How To Join USM Alger FC Academy

In this post ” How To Join USM Alger Fc Academy”, you’ll learn about USM Alger Football Club, USM Alger Reserve, and Youth Academy, the requirements to register for USM Alger Fc Academy, USM Alger ground and training facilities.

USM Alger’s Reserves are Under-23s. The team comprises largely of Under-23 players, but senior footballers sometimes participate when having an injury. Sylvain Matrisciano manages the Under-23s in Ligue Professionnelle 1.

Academy’s Background

USM Alger operates an Algerian football academy. In the 1970s, the club depended on athletes who emerged from USM Alger, such as Djamel Zidane, and Djamel Keddou. In the 1980s, 90% of the squad was from the team, especially in 1988’s Algerian Cup-winning season. Coach Djamel Keddou trusted Farid Bengana, Amirouche Lalili, Farid Mouaci, Salim Boutamine, Athmane Nourine, and Tarek Hadj Adlane.

USM Alger Football Academy

The club’s open-door philosophy allows all of us a chance. The steps below will enable you to join a European Football Academy. Football Academy Scholarships in Algeria also meet many of the criteria.

Alger Junior Camp accepts 8-year-olds. Academy site: to see the various courses accessible.

Enrollment for USM Alger Football Academy

USM Alger Academy Scouts and Open Football trials adopt kids. Foreign applicants can appeal via the club’s website or special writing.

  • Describe yourself, past clubs, and contact information.
  • Parents’ permission, particularly for minors.
  • International candidates should send a video of themselves.

USM Alger Football Academy Registration

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About USM Alger

Union Sportive de la Médina d’Alger (Arabic: الجزائر لمدينة يض الريا اإلتحاد; Berber languages: ⵓⵙⵎⴰⵍⴳⴻⵔ) referred to as USM Alger. USMA is an Algiers-based football club. Red and black are the club’s colors. Omar Hamadi Stadium seats 10,000. The team is in Algeria’s Ligue Professionnelle 1.

The club has won 8 Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 title, 8 Algerian Cups, and 2 Algerian Super Cups. USM Alger won 2013’s UAFA Club Championship. IFFHS rated USMA 18th among the greatest African teams from 2001 to 2010.

TP Mazembe beat USMA in the 2015 CAF Champions League final.

The USMA is the postwar benchmark for the Union Sportive Musulmane d’Alger (USMA), champion of the 1962–63 Algerian Championnat National. In 1969, Algérois earned the Algerian gold medal and Algerian Cup. The club was struggling.
The 2010 purchase of USMA supports the club monetarily.

This privatization comes after some favorable athletic outcomes: firmly rooted in Ligue 1 since the emergence of Algerian investor Ali Haddad. The club frequently fits for the CAF Champion League and CAF Confederation Cup. In 2013–2014, he won the Algerian Cup and Super Cup. That sports season, USM Alger had one of Africa’s best overall home attendances, 24,286.



In July 1935, jute bag vendors Omar Aichoun and Mustapha Kaoui created a Muslim-only sports organization. The National Movement, headed by Emir Khalid ibn Hashim, grandson of Emir Abdelkader, lost steam whereas the PPA (Parti Politique Algérien) was created. FLN’s Aichoun and Kaoui join the celebration.

They visited National Movement activists in the Casbah and listen to all concerning the requirement to establish sports teams to unite Algerian youth. The national sports community is growing.

In 1935, Arezki Meddad, father of chahida Ourida Meddad, helps the 2 men make more connections. Prospective shahid Ali Zaid and Sid Ahmed Kemmat chose Ali Lahmar. Ali Zaid presided over the 1st USMA desk, with Omar Aichoun and Arezki Meddad as honorary presidents.

