How to Apply for Leicester City Academy Scholarship

Leicester City Football Scholarship Admission & Registration Requirements. Most young talented football players are in search of the correct information to join Leicester City FC Academy. On this webpage, I’m going to show you how to participate in the Leicester City FC Academy Trials. We also source our information from the Leicester City FC Scouts. If you are good at the football game and wants to relocate to Europe and start a carrier as a footballer, all you have to do is to carefully follow the provided updates so as to see How to Join Leicester City FC Academy Trials & Registration Requirements

Leicester City FC is among the clubs in London that has risen the ranks to become top contenders of Major competitions in Europe. The Club launched a historic comeback when the won the 2015/2016 Premier League Title. Which came barely a year after being promoted from relegation.

They have gone on to maintain a competitive side of the game finishing top four in the table as well as qualifying for major international tournaments like the Champions League. The club boasts of a squad made up of world-class professional footballers. Leicester is also reputed to have produced some of the best names in the round leather game.

The Club also has a youth academy wing that focuses on training and equipping young talents for the game. Our update today will focus on Leicester City FC Academy Trials and how to impress Leicester City FC Scouts when on trial.

If you want a fast way of getting a visa abroad, you can also apply for abroad admissions so as to relocate overseas with a study Visa and join any football academy of your choice.

Leicester City FC Academy

The Academy since it was set up has been able to train lots of youngsters who have gone pro in the game. The Academy boasts of professional coaches, fitness, and sports experts who team up to help youngsters develop the skills and mental build-up needed in their football careers.

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There are Leicester City FC scouts all around the world identifying young talents and giving them the opportunity of trials at the club. Currently, the club is accepting Applications and is looking forward to kick-starting Leicester City FC Academy Trials for interested persons. With the global tides in the football changing rapidly, there has been much need to invest in the Leicester City development squad as the club looks forward to a promising future built around Leicester City Academy players.

Leicester City Football Scholarship Admission & Registration Requirements

A good number of Leicester Academy players are accepted only through trials at the club. Through the help of experts, our team here shall detail you all you need to know while getting scouted for Leicester City FC Academy Trials. Additionally, the update will also assist you while looking for how to get into a football Academy in England.

We discovered that a good number of players send in videos of themselves to the academy. While this might actually work most times. It is however important that you bear in mind that Football Academies in England receive thousands of videos from youngsters. The best and most recommended by experts is to join a soccer school near you.

Leicester City FC Scouts visit these soccer schools looking for young talents who are later invited for Leicester City FC trials or asked to join the Leicester City, development squad. Anyone can join Leicester City soccer schools. Therefore, it is advised that parents that their children have shown potentials for the game should enroll them in soccer schools. This way, they can easily be identified by scouts.

Furthermore, always be on the lookout for open football trials 2020. Continue working on yourself and do not miss out on identifying with local competitions. That is another way on how one can get scouted in soccer.

How to Register for Leicester City FC Academy

Having discussed how to get Leicester City Academy Trials 2020. Let us put you through the important things to note if you want to have a scout come over and watch you play. It is possible for one to get lucky enough to be spotted while playing in a local competition. Viral Social Media videos do work too. However, Leicester Academy provides a more direct opportunity by creating a channel where you can contact them directly. This is one process that can equally get you a football scholarship in the UK at Leicester City FC Academy. See also How to join Leicester Football Academy, Leicester City Academy Trials, Leicester City development squad.

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Through the help of our resource persons, below are what you should note while trying to get the attention of Leicester City Scouts.

  • Prepare a well-detailed CV of your self.
  • Attach a Cover Letter.
  • Provide Player Statistics such as age, position in the field, previous clubs, School certificates, e.t.c. Do not forget to include contact details.
  • School attended before applying for a trial.
  • Include the name if you have any representatives.
  • Fixture list of your current team, including location and kick-off time to be passed to scout. This is very important do not forget it.

Collected Applications would be assessed after which you would be communicated with a response from the Academy.

