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The Udinese Grooming Camp

Since 1995, the Udinese side has been regular in the Seria A competition. They take part in different European contests. Also, they serve as a model, as they own their football ground and are in close association with Watford. Similarly, our ability to explore talents has gained us worldwide acknowledgment. Such countless outstanding players wore the club’s well-known colors during the early long stretches of their professions. As a result, Udinese Academy came on board.

This is the introductory aspect of how to join Udinese Fc League Academy.

An enormous family that traverses Italy

The new Udinese Academy came to form under the stewardship of Alec Bolla. Meanwhile, the will of the club is noticed through its obligation to advance the revelation and sharpening of maturing talents. It hopes to achieve this with the assistance of the best native beginner groups. However, the club is completely associated with the undertaking, with the amazing skill of its specialized help group, which is made up solely of Udinese mentors with the capacity to change the present stars into the upcoming hotshots.

The Udinese Academy Adopts Its Wears From Macron

Udinese Academy partners with MACRON for their wear. The renowned athletic apparel brand has raised the bar in Europe for a specialized dress for the young people at Udinese Academy.

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Integrated Project

The educators of the youth area and their experts prepare to show the Udinese Calcio playing way. Consequently, they show the preparation standards and relate to issues of the academy.

An Insight Of The Academy.

The transmission on Udinese Tv was devoted to the Udinese Academy world and the sixty partnered organizations conveyed all through the Italian region. An unequivocally wanted scheme that means to spread the word about the club.

The program is noticeable on Canale 110 in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto, 5110 of ‘SKY’. In addition, it is aired all through Italy on www.udinesetv.it. They show it on Saturday evening at 18.30 and reruns on Sunday morning at 11.30.

However, they upload the same content on the Udinese Tv Channel Academy segment. Then upload some features on the official Udinese Academy social channels. This is an extension on how to join Udinese Fc League Academy.

The 2022 Udinese Summer Encampment

The mid-year occasion that brings kids within 6 to 14 together with the Udinese Calcio mentors. This program considers the age and qualities of the players. Meanwhile, the goal is to enhance essential techniques and qualities.

An Overview Of The Udinese Calcio Football Club

It is important to know about the club as it will help you know how to join Udinese Fc League Academy. Udinese Calcio, otherwise called Udinese, is an Italian football club situated in Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The club competes in the Italian Serie A.

They created it as a sports club on 30 November 1896. Then, as a football club on 5 July 1911. Meanwhile, the home kit is high contrast striped shirt, dark shorts, and white socks. The club communicates on channel 110 (Udinese Channel) on computerized earthbound TV in the northeast of Italy. It has many fans in Friuli and the encompassing regions.

The most effective method to Join Udinese Football Academy

The Club has an entryway strategy that offers everybody an equivalent chance. The cycle we will give underneath is likewise useful while searching for how to join a Football Academy in Europe. Moreover, a lot of the necessities are likewise realistic in Football Foundation Scholarships in Europe. Udinese Youth Academy preliminaries, Udinese Academy enrollment, Udinese Academy Players, Football Academy Scholarships in Europe.

Young people within 8 years have a spot in Udinese Junior Camp. Please, be attentive to details as it will help you know how to join Udinese Fc League Academy.


The club scouts play a major role here. They acknowledge who gets a chance to register. In any case, applicants under International understudies can likewise apply through the club’s site.

  • Give a great account of yourself, past clubs [if any], and contact.
  • Guardians assent particularly for those under 18 years.
  • Evidence of monetary need if applying for Udinese Academy Scholarships.
  • Try to present a video of yourself, this strategy applies basically to International candidates.

One can visit the official Academy site udinese.com/en/academy/udineseacademy/all-the Udinese-academies to start enrollment and figure out more.

Background Of Udinese Football Club

Year Of Establishment and Old Method Of Operation

1896 is the founding year of Udinese Calcio. It came as a part of the Società Udinese di Ginnastica e Scherma. In its debut year, the club won the Torneo FNGI in Treviso beating Ferrara 2-0. But, they don’t regard it as an official title.

However, a few gymnasts of Udinese, led by Luigi Dal Dan, established the A.C. Udinese on 5 July 1911. The new side made its presentation in a well-disposed match against Juventus Palmanova and won 6-0.

