How To Join Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Youth Academy

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Youth Academy of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C.

Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C.’s policy includes developing the future wave of football players. With the academy, effectiveness in achieving so has been documented. From U-8 to U-23, they offer preparation for young athletes in all categories. Following a satisfactory Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy Tryouts, participants are selected for the team. The academy is proud to have some of China’s greatest modern infrastructure. Additionally, whereas the kids are at the academy, they are put through various levels of mentorship by professional sports specialists. The young players of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. are also subjected to extracurriculars. Like meet and greet with athletes, seminars, networking opportunities, etc.

Furthermore, sports therapists are hired in similar numbers to assist pupils in cultivating the ideal positive approach and sense of sportsmanship toward the round leather match. The Chinese Youth Development and Youth Super League competitions Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Youth Academy plays in assist them enhancing their competitive abilities for the round-leather match.

How to Enroll at the Youth Academy of Chengdu Rongcheng F.C.

Children can enroll in the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy in a variety of ways, including through straight enrollment or football open day tryouts. In conjunction with other qualifications, a specific degree of expertise is necessary.

The Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy upholds a philosophy that gives everyone a fair chance. The Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy has the following prerequisites for applicants.

  • Integrity in sports
  • Letters of permission from the parents, particularly for those under the age of 18.
  • Information ( Height, Position, fitness, e.t.c )
  • If you are enrolling straight out of high school, your academic credentials are from your place of study.
  • Positive teamwork.
  • Effective social skills.

How to Enroll

If you meet the aforementioned prerequisites, go ahead and reach the academy by visiting to learn more about the admissions process.

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Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Age-specific trials. We will highlight Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy U9, U10, U11, U13, and U14.

The Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy’s Scouting Procedure

Being recruited by Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy recruits is a necessary step in the process of joining the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Youth Academy, and you may do this by registering in one of the local football academies. The club has a wide network of football recruits that search the world for young, talented players. Parents and guardians should try to register their children in one of the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. soccer schools if they are already displaying remarkable abilities.

With years of expertise working with kids and young athletes, the club boasts the greatest staff. In conjunction, young players are introduced to the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy tryouts via football academies, particularly summer programs. Additionally, it is anticipated that the player will depart the academy in a finer condition than when he arrived.

The best applicants would be posted to the training institutes and assigned to various league levels depending on their ages following the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy tests. All of it, though, ultimately depends on the youth’s degree of ability.

How to Succeed in the Tianjin Jinmen F.C. Academy Tests

Tests continue to be a crucial part of talent identification. Many of the players at the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy were admitted after trials. We were also informed that young people who have demonstrated talent and mastery. But who are financially unable to pay the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy fees may be given a temporary football scholarship at the club.

  • It’s crucial that you show up for summer camps.
  • Always perform to your highest potential while maintaining excellent sportsmanship, particularly when engaging with colleagues.
  • Try to record your performances while practicing alone or competing in intercollegiate soccer tournaments.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and a desire to learn; this inspires coaches and scouts.
  • Attend all local open soccer tournaments whenever possible.

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Conditions / Qualifications Academy of the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C.

  • Available to all young, prospective football players worldwide with the aid of the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Recruits.
  • Parental approval is still required, particularly for those under 18.
  • If you are by now a member of a team, Academy wants to see your stats and archives.
  • An intense love of sports.

Scholarships to Consider


Enrollment Details for the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Football Academy

With the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Academy Recruits and Open Football tryouts, young people are admitted to the club. However, candidates, particularly foreign individuals, may also use the club’s website or a specific service to submit their applications.

  • Clearly describe who you are, your past clubs (if there are any), and your contact information.
  • Parents’ permission, particularly for those under 18 years old.
  • Try to send a video of yourself; this strategy works best for candidates from other countries.

Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Football Academy Registration Procedure

To start registering and learn more, go to the Academy’s main site at

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Jinmen Tianjin Lions F.C.

A professional Chinese football team was known as Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Football Club presently competes in the Chinese Super League with permission from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The squad is headquartered in Tianjin, and the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, which has a size of 54,696, serves as their home field. The People’s Republic of China’s state-owned company TEDA Holding, whose name is taken from the acronyms of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, is the team’s original proprietor.

Tianjin Football Club, the organization that preceded this one, primarily competed in the top division and won numerous domestic league and cup championships.