How to Apply for Leicester City FC Academy

All applications should be submitted to the official Leicester email for Football Trials. Applications would also be accepted by International Students and youngsters.

For more information on How to join Leicester Football Academy visit the official Leicester City Academy website

See also How to join Leicester Football Academy, Leicester City Academy Trials, Leicester City development squad

How to Join Leicester City FC Academy Trials & Registration Requirements

Kindly Select any of the Academy below and Apply 

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  1. The name shuaib which I want to be heard, I have been admiring Leicester city since day one, and I love football so much, I hope and wish if I’m given the chance to help leicester rewrite a new history in Europe and my age is 15

    • Moi ahmed Mouloud jime le football est je ve in chanse pour joue avec Leicester city ja 16 ans moi a Mauritania je ve k Selma in chanse

  2. Hello I’m a midfielder here in my country and I will be happy if am granted to take part of the trial, for I show my talent to the world… And how am going to register for the trial? Thanks for helping my dream comes through

    • Hi am Ronald from ZAMBIA I can fill happy to be the part of the team am the funny of football, and I can also play as a light and left wing forward I have such power of running I can dribler yes thanks for giving me chance to contact you

    • Sou um Medio defensivo,também jogo como lateral,gostaria de participar na academia e mostra o que eu defensivo fazer!

  3. Hi, good morning I’m Ebenezer akwei ,17 years of age.leaving in ghana,the reason why i am charting with u right now is that, l have a dream to be like u as a professional player. So can u put me on. Please

  4. Am a footballer in Ghana and wishes to play in Europe one day.

    I can’t explain how good I am on lease I get the chance to show u thank u

    • hello me it’s wilfried Cameroonian 17 years old right-handed I am a winger, I am writing to you because I would like to have the honor, the privilege and the chance to test them in your sumptuous academy, thank you for your kind attention

  5. Bonjour je m’appelle Boubacar Diallo j’ai 16ans de nationalité sénégalaise. Je suis un joueur de foot qui rêve de devenir un jours un professionnel. Le foot est ma passion c’est pour ça que j’aimerais que vous m’aidiez à le réalisé

    • My Name is Chomba Biston am here by applying soccer am the boy aged of 16 years old from Zambia young bro of partson daka am very talented please give me a chance to play I love this team since from the child hood my mother died and my father two am left foot striker and defending please WhatsApp Number +260762888985 My Application will be highly respond..

  6. Hi my name is abenezer ayele iam from Ethiopia and iam lover of football and please help me play in midfield or forward try to help me thank you

  7. Eu sou de Angola e sou meio-campista e ala. sempre sonhei em ser um jogador de futebool.

    I am from Angola and I am a midfielder and winger. I always dreamed of being a football player

  8. Hello I heard about this from a friend he told me about the site and he equally said I have good chance of making my dreams come true I have a goal to become always trying my best to win all the games play. My family is not really strong financial.

  9. Hey Manager of Leicester City Club my name is Alfred from Ghana, I’m a forward striker which is i play position number 10.. you can let me start trails if you really need someone i’m 16 years old.. reach me on kathyursula100 at g meil my moms email

  10. My name is Jaiteh seedy and am good on playing midfielder and forward from the Gambian 16 years old I am willing to playing on Leicester city in my dream I really love football in my feature 🇬🇲

  11. My name is Jaiteh seedy and am good on playing midfielder and forward am from Gambia 16 years old I am willing to playing on Leicester city in my dream I really l really love football game in my feature 🇬🇲

    • I just want to make some steps to get a chance what I can do with the ball. My carrier is to be a professional footballer since I was kid. I was dreaming to become the greatest but now I ask for assistance to be there just to fulfill my dreams. Thank you
      Show quoted text…

    • Good Afternoon All
      My name is Malikie Bai kanu
      Am in west Africa, Country Sierra leone, Based on the Advert posted, I play a defensive Midfielder role which I can say much but when the opportunity is given to me and I want to play for Leicester city Academy and besides playing for Leicester city is always my dream….The Player I Admire most is wilfred Ndidi my Mentor, I want to be his replacement if the chance permitted…Thank you all

  12. I’m sbusiso gubo living in south Africa I’m a hustler in football i wish i can achieve my dream so i can help my famaly to be better oner and I’m a hard worker in football

  13. My name is Deng Gabriel and am from South Sudan and i wise to play for this great club and i will be the next Jamie Vardy for this great club. Wish this club all the best this season

  14. Please am from Ghana and I am a Left back player I would be happy to join your reputable club if am giving the chance, thank you.