Omar Aichoun and Mustapha Kaoui attend the Nadi Ettaraki (Circle of progress), a 1901 law-created association. 9 Place du Gouvernement is its headquarters (Today). Algiers’ Martyrs’ Square

Sheikh Tayeb El Okbi, of which the son Djamel will be USM Alger’s goalkeeper, leads the Islamic Reform Movement (El Islah). Those worried that sports are irreconcilable with Islam ask guidance from the Sheikh, who facilitates them and blesses USMA. For operational processes and to gain colonial approval, they demand the MC Alger’s state laws from the Secretary-General, who gladly provide one.

The PPA revived the USMA activity, resulting in Union Sportive Musulmane, Espérance Sportives Musulmane, Jeunesse Sportives Musulmane, Widad, and Croissant club. Nationalism and Patriotism clubs were all over. Thus was birthed Union Sportive Musulmane Algéroise, which entered the 3rd division in 1938. So several athletes wanted to join this club, but laws (license B) prevented them. All competing clubs needed a stadium. The then-federation was unrelenting on this factor.

Mr. Kemmat solved these difficulties by signing a five-year agreement with a stadium. This ensures contests. I consulted O-club leaders. We agreed to compensate Pointe Pescade (now Ras Hamidou) 5,000 francs a year. “No need to tell you where the money came from,” he sighs, revealing the mentality of the moment.

All through World War II, the tournament structure in the League Algiers was modified to 3 groups, and Abderrahman Ibrir, an ex AST Alger center-half, had become a goalkeeper with USMA and had his 1st collection of Algiers under USMA colors. USM Alger negotiated with a set of players, including Zitouni Hassen, Zouaoui Rabah, Mahmoudi Smain, Naceri M’hamed, and Houari GS In 1939–40 season. USM Alger was featured for the 1st moment in the first tier. But due to World War II, the tournament was split into 3 categories where USM Alger agreed to sign in group A.

The team performance was poor so they managed to win only two matches against the same team US Alger. And he was beaten in 9 games in which he could not confront the big players then like RU Alger and AS Saint Eugène. Finally, they came in second to be last whether in Coupe de la Ligue or Coup d’Or. Formal races resume in 1942. USMA moves to the third tier for the 1942–43 season. El-Hadj Ahmed Kemmat gets involved.

Following independence

Ben Tifour, coach of USM Alger, obtains the inaugural Algerian football championship medal from Ben Bella president, Dr. Maouche (left), and Minister of Defense Houari Boumedienne (right) (right).

League starting with the first post-independence the USM Alger management introduced the onetime Nice and Monaco player Abdelaziz Ben Tifour to be a coach and a player at the same period the team did take a position in Group 5 and ended up taking the first position with 51 points and greatest offensive line in each league with 75 goals upon the piece and in Algiers League in a group with MC Alger, AS Orléansville, NA Hussein Dey and OM Saint-Eugène took the first position also The Red and Black, headed by player-coach Bentifour, win 3–0 at Stade d’El Annasser.

The club from Soustara was the earliest to win the Algerian championship after independence. whether in Algerian Cup USMA max in the semi-final against ES Setif and beaten back 2–4, in the next season USMA placed third, one point underneath the champion for Algérois group NA Hussein Dey in either Cup. The team showed up in the semi-final against the same team ES Setif. In the 1964–65 season the team dropped to the second tier and ended in the last position with 54 points either in the Cup ceased the game in the 2nd round against NA Hussein Dey lead to 2-3.

During their 1st season in Division Honneur, the team came second next to champion MC Alger by 7 points to move up to Nationale II 1966–1967. The following season, the team faltered to come back to the 1st division and ended fifth.

Whether in contest Cup team attained the semi-finals and was conquered by ES Setif 1–3 total. This is the 3rd time USMA is getting an elimination by ES Setif in the semi-finals. In the 1967–68 season, USM Alger tried to rise and yet missed again and ended fifth with 45 points, 4 points for 2nd lauded JS Djijel. In the 1968–69 season, USMA returned to Nationale I upon 4 seasons in the lower scores and populated 2nd spot next to title holder JS Kabylie. Commemorations proceeded upon the team’s entrance, for the 1st period, in Nationale I. Following the rematch, they lost 3–5 versus champion CR Belcourt.