It was exclusively in 1912-13 that Udinese previously partook in an authority FIGC title. In that year they signed up for the Campionato Veneto di Promozione, which comprised only three groups. With two triumphs against Padova (3-1 and 5-0), Udinese completed the competition as the runner up behind Petrarca and was elevated to first-even out Prima Categoria

In Prima Categoria, Udinese didn’t come to the national stage. They were consistently taken out in the Eliminatoria Veneta.

The 1920-21 Coppa Italia final

This was a very special season for the club. The Friulano side was defeated in the Eliminatoria Veneta. Meanwhile, this was critical because it was the introduction of Gino Bellotto, who is as yet the player who has played the most seasons with Udinese, enjoying 17 seasons with the Zebrette.

In 1922, Udinese, exploiting the shortfall of large clubs, entered the FIGC Italian Football Championship and arrived at the Coppa Italia final. But, sadly, they to Vado.

Events kept building up in the association. Consequently, Udinese completed second in Girone Eliminatorio Veneto. As a result, they stayed in the top class for the following season, despite a change of the titles that diminished the number of groups in the opposition.

On the other hand, the 1922-23 season was a heartbreaking one for Udinese. Consequently, they faced relegation. In the same vein, they faced debt challenges in 1923. On 24 August 1923, AS Udinese was isolated from AC Udinese Friuli, and the club had to set up a financial plan and an independent board. All debts were paid by President Alessandro Del Torso through the offer of a portion of his canvases and Udinese could consequently join the Second Division in which they came fourth.

However, the subsequent year was different. It was a significant season for the club. The group was included in Group F II Division. The title was exceptionally even. A remarkable moment was the tie between Udinese, Vicenza, and Olympia River to win the title. End-of-the-season games were expected to decide who might arrive at the last round.

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More Information

The game took a different turn as Udinese beat Olympia in a season finisher 1-0 and drew 1-1 with Vicenza. In the playoff standings, Udinese and Vicenza were still leading the pack with 3 points each. Another play-off was then played to decide the victor. After a first experience completed 0-0, Udinese lost a replay 2-1 yet was granted the success as Vicenza fielded an ineligible player, a Hungarian called Howard. Udinese arrived at the finals instead of Vicenza.

Most importantly, in the last round, Udinese completed first and was promoted, then Parma, to First Division. In the accompanying season, Udinese completed tenth and was relegated once more.

Be that as it may, the arrangement of the title was again changed and Udinese had another opportunity to recover their spot in the top class. They contended at the end of the season games with seven other sides for the option to play in Serie A. The champ would stay in the first class. The club, be that as it may, lost the season finisher against Legnano and lost their position in the top class.

Remarkably, they still maintained their spot in the Second Division when Serie A and Serie B were made. Consequently, the Udinese side fell into the third level (Terza Serie). The primary season in Terza Serie was a victorious one and Udinese was elevated up to Serie B.

Events In The 1930s and 1940s

The club didn’t stay long in the Serie B. It was just for two years. However, in 1932-33, the club came to the third division. Udinese stayed in the third level (later renamed Serie C in 1935) until 1938-39, while coming next in Girone Finale Nord di Serie C, they were advanced to Serie B.

The Zebrette stayed in Serie B for twelve years, with normal exhibitions, and were relegated to Serie C toward the finish of the 1947-48 season because of a change of the titles. This assignment, in any case, was trailed by two sequential advancements, what’s more, on account of a phenomenal runner-up finish in the Serie B 1949-50, the Friulano won a memorable promotion to Serie A.

The Ordeal In The 1950s

This was also a phenomenal year for the club. Udinese stayed in Serie A for five seasons and nearly guaranteed a noteworthy Scudetto in the 1954-55 season when they came next just behind Milan. It was after that season, notwithstanding, that Udinese was relegated in light of an offense committed on 31 May 1953, the last day of the title, which was uncovered two years after. They returned to Serie A the next season and notably ended fourth.