  15. My name is samson Ndemo from Kenya and I am and i anm 16 years old.i would like to join fc leicester city academy..since it has been my dream club.i am perfect i midefield roles and defense sector.ghan you in advance

  16. sounds, interesting, I would like to be part of your development,all these years I’ve been sicking for such opportunities, I would like to be a trialist of Leicester, & you my favorite team so far in Primeir league, Jamiy Vardy is my idol, in terms off position my current coach is using me every where, he plays me as a second striker, right midfielder, left midfielder, right wing sometimes as a right wing back, I’m only 17 years leaving in South Africa & playing abroad have been my everyday dream, thank you.

  17. I’m a footballer
    My playing is Right foot back, central back, left back and at time assist in attack by playing central attack

  18. I’m a footballer
    I love soccer and I may like to seek for opportunities.
    My playing position is Right foot back, central back, left back and at time assist in attack by playing central attack

  19. I am Deng Hakim Deng from South sudan,I hereby submit to you my words.
    I am a boy from a under root football country but has the experience of football,and would kindly request for a trial in the football academy and I promise to do all that is needed.
    I will be glad if my words are taken to acts
    Yours kindly
    Deng Hakim Deng

  20. I Like Leicester city & I like everything about The Academy

    I want to help my Family. I want to be a bread winner at home no one i working 😭

  21. My name is Ahmed Nabugri a left footed player and from west africa Ghana…I play left back and attacking midfielder…I will be grateful if given me the chance to exhibit my talent please …thank you

  22. I can have trust in me as a left back
    And with a help of a better back settings I can go for supportive striker I shoot fast and has accuracy
    More than a brace in each game

  23. Hello.. thank you for giving me this chance to introduce myself.., am Nurkey Ibrahim want to become professional footballer but I know every winner once a beginner so as I believe myself am good with the ball and I trust myself and I like to ask for a chance I swear you won’t regret having me✊#ThankYou +254722471537

  24. Dear sir/ma
    My name is Abubakar Abdulkadir am 18years old,am left footed I can play attacking Middle field and central Attack am Nigerian by nationality.
    My GSM is +2349078060104.Hope I could have the chance.
    Thank you.

  25. I wanna live my football career with Leicester city because I love the way they place and with my little talent I have and the one I will be trained with am orvieously gonna succesed

  26. Hey guys am a young talented player from Nigeria 🇳🇬 and I will wish to play for a great club like Leicester in over the Europe.i played as an attacking midfielder and also a left winger …..
    Current age is 17
    Current location Ijebu ode,OgunState, Nigeria 🇳🇬……
    promising to give my best to the team and looking up for your respond to my request either I will be able to make a trial over there 🙏❤️✅

  27. Hello, my name is Nélio Gonçalves, I am 20 years old and I live in Mozambique.
    I would love to be part of the Leicester academy, show my talent.
    Game in 3 positions (striker, right bullet and side defense) i wish I could have a chance to be part of this spectacular team ❤️

  28. Hey me and my brother Andrew okwera and Aaron okwera are footballers we have been playing in santos soccer academy in Uganda 🇺🇬 and we are really good players my brother is a very good midfielder you won’t regret him playing for you and am also a good winger me am him have been playing for over 8 years now without a break cause we are fighting for our dreams to come true some opportunities have come up but life tends to turn us down so if you could help us and give the both of us an opportunity to express our talents to you we would love it thank you so much

