How To Join Genoa Fc League Academy

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In the club’s wisdom, they thought of a medium to bring youngsters who have the passion for football together. To this effect, they set up the Genoa Junior. So, when you access it, you get informations about the initiative. Also, it serves as a guide to preserve the youth nature and playing culture of Genoa.

Now, let us look into the topic “How To Join Genoa Fc League Academy”.

The Overview Of Genoa Football Club Academy In Italy

Without the Genoa Soccer Academy, the culture of the club will die. So, to maintain this culture and to also groom young talents, the club brought out the initiative of Genoa Soccer Academy. There, players will undergo training programs, refresher internships and demonstration training, to prepare them adequately.

To make this effective, managers and trainers put in extra effort. Therefore, whenever the see the Academy players else, they can be easily identified as Genoa Academy players. On the other hand, the Academy puts in effort to enlarge its coast. This is by establishing relationship with to companies that can promote them. The club also pushes for technical advancement. Impressively, they now have the GSA model for their technical staff to utilize.

The club now have a partnership with Kappa Sport as the official brand. This partnership has a lot of benefits to both parties. Let us look at some of them:

  • Access to the youth teams training facilities.
  • Application of the Genoa Soccer Academy logo on items by means of getting the Kappa Sport GSA Edition kit
  • Entrance into the tutorial segment of the site. There, you can watch training clips and other videos concerning the club.

Understanding the concept of the academy helps you know how to join Genoa Fc League Academy.

The Academy Kit

With the partnership of Kappa Sport GSA Edition kit, the club kit includes:

  • Socks, pants, t-shirt and tracksuit
  • A leisure kit comprising of bermuda shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit and jacket
  • A Duffle bag

The Tutorial Section

The tutorial section acts as a guide to associate companies, to enable them know the objectives and goals of the youth sector. So, to be able to obtain this, you have to create a username and password. After that, you can login and access the following areas:


Training Area

Healthcare area

Video Tutorial

Training schedules, Academy achievements and Technical assessment can be seen in the Forms area. Moreso, analysis of individual progress in the academy can be obtained there.

Different sessions make up the Training area. It includes Goalkeepers, Beginners, Pulcini, Piccoli Amici. Also, you can obtain the method by which trainings are conducted. In addition, you can know how the workout drills are fashioned by the technicians. This will be under the directive of the youth sector’s manager, Michele Sbravati.

The Healthcare area is a very important area. This is because, it involves taking care of health issues, nutrition and general health directive of the academy players. If they don’t give adequate to this area, there will be low efficiency in the club.

The tutorial area deals with the visual representation of the academy’s learning and training activities. So, when you access this area, you can learn the techniques and methods the club adopts.

About The Genoa Cricket And Football Club Youth Sector

The youth section section of Genoa football club is the Genoa Cricket and Football Club Youth Sector. Also, they have the under-19 team which participate in the Campionato Primavera 1 and the Coppa Italia Primavera. While, their under-17 team compete in the Campionato Allievi Nazionali.

An Insight On The Genoa Values Cup

What is the Genoa Values Cup all about? Its an embodiment of sports and fun activities for students in the primary and secondary schools. Genoa Cricket and Football Club established it in 2009. The aim is to improve social awareness and sporting efficiency, through education and recreation. By social awareness, it means, tolerating people’s diversity in culture and religion. This involves a large number of youngsters who engage in matches and fun activities. The zeal and optimism they possess, makes the activity fun.

Youngsters are able to obtain life changing values both on individual and communal level. The administratives of this project implement the UEFA standards to groom the players. However, they design the program in such a unique way. The Club’s Value Card play a role in the scoring of performance during the tournament.

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Most of the courses taught in the program involves: anti-racism, unity, aggregation and integration, fair play, healthy eating, importance of the territory, bullying, doping and disability. Impressively, prestigious bodies like the Ministry of Education, FIGC, etc, are now sponsoring the program. In the same vein, the FIGC awarded the program as the best initiative on the theme “Football and Lesson Hours”.

The Overview Of Genoa Football Club Academy In USA

The administrators of the Genoa Soccer Academy felt the need to bring the Academy to the United States. Developing players over there will be quite effective, as the number of interested young footballers keep increasing. The Genoa Cricket Football Club project is now in partnership with the Global Image Sports Agency. This way, the project will be dominant in the United States.

The Academy project in the United States

Gradually, the project is gaining grounds in the United States. Statistically, it is among the top 5 most practiced young sport. The MLS in U.S is observant on the increasing number too. Meanwhile, this project will enable those in he U.S to experience Italian football while imbibing good social values. Also, it is a way for moving the Genoa scouts and staff to observe how they play football over there. That way, they learn and apply it in their scheme.

On the aspect of the scouts, they can be able to sign and sell players with the Americans. This way, a healthy relationship is maintained.

The Mission Of The Project

The mission isn’t far fetched. It is simply to establish a platform for effective football tours and campuses. Also, this will create more experience and exposure to players and coaches. But, most importantly, the players will be able to obtain quality training, to enhance their skills.