The 1960s and 1970s Events

There ought to be good and bad times. Consequently, a drop in performance followed suit after the great seasons. The club has been through ups and downs. In any case, Udinese was previously relegated down to Serie B in 1961-62 and afterward to Serie C in 1963-64. Udinese stayed in C for about fifteen years, missing advancement back to B on various events. It was shortly after the 197778 seasons that the Friuliani, drove by director Massimo Giacomini, got back to B winning Girone A. In a similar season, they won the Coppa Italia Semiprofessionisti, beating Reggina, and won the Anglo-Italian Cup.

The Events Of 1980s: Mitropa Cup and the outrage of 1986

At this point, Massimo Giacomini was the Udinese manager. Udinese won Serie B in that season. Furthermore, they came back to Serie A. This was after 20 years. In their most memorable year back after a lengthy one, the group made due after a frustrating fifteenth spot finish. Meanwhile, in Europe, they fared a lot better, winning the Mitropa Cup, a European Cup.

Subsequent seasons saw the group figure out how to endure transfer with practically no specific trouble. In addition, dealing with an amazing 6th spot in 1982-83. Around then Udinese had on its books one of the club’s unequaled most noteworthy players, the Brazilian midfielder Zico. Toward the finish of the 1985-86 season, the group was entangled in a wagering embarrassment and was punished nine points for the 1986-87 season. Despite a frantic rebound towards the end of the time, Udinese was relegated to Serie B. Had they not been deducted points, Udinese would have made due.

Their European encounter in the 1990s and mid-2000s

After that year, Udinese was elevated to Serie A and consigned back to B on a few events. This present circumstance went on until the 1995-96 season, from which point on, they laid down a good foundation for themselves in Serie A.

In the 1996-97 season, Udinese was set to participate in the UEFA Cup under the directive of Alberto Zaccheroni. In the accompanying season, they dealt with a third-place finish behind Juventus and Internazionale, to a great extent because of Oliver Bierhoff’s 27 goals.

However, in March 2001, Luciano Spalletti was selected chief, supplanting Luigi De Canio. Spalletti figured out how to lead the group to endurance on the penultimate matchday

The amazing fourth-place finish toward the finish of the 2004-05 season saw Udinese accomplish their most memorable capability for the UEFA Champions League throughout the entire existence of the club. At the end of that equivalent season, Spalletti reported his goal to leave Udinese.

Subsequently, Udinese played in the Champions League starter round, beating Sporting CP 4-2 in the total. Udinese was attracted to an intense gathering close to Panathinaikos, Werder Bremen, and Barcelona.

Foot Note:

Notwithstanding a 3-0 win over Panathinaikos, with Vincenzo Iaquinta scoring a hattrick, the club didn’t proceed to the knock rounds. coming in third in their group, equivalent on points with second positioned Werder and behind possible bosses Barcelona.

Recent Achievements

Following a year in the Champions League, Udinese completed 10th and returned to mid-table unremarkableness. The defining moment happened throughout the mid-year of 2007 when the club declared the arrangement of Sicilian supervisor Pasquale Marino and made different quality buys including Fabio Quagliarella and Gökhan Inler.

Just like another previous season, the 2007-08 season began well with a draw at home against champions Internazionale, in any case, the energy was immediately deleted after the principal home match which completed in a 5-0 misfortune to recently advanced Napoli. After this match, Udinese’s fortunes changed, beginning with a triumph over Juventus because of a late Antonio Di Natale goal. Udinese stayed in conflict for the fourth Champions League spot with Milan, Fiorentina, and Sampdoria for the rest of the time, in any case, completed in the seventh spot, meeting all requirements for the UEFA Cup.

Towards the beginning of the 2008-09 season, during the public interview to introduce the newseason’skit, the new authority site was likewise introduced, and a flat out curiosity in the Italian title, the primary Web TV channel committed to a football club called Udinese Channel was sent off, absolutely free and apparent around the world.

In the 2008-09 season, Udinese had a hodgepodge of results in Serie A with a 3-1 win at Roma and a 2-1 win over Juventus, yet 10 misfortunes against groups including Reggina, Chievo, what’s more, Torino gouged their expectations of Champions League capability. In the UEFA Cup, Udinese wound up in a gathering with potential top pick Tottenham Hotspur, NEC, Spartak Moscow, and Dinamo Zagreb, yet facilitated through the gathering with a persuading 2-0 win against Tottenham.