  29. Dear Sir/Madam l am a boy aged 18.l kindly request this vacancy to join your club.l have been playing football since early age,l can’t really say I’m completely good at it but l have a passion and l have always believed that practice makes everything perfect that’s what which still keeps me going.l grew up in rural areas but l have always dreamt of being a footballer since early age.My life is the pitch, please all l just want is a chance to give my dream a chance and be the best in the pitch with your help

  30. My name is scout Parker am from Nigeria 🇳🇬 and I love the game football in which I can play as center midfielder and am also good in defensive midfield

  31. Hi my name is destiny and I am a great striker I am 14 years old I am very skilled and I run super fast I hope you guys will help me to become a professional footballer it has always been my dream to become a pro footballer please help me with my dream and I promise I will never let you down thank you and god bless you love you all

    • Hi my name is Victor and I am a great striker I am 14 years old I am very skilled and I run super fast I hope you guys will help me to become a professional footballer it has always been my dream to become a pro football

  32. My dream is to be a footballer and play for a club like Leicester City
    Am from Western Africa, Nigeria
    Position: 8(Attacking Mid fielder)
    Clubs played: Alpha FC Ukwulu and BigT Global FC Umunya.
    Current club: Non(Free Agent)
    Contact/WhatsApp +2348120273084

  33. Hello.. my name is Nurkey I’m 18 yrs old..I just want to make some steps to get a chance what I can do with the ball. My carrier is to be a professional footballer since I was kid. I was dreaming to become the greatest but now I ask for assistance to be there just to fulfill my dreams. Thank you

    +254722471537 contact me please

    Show quoted text+

  34. hi am calld bassong from cameroon am a striker i love liester city so much please make my dreams come true 237651164061 is my omber

  35. Im Tyrese Fortune from South Africa,Cape Town….A very good wing back can also play Centre Back…..hope to join you guys

  36. Hi. my name is hamza abdullahi iam from Nigeria. I want to be a professional footballer In my life. I have a good skills and experience in my position. I use to play attacking midfielder and left winger, I am good in assist and scoring goals. I scored 10 goals and 25 assist, from January to November. I want to be a leachester City football player. Please help me to achieve what I want to become in my life. Thank you.

    • Hi am victor and i love football so much and I will to play in a professional league so day but I don’t have money to push my self forward i need help please i want to play football and also before i forget am a Nigeria
      And am always ready to play.

  37. Bonjour je m’appelle benhur engo , mon rêve et de jouer a Leicester city j’ai 17ans je suis attaquant et je suis en République démocratique du Congo et je besoin de vraiment de jouer a Leicester je suis passionné et amoureux du jeu incroyable de Leicester et j’aime et j’admire Jamie vardy , je voudrais faire plus que lui alors aide moi mon numéro 0975042296

  38. Hy my name is Abhishai from Zambia am 17 years old I would like to play with you guys am in interesting in football my what’s app number is 0964095252………………..

  39. Thabani Mabuza from Swaziland and I have been watching Leiceter city since 2015 and I would like to make history in this club and Contact 268 78134198
    Call or text available and also WhatsApp ls available
    i have 17 years old this year and I plays as a forward or winger and my favourite player is Vardy
    i am schooling at mpaka high Grade 10, and I play for the first team in the community

  40. I Am Academy Coach In Ghana
    I Have Two Quality Teenage Footballers
    To Introduce To You
    If You Will Be Interested In Them
    One Center Back And Attacker
    Center Back: Age 17
    Attacker: Age 16

  41. *Name*: Adedeji Ibrahim
    *Height*:192 cm

    *Weight*:73 kg

    *Gmail account :*

    *Teams that I have play for* : Ikorodu United U18

    *Title won for the Team*:2

    *Personal Award*: Best defender of the year

    *Hobbies*: I love to play football

    *Position*: Right back

    *Shooting* : 92%

    *Shot stoping*: 87%

    *Tackle successful*:96%
    *Strength* : 87%

    *Nationality*: Nigeria

    I’m a strong defender I’m looking for a club to sign me sir

  42. Good day.
    I’m Araoye.
    I wish to Play for this club, I’m in love in playing for you🙏.
    My Position: Left Back/ Right Back
    Nationality: Nigeria🇳🇬
    Age 17