Upon seven finals, the squad was prepared to obtain 1st Cup title 1980–81 season against ASM Oran score 2–1 trained by Ali Benfadah in the introduction of the Stade 24 Fevrier 1956 and became the first team to earn the cup championship from the second league. In the preceding season, the squad to the second league decided to return the introduction of the episode was to Match Super Cup against last season’s champs RC Kouba in the 1st edition on the 20 August 1955 Stadium did end with the triumph.

(1994–2010) Sad Allik Era

Sad Allik pledged to come back to USM Alger to Division 1 in 1994. On May 26, 1995, USM Alger did win away against MC Ouargla and gained advancement back to Division 1. Allik announced that USM Alger has transferred to its regular spot and will not drop afterward to the second tier. Often left USM Alger notwithstanding reaching the goal to be substituted with Ahmed At El Hocine. In the Algiers Derby, which was performed in Omar Hamadi Stadium, the asst ref was wounded by fumes of hydrocarbons, causing the game to be stopped and replayed behind locked doors.

The Algiers Derby performance will no longer be on this football ground with audiences. USM Alger earned the championship after a battle with MC Oran, defeating CS Constantine at Stade Mohamed Hamlaoui by two points.

2003-2004, It was the highest performance in USM Alger’s historical record, and they engaged in 5 contests. The introductory season was in the Arab Unified Club Tournaments, and they were removed in the group phase. In the Cup Winners’ Cup, the red and black managed to reach the semifinals. But lost to Wydad Casablanca and failed to win their 1st continental trophy. USM Alger needed to win the finals. In Division 1, USM Alger did wait until the 28th round to commemorate the championship after beating ASM Oran.

To finish the Algerian Cup delight by earning the championship against CR Belouizdad after Moncef Ouichaoui netted the golden goal to accomplish the twice for the first moment in its collective memory under Azzedine At Djoudi.

Ouichaoui, a USM Alger player, became the league’s highest goalscorer with 18 goals, along with two hat-tricks.

2010–2020 Haddad Acquisition

The Ligue de Football Professionnel and Algerian Football Federation resolved to formalize the Algerian victory in 2010–11. All Algerian semi-professional football clubs will become formal this season. Mohamed Raouraoua, president of the Algerian Football Federation, has promised a new system of working predicated on thoroughness and earnestness seeing as a sport has sunk in recent times due to devastating club administration. We’re stagnating underneath nearby clubs that have made exceptional advancements, to become full-fledged club teams, which will significantly raise their African continent. USM Alger made headlines on August 4, 2010, as the domestic competition professionalized.

Ali Haddad invested 700 million Algerian dinars to purchase 83 percent of the club. Hence making it Algeria’s first professional team. Haddad became club president on October 27, 2010. Allik was an 18-year club president.

Amine Tirmane, the club’s communication officer, declared on Echourouk TV that the Haddad household is auctioning its 92% stake in SSPA USMA. Ali Haddad’s jail sentence and the club’s frozen accounts led to this action. Numerous sports stars and longtime USM Alger figureheads have formed a recovery working group to help the club. 2019-09-04, USM Alger players went on strike over money woes. This choice has hardly anything to do with the club’s authorities, admirers, or players. It’s a rally against the USM Alger and the crisis’s postponing. USM Alger athletes haven’t been paid in 6 months, and the new ones haven’t since enlisting.

New Buyer: Groupe SERPORT (2020–present)

The overall meeting of shareholders changed from March 12 to March 2 upon Rabouh Haddad’s detainment. But after 2 and 1/2 hours, Groupe SERPORT proclaimed it had purchased 94.34 percent of ETRHB Haddad’s shares. Halim Hammoudi, SERPORT Secretary-General, declared that An Benian and the club head offices will be opened shortly. He said the goal is continental trophies, not just regional.

