Antalyaspor Youth Football Academy Trials

If you have been looking for how to join Antalyaspor Football Club then this article is for you. You will also find more information about Antalyaspor Youth Academy, Trials for the Antalyaspor Youth Academy, Criteria for Antalyaspor Youth Academy enrollment and Registration procedures for Antalyaspor Youth Academy.

 The Turkish youth academy of Antalyaspor Football Club is looking to grow, and they are currently taking applicants. Prospective young athletes will have the chance to be scouted by Antalyaspor FC, who already have a number of excellent players in their youth teams and are constantly striving to increase their ranks with the greatest young athletes in Turkey, when the new season begins. What therefore is required to get a foot in the door? If you’re interested in trying out for Antalyaspor Football Club the upcoming season, we’ve put together some information about how these trials operate and what you need to know!

Who ought to go?

The Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy trials are a must-attend event if you’re a gifted young footballer between the ages of 12 and 18, have good physical condition, and are willing to learn. The trials will take place on March 3 and 4 at the club’s practice facility in Antalya, Turkey.

What is the Youth Academy of Antalyaspor FC?

In the Turkish city of Antalya, there is a youth football academy called Antalyaspor Football Club. The academy has produced a number of professional footballers throughout the years and is home to some of the greatest young athletes in the nation.

How to Sign Up for the Youth Academy at Antalyaspor FC

You can enroll your child in the Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy whether they are a budding star or just starting out. What you need to know is as follows:

1. Children from 6 to 16 years old are all welcome to try out.

2. Both full-time and part-time programs are available at the academy.

3. On March 3 and 4, trials will take place at the Antalya Stadium.

4. Online or in person at the club office, registration is free.

5. Please bring a recent photo of your child and a copy of their birth certificate.

6. Visit the club website or phone 0242 532 532 for further information.

Trials for the Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy

1. Players born between 2002 and 2005 are eligible to participate in Antalyaspor FC’s youth academy tryouts.

2. The tryouts will be held at the club’s practice facility in Turkey’s Antalya.

3.Players that perform well in the trials will be given an academy spot.

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4. With the goal of assisting players in advancing to the first team, the academy provides professional training and education to its players.

5. Players that excel at the academy will be given the chance to play for Antalyaspor FC’s youth teams.

6. The institution also provides players from underprivileged backgrounds with scholarships.

7. If you’re interested in going to the tryouts, get in touch with the club for more details.

The advantages of going to a public trial

Players get the chance to be evaluated by a variety of coaches from various clubs during open tryouts. They get more exposure and have a better chance of getting noticed because of this. Players can assess their own skill level by comparing themselves to their peers during open trials, which is another benefit. Last but not least, going to an open trial is a fantastic way to network within the football community and make new acquaintances.

How to join the youth academy of Antalyaspor FC

Are you a young football player hoping to have a chance to sign with a pro team? Then you might want to check out the Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy trials.

What you need to know is as follows:

1. The club’s practice facility in Antalya, Turkey, will host the trials.

2. They accept participants ages 16 to 18.

3. To register, you must submit an online application and pay a €100 registration fee.

4. There will be two rounds of matches in the trials, and each round will last three days.

5. During the trials, athletes’ technical proficiency, tactical awareness, level of physical fitness, and mental toughness will be evaluated.

Requirement for Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy Registration

All players who wish to take part in the Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy trials must be members of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF). The following is the registration process:

The TFF office must receive a completed registration form, a passport-sized photo, and a copy of each player’s passport or ID card.

Residents of Turkey pay a registration cost of €100, while non-residents pay €200.

After that, each player will receive a TFF player ID card, which they must display during the trial.

Please visit their website or get in touch with their office directly for further details on how to register with the TFF.

Criteria for Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy Admission

Players must be aged between 10 and 18 to be eligible for the Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy tryouts. There is no set criteria for gender. All players must be able to run for extended periods of time and have a basic level of fitness and stamina. Although it is not necessary, players should have some prior experience playing organized football.

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To try out for the academy, potential candidates must first complete an online application. The academy staff will get in touch with qualifying players after the application has been received and will provide them with additional guidance on how to proceed.

Young players have a great chance to demonstrate their abilities and possibly land a seat at one of Turkey’s premier junior academies by participating in the Antalyaspor FC Youth Academy trials.

The trials’ frequently asked questions

1. What age must players be to take part in the trials?

2. How much prior experience is necessary?

3. How are trials conducted?

4. How much time are the trials?

5. How many athletes make the academy cut?

6. What are the advantages of joining the academy?

7. Are there any fees involved with joining the academy or taking part in the trials?

About Antalyaspor

Turkish professional football team Antalyaspor Kulübü is based in Antalya. The club’s emblem is white and red. The Antalya Stadium is where they have their home games. The club twice won Turkey’s First League, in 1982 and 1986, and placed second in the Turkish Cup in 2000 and 2021.


Three local teams (Yenikap, SuSpor, and lk) joined forces to form Antalyaspor in 1966. Işkspor and Ferrokromspor came together to form a club for Antalya, a coastal city. Before being promoted to the Süper Lig in 1982–1983, the team played in the lower divisions of the Turkish football league system. They played in the top division for two years before being demoted to the TFF First League at the conclusion of the 1984–85 campaign. Despite being elevated to the following season, they were once more demoted. Until the completion of the 1993–94 campaign, when they defeated Istanbulspor 3-2 in the championship match, they were active in the TFF First League. Their longest run in the Premier League didn’t begin until 2001–02.

The team participated in the UEFA Intertoto Cup twice in the UEFA

Once, a UEFA Cup. In 2000, they advanced to the Turkish Cup finals but fell to Galatasaray 5-3. The next year, Antalyaspor participated in the UEFA Cup, defeating Werder Bremen 2-0 before falling 6-0 in the return match.

After finishing one point outside of the relegation zone in the 2001–02 season, the team became demoted. After finishing second in the 1.Lig in 2005–06, the team earned promotion back to the Süper Lig. Pavol Straka scored the club’s 500th goal in Premier League play on December 3, 2006. They faced demotion to the TFF First League the next year before being promoted once more the following campaign. At the conclusion of the 2009–10 season, they came in ninth.

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After placing fourth in the regular season of the TFF First League in 2014–15, Antalyaspor defeated Samsunspor 6-3 in the play-off finals on June 7, 2015, and earned re-promotion to the Süper Lig, where they played for just one season.

Uniform and badge

The uppercase letters A and S on the club’s logo represent for Antalya and, respectively, Spor (sport) in Turkish. One of the many icons of the city of Antalya, the Yivli Minare, depicted in the center of these letters. The three Antalya teams, united by the three rectangular shapes on the Yivli Minare.


The first team had to move to Akdeniz University Stadium, which has a capacity of 7,083, as Antalya Atatürk Stadium started to fall into ruin in 2009. It is owned by Akdeniz University and is situated on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Construction on Antalya Stadium, the club’s new stadium, started in 2013. This stadium, newly opened in the summer of 2015, has 33,032 seats and extra training fields for hosting camps of European or Asian clubs. It also has a football park, an education center, a football academy, and a football park. The major thoroughfare “100. Yl Bulvar,” which runs directly south of the plot, inspired the stadium’s moniker “100. Yl” (Centenary). The name of this street honors Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the man who founded the Turkish Republic, on his 100th birthday.

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If you have been looking for how to join Antalyaspor Football Club then this article is for you. You will also find more information about Antalyaspor Youth Academy, Trials for the Antalyaspor Youth Academy, Criteria for Antalyaspor Youth Academy enrollment and Registration procedures for Antalyaspor Youth Academy.

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