  43. Gildas Djigbe December 2021 At 3:14 p.m.

    I love football a lot and it is my big passion My dream is to be a professional footballer and to play for a club like Leicester City
    Am from West Africa, “Benin”
    Age: 22 years old (01/29/1999)
    Position: attacker “left or right side” (I play both feet)
    Clubs played: ASPA CF
    Current club: No (Free Agent) a few months ago
    Contact / WhatsApp +22961727877

  44. Hello m’y name moaad zeroual , iam 18 years old , love football a lot and it is my big passion My dream is to be a professional footballer and to play for a club like Leicester City
    Am frome Marocco
    Position: attacker
    Contact / WhatsApp +212697929813

  45. Football has always been my passion and it has always been my dream to play for big clubs like Leicester city but i never got a chance to prove myself but if I get a chance to play and have someone who can teach me to become better player i would be very glad to play football with all my best

    • Sorry i forgot i m a boy and i am 17 years old and i play in the right back position
      Contact .. +263780059967 or +263776283839
      Facebook…Wayne Murwira.

      Thank you

  46. My dearest dream is to find myself on a football field and express my talent! 👉🍏🍎⚽️ I am Ivorian and I give everything to achieve my ends + 225 05 44 60 55 85 “I hate talking about football in the mouth” I speak on the field .
    Thank you for seeing knowing and awakening the god who sleeps in me👉⚽️👈

  47. Hello my name’s nadjib i’m 22 i want to play football with your team liseter city i’m very interisting to play with you ans i play football very well

  48. I am a striker and I really want to play for Leicester football team.I am from Sierra Leone my name is abubakar Sesay but my friends called me vandy

  49. Hello,am by name call Emmanuel sabir obed.
    Am 18 years old and I live in Nimule South Sudan.
    I would love to be in Leicester Academ, and show my talent.
    Am playing strike,winkers n midfield.
    Your positive response would be highly appreciate.

  50. My name is Lawrence Benjamin chindike I am a born talented and potential footballer with unrefined skill I am 14 years old I know that my career can not show the world what I Worth if I keep on playing Nigeria Academy attached with my personal training moment and I shall be willing to send you more if you request for more. I urge you to become my first European club who will make use of my skills as I know that most world players are not better than me. Is just there exposure . I look forward to get your response thanks

    I come from Kenya and I can play both offensive left or right I can olso play as an a attacking mildfieder I have good speed,highly concentrated with or without the ball,very agressive and good strength and stability,am 17years of age and I would like to become a leicester FC player so that I passue with my football career dream come true,my number 0792879561

  52. Hello sir i’m Benard Jakobisi a talented midfielder from Botswana i am 17 years old i always dream to play soccer at Leicester City FC please help me.
    Contact /WhatsApp :+26772696796
    Current club :Non (free agent)

  53. I am Dennis Stardom Ahorlu
    I am a talented young player and I am an attacking midfielder
    I have always dream of playing This team

  54. I play anywhere from the attacking wing
    I will like to Join your team
    Telephone no: +2348118410431

  55. Bonsoir je suis vraiment ravie de vous écrire un message j me nomme Amadou Séne j’ai 17ans né au Sénégal 🇸🇳 ville de Saint Louis je suis un amoureux de foot ❤️ j suis prêt à vous montrer mon talent j’ai quelques choses à vous prouvez merci de votre compréhension
    Contacter moi :(221) 77 910 67 65

  56. My name is RODRICK MWANGAYA
    Am 18 yrs from Tanzania am a footballer player i have a dream with a football and I think lecistercity could be a right place to accomplish my dream
    Position both left winger and right winger
    Phone +255 787 378 794

  57. Like have said am Kabele Chansa from Zambia am 17yrs old and am an Adventist Goa keeper is the number I play and I can promise you am a good Goalkeeper

  58. Good Day.
    My name is Araoye Oluwanifemi, my dream is to be a FOOTBALLER I play as RIGHT BACK AND LEFT BACK. this team is one of the teams I wish to play for. I would be so Glad if my Request is fully Granted from you. Thanks.