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Foot Note:

They trailed over Lech Poznań in the following cycle 4-3 on full time. In the same vein, beat holders Zenit Saint Petersburg 2-1 on full time. Most importantly, in the quarter-finals against Werder Bremen, with wounds to headliners Antonio Di Natale, Samir Handanovič, and Felipe, they lost 6-4 in total. Fabio Quagliarella oversaw eight goals in the crusade. They completed the season in the seventh spot, passing up any European football the next year.

The 2009-10 Season

The 2009-10 season was an incredibly frustrating one for players and fans the same. Indeed however Antonio Di Natale figured out how to score 29 goals in the association and completed top goalscorer, the season was spent fighting against transfer. Eventually, they completed in the fifteenth, nine focuses and three places clear of the assignment zone. The main feature of the crusade was arriving at the semi-last of the Coppa Italia, beating Lumezzane in the round of 16, Milan in the quarter-finals, and ultimately losing 2-1 to Roma in total.

In the mid year move window of 2010, Udinese sold Gaetano D’Agostino, Simone Pepe, Marco Motta, and Aleksandar Luković.

They likewise got players that ended up being the key to their outcome in the 2010-11 Serie A; Mehdi Benatia and Pablo Armero, a focal defender and wingback, separately. After an unfortunate beginning to the season, losing their initial four games and drawing the fifth, Udinese proceeded to record their most elevated points complete in history. This saw them in the fourth spot, again procuring themselves a spot in the Champions Association qualifying round.

Di Natale, with 28 goals, turned into the primary one after the other capocannoniere since Lazio’s Giuseppe Signori achieved the accomplishment in 1993 and 1994. A 0-0 home draw with Milan on the last matchday got the Champions League spot for Udinese. Mentor Francesco Guidolin stayed true to his commitment of “moving like Boateng” if they qualified for the Champions League and did a little dance on the pitch. In the Coppa Italia, Udinese lost to Sampdoria in the round of 16 on penalties after the match finished 2-2.

More Information

The 2011-12 season went on in much a similar style, even though Udinese lost three central participants to bigger clubs – Alexis Sánchez to Barcelona, Gökhan Inler to Napoli, and Cristián Zapata to Villarreal. In the Champions League qualifying round, Udinese was drawn against

Arsenal lost the away leg 1-0. At the Stadio Friuli, Udinese lost 2-1, 3-1 in total, and entered the Europa League bunch stage, Antonio Di Natale missing a penalty that at the time would have taken Udinese through.

Locally, Udinese began solid however with their quality displayed in defending, conceding after 15 games, just seven. For the second continuous season, Udinese qualified for the Champions League, securing third put on the last day of the time with a 2-0 away win against Catania. In the mid-year move window, vital participants Kwadwo Asamoah and Mauricio Isla were both offered to champions Juventus.

The club neglected to arrive at the gathering phase of the year’s Champions League, notwithstanding, losing on penalties after an additional opportunity to Portuguese club SC Braga. Antonio Di Natale scored 23 goals to record his third sequential season with 20+ goals in Serie A

Road To Improvement

Udinese got going the 2012-13 Serie A season in blended structure, with seven draws and three losses in their initial thirteen games.

Notwithstanding, beginning in December the group started to pick up wins all the more habitually, simultaneous with Di Natale tracking down the net consistently. After a time of offsetting wins with misfortunes, the group went on a marvelous eight-game series of wins to end the season, with Luis Muriel arising as a vital participant.

Foot Note:

Like the 2011-12 season, Di Natale again wrapped up with 23 goals, turning into the principal player since Gabriel Batistuta, of Fiorentina, to score at least 20 goals in at least four back-to-back seasons.

Throughout the next few years, Udinese would proceed to complete center to lower table in Serie A. In the 2017-18 season, the club sacked the club chief Massimo Oddo. This was after the club lost 11 straight games. Igor Tudor then replaced Massimo Oddo who directed the club to somewhere safe away from the relegation places.

About Stadio Friuli

The Stadio Friuli (referred to for sponsorship reasons as Dacia Arena) is an all-seater football arena in Udine, Italy, and the home of Serie A club Udinese.