The Contact Address

Global Image Sports

PO Box 270

3455 Peachtree Industrial Blvd,

Suite #305,


GA 30096

About Genoa’s Holiday Camp

This is a program organized for the purpose of sports and recreation. The coaches are responsible for organizing sporting activities. So, by engaging in them, you are able to develop your sporting abilities. The aspect of recreation and fun still has its own role. The young participants are able to imbibe good moral and social values by interacting with each other.

Those born between 2006-2014 are eligible to take part in the teams. After that, the organizers of the Youth Sector and Genoa C.F.C Soccer School draw the training program. It can be in form of exercises, tournament, drills or other basic techniques. But, the most important thing is that, they players develop their skills while enjoying themselves.

The summer camp is designed in two forms; Full camp and Daily camp. You can decide which one is preferably to you.

How The Camp Is Designed

The initial act is the meeting with rossoblù staff, parents and children. Then, the disclosure of the weekly program follows. Note, the appointment starts on Sunday at exactly 3:00pm. Also, they design the program to last for 4 weeks. Just like the opening of the event, the closing takes the same form.

The Technical Coordinators Of The Camp

This involves the staff of Genoa Youth Sector, who play different roles to ensure the effectiveness of the camp. They will take turns in carrying out their duties under the supervision of some technical staff. The names of the technical staff are: Michele Sbravati, Carlo Taldo and Andrea Bianchi. Some of the staff at the camp are:


Technician, ex Livorno, Savona, Sorrento, Treviso, Sangiovannese, ex player from Sorrento, Arezzo, Genoa, Livorno, Al-Ittihad.


Coach, former player of Eintracht Frankfurt, Udinese, Genoa, Modena, Chievo, Piacenza, Novara, Livorno, Bari, Cremonese.


Technician, former player of Genoa, Monza, Spezia


Technician, former player of Giulianova, Alessandria


Coach, former player of Genoa, Fiorentina


Coach, former player of Sampdoria, Chiasso, Montichiari, Caravaggio


Coach, former player Savona, Cecina, V. Lamezia, Aosta, Sanremese


Technician, former Genoa player.

Some Of The Trainers For Goalkeepers


Assistant Coach of the First Team Goalkeepers, former Genoa Primavera goalkeeper.


Coach of the Primavera goalkeepers, former goalkeeper of Sampdoria, Nocerina, Sestrese.

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Football and Women’s School Goalkeeper Trainer.


Youth Sector Goalkeeper Trainer, former goalkeeper of Cagliari, Belluno, Olbia, Nuorese, Alghero, Budoni, Savona.


Football and Women’s School Goalkeeper Trainer


Coach for Under 18 goalkeepers, former goalkeeper from Lavagnese, Savona, Bari.


Football School Goalkeeper Trainer.

How To Register For The Genoa Camps

This basically talks about how to join Genoa Fc League Academy.

Through Parents Or Guardian Registration

Parents or guardians can sign up with the designated forms. This will enable them gain exclusive passage to the secluded areas.

Registration As Children

Identify the designated form for children in the secluded or reserved area and sign them up. Also, submit the documents in request.

Camp Selection

The third step is to choose which camp to partake in. You can choose a full camp or daily camp. Also, you can choose the number of weeks of camp to partake in.

Final Registration

After crosschecking the details to ensure that it is in order, you can now proceed with the payments. You can always refer to the summary of the orders for reference purposes.

Now, let’s look at the steps on how to join Genoa Fc League Academy.

Gaining Entrance Into Genoa Football Academy

Due to the open trial policy of the academy, there is a rush in application. So, it is advisable to visit the academy’s website to apply. But, note that, only those within the age of 8 years is eligible. In addition, the club still offers forms for Football Academy Scholarships in Europe.

On the other hand, the academy scouts help to get youths to join the Genoa Football Academy. For International students, they can also apply through the club’s website. You can follow this steps:

  • Present a credible account of yourself. This includes contact and previous clubs if any.
  • The approval of the guardian or parents. Meanwhile, this applies majorly to players under 18 years.
  • Make sure you submit a video of yourself. Also, this applies majorly to international youngsters.

This is an extension of how to join Genoa Fc League Academy. However, hope you are following on the topic “How To Join Genoa Fc League Academy”.

Background of Genoa C.F.C

The name of Genoa professional football is Genoa Cricket and Football Club. They discovered the club on 7 September 1893. But, then it was answering Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club. On the other hand, it plays in the Serie A and is the oldest active Italian Professional Football club. Its major focus in the early times was athletics and cricket. Also, they represented England with white Shirts in synchronization to the England home shirt.

There were restrictions prohibiting Italians from being part of the club. But, then Piazza d’Armi served as a platform for Genoa’s activities. Gradually, the aspect of Genoa’s football became solid, credits to James Richardson for playing massive role. With time, they started allowing Italians to take part as they moved to Ponte Carrega. Genoa’s debut match was against a combined team of Internazionale Torino and F.B.C. Torinese. Sadly, they lost the match. But, they won the next one against UPS Alessandria.