  59. Je m’appelle Erick luboya badiambila je vie en République démocratique du Congo dans la ville province de Kinshasa et je qu’un seul rêve de joué au football professionnel

    • My name is ferej nurahmed from 🇪🇹Ethiopia Am 18 yrs old
      My best ability is change result love you All team of leicter city

  60. My name is nwafor daberechi populary known as di maria because of how I play I will be very very glad to be omg the trials am sure of making it in leicester thanks for your support and be bless

    • I’m assure and proudly with my hope I as like iniesta number 8 and I lke to play in Leicester city really I love the team.

  61. Am interested to join Leicester city make my dreams come true.
    As I said am a shot stoper.
    Am a Ghanaian

  62. I’m Sakhile khumalo from S.A I’m 18 years I’m done with a school I’m a player center forward and back also and come striker in my team in a year goals I have 60 upward so please help me to be a player my number 0673668912

  63. Hello, my name is Amadi Alexander I am from Nigeria, I love football since I was a child and it has been my dream to one day pray for Leicester City FC and this opportunity is like a dream come true to me. Please my position is Defending Midfielder and I can also pray side backer Thanks to you guys for the opportunity I means a lot to us thank you

  64. My name is Ibrahim Ismail from Nigeria 🇳🇬attacking midfield I’m interested to football please sir help me
    What’sApp number +2348144097581

  65. Hi am Gatluak Matai,,I live in Kenya but am South Sudaness by nationality,,I would love to apply a scholarship for your club,,I’m really good at playing defence especially as center back ,and also I can play as right back and a left back too,,,my pace alos makes me good to play as a winger and forward as a no nine,,,Thank you,,I’m looking forward to receive your feedback soon,,God bless you

  66. HOW ARE YOU? My name is eyob melese sintayehu i’am from Ethiopia. I have a lot interest to join this football academy . How to join this football academy, is that impossible or not possible.

  67. It is a great pleasure to have an Access to apply for my dream football game and I am a player not great but trying to be great than Leonel Messi I am a forwarder in the game and also this is the club am wishing to play for I like the club and I must do great things for the club I am a sierra Leone an by nationality living in free town Hastings I hope my comment will be taken to consideration. THANK YOU.

  68. My name is Ashmat zidadu muhidini I’m 16 years old ……from TANZANIA 🇹🇿……my former academy is SIMBA SPORTS CLUB in TANZANIA…….my dream is to be a famous footballer around the world please I beg you to accept me….. I’m sure you will be proud of me……THANK YOU 🙏

    Whatsapp +255692486059

  69. Iam a great player I want love football and I love the team please give me a chance I live in somalia and my contacts is +252636817767
    Please give me a chance I will become the best player in the world and I dream to won the premier league title and fa cup and carabao cup with Leicester city insha allah

    • Bonjour les dirigeants. Je suis un jeune joueur âgé de 18 ans . J’aime bien jouer dans l’équipe de Leicester City . C’est mon rêve. Je suis un milieu offensif.

  70. Interested in joining Leicester City, current football club Rainbow Chiefs, In Cape Town, I’m a left-winger, I am a sprinter, vision and good in passing, in 10 games I made four assists and I have scored 8 goals

  71. my name is samuel steven i play defensive midfielder i am a nigerian please i am aspired by wilfred ndidi i love his style of play i wanna play for this club

  72. Hi
    Please l abdurrahman from Nigeria , please l need your help seriously because l need football trials to improve my football talent but l don’t have any money to support my football because I am in a poor family so l need you to give me for a scholarship to support me my WhatsApp number 08065194872 please.Thanks you


  74. My name is Randy Chikwem am 18 and a Nigeria I play right wing am a lecister fan I may not be the best player yet but I know with your help and guidens I will become the best so I am look forward to this bussines thank for the oppurnity