The club underwent a reorganization in 1993 to transform into an entirely professional football club. Ever since they have finished second in the 2010 Chinese Super League season and claimed the 2011 Chinese FA Cup. Only 4 teams, Shandong Luneng Taishan, Beijing Guoan, and Shanghai Shenhua, have spent all fifteen seasons in the top division of the Chinese Super League. The other 3 clubs are Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shenhua. Yu Genwei and Li Weifeng are prominent team members.

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With a team valuation of $84 million and an anticipated income of $15 million in 2015. Tianjin is ranked as the eighth most profitable football team in China by Forbes.

Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. Background

Football Club of Tianjin

The North China Football Team was founded in 1951 by the local government sports body, which also resolved to combine the finest players from Beijing and Tianjin to compete in China’s inaugural completely nationalized football league event.

The football squad in the 1910 multi-sport Chinese National Games that likewise covered the same regions served as the inspiration for the team identity.

As the football league progressively expanded, the team was permitted to break away from Beijing and was reorganized as the Tianjin Football Team by the local government sports body in 1956. The team ultimately finished 4th in their inaugural season. The majority of the players were from the United White team, which fell to the United Red side in the 1956 Chinese National Olympic Football Trial finals.

The team competed in the then-expanding 1957 Chinese National Football League, where they finished the season as runners-up.

Zeng Xuelin, an erstwhile team captain, was hired by the club in 1959 and promoted to manager. Zeng Xuelin repaid the club’s good faith by leading them to the league and Chinese FA Cup titles in 1960.

Tianjin would now consistently fight for the championship for the following many seasons, but the Cultural Revolution put a stop to football in the nation, and when it was resumed, Zeng Xuelin had already moved to enroll the Beijing Football Team establishment.

The team was managed by Sun Xiafeng, who ensured Tianjin remained a dominant force in the league by leading the team to runners-up position at the close of the 1974 league season, where they barely won the league trophy to Bayi Football Team on goal differential. But, his tenure with the club was brief, and the next period of success didn’t come until Tianjin hired Yan Dejun in 1977.

He would later put together a team made up of promising indigenous players like Lü Hongxiang, Zuo Shusheng, and Chen Jingang after his first few seasons were not very spectacular. When Tianjin finally claimed the league title at the close of the 1980 league season, it was the culmination of the players he had put together maturing.
The club would now have a continuous source of young players coming into the team to compete for spots, making sure the 1980 championship win wasn’t a one-off when the club claimed the 1983 North League title. Tianjin was now permitted to field a B team within the 2nd division.

Nevertheless, although getting close numerous times, Yan Dejun would depart the squad in 1987 and this would be his final trophy with the organization.

Regrettably for the club, this was a time of transition and they were demoted to the 2nd division at the conclusion of the 1991 league match as the Chinese Football Association began to seek more competence from all Chinese clubs.

An unusual decision was made by the club’s leadership to skip the 1992 league season in favor of spending the entire year in the Netherlands training the team for complete professionalism, which the team adopted in 1993.


By 1994, the Chinese football leagues had become completely professional. Tianjin hired Lin Xinjiang to manage the team, and under his leadership, the team finished the season as runners-up and was promoted back to the top division.

After being promoted back to the upper division, the team quickly signed its first sponsorship agreement with Samsung in 1995. On the ground, they performed really well to stay in the league until Lin Xinjiang left the team, after which they were swiftly demoted back to the 2nd division at the conclusion of the 1997 league season.

In order to create Tianjin TEDA F.C. for the beginning of the 1998 Chinese league season, the TEDA Group (whose name is an acronym for Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area) purchased the team on February 16 for 50 million yuan.

The team would hire their first-ever foreign coach and get promoted back to the top level the very next day.

The club frequently found itself in the bottom half of the league as it battled to stay in the upper tier. While this may have been enough to keep the club from being demoted in prior episodes, the Chinese Football Association resolved to use an averaging structure for the 2003 league season that would also take into account the league outcomes from the prior year.

The team seemed on the verge of being demoted once more unless they defeated championship contenders Shanghai COSCO Sanlin in the season’s final league match, which they shockingly achieved by winning the match 2-1. The general manager Yang Yifeng enticed the Shanghai COSCO Sanlin players Shen Si, Qi Hong, Jiang Jin, and Li-Ming to forego the match, which led to the realization that the outcome was seeming unreal.

