How To Join Empoli Fc League Academy

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Now, let’s see how to join Empoli Fc League Academy.

About Empoli Football Academy

When you come to Italian football, you can find prestigious clubs there. One of them is Empoli F.C. The club came into existence in 1920 and is one of the pioneer clubs in Italy. Meanwhile, the aim of the club has always been, to groom youngsters, who will grow to be professional footballers. So, to achieve this Empoli F.C. employs the best coaches and staff to develop the skills of the young players. Statistically, the Italian National Team has over 85 professional players that are from Empoli’s academy. This is actually a good achievement for the club.

However, let us look at the club’s achievement in the 2020-21 season. The achievements are:

  • Elevation into Italy’s highest division, Serie A
  • Achieving the “Respect and Discipline” title
  • Winners of the U-19 division (Primavera)
  • Achieving the title for “Best Young Talent” by Tommaso Baldanzi.

About The International Scouting

It started in 2021 with the aim of recruiting young talents, to groom them into being professionals. Also, the major people benefiting from this are those people in Australia. They are able to access the academy to achieve their football dreams. The club ensures that the International coaches and scouts are well trained and experienced. This way, they will carefully select the players with the desirable qualities.

Engaging With Our Team

Mirko and Bessi were able to establish a local football academy in Australia, in 2020. Then, football clubs and academies were limited. So, these individuals reached out to Empoli F.C. to partner with them. That way, they can achieve their target. Knowing about the club helps to know how to join Empoli Fc League Academy

Mirko’s Role As The Director And Founder Of The Academy.

Mirko’s love of football didn’t start now, it started years ago. Although he had a job, he was still interested in football. During his time as a footballer, he played for the A.C. Milan satellite team. However, by 2016 he started grooming young players for a free term. As of 2018, he committed too much to the job.

In 2020, he fully assumed the role of a coach. With his knowledge, he assisted a club to establish its academy. With the emergence of Empoli Football Academy, Mirko can now merge the time of experienced working with his football passion.

Bessi’s Coaching Journey

Regardless of the fact that Bessi played for the German Youth League, his football career was basically in Italy. Meanwhile, as his passion for playing football grew, his passion for coaching also grew. As a result, he started looking for youth teams to coach. Finally, he found one in Mexico, which held him there for 3years. Subsequently, he found in UK and Australia. He had a good career coaching the U-13 team of Linfield F.C. where he won the “champion of the champion” title. Finally, he was able to coach the Empoli Football Academy.

The Club’s Working Scheme

The school term guides the academy’s schedule. So, if the academy can align its schedule with that of the schools, there would be high efficiency. Also, the scheme is dependent on age groups too. So, you can determine below, the club’s way of training and age groups.

How The Empoli Academy Plays

The academy seeks to culture individuality while maintaining collective abilities. Also, they practice ball possession and collective defense. In addition, the technical trainers carry the players on drills to sharpen their skills and techniques. While the tactical trainers try to condition their minds in different match conditions and how best to handle it. Most importantly, the academy employs psychologists, who train the players in efficient decision-making. Also, train them in the best way to handle pressure.

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The Age Groups In Empoli’s Academy

The Academy has a range of 3-13 years. So, training is specific to each age group, irrespective of gender.

Initial kicks

(Primi Calci)

Age 3-5

Certainly, this age bracket is still very young. So, they basically focus on games and fun. Therefore, the academy provides them with fun activities like the kicker’s program, that enable them to play and develop key skills. Meanwhile, the aim of this is to promote coordination and development of motor skills.



Age 6-7

Here, they still enjoy themselves and have fun. But, games that improve their social and interactive skills. They are also taught other virtues like punctuality, respect, and orderliness.



Age 8-9

In this age bracket, the focus is shifted from fun to learning skills like dribbling, speed, game awareness, and finishing. In addition to this are socialization, promotion of individual initiative, overcoming contact fear, promotion of punctuality, order, and respect for the equipment.