SERPORT’s overall manager earlier said that they would put more money on 1.2 to 1.3 billion dinars annually, whereas the training facility proposal will incur 1.4 billion dinars. Achour Djelloul agreed to sign with Antar Yahia as Sporting Director for 3 years and Abdelghani Haddi as General Manager on May 13, 2020. Yahia said he had deals from France, however, and he prefers the Reds and Blacks proposal because his concepts match Achour Djelloul’s. SSPA and CSA entered into a partnership on January 31, 2021. The aspiring club will obtain 30 million dinars yearly for using the club’s names and logos. 4 rds before the close of the season, SERPORT fired Antar Yahia. Yahia replied he had no authority and a new sports director had been decided upon.

Achour Djelloul revealed on Channel 3 that it’s primarily about employer-employee relationships. Yahia was two times penalized by the Disciplinary Committee, so we parted ways with her.
USM Alger hired longtime player Hocine Achiou as a sporting director on September 1, 2021.

USM Badges and Colors

The club’s initial colors were USMA red and maroon. It was founded in 1945.

In May 1945, after Setif, Guelma, and Kherrata, the club replaced garnet with black to honor 45,000 Algerian demonstrators shot dead by French repression. Red symbolizes victims’ blood and mourning.

45,000 Algerians celebrated the close of World War II that same day, recounting colonization assertions. But the French army’s bloodshed and repression caused genocide to fulfill their lawful requirements. USMA figureheads changed their colors to show patriotism and compassion.

Black symbolizes grief, so they modified Maroon to red to symbolize the martyrs’ blood.

Jersey Sponsor and Kitmaker

Sonelgaz has been the primary financial backer of USM Algiers since 1977. The company logo appears on the team’s jersey. The USMA’s emblem featured this logo till 2011. Djezzy funded the club since 2005.

2017-04-02 The two sides refreshed their 100 million dinar-per-season agreement for two seasons. On 21 April 2019, after 14 years of financing the team, Djezzy and USM Alger officially ended their collaboration. Djezzy requested that USM Alger remove its logo from the club’s shirt and the stadium bounding box to affirm its pullout from financing the team. Ali Haddad’s construction firm ETRHB funded the club in 2010. Previous funders were Canon Dekorex, Armedic ARTC Insurance, Sonatrach, and Renault Trucks.

The USMA switched equipment manufacturers from Adidas to Joma in December 2016. The 3-1/2-year contract began in January 2017. USM Alger introduces its first formal shop, USMA Store, in El Biar on April 21, 2019. USMA’s boutique provides scarves, tea cups, and t-shirts in the club’s colors in conjunction with Joma’s range. USMA Joma jerseys cost 4,600 DA (+/- 25 €) and T-shirts cost 1,600 DA. 2020 USM Alger authorized a 3yrs agreement with Kappa on September 8.

First Algerian club to sign with the initial model. The main site of Italian device producer “Kappa” has announced the new Usmists jerseys for 2021. This new Kappa jersey is white and black with gray Casbah of Algiers graphics. For convenience and aesthetics, it has a semi-open round neck and Banda Kappa on the shoulders. Its breathable polyester fabric wicks away sweat. Leaving the player dry. “Kappa,” the away jersey’s device vendor, said the KOMBAT PRO system enables an unmatched range of motion and convenience.


The club plays at Stade Omar Hamadi, founded in 1935, and Stade 5 Juillet 1962 for Algerian derbies and world cups.

The team is presently the registered proprietor of Stade Omar Hamadi. Which was rented by the municipality Bologhine as the formal pitch since freedom. However, he has had to perform in other courts. Including Stade 5 Juillet 1962, Stadium 20 August 1955 in Algiers, and Stade Mabrouki Salem in Rouba. In the Algerian Cup team event, seventeen finals were performed at Stade 5 Juillet 1962 in 12 matches between 1972 and 2013 and Stadium 20 August 1955 in three matches between 1969 and 1971. Also, 1981 and 2003 saw matches at Stade 24 Fevrier 1956 and Stade Mustapha Tchaker.