The Chinese FA made the decision to penalize the club retrospectively on February 18, 2013, with a 1 million Yuan fine and a 6-point reduction at the start of the 2013 Chinese Super League season, in an effort to repair its reputation after being accused of match-fixing.

Whilst also changing its name to the Chinese Super League, Tianjin continued to compete in the top division of China. In 2007, they also partnered with Melbourne Victory of the Australian A-League.

Before the club hired erstwhile player Zuo Shusheng to manage the team during the 2008 league season, they had little success. However, under his leadership, they were able to make their first-ever entry into the AFC Champions League.

The club hired Li Guangyi as their new general manager at the start of the 2009 league season; but even so, on August 18, throughout a practice session, the players went on strike upon learning that he desire to modify the club’s payment system, which would have reduced the players’ wages. The strike didn’t stop until the club’s holder, Liu Huiwen, spoke with the players’ delegates.

Chinese internationals Yang Jun and Han Yanming, as well as Chinese U-23 player Tan Wangsong, would be frozen out of the team following the strike and subsequently dismissed, while back on the field, the club’s fortunes would deteriorate as they were unable to repeat their success from the former season.

Arie Haan, a previous Chinese international manager, was hired by the team the subsequent season, and he led them to a runners-up finish at the close of the 2010 league campaign. In the 2011 AFC Champions League, he would then prompt the team to a last-sixteen finish. In the 2011 Chinese FA Cup, he would lead the team to their 1st professional trophy.

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They battled and fell in the standings in the following years, finishing one position above the bottom in the 2018 Chinese Super League. In 2019, they made a brief recovery and finished in the seventh position, but things only got worse from there.

TEDA finished the regular part of the 2020 season in the bottom position, with a scoreless league season consisting of only three ties, amid the attempts of dismissing German Uli Stielike and substituting him with Wang Baoshan to strive for good developments midway through the season. A scoreless season for TEDA made it the first team in CSL existence. (Again, excepting special playoffs in 2020 because of the effects of COVID-19).

In conjunction, both TEDA and any team in CSL annals have had the lowest season ever in perspective of points. As a result, many of TEDA’s supporters became outraged in public. Many of them used social media sites like Weibo to voice their scathing criticism of the team, the athletes, the coach, and club executives.

However, they prevailed in 2 of the 6 demotion playoff games. So as a result, they unexpectedly finished in 10th rank.

Spectacular comeback

Following the close of the 2020 season, a number of reports have made it known that the TEDA group will be disbanding the team.

Players started to sever their contracts and join other teams, and the team did not reassemble for winter preparation.

Many people alleged that their wages had not been paid.

When it was decided that the team might not compete in the 2021 CSL, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger faltered to post entrance documents for the 2020 season on February 28, 2021, despite the team’s continued silence on the matter.

Then, on March 23, the day the CFA was meant to release the admission list for the 2021 season, reports indicated that Tianjin Jinmen Tiger will re-submit the required documents for involvement, even though the release had apparently been delayed.

A few days afterward, Tianjin Tigers has formally added to the list of 2021 CSL clubs, signaling a significant comeback.

Names past

  • 1956–92: Tianjin (天津市足球队).
  • 1993–97: Tianjin F.C. (天津足球俱乐部)
  • 1998–2020: Tianjin TEDA (天津泰达)
  • 2021–: Tianjin Jinmen Tiger (天津津门虎)

Tianjin Jinmen Tiger FC’s playing fields
In Tianjin, China, there is a pro football stadium called TEDA Football Stadium (Chinese: 泰达足球场). It was constructed in 2004 and has a capacity of 37,450 individuals. It is the site of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C.

The stadium was created by the Australian architectural firm Peddle Thorp Architects and is situated in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA).
The Tianjin Olympic Center, commonly known as the Water Drop (Chinese: pinyin: Shud), is a sports facility featuring a multi-use stadium in Tianjin, China (simplified Chinese: traditional Chinese: pinyin: Tinjn olnpkè Zhngxn). August 2003 saw the beginning of construction, which was finished in August 2007. It is Tianjin TEDA’s home field.

