Valour FC Youth Academy Registration Requirement

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Now, let us discuss the topic ”Valour FC Youth Academy Registration Requirement”.

An Overview Of The Youth Camps & Schemes

From the ages of 4 to 18, boys and girls will be able to participate in Valour FC’s youth programs. We’ll tailor our instruction to each child’s developmental stage and teach them the fundamentals of football so they’ll be ready to tackle the game at any level.

Players will be the focus of Valour’s training style. In addition, we will instill the Valour FC core principles of respect, hard work, ambition, and cooperation in all of our educational endeavors, including the Valour FC Academy.

At every step in a player’s development, we’ll apply the same training methods and principles, which include a progression of interconnected, progressive, and individualized workouts.

Meanwhile, Valour will make direct investments in the grassroots by offering a variety of coaching seminars and chances. Valour will challenge our local coaches to improve their core coaching qualities so that they can prepare better to guide the next generation of footballers in our Province.

The Availabilty Of Valor FC Soccer Camps

Valour F.C. is in charge of the operation. Valour Staff, Players, and Valour Youth Support Staff from our club affiliates are part of the curriculum and implementation.

It is common for parents to look for ways to keep their children occupied during the school holidays and breaks, when many parents still have to work. On the other hand, Camps may be relatively inexpensive if you compare them to day care costs.

In order to accommodate campers aged 5 to 14, most camps have a minimum attendance age of 2 days, with the possibility of extending that to 5 days if needed. While team camps with districts and regions as well as high-performance camps are most common for older campers, they can also make them available on request for younger campers. It’s a full-day camp with a split-day focus.

They may use a 1st team training session at the camp site to host 1st team staff and players during the season, assisting regional growth in rural areas and regions outside of Winnipeg, as we showed in our first year (Portage, Steinbach, Brandon).

They may support our regional jamboree projects by having these events take place on weekends as well.

Exceptional Capability

Training at the Valour FC High Performance Centre of Excellence will help future football players, whether they play for the Canadian national team or for a professional or collegiate team, reach their potential.

As a result, they will use the Valour FC Elite Girls team to train male players for the Valour F.C. first team and female players for various CWNT categories. With an eye on helping each athlete find a path that works for them, Valour FC understands that not every player has the desire or the ability to reach the highest levels of the sport in which they participate.

Valour’s 1st team curriculum and progressions would form the foundation of our “Train to Train” stage of development. We want to build a comprehensive Athlete Care Program for Valour FC Elite Youth players by leveraging our staff and players, as well as our medical and operational teams, in order to provide them with support and training on all of these aspects of the game.

Our basic principle of better people makes better athletes, which is why we take a comprehensive approach to training. They can consider training athletes for professional or college athletics, social media skills, public speaking challenges, and leadership and teambuilding workshops are some other long-term efforts.

For a high-performance program to succeed, Valour FC values must grow deep into every facet of it. At this age, our athletes and staff will represent the Valour crest with the highest pride since they can acquire values and attitudes.

The Valour F.C. Centre of Excellence program expects its participants to carry the values of respect, ambition, hard work, and camaraderie they learned there into the wider football community.

The Valour FC High Performance Centre of Excellence is where we begin the process of attaining professionalism of the sport in our province.

Skill Enhancement Program

As part of the Valour FC Youth Skill Builders, they must teach athletes how to train. The four-corner approach to skill learning, principles of play, and other basic characteristics will become increasingly important in the later phases of the game.
They can introduce the core Valour game model concepts at this stage through age-specific exercises and not strategies! Achieving a high level of muscle memory for essential abilities while mastering the ball and expanding one’s physical literacy.

There are over 15 groups, so the stages will go into two categories:

  • Junior Training – 9 –11 year olds
  • Senior raining – 11 –14 year olds

The coach will be able to work more closely with each participant because of the more hands-on approach taken by the group stations’ instructors.

Small-Size Soccer Training

Love at first sight, fall in love with soccer, fall in love with Valour.”. They design of Valour FC Mini programs are to get young soccer players, ages 4 to 8, off to a good start in the sport by providing a positive, encouraging, and active first experience.

Operated and managed by Valor FC. Our club linked partners’ Valour Staff, Players, and Valour Youth Support Staff all contribute to the curriculum and implementation. “Fall in love with soccer” may be a child’s first introduction to our sport through Valour FC’s “Fall in love with soccer” mini program In order for it to be successful, it needs to be energizing and fulfilling while also being hard.