  75. Bom dia Srs. Sou o Frederico mas conhecido como Fábio eu sou médio ofensivo e defensivo, extremo, lateral… E o meu maior sonho é de jogar na Inglaterra❤

  76. I am Hussaini sule am professional player, I want joint leicester academy. age 17 am from Nigeria am playing for potiskum academy. my role is midfielder pls ineed your asist tooo thanks. that my phone no 07064500697

  77. I am a very good player and i play Middlefield and wing, I’m very dedicated to soccer and its my talent i would really love to play for this club and make my dreams come true

  78. Hi am Nziza Dael and am a winger .Am from Rwanda an i would really like playing for ur academie and grow as a football player

  79. Do you have any scouts in plateau state of Nigeria so that I can attend the trials
    I love soccer and I can do anything to make it pro
    Thank you

  80. Good day please do you have a scout in plateau state of Nigeria, I play as a defensive midfielder and I love soccer and I can do anything to make it pro but that’s hard for us here in Africa

  81. My name is temesgen zeleke I’m Ethiopian skillful player and my dream is becoming a pro footballer but in my country there is no academy and many I’m can’t explain challenge but I’m never give up on my dream and work hard every single day and play in U17 local team and I’m believe God makes my dream comes true and I’m asking you please 🙏🙏 help me to live my dream and to join Leicester academy. I’m believe in my talent I’m successful winger like Neymar in Ethiopia my name is Ethiopian Neymar. thank you for your helping phone number+251939279219 and join in this name Facebook Instagram account.l love you so much Leicester

    • Hey my name is Henok Gebeyehu
      am Ethiopian 🇪🇹 my skill is Goalkeeper and my dream is playing football but in my country there is not many academy ,Please help me am best goalkeeper like no one am me like me . Thanks for helping , phone number +251901002919 and join in this name WathsApp or by @henilrdo this user name in Instagram .

  82. My Name Is Fasil Tesfyae I Am Ethiopian Ataking Midfield Player My Best Player In The Worlrd Is Paulo Dybala And My Dream Is To Play At EPL An At Leister City Please Help Me By Covering My Scholar My Call Number Is +251977376339 🙏🙏

  83. Hi I’m sam johnson from liberia I’m a goalkeeper and I really like to play for Leicester city Football academy , this is my number +231888156322

  84. My name is Phillip mmonwuba am a defensive midfielders and am willing to do anything for Leicester city to be the champion of England

  85. Hello my name is Sulleyman Dawud from Ghana. I’m a young footballer who needs your support to prove and go high with my football talent and I really need your support because am young due but the best, so please I would love to join Leicester City FC. I’m a LWF player or also can play LWB and WM. I’m willing to do better so all I want is to be part of Leicester City Football Academy. My dream is to play for Leicester City. I’m a well talented boy, I wish you can help me to play for Leicester City FC, Because this is my only opportunity to be the a great footballer if u want me and am willing to give and do all my best to play beside you, so please I hope to hear from you soon and am Sulleyman and for any info about myself you can contact or text me on my Mail;
    Thank you all for giving all young players to be stars and thank you again
    Thanks for reading my little info God bless you more…….

  86. My name is Nimrod Njeru from Nairobi Kenya and i found this advert on facebook , i wish you can hear my wish which is to join you and train with you and am very talented in football and i will thank you if you give me a chance my phone number is 0756524331and am very desciplined i will be waiting for you responce soon

    thank you for the opportunity
    may you grant me my wish

  87. J’ai 17 ans je suis gaucher et je peux évoluer au poste d’ailier droit mon plus grand rêve est que mon nom fasse parti de ceux des plus grands footballeurs de l’histoire et j’abite à Morocco 🇲🇦