The arena was inherent in 1976 and has a limit of 25,144. Dacia, a Romanian vehicle producer supports it.

Construction and Form Of Stadio Friuli

The arena is in Rizzi. This is approximately 4 km from the downtown area of Udine.

Opened in 1976, as a swap for Stadio Moretti, it used to have the greatest limit of 41,652 seats. This limit was of late diminished to 25,144 when the arena went through reconstruction.

In 2013, the City of Udine granted Udinese Calcio a 99-year rent of the stadium.

The latest reproduction saw the evacuation of the sports track, the wrecking of three sides of the arena with just the “curve”/West end safeguarded and the three destroyed stands remade nearer to the pitch. The expense of the redevelopment was near €50m. Meanwhile, they finished the work with Udinese not moving any of their home games to a different stadium. The work on the new arena authoritatively started on 5 June 2013.

Throughout the late spring of 2013, they destroyed the game’s track. On 23 June 2014, the Udinese Calcio president Giampaolo Pozzo laid the establishment stone. They officially opened the new Friuli on 17 January 2016 when Udinese facilitated Juventus. Meanwhile, they divulged the sponsorship name of the arena, Dacia Arena, that day. As a result, the club went into a new arena naming freedoms in concurrence with its parent organization, Dacia.

StadiumDB.com selected the Friuli as one of the most mind-blowing arenas of the year 2016. According to public voting, it came thirteenth. While it took the seventh place in the Jury Vote ranking.

Significant occasions

Aspect Of Sports

In 1990, the arena facilitated three 1990 FIFA World Cup matches, which were all from Group E.

Similarly, in 2005, UEFA endorsed the arena to have UEFA Champions League matches. In the same vein, Udinese took part in it during the 2005-06 season.

On 10 September 2008, the arena facilitated the second match of the Italian public group’s 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Georgia.

On 21 November 2009, the Italy public rugby crew played the 2007 Rugby World Cup winners South Africa on this ground. Knowing these details is essential for how to join Udinese Fc League Academy.

Tenancy And Control Of Udinese

Giampaolo Pozzo (conceived 25 May 1941) is an Italian financial specialist, right now the owner of Udinese Calcio in Italy. His child Gino is the owner of Watford FC in England. Pozzo sold the privately-run company, apparatus producer Freud, to Robert Bosch in 2008.

Pozzo purchased Udinese Calcio in July 1986. However, after a wagering outrage, they demoted the group to the second-level Serie B. The club then experienced a nine-point deduction in the Serie A title of 1986-87 season in the wake of winning advancement, at last prompting one more transfer despite the procurement of a few conspicuous players, including Francesco Graziani, Fulvio Collovati, and Daniel Bertoni.

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After an unfortunate season in 1987-88, Pozzo held Nedo Sonetti as Udinese mentor, making a few noticeable group signings, like Antonio De Vitis, Giuseppe Minaudo, Angelo Orlando, Settimio Lucci, Antonio Paganin, Zennoni, Giuseppe Catalano, Marco Branca and Claudio Garella. The built-up crew consequently procured advancement for the 1988-89 Serie A season.

In 1990, a call among Pozzo and the leader of S.S. Lazio not long before they affirmed a match to have definitive evidence of match-fixing endeavors. Regardless of vigorous protection, they restricted Pozzo from holding authority at Udinese. However, he remained the club’s proprietor. Still focus on the topic “How To Join Udinese Fc League Academy”.

More Information

In 1993-94, Pozzo’s child Gino joined the club, arranging the exploring organization. Since the 1994-95 season, Udinese has qualified for the UEFA Cup, Intertoto Cup, and Champions League and completed third in Serie A under Alberto Zaccheroni in 1997-98.

The Udinese model depends on a broad exploring network across the world that purchases youthful and impending ability. So, when they transform into stars, they sell them off for a huge benefit. Then, they reinvest it in the club and different signings. Unmistakable models incorporate Márcio Amoroso, Fabio Quagliarella, Alexis Sánchez, Kwadwo Asamoah and Samir Handanović.

In 2007-08, they picked Pozzo as the best president in Serie A. Pozzo helped his companion Edy Snaidero, after Pallacanestro Amatori Udine, went down to lower leagues. Pozzo and a few different business people from Friuli saved Snaidero which restarted playing in the Lega Basket Serie A title.

