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Have you ever seen a video you like on YouTube and wished you could download it? Not just download on YouTube, but have the video also show on your gallery/VLC? Have you ever just wanted to have the audio version of a video? In this post “YouTube to MP3 Converter Yt1”, we bring you easy solution to your problems. We also looked at What is YouTube to MP3 Converter Yt1? And how to use it. As well as why use Yt1 for Mp3 download? And Convert YouTube to Mp3 online.

YouTube is an application that lets you share videos online and also serves as a form of social media platform. To access YouTube, one first needs a YouTube channel which is usually the user’s home page. An individual can equally have more than one YouTube channel and upload videos of him or herself online. While YouTube can very much be used to pass time, a lot of people make their living from the application. When you stack up enough subscribers and views, you automatically get to be among YouTube’s payroll.

Mp3 converter on the other hand is basically an application that lets you convert your audio files online. Mp3 fully stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. Asides the fact that this is an audio converter, there are several other uses of an Mp3 converter. With an Mp3 converter, you can also:

  • Infuse Sound effects to your audio
  • Have easy access to quotes from movies
  • Extract music from video clips
  • Have your Audiobook personally made.

We’re now going to briefly but precisely take a look at how these two different applications can combine to give an entirely different result. Going further, we shall also discuss the relationship between YouTube and an Mp3 converter.

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What is YouTube to Mp3 converter Yt1?

Generally, a YouTube to Mp3 converter is such that helps you convert and download YouTube videos normally on your device. They basically allow you access to videos on YouTube ordinarily as well as convert them to audio files. The beauty of this is that you get to do all of these without as much as downloading an application or a different software. Isn’t that amazing?!

Now, it is important to understand that there are various kinds of YouTube to Mp3 converter. However, for the sake of this discussion, we’ll be laying emphasis on the Yt1s. YouTube to Mp3 converter Yt1 is an easy to use converter tool that lets you download YouTube videos and convert them to High quality Audio format. This particular converter can have your audio file output in different formats. Some of the formats include 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kpbs and 320kbps. With Yt1, one can just copy and paste the link from the YouTube video they wish to convert and simply choose the audio quality format they prefer.

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Yt1 Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter

As earlier stated, Yt1s enables you convert your YouTube videos to any audio format of your choice. However, in addition to this, the great thing about Yt1s is that they are free! This means that unlike several other Mp3 converters that requires payment, Yt1s are free of all costs. All you really need is your data connection and your YouTube link. As long as you have these two, your video will be converted in a heartbeat to any audio format.

Yt1 online YouTube to Mp3 Converter

At this point, it is common knowledge that Yt1 is an online YouTube to Mp3 converter that requires no software or application. Yt1 is a widely recommended Mp3 converter as it has a lot of benefits/advantages compared to others. Seeing as this is an online platform, there are so many controversies surrounding its reliability. However, here are a couple of reasons why we think you should opt for a Yt1 YouTube to Mp3 converter. They are;

  1. With Yt1s, you can be assured of fast speed to download and convert your videos in no time.
  2. There are no limitations to the videos that can be converted using Yt1s.
  3. Using Yt1 means easy access to high quality Audio format.
  4. Yt1s are a 100% safe and secure.
  5. They are very easy to understand and make use of.
  6. You can open up Yt1s on any browser of your choice.

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Yt1 method of converting YouTube to Mp3 in 3 Easy steps

Converting your YouTube video to Mp3 is a very easy task, you don’t need a computer analyst to figure it out for you. However, just in case you need a guide, look at the 3 easy steps to converting your video with Yt1;

  • Copy the link from YouTube and paste in the Yt1 search box (After you must have opened up the converter link as well)
  • Scroll down to “Convert Mp3” and click
  • Your conversion will start almost immediately, all you have to do is wait. After which you can download the file.