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Each session would have four 15-minute stations, each concentrating on a different aspect of our sport, from physical literacy to ball mastery, all the while focused on creating a joyful and infectious experience.

There are over 12 groups, so the stages will go into two categories:

  • Beginners – 4 – 6-year-olds
  • Pre-training 6 – 8-year-olds

The coach will be able to work more closely with each participant because of the more hands-on approach taken by the group stations’ instructors.

About The Formal Youth Affiliate Clubs

Clubs affiliated with the Valour FC Youth Soccer Club Affiliate Program receive technical support and guidance from the club.

Valour coaches and players will be available for youth club affiliates, who will also have access to special ticket and experience offerings.

Using the expertise of Valour FC’s professional team, the program helps our Youth Club Affiliates develop their youth potential by offering a structured path to the professional level for their members, as well as serving the requirements of all youth players in their community.

Players will be the focus of Valour’s training model. Players of all skill levels will benefit from the foundations and building blocks it provides, as well as the uniformity it creates between LTPD stages.

Coach education, resource sharing and development opportunities are all part of the Valour FC Club Affiliate program’s common purpose of enabling each Club deliver individualized assistance and programing.

Gaining Entrance Into Valour FC Football Academy

This is synonymous to the Valour FC Youth Academy Registration Requirement. The basic requirement to get a trial is to possess the desirable talent of football. Also, to be at alert and available whenever the club’s scout comes around. But, bear in mind that most times, you won’t notice their presence. So, diligence is also of key importance rather than sending your football clips to the Valour FC Football Academy mail. This is because most times the operators of the mailbox don’t go through all the videos and links.

Also, by enrolling in a soccer school run by the Valour FC. It is the most achievable way as the chancesof of getting a trial is high. In addition, during your local club training, the club can send out scouts to observe young players. The scouts already have the qualities they wish to see. So, once they discover it, they make contact with your coach or manager. After that, they send you an invitation to the club’s development center for an interview. Most importantly, enrolling children in football schools helps to properly develop them. This way, when the players get to the pitch, it won’t be a big challenge. This is also how to join Valour FC Football Academy. 

More Information

Due to the open trial policy of the academy, there is a rush in application. So, it is advisable to visit the academy’s website to apply. But, note that, only those within the age of 8 years is eligible. In addition, the club still offers forms for Football Academy Scholarships in Canada.

On the other hand, the academy scouts help to get youths to join the Valour FC Football Academy. For International students, they can also apply through the club’s website. You can follow this steps:

  • Present a credible account of yourself. This includes contact and previous clubs if any.
  • The approval of the guardian or parents. Meanwhile, this applies majorly to players under 18 years.
  • Make sure you submit a video of yourself. Also, this applies majorly to international youngsters.

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Overview Of Valour FC

The Valour Football Club is a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-based professional soccer team. IG Field serves as the club’s home ground and hosts matches in the Canadian Premier League. Phillip Dos Santos is the team’s head coach, and the Winnipeg Football Club owns the squad.

Historical Background Of Valour FC

When the Canadian Soccer Association unanimously authorized the Canadian Premier League on May 6, 2017, Winnipeg was one of two locations to receive professional team membership. They confirmed the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League to be behind the ownership groupings.

Meanwhile, based on selection, the Winnipeg Football Club’s CEO, Wade Miller, is now the club president. According to reports in May of this year, they will rename the team, Valor FC. As of June 6, 2018, the team had officially became the fourth to enter the Canadian Premier League. In addition to securing a spot in the league for the 2019 season, the club also unveiled its crest, colors, and logos to the public.

Announcing Rob Gale as its first head coach and general manager, the team made the announcement on June 26. In the overall rankings, Valour finished 6th in 2019, 6th in 2020, and 5th in 2021. Valour FC fired Rob Gale as head coach of Valour FC on September 23, 2021. This happened while the team was in fifth place. To carry on the team, the club appointed Phillip Dos Santos to replace him.

Let us look at the Valour FC Youth Academy Registration Requirement in relation to Valour FC Stadium.

The Football Ground Of Valour FC

IG Field, a 33,234-seat Canadian football stadium, serves as the team’s home field. They inaugurated the stadium, which is located next to University Stadium on the campus of the University of Manitoba, in 2013.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, University of Manitoba Bisons, and Winnipeg Rifles all play their home games in the stadium.
One of Winnipeg’s most popular outdoor venues is the Investors Group Field (IG Field, originally Investors Group Field, renamed as Winnipeg Stadium during FIFA events due to sponsorship requirements).