  88. My name is kingsley inystar junior I’m Nigerian skillful player and my dream is becoming a pro footballer but in my country there is no academy and many I’m can’t explain challenge but I’m never give up on my dream and work hard every single day and play in U17 local team and I’m believing in God to make my dreams come true and I’m asking you please 🙏🙏 help me to live my dream and to join Leicester academy. I believe in my talent and versatility am a natural left winger but i can operate as a no10 and a no8.I promise you wouldn’t regret it if am giving an opportunity. helping phone number+2349159518694

  89. My name is albert i play no 6 role im 14 i was born in 2008 during the month of april ive won best school player in a row and once in my academy im looking foward and hoping to come and play for leicter city and improve it

  90. I am a talented footballer with good character and I am a citizen of Nigeria (Decorated footballer)
    I can play as a false(9),but my main role (winger or an Attacking midfielder)
    my number (08157474620)

  91. Hello i am a young talented player here in kaduna nigeria 🇳🇬 i played central defense 5 I’m 15years old and I’m interested for a trial in Leicester football academy my dream is to become a professional footballer for this team i will likely appreciates if my request is been accepted up Leicester best team in the world 🌍 💙

  92. Hello my name is kane am from zambia I wish to play at leicester please accept my request 0970619669 that’s my contact line please please 🥺🥺🥺

  93. I am Warren I live at Gabon I am à student of Omar bongo university in Licence 1 I hae 18 years old ,1m70,right(my Best foot), I love football,I love Premier league please It’s time for me to change my life …In Gabon school is very bad 2years for me no school

  94. Hey …..Am willy from Kenya a talented young player .I play as a winger …since I was a child I used to pray and believe that one time I would play for leicester…I keep on trying and training harder to to work towards my goal …. Thanks for the chance and I pray 🙏 that u may accept my request….+254768294036..thank u blessed

  95. I’m Ayman, I’m 17 yrs old I’m defender 5
    I would really liked to play Leicester City, I’m happy to appear that opportunity as soon as possible

  96. my name is Aymen hassen i am 16 years old am from ethiopia i want to be football player i am left footed i play at winger you know that ethiopia has not professional football player please help me my dream come true please call me +251979044389 0r +251941619595 please help mee please you will be happy by me i am like messi i am so short

  97. My name is Tomiwa
    I love Leicester city with all my life
    And I have always wished to play for the team
    Am a very good striker
    Who wish to be like vardy

  98. My name is Adikalie Bangura and I am from Sierra Leone….I am a footballer(defensive midfielder)… I would appreciate if I have this grate opportunity of becoming a grate Leicester city player in the future…thank you God bless you

  99. Mon nom ce Onesime je joue bien à l’attaque et j’ai beaucoup aimé que l’o Puisse continuer à écrire l’hi Du club et je suis un congolais j’aime Que vous puissiez me donner vraiment la chance

  100. Hi, good morning,, good evening,, good afternoon,, from anywhere you are my name is destiny I am from Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬
    I am a left-footer I can play both defence and attack I am 17 years old,, I want to apply for the academy please
    I really love football I want to apply please I want to be a great player in future that is why I’m applying for the football academy

    This is my phone number:: 0 8 0 5905 36 08 I am from Nigeria please thank you God bless you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  101. Good day am a right back winger and also very discipline in case there is opportunity for me to play at Leicester I will be glad am 14 by age thank you

  102. I am Raymond osazee am 19years old and am a good midfielder .
    My aim is to win trophy’s for my country especially word cup.

  103. I am a good right full wing back player am fit and can attack at the same time defense and I can play as an attacking winger as well I wish to play for Leicester city club

  104. My Name is Robel Daniel I’m 17 years old. I’m Ethiopian skillful player and my dream is becoming a pro footballer in this time I’m play in U17 local team position of LW,Rw and stricker I’M believe in my talent sometimes friends call me Neymar but in my country there is many challenges like in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 there is no football academy, training pitch, boots and lack of football facilities but I’m never give up on my dream and work hard every single day and I’m believe one day God makes my dream comes true. please 🙏 make my dream comes true and help me to join your academy and give a trial or a chance and I’m impressed all of you. Call me in this phone number+251934604402 thank you for your helping.


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