Skill Acquisition


Age 10-13

The predominant factors here are foot skills, speed, agility, fitness, and awareness. Players are to develop both physically and mentally. At this time, players already know what they want. So, they put in their all to achieve their goal.

The Road To Serie A

In Italy, Serie A is the highest level of competitive football. For any club to make it into the league, they must work hard. in Italy. Only the best players and teams play in that league. Empoli runs domestic scouting around Italy for prospective youth players. This way, they can evolve and play in the senior team.

The Academy also invites other Serie A academy clubs for friendly matches. This way, the players can develop their confidence, while promoting good interrelationships.

The Impact Of Teachers And Coaches

Without the influence of coaches and teachers in the academy, prolific and outstanding players will not emerge. Also, the club helps to create opportunities for them to coach other big clubs in due time.

Gaining Entrance Into Empoli Football Academy

Due to the open trial policy of the academy, there is a rush in an application. So, it is advisable to visit the academy’s website to apply. But, note that, only those within the age of 8 years are eligible. In addition, the club still offers forms for Football Academy Scholarships in Europe.

On the other hand, the academy scouts help to get youths to join the Empoli Football Academy. For international students, they can also apply through the club’s website. You can follow these steps:

  • Present a credible account of yourself. This includes contact and previous clubs if any.
  • The approval of the guardian or parents. Meanwhile, this applies majorly to players under 18 years.
  • Make sure you submit a video of yourself. Also, this applies majorly to international youngsters.

This is an extension on how to join Empoli Fc League Academy. However, hope you are following on the topic “How To Join Empoli Fc League Academy”.

Apply To Partake In Italy’s Best Football Development Program

The second-term registrations are now open. The program has certified and qualified coaches. Also, the program is designed to run for 10 weeks, beginning on April 10th, 2022.

The Age Groups open for application are:

First kicks 3 years to 5 years

Beginners 6 years to 7 years

Development 8 years to 9 years

Skill Acquisition 10 years to 13 years

This is an extension on how to join Empoli Fc League Academy.

Full Details Of Empoli Football Club

From the unification of Serie A in the 1920s to the 1970s

Initially, Italy had Foot Ball Club Empoli and the football section Unione Sportiva Empoli. Then, both came together as one. After the successful merge, the club got into the Group A of the Tuscan Promozione 1921–22. However, they joined the league of Terza Categoria, due to economic problems. Empoli performed well in that season and the next. As a result, qualifying for the final round which they also performed well.

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All this while, they competed in the Tuscan third division. However, in the 1926-27 season, they emerged winners of the Group A division. This earned them a spot in the interregional finals. During this period, the club was going through an economic crisis. This led to their refusal to be in the next championship of Prima Divisione. As a result, following the depreciation of the Seconda Divisione from third to the fourth tier. In the 1928-29 season, the club won the Tuscan Championship. This earned them a spot, back in the North Division of Prima Divisione.

Empoli went inactive for some time. Then, cam back to Prima Divisione as OND Empoli. With the energy, they won the Tuscan Group A again and moves to Serie C. Impressively, they performed well there. The club changed its name to OND Interaziendale Italo Gambaccioni Section Soccer of 1938. This name lingered till to 1941, when they changed it to Associazione Calcio Empol. The first Coppa Italia of the club came on 15 September 1935. Impressively, Empoli won the match against Pontedera with one goal to nil.

More Information

The club bore the name Sports Group Azelio Landing for a short time in 1944. Then changed it to Empoli Football Club after World War II. Empoli progressed to the Serie B where they performed very well until the 1945-46 season. That was when the club was relegated to Serie C. Along the line, the club sold most of its players in the summer transfer. They relegated to the Serie D in the 1955-56 season. Things were going well with the club as they were on the verge of relegating again.

After all the back and forth, they were able to come back to Serie C and spend 20 years.

The Events From the 1980s To 1990s

Gradually, the club became scalable. In 1984, they got into the Serie A. Without wasting time, they began to make their presence notable by winning matches. But, at the end of the season, they were fighting relegation. Consequently, they were relegated in two consecutive seasons. In 1989, they were sitting in the Serie C.