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They finished building the new Stadium that is located on the University of Manitoba’s campus, near to University Stadium, in 2013. The stadium is home to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL), Valour FC of the Canadian Premier League (CPL), the University of Manitoba Bisons football team, and the Winnipeg Rifles. Triple B Stadium Inc. owns it. It is a consortium of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Winnipeg Football Club, and the University of Manitoba (CJFL). They played the FIFA Women’s World Cup there in 2015.

They partly covered stadium can house a total of 33,134 people. In addition to the walk of fame and a corrugated metal roof, the stadium has 52 suites and a café.

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The Historical Background Of The Stadium

Building Up Of The Stadium

Owners of the naming rights to the previous stadium of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Canad Inns, proposed in 2007 to renovate the entire site for commercial purposes and build a football stadium for the Blue Bombers elsewhere.

They made a $265 million stadium for the former Public Markets site in the St. Boniface industrial park, which Canad Inns purchased from the city. But, they rejected it in favor of David Asper’s concept. The $500 million facility would have included a four-star hotel, an indoor water park, and a domed stadium.

Both the federal and provincial governments made financial commitments of $40 million each as part of David Asper’s original proposal, which also called for a transfer of assets (including the publicly owned Blue Bomber franchise and the stadium’s surrounding undeveloped commercial real estate).

Asper donated $65 million to the Maroons Road development as part of Creswin’s commitment to the project. They included a two-level parking garage and a retail development of 217,000 square feet (20,200 square meters) in the Asper proposal.

University of Manitoba and Asper’s Creswin Properties signed a statement of intent on September 13, 2009, paving the way for the construction of a stadium at the intersection of Chancellor Matheson Drive and University Crescent. The modern University Stadium, constructed for the 1967 Pan American Games, is right next door.

The new plan calls for building a 33,422-seat stadium, renovating the current one, and adding a top-notch fitness center to the mix. During the winter months, they planned for inflatable “bubbles” for both stadiums. This project estimate will cost approximately $115 million.

More Information

The University of Manitoba Bisons football team would play their home games in the new stadium. This stadium’s design shows that it can house a capacity of 40,000 people. However, for the 2015 Grey Cup, 36,500 seats were available.

On April 2, 2009, they gave the stadium the go-ahead order. Manitoba later agreed to lend David Asper $90 million to assure that the project would begin in 2010 and that the stadium would open in 2012.

David Asper, Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, and University of Manitoba President David Barnard joined the CFL’s Mark Cohon to officially break ground on the site on May 20, 2010.

They agrrement body kicked out Asper and Creswin of the arrangement for violating the terms of the original contract. This is because, they made significant alterations to the stadium design. The new price tag was $190 million, with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers footing the bill for $85 million and the province and city governments sharing the balance, as originally envisaged, to cover the costs.

The naming rights were given to IGM Financial’s flagship affiliate, Investors Group. For the 2018 redesign of Investors Group as IG Wealth Management, IG Field was dropped from the stadium’s name.

Some Controversial Events

This year’s season was supposed to begin in the new stadium. Even yet, the Blue Bombers stated on May 2, 2012, that the new stadium wouldn’t be ready until September, forcing the team to play four or five home games at Canad Inns Stadium to begin the season.

There were rumors that the stadium might not open until next year, however those were dispelled in June 2012. For reasons that remain unclear, the previously mentioned inflatable dome was reportedly scrapped from the 2012 plans in December 2013.

A $1.9 million lien was placed on the stadium in 2014 by the contractor, Stuart Olson Dominion, who claimed it owed money for some of the project’s cost overruns. The government contributed an additional $1.5 million to cover further building costs, bringing the total cost to $210 million later that year.

There will be a $35 million repair bill paid for by the government of Manitoba on October 27, 2015. This additional expenditure of money would subsequently be recouped from that lawsuit’s settlement.

Some Reputable Events

About The Canadian Football

On June 27, 2013, the Blue Bombers hosted their inaugural game at Investors Group Field, losing 38–33 to the Montreal Alouettes. One hundred and thirty-third Grey Cup was held in Investors Group Field in 2015.

Aspect Of Soccer

Investors Group Field hosted its debut soccer match between the Canadian women’s national team and the United States on May 8, 2014, ending in a 1–1 tie. Six Canadian cities, including Winnipeg, hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup in June 2015.

Investors Group Field played host to the first four games in Group D, which featured the United States, Australia, Sweden, and Nigeria.