In 2015 the squad showed up for the first period at the last international tournaments. a
And Stade Omar Hamadi sight of her in the gaze of 20,000 followers.

There was a great deal of discussion about the complete absence of a final performance on Stade 5 Juillet 1962. Even with an audience of 64,000 spectators. However, the team management of his rejection to perform there seeing as the choice to team TP Mazembe perform at the home Stadium, who’s very related to the USM Alger venue, and the In July 2016, Omar Hamadi Stadium was shut for 30 days to remodel the ground and install new synthetic grass. Achour Djelloul said on May 6 for National Radio that they formally demanded to be using Baraki Stadium and that Groupe SERPORT is willing to complete the necessary repairs to acquire it as quickly as conceivable since Omar Hamadi Stadium is now a threat to fans.

Practice Facility

The club started building a learning center in An Bénian, Algiers’ West Banlieue, in July 2011. This 4-hectare center will have real grass and fake grass fields. To finish the building, the designer will use proposals from Barcelona’s Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. On March 15, 2021, the development of USM Alger’s training center began. The 30,000-square-meter plot will contain the club’s headquarters, two indoor play areas, two dressing rooms, and two fake grass playgrounds. EPE Batimetal will run the operations.


Everybody recognizes the Algerian fan base by their figures, how they endorse them, and their devotion to their players. However, when discussing about followers of the capital city, or Almsamaah, this identity was given to the pop acts singing women who commemorate wedding ceremonies and sing. This moniker didn’t notify them in a void. And did grow due to the value of their music and tragedy. Prompting followers of many other Algerian clubs and even Arab tribespeople to cite and rewind them. The Union’s fans were similar to those of other clubs. However and they got recognition for their sportsmanship in admitting defeat and their distinctive sociopolitical assistance, which made them stand out.

Almost all of the Union’s followers are in the capital. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from other parts of Algeria and even surrounding nations. Southern is the primary fortress and platform for Union fans.

From the highest part of Sustara via Bab El-Oued, Bologhine, and SaintEugène, and without neglecting the reemergence of the Eastern and Western capitals, Musamiya has captured the trust of the team’s supporters. We discover numerous fans in Kabylie.

The 1937-founded team has three civilizations of fans and many young fans. Everyone recognizes USM Alger was Algeria’s first championship and greatest medal. But everybody also recognizes him for his exceptional and incredible audience. The notoriety of the fan base was not only because of their fortune. However due to their efficiency and technique of activism. They call themselves Melanesians or Rossoneri and they are inventive in the identical way that Milan fans are.

USM Alger’s fans gain recognition for their tunes, fair play, and stand motion graphics. On 26 November 2011 at Stade 5 Juillet 1962, Usmistes fans became the first Algerians to create a huge tifo. This red and black tifo read UNITED.

Several famous people, including El Hadj M’Hamed El Anka, support USMAlger. The Grand Master of Andalusian classical music and Algerian chaâbi helped the club through live performance earnings. El Hachemi Guerouabi, a chaâbi singer, was a big USM Alger fan and often attended games. Dedicated a piece of music to USMA.
Abdelkader Chaou and Mourad Djaafri, famous chaâbi singers, endorse USMA. First President of Algeria Ahmed Ben Bella, a one-time player during French colonial rule, was a notable supporter. Ben Bella, a player for Olympique de Marseille, participated in the first championship final in Algeria, won by USM Alger, and passed him the cup after Houari Boumediene’s coup and house detainment. Ben Bella was USM Alger’s honorary president till his 2012 passing.

