Noble Charter Schools

This write-up will expose us to Noble Charter Schools’ acceptance rate, admission, programs, tuition, ranking, and scholarships. Education is the foundation of every society. The kind of education children receive will affect the future of the world and the quality of our daily lives because the children of today are the adults of tomorrow.

Do you live in Chicago and are looking for the best learning environment to provide the most effective education for your child’s functional needs? If so, consider a Noble Charter School which will help shape your character and the ability to adapt to life in your area. With this in mind, read on to know more about the Noble Charter School: Program, Tuition, Admission, and other interesting information about the school.

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About Noble Charter Schools

The Noble Charter Schools Network is an open, charter enrollment network of high schools and colleges serving Chicago students. Founded in 1999.
The first Noble Extensions, Rauner College Prep, and Pritzker College Prep opened in 2006. The Independent Schools Network currently includes 18 schools: 1 middle school and 17 secondary schools.

The Noble Schools are public and open to all Chicago students; therefore no test is required for admission. Students in Noble Charter Schools are 98% minority and 89% are low-income. It currently has approximately 12,543 students enrolled in more than 70 Chicago communities. The Noble Network has an overall college acceptance rate of 90%.
Nobel offers a teaching residency program that provides a one-year path to a teaching career in urban areas for Nobel alumni and interested members of the community.

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List of Noble independent schools

Noble operates 17 public high schools and one middle school in Chicago. See the list of schools below.

DRW college

Gary Comer College

Golder college

Hansbury College

ITW David Speer Academy

Johnson College

Mansueto arrow

Muchin College Prep

Pritzker College Prep

Rauner College Prep

Clark Academy of Math and Science

Nobel Academy

UIC College Prep

Street College Prep

Baker College Prep

Why you should attend Noble Charter Schools

Noble has what it takes to shape the future of secondary education. The university is known worldwide for its extraordinary and innovative research and other educational programs. There are good reasons why the Nobel should be your priority.
Let’s see what people say about the school.

Reviews on Noble Charter Schools

I have been working part-time at Noble Network of Charter Schools for over 3 years. You will meet many amazing people who are alumni of the network and/or believe strongly in the mission of the network. The pre-COVID office space was a bit crowded.”

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“Noble has exceptionally strong teachers who wholeheartedly, out of love and high expectations, give students the skills they need to succeed in college and live a better life. Perfect. Here, teachers work hard to make sure students have what they need to thrive. The students here are brave, passionate, fun, and kind. This is a great school.

“The most satisfying part of being a Nobel teacher is specifically the students. There are times when you wonder if you are making an impact or if they are listening, but it is true. In truth, there will be bad days and good days. Noble’s education is humble and rewarding. In addition, Noble strives to make sure that all students not only go to college, but also go to college academically and emotionally, and that’s what I love about the work we do.

“I love the nobles. I will never find myself in any other school.” Teachers care about students. There are many learning opportunities. In other words, you can choose which courses to take. Everyone in the school is respected

Indeed, the Nobel prepared me for a life full of choices. It bestows the honors needed to succeed in college and live an exemplary life while catalyzing educational reform in Chicago.

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Tuition and fees for Noble Charter Schools

Studying at Nobel is based on your child’s grade, not their age. This is directly related to the relationship between employees and children. Afterward, your child will be moved to the next class when he is older and has space. The annual registration fee for each child is $140. The weekly tuition fees are shown below and will be paid every two weeks.
Young Lynx (6 weeks or older): $433 per week

Exquisite Wildcats (15 months or older) $433 per week

Cool Tigers (2 years or older): $403/week

Blacks in learning (3 years or more) $403 per week

Do Noble Charter Schools provide financial aid?

Indeed, Noble is committed to making higher education more accessible and affordable for students and their families. As a result, the school offers scholarships to students who are not enrolled in the federal DACA program. The program reflects the financial aid that would have been available to students through the FAFSA. Hence, approximately 70 undocumented Nobel alumni receive near-full scholarships each year.

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Ranking of independent noble schools

In fact, for the ranking of schools, there are many things to consider, especially before the ranking is officially announced. According to the information, schools are ranked based on their performance on state-required exams, graduation, and how well students prepare for college. Below is the current ranking of Noble Schools.
In 2014, black and Latino students at Aristocratic Schools ranked in the top 30% of students in reading, math, and science.

#1,563 in the country rankings

#73 in high schools in Illinois

#70 in Chicago, Illinois area high schools

#21 in Chicago Public High Schools

#240 in Chartres High Schools

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Noble Charter School – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Independent Schools at Noble a co-educational school?

correct! Nobel is home to scientists and teachers alike. Both males and females attend this prestigious institution.

What is the graduation rate for exclusive schools?

Nobel’s current alumni class is 44% Black and 54% Hispanic

What is the student/teacher rate for value schools?


What is the Noble Charter School Acceptance Rate?


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Noble charter schools are available for different course levels and scholarships are offered by different universities and colleges. Above all, this article tells you everything you need to know about this prestigious organization.

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