During the World Cup, the location was referred to as Winnipeg Stadium according to FIFA sponsorship restrictions. Valour FC, a member of the Canadian Premier League, will call IG Field home starting in 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian Premier League field featured a bio-secure bubble for the first few games of the season in 2021.

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Played in accordance with provincial public health orders and behind closed doors, every match was played.

About Ice Hockey

Winnipeg Jets fell 3–0 to the Edmonton Oilers in front of a sold-out crowd at Investors Group Field on October 23, 2016, in the fourth iteration of National Hockey League (NHL) Heritage Classic.

Players from the old Winnipeg Jets franchise returned to Winnipeg to play the Oilers alumni squad in the Classic’s usual alumni game, which was played the day before the Classic. It was a shootout victory for the Jets alumni led by Teemu Selänne and Dale Hawerchuk against Wayne Gretzky’s Oilers.

American Football

On August 22, 2019, the Green Bay Packers played the Oakland Raiders in an NFL preseason game at IG Field. This game was mainly a non-starter affair. There were gaps in each end zone after the goalposts were moved back five yards to put them behind the endzone, as is common in American football.

Due to time constraints, the goalposts had to be reinstalled and a new field painted, so each ten-yard line was quickly converted to the goal line by adding pylons. Kickoffs were also eliminated because of this discovery.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden said the improvements had no significant impact on the game, and most coaches and players agreed that IG Field’s playing surface was a great improvement over the previous one.

Next up is the topic ”Valour FC Youth Academy Registration Requirement” in relation to the club’s identity.

The Club’s Identity

To honor Corporal Leo Clarke, Sergeant-Major Frederick William Hall, and Lieutenant Robert Shankland, who all resided on the same street in Winnipeg and received the Victoria Cross for deeds of courage during the First World War, Valor Road has been named after the club.

To signify the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in Winnipeg, a folded medal ribbon appears in the center of the crest’s letter “V.” The “W” for Winnipeg is formed by the right side of the “V,”. Then, the circle under the “V” is shaped like a Victoria Cross medal. The wheat at the top of the crest reflects Manitoba’s agriculture sector.

The official colors of the club are maroon, gold, and black… (branded by the club as “Valour maroon,” “wheat gold,” and “earth black”). The ribbon of the Victoria Cross and the wheat fields and soil of the Canadian Prairies are represented by these colors.

The Head Coach Of Valour FC

Canadian soccer coach Phillip Dos Santos is well-known in the sport. It’s now Valour FC’s general manager and head coach that he’s in charge of

His Managerial Tenure

Early Experience With The Job

Dos Santos was a member of the Canadian men’s national soccer team’s youth teams from 2011 to 2014. After that, he worked as an assistant coach under his brother Marc Dos Santos, who was head coach of the Ottawa Fury FC, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, the San Francisco Deltas, the Indy Eleven, and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Football Club Valour

Valour FC hired Dos Santos as its general manager and head coach on September 23, 2021.

About Wade Miller

Wade Miller (born June 10, 1973) is the current President and CEO of the Canadian Football League’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers and a former professional Canadian football player.

His Tenure As A Footballer

After four seasons with the Manitoba Bisons, Miller was picked by the Blue Bombers in the fourth round (37th overall) of the 1995 CFL Draft. Playing 159 regular season games and eight playoff games in his eleven seasons in the Canadian Football League (CFL), all with the Blue Bombers, is an impressive resume.

In spite of being a linebacker in his first year of the league, Miller was a mainstay on the Blue Bombers’ special teams despite his diminutive stature as an amateur. After Mike Miller and Jason Arakgi, he is third all-time in special teams tackles with 184. He was twice selected to the CFL East Division All-Star team (1997, 1999). Also, he announced his retirement from the NFL in 2005. He was inducted into the Blue Bombers Hall of Fame in 2011

Miller’s After-Football Activities

Miller has also worked as an employment recruiter and a motivational speaker when he’s not playing football. In 2002, he co-founded Pinnacle Staffing, an executive and management recruiting business.

The Blue Bombers Alumni Association counts him among its ranks of active members, as do Booster Juice locations around the country.

2007 saw Miller named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 by The Globe and Mail newspaper.
To replace Garth Buchko, the Winnipeg Football Club appointed Miller as acting CEO in August 2013. Two months later, the Blue Bombers officially welcomed Miller to the team as their new CEO and President.

His Personal Life

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Miller was raised and educated. His father, Allen, was a linebacker for the Blue Bombers in the National Football League during the 1960s after a brief run with the Washington Redskins. In the Canadian Football League, Ritchie works as an umpire.


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