the game of soccer. The following trials will begin at 9:00 AM on Saturday, July 8 at Bill Saxton Stadium in Vienna, Virginia, with a second audition scheduled for 10:00 AM on Sunday, July 9. See down for more information.

  • Depending on what they are searching for in their final roster, our scouting staff sends invites to excellent athletes throughout the region.
  • Registering online or showing up to trials with your A license are both options for players.
  • As long as they comply with our rules, players of all skill levels—from those under 12 to those over 18—are welcome.
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Requirements for D.C. United Youth Academy registration

A prospective player must meet the following requirements in order to get acceptance into the D.C. United Youth Academy: be 8 years old or older; be registered with a Premier or Associate club from their home state; have no prior ties to professional soccer; reside within the Metropolitan Washington DC (MAD) boundaries; be a citizen or permanent resident of the US who meets the eligibility requirements; and not have been selected by another MLS team through the MLS Super Draft.

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Qualifications for D.C. United Youth Academy

  • First of all, you have to be within the ages of 12-17
  • Moreover, academy players are only allowed to compete in DCPS high school sports.
  • Then you must be a resident of the District of Columbia, as defined by the limits provided out in 2-1201(2) of the Official Code of Regulations (DCMR).
  • Finally, the player must be a citizen of the United States and must sign a contract restricting their participation to one sport at any level while they play in D.C. United’s academy program. They also agree to refrain from representing any other U.S.-based soccer club or organization on an amateur or professional basis until their enrollment in our Program has come to an end.

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What are the costs for the academy?

The Development Academy charges a $1,000 annual tuition. We will deduct 50% from that amount if your child attends more than one of our games in a season; your final cost will be $500. (per game). Although the annual fee cannot cover another player in the event that a player leaves or joins, it is not refundable.

What if my child isn’t getting any playing time on his or her Development Academy team? What do I do?

Please visit us if you believe that your player has spent too much time on the bench. All players should receive playing time throughout their time in the Development Academy. Come discuss with us the reasons you believe they have been playing less frequently. Regardless of their skill level, we want them to feel a part of the team and engaged.

D.C. United

The top division of American soccer, Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference, features D.C. United, a professional soccer team based in Washington, D.C. In its home country, the team has won six Eastern Conference titles, three U.S. Open Cups, four MLS Cups (league championships), and four Supporters Shields (league regular season). The club has won the Copa Interamericana once, the only American team to have done so, and the CONCACAF Champions League once. It is, along with the LA Galaxy and New York Cosmos, the most successful club in American soccer in terms of titles won.

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The club, which debuted in Major League Soccer in 1995, has participated in every season since its initial campaign in 1996. Prior to relocation to the stadium designed specifically for soccer, Audi Field, in 2018, the team played the majority of its games at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium from 1996 to 2017. Since then, the club has played there.

One of the top teams in Major League Soccer and American soccer in the late 1990s, where it won the majority of its trophies, was D.C. United. Along with head coach Bruce Arena, players like Ral Daz Arce, Marco Etcheverry, Roy Lassiter, Jaime Moreno, Ben Olsen, and Eddie Pope helped the team win eight of their twelve major championships from 1996 to 2000. Under Piotr Nowak and Tom Soehn, the team won two Supporters Shield championships, a U.S. Open Cup, and an MLS Cup in the mid- to late 2000s. The club’s most recent significant trophy was the U.S. Open Cup, which they won in 2013 under Ben Olsen’s leadership.


The team managed by Olsen experienced mediocrity throughout the 2010s and the early 2020s, winning just one major trophy and missing out on many postseason appearances, including two last-place league finishes. In this period, United made some notable signings, including Wayne Rooney, and other homegrown players, such Bill Hamid, Andy Najar, and Kevin Paredes, started to have an influence on the team. Olsen served as head coach for eleven years before being fired in 2020 due to a succession of unsuccessful campaigns. Hernan Losada succeeded Olsen as club manager, serving in that capacity through 2022. Currently, English international and former United player Wayne Rooney is the club’s manager.


Before the 1994 FIFA World Cup, the USSF kept its pledge to FIFA by helping to establish a new professional league, which would later become Major League Soccer (MLS). Washington, D.C. was chosen by Major League Soccer (MLS) on June 15, 1994, to host one of the league’s inaugural seven franchises. Three more franchises joined before the league’s debut. The team’s name was chosen to be a reflection of European teams’ names, such as Manchester United or Leeds United, as well as the name of the American capital. During a presentation in New York City in October 1995, the team’s colors and initial logo were revealed, along with those of the other ten original teams.

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Early years and dynasty (1996–1999)

The club’s inaugural year was 1996. Bruce Arena became team’s head coach prior to the start of the current campaign. With six trophies in the club’s first two seasons under Arena, the team immediately established itself as one of the MLS’s premier clubs. Additionally, the club at the time had a number of American international stars, including Eddie Pope, John Harkes, and Jeff Agoos.

Inaugural season

In addition to being the first game ever played in Major League Soccer history, United’s opening game took place on April 6, 1996, at Spartan Stadium in San Jose, California, against the team then known as the San Jose Clash. United would fall to the Clash in the game, 0-1. The Arena’s role in helping the club achieve the first “double” in modern U.S. soccer history, however, served as the season’s defining moment. The team repeated its early success in 1997, repeating as MLS Cup champions and taking home their first Supporters’ Shield. They also became the first team in MLS history to win both the regular season championship and league championship, or the “league double.”

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The team won the Eastern Conference regular season and postseason titles in 1998, however they came in second place for the Supporters’ Shield and lost to Chicago Fire in the MLS Cup that year. Following the United States men’s soccer team’s dismal showing at the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Arena resigned from D.C. United in October 1998 to assume the position of head coach for the United States men’s national soccer team. Thomas Rongen, a Dutch manager who had previously led the New England Revolution, got the appointment to lead United in 1999. United won the MLS Cup in 1999 over their cross-country rivals, the Los Angeles Galaxy, in a repeat of the MLS Cup 1996, as well as their second Supporters’ Shield triumph with the roster, which was mostly assembled by Arena.

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Recent years (2021–present)

United appointed Hernán Losada, an Argentine, as manager for the 2021 campaign. The hiring was considered innovative and ambitious by the media. As head coach, Losada shifted the team’s emphasis away from a defensive strategy that relied on counterattacks and toward a high-octane offensive approach. Losada gave priority on fitness and speed, applying significant pressure to the opposition’s defense.


He only served as the team’s manager for the full 2021 campaign, in which they ended barely outside the playoff spots on the final day of the regular season. Losada stayed in command of United for the first two months of the 2022 season in spite of this. Losada had coached the team for around 14 months at the time of his sacking in April 2022 owing to clashes over coaching philosophy between the front office and Losada as well as a poor run of league results.

The front office, especially Dave Kasper and Jason Levien, came under fire from Losada, and management believed that this had damaged relations between coaching staff and front office personnel. Mario Mims and Mark Ingram Jr. joined D.C. United Holdings during this off-field period as small shareholders. The dismissal of Losada infuriated the fan base, who thought it was premature and revealed a lack of ambition on the side of the team. Longtime assistant coach Chad Ashton assumed interim leadership following Losada’s dismissal until July 2022, when the club recruited former player and former English international player Wayne Rooneyto serve as the team’s head coach.

D.C. United Football Club is one of the elite clubs in the United States. This article will discuss on how to register with D.C. United Football Club, the eligibility requirements for D.C. United Football Club and how to attend their trials.

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