However, in 1996 they came back to Serie B, then to Serie A in 1997. Subsequently, they faced relegation from that point.

The Events From 2000

In at the early 2000s, Empoli was in the Italian Serie A. They kept improving from there, even qualifying for the UEFA Cup in the 2005-06 season. Due to the carelessness of the club’s management, they couldn’t compete. In the subsequent season, they also qualified for it. But, this time, the management didn’t take any chance. So, to make sure the club is a strong contingent, the management took constructive measures. They signed youngsters like Rincón, Ignazio Abate and Lino Marzoratti, Sebastian Giovinco, Claudio Marchisio and Rej Volpato.

Sadly, they couldn’t progress far even after all the signings. As a result, the club’s chairman sacked the coach, Luigi Cagni. Then, Alberto Malesani took over as the manager. He also had a bad tenure, which led to his dismissal. The club tested Cagni again. But, after another bad tenure, he willingly stepped down. Silvio Baldini took over for the 2008-09 managerial season. But, like the other managers, he had an unproductive tenure and got sacked.

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Their Stay In Serie B and Serie A

The club kept reshuffling coaches to find the one to salvage the poor situation. Sadly, they were still fighting against relegation in the 2011-12 season. In the 2012–13 season, the club finished fourth. They also moved to the Serie A in the 2013-14 season. Impressively, they maintained that top-flight spot for two seasons. In the 2016-17 season, they were relegated to Serie B. The club won the Serie B for the 2017-18 season. As a result, regained the Serie A spot. They relegated again in the 2018-19 season. But, come back to the Seria A in the 2020-21 season. This was after they won the Serie B title.

The Empoli’s Stadium-Stadio Carlo Castellani

The name of Empoli’s stadium is called Stadio comunale Carlo Castellani. Impressively, it serves various purposes and was built in 1923. Also, it has a capacity of 16,284. It bases on the viale delle Olimpiadi, Empoli. They commissioned it in 1965 and dedicated it to Carlo Castellani who is Empoli’s highest goal scorer. In addition, they renovated the Curva Sud not too long. Notably, the stadium has facilities for track events and other athletic events.

Empoli’s Head Coach 

The name of Empoli’s head coach is Aurelio Andreazzoli. His birth record is 5th November 1953. He began his managerial career with Roma in 2005 as an assistant coach. When the head coach left the club, they dismissed him. But, they called him back after two years. He was to assist Vincenzo Montella. He became the head coach on 2nd February 2013.

His debut victory came against Juventus. While his debut Derby Della Capitale against Lazio was a draw. He helped Roma win the Coppa Italia in the 2012-13 season. However, he left the club on June 12, 2013. While Empoli was still I’m Serie B, he took over as their coach. This was on 17 December 2017. He led them to the Serie A in the 2018-19 season but was laid off in November 2018. Not too long, the club reinstated him.

At some point in 2019, he coached Genoa. But, he didn’t last there. He went back to Empoli on the 21st of June 2021.

The Empoli’s Women’s Football Club -S.S.D. Empoli Ladies FBC

The name of the Empoli’s women’s football club is Società Sportiva Dilettantistica Empoli Ladies FBC. People generally know them as Empoli Ladies. They are located in Empoli, Tuscany, Italy. Also, they got their sporting license to be the professional female side of Empoli, in 2016. Interestingly, they have competed in the Serie A before moving to the Serie B.

The Background Details

The idea of the Empoli women’s league came from the link up with Castelfranco. So, In June 2016, the club owners created the female team. This was after they bought approximately 51% of Castelfranco di Sotto club’s shares. The first name they gave the female team was Empoli Ladies FBC. They came from the Serie B to the Serie A in the 2016-17 season. Their first season in the Serie A wasn’t impressive. As a result, they were relegated to the Serie B. However, they got back to Serie A, after performing well in the Serie B competition.

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