There has been speculations over the years as to the credibility of the site. Some claim it’s a scam website because of the fact that the website owner hides his identity and also how young it is. However, based on the ratings on the site, there is cause to believe that the scam alert is actually a false alarm. So far, research has shown that the website has passed 3 of the validity test which includes;

  1. Valid SSL certificate
  2. Safe website according to DNSFilter
  3. Zero traces of malware.

However, the controversies and speculations remain due to the fact that

  1. The owner of the website has chosen to hide his identity. This is a suspicious move.

2. The site is not as popular as it should be if legit.

The domain is quite young.

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List of best YouTube to Mp3 Converter and Downloader

There are a couple of other converters asides Yt1s which we will take a look at briefly. They are;

  • By Click Downloader
  • HitPaw Video Converter
  • SnapDownloader
  • YTD Video Downloader and Converter
  • YTop1
  • OnlyMP3
  • EaseUS Video Downloader
  • Y2mate
  • YTMP3
  • Kapwing
  • 4K Download MP3 Converter

How to use YouTube to Mp3 Yt1

Using Yt1 YouTube to Mp3 converter is quite easy as all you need to do is know the website link and how to go about it. To make use of Yt1s, you must first have a YouTube video which you wish to convert. See the following steps to use YouTube to Mp3 Yt1;

  • Open your YouTube account, find q video you’d like to download and click on it.
  • While the video is playing, copy the link in the URL.
  • Go to your browser and open
  • Paste the link copied in the search box
  • Wait for the video to load, then scroll to the bottom of your screen
  • Click “Convert to Mp3” and choose a format
  • After conversion, you’ll see a “Download” button. Click it
  • Now you have successfully converted your video with Yt1.

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Why use Yt1 for Mp3 download?

There are various reasons as to why people prefer Yt1 to other forms of converter. Some of them are;

  1. High download and conversion speed
  2. No pop up ads interrupting download process
  3. Free access to the site
  4. Maximum security and safety guaranteed
  5. Availability of options and varieties.

Yt1 Guide on How to convert YouTube to Mp3

Converting YouTube to Mp3 is quite easy You need just 3 things: YouTube app, Link to the YouTube video and your converter. Having established that we’ll be making use of Yt1, the task will be a lot easier. All you have to do is after copying the video link on YouTube, paste it on the converter website. After the website has recognized the link, you’ll find an option that lets you download to any format. Click on any convert format of your choice and have your video converted. When you’re done converting it, you can then download. Voila! You’re good to go.

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Yt1, the best and easy YouTube to Mp3 converter

Yt1s is the easiest Mp3 converter there is as with 3 easy steps, you have achieved your goal. It is easy to understand how to use as well even if you’re using it for the very first time. Making use of Yt1 is straight forward and stress free. There are no prompts, ads or fees that disrupts your process.

Yt1s YouTube to Mp3 converter download link

To get access to Yt1 mp3 converter, just type in the link on your browser. The link is This link takes you straight to the website that does the conversion.

Convert YouTube to Mp3 Online

To convert YouTube to Mp3 online is a task that posses no stress. All you basically need is an internet connection and you’re good to go. You can make use of any converter of your choice if you wish to convert a YouTube video online.

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FAQs on how to convert YouTube video to Mp3

Do I have to pay to access this service?

No, you don’t. This service is free of cost!

Are there specific types of video that can be converted?

You can convert ANY kind of video using the YouTube to Mp3 converter. There are no limitations or selections.

Do I need to download an app?

There are no need for applications with this service. As stated earlier, all that is needed is the link.

How does a YouTube to Mp3 converter site work?

The process of extracting the audio of a YouTube video from it and converting it to Mp3 format is called Stream ripping. While you don’t need to download any software, the site itself makes use of a software to convert videos.

Is using a YouTube to Mp3 converter legal?

The legality or illegally of using a converting site solely depends on your country. Some sites go as far as not opening as soon as certain countries are detected.

Can I convert multiple videos at once?

Yes you can, but not every site allows it though. If you find the one that does, then by all means, convert away!

Can I convert videos with my mobile phone?

As long as you have a device that can be connected to the internet, you can make use of YouTube to Mp3 converter with your phone. You can also make use of a laptop, iPad, and other smart devices.

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