Genoa’s Performance In The Championship

Around the 1890s, they have established the Italian Football Federation and the Italian Football Championship. This helped to strengthen the Italian football. However, Genoa debuted in the Italian Championship against Ginnastica Torino, on 8th of May 1898. It held at Velodrome Humbert in Turin. They went on to win Ginnastica Torino and Internazionale Torino. As a result, they registered their first win in the Championship.

A new season came with a new name, Genoa Cricket & Football Club and a new shirt color, white and blue vertical stripes. Genoa lifted the title for the second time on 16 April 1899. Then, their third title came just a year after. A historic event that took place in 1908 was the action of FIGC, approving the prohibition of foreign players. So, Genoa with other renowned clubs that were not in favour of the development withdrew from the FIGC competition.

After seeing the impact of the decision, FIGC reverted their stand. Therefore, Genoa and other clubs came back to the competition. Now, Genoa reshaped her team with new players like Luigi Ferraris, Daniel Hug and others. Also, they got a new ground in the Marassi area of Genoa. This ground has a capacity of 25,000. It was quite large and spacious. They commissioned it on 22 January 1911, as it is compared to prestigious British stadiums.

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The Club’s Walk Through Europe

At the beginning of the 1985 season, Simoni left the club. Then, Aldo Spinelli replaced him as Genoa’s manager. They couldn’t leave the Serie B in the 1986-87 season. Also, in 1987-88 season, they performed well, but couldn’t leave the Serie B. This lingered until the 1988-89 season, where they piled up their resources to make it to Serie A. At that point, they purchased a good instructor, Osvaldo Bagnoli who brought out the best in the players. They became eventual champions, being top of Bari.

Impressively, they made additional signings like Carlos Aguilera and Tomáš Skuhravý among others. As a result, the form of the team changed. They started performing well, winning big teams and finishing in the top four of the league. This was evident in the 1990-91 season. Subsequently, they qualified for the UEFA Cup in the 1991-92 season. They had a impressive journey through the competition, until they lost to Ajax in the semifinals. Genoa also rose against Liverpool, twice. This made it the first time an Italian side defeated Liverpool at their home ground.

In no due time, their beloved Osvaldo Bagnoli left the club, leaving them in the dreadful state. Due to poor management strategy, they club squad started depreciating. They escaped relegation in the 1994-95 season. But, engaged in a relegation decider with Padova, as both were tied on points. It held in Florence, with both teams proceeding to penalties, after a 1-1 draw. Sadly, Genoa lost and relegated to Serie B. In that period, they won the AngloItalian Cup.

More Information

As at 1997, a change of the club’s ownership occurred. As a result, the club kept changing managers. This led to a trying time to the club. Consequently, they experienced a lot of financial crisis and relegation battles. Before the club ownership changed, they had a record of three to four distinct owners and chairmen. Now, the current owner of the club is Enrico Preziosi.

Current Events Of The Club

Genoa managed to stay in the Serie B after the football federation increased the teams to 24. This was seen as controversial as it favoured Genoa. However, they picked up from there and started performing well. Impressively, they won the Serie B in the 2004-05 season. Consequently, they suffered a three-point deduction and a relegation to the Serie C for fixing match with Venezia. Genoa came to the Serie A in the 2007-08 season and finished on the tenth position.

When the summer transfer window was set, the club sold their striker, Marco Borriello and bought prospective players. Then, they qualified for the UEFA Cup in the 2008-09 season. Subsequently, they sold Milito and Thiago Motta to Internazionale. Then, they bought Hernán Crespo. Things fell apart for the club. There were high number of injured players, elimination from the major cup competitions and poor performance in the Serie A league.

In the 2010–11 season, Genoa was still not stable in their performance. Preziosi later left and Davide Ballardini replaced him. Genoa performed a bit better, winning the two legged derby with Sampdoria. But, they still fought against relegation until the 2012-13 season.

The 2014-15 season came with different dynamics. In as much as Genoa qualified for the UEFA Europa League, they couldn’t go. This was as a result of late application of license from the UEFA and low standard of proposed Studio Luigi Ferraris to hold UEFA football matches.

Foot Note

Genoa celebrated its 125th anniversary on 7 September 2018. It was a beautiful celebration as different groups moved around the city with flags and banners. Such that a banner of a couple of meter was used to commemorate the fall of the Ponte Morandi Bridge.

The Football Ground Of Genoa C.F.C

The name of Genoa’s C.F.C ground is Stadio comunale Luigi Ferraris. People also call it Marassi. They commissioned it in the 1911 as multipurpose stadium. U.C Sampdoria also make use of it as their stadium. As one of the oldest stadium and multipurpose stadium, it hosted rugby games with concerts.

Note, the death of Luigi Ferraris inspired the naming of the stadium as Stadio comunale Luigi Ferraris.

In conclusion, I hope you understood the topic “How To Join Genoa Fc League Academy”.

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