Administrator Of Udinese Fc

Gabriele Cioffi (conceived 7 September 1975) is an Italian expert football administrator and a previous player who played as a protector. He is the guardian lead trainer at Serie A club Udinese and was already the lead trainer of EFL League Two club Crawley Town.

Playing vocation

As a player, Cioffi was a defender. He began his vocation with Tuscan beginners States. Consequently, he trailed through a few other involvements with the minor Italian classes of Serie C1 also, Serie C2. In January 2005 he joined Mantova, with whom he turned into a fan number one, come out on top for a Serie C1 championship, and made his Serie B debut during the 2005-06 season. After a great Serie B campaign with Mantova, Torino endorsed him. In the same vein, he made his Serie A introduction during the 2006-07 season.

He passed on Torino after one season to join Ascoli, which he left in 2010 for AlbinoLeffe as a free agent. Also, he resigned in 2012 after two seasons with Carpi where he won the league as captain getting the advancement from Lega Pro 2 to Lega Pro 1. He lost the last match in his quest for Serie B. However, this was in his last season with the club.

Administrative profession

The Beginning Era

After his retirement, he remained in Carpi as an associate mentor for the 2012-13 season. In July 2013, they declared him as a new lead trainer of Lega Pro Seconda Divisione club Gavorrano.

As a result, they terminated him later in November. This was after his takeoff when the crew had an unfortunate run of results. The people perceived that the club got back to him with a couple of games staying in the season. At that point, the legation was looming, even though Gabriele declined to return.

He in this way migrated to Australia and labored for a very long time as a youth mentor previously for Eastern United FC, before moving back to Italy in November 2015 to acknowledge a proposal as a youth mentor for the Berretti group of third division club Südtirol. He left the club in February 2016 to join Henk Ten Cate’s training staff as partner lead trainer at Al Jazira Club.

They scouted Gabriele in December 2016. This was in the wake of being a basic piece of driving Al-Jazira to the President’s Cup in 2016. It also guided the club into getting back to the Asian Champions League.

Gabriele joined the training staff of Gianfranco Zola at English Title club Birmingham City. Following Zola’s renunciations on 17 April 2017, his whole private alcove staff, including Cioffi, left Birmingham too.

Side Note:

In October 2017 he was endorsed as collaborator director for Al Dhafra Football club which was battling relegation. His most memorable match on the touchline was against his past group, AlJazira. The group, because of his work, had the option to accomplish well-being from relegation and to have a steady situation on the table.

About The Crawley Town

He had been generally authorized as being instrumental as a partner at his past clubs. Furthermore, they kept him for a few clubs after leaving Al-Dhafra, the opportunity at long last emerged for him to take on a job as lead trainer. In September 2018 they named him as a new lead trainer of EFL League Two club Crawley Town who was battling the transfer region, succeeding Harry Kewell.

Cioffi accomplished the goal spread out for him serenely. In the same vein, he saved the club from transfer with a few rounds of the time left. At this point, Cioffi taking took on two noteworthy cup runs, the first being the club coming to the fourth round of the League Cup interestingly, and beating Premier League resistance for the first time simultaneously, as well as arriving at the second round of the FA Cup interestingly in almost 10 years.

A few lamentable wounds to central players, simultaneously, prompted a run where the club battled to score and win notwithstanding making possibilities. Players of Gabriele regularly upheld Gabriele after the misfortune to League One group Fleetwood Town in the FA Cup. However, Cioffi and Crawley Town headed out in different directions by shared assent in practically no time thereafter. John Gems replaced him.

Abstract Of The Udinese Calcio

In September 2020, he joined Serie A club Udinese as an associate mentor to supervisor Luca Gotti. Cioffi got comfortable in no time at Udinese. Also, at the time they diagnosed Luca Gotti with COVID-19, Gabriele was in break charge. This includes a popular away triumph at Lazio. Although some news sources firmly acknowledged him for the arrangement for the triumph, Gabriele unassumingly conceded to and committed the triumph to his boss

On 7 December 2021, following Luca Gotti’s termination at Udinese, Cioffi turned into the guardian lead trainer for the team.

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