WA Tlemcen, CS Constantine, RC Arbaâ

CS Constantine, WA Tlemcen, RC Arbaâ, and USM Alger have a great connection, particularly with CS Constantine’s followers. One of the primary reasons for this positive rapport is that USM Alger helped CS Constantine earn the league label for the 1st and only moment in 1997 after dropping in the ultimate throw of the playoffs.

EL Bahdja

EL Bahdja Algerian football clubs. The Group establishment was in the 1990s and was the sole one in that era to track music with a sporty theme. They very often give good pics in the stands, and Milan fans, due to the obvious resemblance of their red and black colors, helped Ouled EL Bahdja make a big splash in all stadiums. Every other mass in Algeria changed club names due to her stardom in Tunisia and Morocco.

Fatal Accidents

Three USMA fans commemorating their team’s Algerian Cup win are killed in a falsified reservoir at Frais Vallon on July 5, 1997.

Two USM Alger fans ended up dead after part of the “Stade 5 Juillet 1962” collapsed on 21 September 2013. The deaths of Darby Union supporters Azeeb Sufyan and Saif al-Din Darhoum in Algiers ruined the victory. 10 minutes just after the game ended, drama ensued. Portion of Stade 5 Juillet 1962’s 13th crumbled.

After this event, there was a scheme to demolish the entire stadium, however, they withdrew and agreed to retract only the top terraces and remodel them. The local councils decided to shut down the stadium, by which an interrogation was initiated into the event. He was as well forced to resign as director of the compound Youcef Kara. The burial was attended by USM Alger officers headed by Rabouh Haddad, who expressed deepest sympathies to the relatives of the departed.

9.9.2018 In a game between USM Alger and Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya in the Arab Club Champions Cup at Omar Hamadi Stadium, Al-Quwa Al-players Jawiya’s withdrew in mass demonstrations of provocative shouts. After Algerian spectators mentioned Saddam Hussein and anti-Shia slogans. Baghdad called up Algeria’s emissary over “sectarian chants.” Ahmed Mahjoub, Iraq’s foreign affairs spokesman, said Baghdad had conveyed “the government and the people of Iraq’s indignation” at the glamorization of Saddam Hussein’s fatal brutal dictatorship, which was overthrown in 2003 by the U.S. invasion. Later, Iraqi team GM Abdelhakim Serrar apologized for the fans’ worries. Mohamed Lamine Zemmamouche, the goalkeeper and captain, expressed remorse for the fans’ behavior.

CAF performance

USM Alger regularly competes in CAF tournaments. Also, USM Alger got recognition for the African Cup by earning the Ligue Professionnelle 1. USM Alger qualified for Africa through the Algerian Cup and the one-time African Cup Winners’ Cup and CAF Cup.

Initially, USM Alger defeated CARA Brazzaville 2–0. The best victory was 8–1 against ASFA Yennenga in 2004, and the greatest failure was 3–0 against US Bitam in 2013.

1st involvement in the International contest was in the 1982 African Cup Winners’ Cup and the highest in the quarter-finals against Ghanaian club Hearts of Oak, in the 1989 edition of the same contest and the club retreated from the same involvement after the 1st leg failure against Malagasy club BFV at Stade Omar Hammadi, afterward to lose the club’s continental contests for 8 years until 1997 in the CAF Champions League for the 1st moment, and alm.

So he engaged the team in different tournaments like the African Cup Winners’ Cup, CAF Cup, CAF Confederation Cup, and the CAF Champions League until 2007. But apart from 2001 when the team was excluded in 2000, from the African Cup Winners’ Cup to be penalized not to take part in any African contest for an entire year seeing as an unqualified goalkeeper Burkinabé Siaka Coulibaly against JS du Ténéré from Niger in the sec. After an 8yrs nonappearance from the African Champions League, USM Alger reached the championship match in 2015 for the 1st moment in its collective memory, and yet lost to TP Mazembe 4–1 on totality.

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