The stadium served as the site of preliminary football matches at the 2008 Summer Olympics and matches for the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The 2017 Chinese National Games’ athletic activities were also held there.

It has a 78,000 square meter footprint and 54,696 seating spaces. Its dimensions are 380 meters (1,250 feet) in length, 270 meters (890 feet) in width, and 53 meters in height. Because the exterior of the stadium was created to mimic a drop of water, it has earned the moniker “The Water Drop.”

The stadium was over 1.5 billion Yuan in price. AXS Satow was an architectural firm.

A football game between Tianjin TEDA F.C. and the Spanish team Real Madrid was played there in 2011.

The stadium has gyms, exhibition galleries, meeting rooms, and athletic amenities. Additionally, it has the space for malls and leisure facilities. Mariah Carey, an American singer and recording artist, gave The Elusive Chanteuse Show in the stadium on October 17, 2014. Hence marking her as the sole foreign performer to tour Tianjin.

Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C. competition

Regional rivalries involving Beijing Guoan and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger are known as the Jing-Jin derby.

The North China Football Team, which later separated into Tianjin and Beijing, is where both teams can discover their origins.

Since that time, both clubs have largely stayed in the top division of Chinese football, maintaining a persistent competitive schedule that has resulted in fierce games that have overflowed onto the streets and caused property damage in addition to further escalating their connection. Additionally, Tianjin Tianhai were seen as competitors in current years as a result of the division of some Tianjin supporters. In the 2019 season, both teams played on the same field. However, this competition ended in 2020, which was accompanied by Tianhai’s collapse.

Club work experience

He started playing football in 1994 for Tianjin Teda (formerly referred to as Tianjin FC), where he soon made a name for himself as an offensive midfielder by scoring Ten league goals and aiding Tianjin in their advancement to the top division.

At the conclusion of the 1996 league campaign, he would eventually earn the Chinese Football Association Young Player of the Year award after helping Tianjin become a regular in the top division. Tianjin will have a dismal season in the league in 1997, finishing 11th and being demoted from the top division.

But, Yu Genwei would remain with Tianjin for the entire 1998 league season in order to support their campaign for instant advancement, which they were successful in obtaining when they claimed the second division. Yu Genwei would stay with Tianjin for the remainder of his tenure to assist elevate them into the upper echelon yet again.

International work experience

Yu Genwei made his Chinese senior team public appearance on August 30, 1997, in a practice match against South Korea, which ended in a 0-0 tie. He had just earned the 1996 CFA Young Player of the Year award.

His outcome was deemed decent enough to earn him a spot in numerous teams for China’s futile attempt to qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Even so, due to a decline in pattern and Tianjin’s exclusion at the conclusion of the 1997 league season, he would be left out of prospective squads until he regained his form. Yu would have more opportunities to compete for China when the current Chinese Head Coach Bora Milutinovi had him in a friendly match against North Korea on August 3, 2001, which ended in a 2-2 tie. Yu had found his goal-scoring structure and Tianjin was back in the upper division.

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He went on to become a crucial part of the Chinese team after that match. And also in a crucial qualification match against Oman that helped China earn a spot in the 2002 FIFA World Cup, he scored his maiden goal.

Jinmen Tianjin Players from Tiger FC

David Jarvis

David Andjar Jiménez, a central defender for Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, was born in Spain on August 21, 1991.

Club work experience

Andjar, a Madrid native-born in Torrejón de Ardoz, graduated from the AD Torrejón CF development program and made his senior club appearance at the regional levels in 2009. He remained in the bottom echelons after signing with CD Coslada in 2012.

Jinmen Tianjin Manager for Tiger FC

Yu Genwei (Chinese: ) was an erstwhile Chinese national team football player who spent his complete playing career with Tianjin Teda as an attacking midfielder or striker. He was born on January 7, 1974.

He competed in the 2002 FIFA World Cup and served the Chinese football team internationally.

Andjar, a dependable starter and captain for Coslada, signed with CD Móstoles URJC on July 2, 2016, and moved back to the fourth level.

He signed a deal with CF Rayo Majadahonda of Segunda División B the next day, on June 17.

Andjar was a natural first-choice, and he helped his team to their first-ever promotion to Segunda División by scoring 3 goals in 34 outings. He started his official career on November 11 in a 2-0 home victory over UD Almera despite suffering an accident.

After being demoted, Andjar signed a two-year contract with FC Cartagena in the 3rd tier on July 11.

By starting every game, he contributed to the team’s advancement to the 2nd level in 2020.

Andjar left the Efesé on March 20, 2022, following the club’s announcement of his moving to an unknown international team.

Fan Yang (footballer, born 1996)

Yang Fan, a Chinese football player presently on loan from Beijing Sinobo Guoan, plays for Tianjin Jinmen Tiger in the Chinese Super League (Chinese: pinyin: Yáng Fn; born 28 March 1996)

Club work experience

Together with Yang Wanshun, a colleague from Tianjin Songjiang, Yang Fan entered Yancheng Dingli in 2016. Uli Stielike, the manager of Tianjin TEDA in the Chinese Super League, spotted him during the 2017 campaign.

Following a satisfactory test, he was moved to Tianjin TEDA on February 28, 2018.

On March 3, 2018, he earned his club appearance by playing the entire 1-1 home tie with Hebei China Fortune.

However Yang Fan will enter the squad, Beijing Guoan declared on February 3, 2020.

International Work Experience

Yang Fan earned his national football team appearance on December 15 against South Korea in the 2019 EAFF E-1 Football Championship, which China lost 1-0.

Tianyi Qiu

Qiu Tianyi, a competitive Chinese football player who now competes for Tianjin Teda in the Chinese Super League, was born on January 31, 1989, in Shenyang, Liaoning.

Club work experience

When Qiu Tianyi was a young child, his father urged him to pursue a career in football. But by the 2006 Chinese league season, he had accomplished this goal when he was raised to the senior team of football club Harbin Yiteng F.C., which had just earned advancement to the 2nd division upon finishing as runners-up to Beijing Institute of Technology FC.

The club however overcame exclusion and ended twelfth the succeeding season. And Qiu established himself as a regular member of the squad. Despite playing in eighteen more gameplay to solidify his position within the team, he was unable to prevent the team’s exclusion at the close of the 2008 league season when the team ended last in the standings.

While Qiu was still with the team, he was unable to help the team get promoted right away, and they disappointedly placed #5 in the group phase.

Qiu joined top-flight Shanghai Shenhua at the start of the 2010 league season. Although he skipped the bulk of the campaign because of a fractured arm until November 6, 2010, when he earned his club appearance in a league match against Shandong Luneng in a 5-2 loss when he came on as a delayed substitution.

In the very next season, Qiu saw more action and made ten performances. But it wasn’t until the 2012–13 league campaign that he established himself as a regular member of the squad. On May 6, 2012, in a league match against Liaoning Whowin F.C., Qiu netted his 1st goal for the club, resulting in a 1–1 tie.

Qiu transferred to Tianjin Teda of the Super League on January 9, 2017.

On April 2, 2017, he will earn his league appearance in a 2-0 win over Chongqing Dangdai Lifan F.C.

International work experience

Upon establishing himself as a dependable player for Harbin Yiteng, Qiu was quickly selected for the Chinese U-20 side and was part of the group that competed in the 2008 AFC U-19 Championship. He participated in 3 matches in the competition as China was eliminated by Uzbekistan on November 8, 2008, in a 4-3 penalty kick following a 0-0 tie.

Qiu was hence given a promotion to the Chinese U-23 team on June 23, 2010. Also, he participated in a friendly match against a local Chinese team, Hunan Billows F.C., where he made his first appearance and tallied in a 2-1 loss for China.

Jiarun Gao

Gao Jiarun is a Chinese football player who competes for Tianjin Teda in the Chinese Super League (simplified Chinese: traditional Chinese: pinyin: G Jirùn; born 24 April 1995).

Club work experience

On February 26, 2016, Gao Jiarun transferred from another Chinese Super League team Guangzhou R&F to Tianjin Teda’s backup squad.

In July 2016, he was however elevated to the first team roster.

In accordance with the new league rule requiring at minimum one Under-23 player to be in the starting lineup, Gao earned his senior appearance on May 7 in a 1-1 home tie over Liaoning FC. Li Yuanyi replaced Gao in the sixteenth min.

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