YouTube to mp4 converter free download

This article “YouTube to mp4 converter free download” educates you About YouTube and gives you Reasons to Convert Youtube videos to MP4. Also, you will get a List of Best YouTube to MP4 Converters and answers to the popular question What is YouTube to MP4 Converter?

YouTube to mp4 converter free download

Over 2.1 billion people use YouTube globally, which is around 26% of the world’s population at this time. YouTube has grown into such an internet powerhouse.

Accordingly, 1 in 4 persons on the planet are YouTube users. YouTube was the second-most popular website in the globe, barely behind Google, in November 2022, with a total of 74.8 billion visitors. Blown mind.

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Given YouTube’s immense popularity, it is understandable that many of its users would prefer the opportunity to download and save videos in MP4 format.

The simplest method to achieve this is to utilize an MP4 converter, which is a tool that enables you to download HD films from YouTube and then save and keep them in excellent quality and manageable file sizes.

In order to use the majority of YouTube to MP4 converters, you must first copy the link to the YouTube video of your choosing, select MP4, and then wait for the software to download and convert the video.

Because you’ll find a lot of converters out there, it could be challenging to pick the best one, particularly since a lot of them have a history of being dubious or even harmful to your computer’s security and privacy.

What is YouTube to MP4 Converter?

Let’s first define the Youtube to MP4 converter before getting into the specifics. It involves downloading a YouTube video and then converting it to an MP4 file format, to put it simply.

An audio, video, and subtitles container format called MP4 is employed digitally. As a result of its compliance with the majority of hardware and software, it is a widely used file format.

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Reasons to Convert Youtube videos to MP4

It is relatable if you convert a YouTube video to MP4. That way, you can distribute the video with people with no internet connection or keep it for offline watch. Additionally, you may save YouTube videos in MP4 format to your gadget and watch them whenever you like.

We’ll talk about how to convert a YouTube video to an MP4 now that you understand why you need to.

List of Best YouTube to MP4 Converters

So, without jeopardizing your internet security, below is a list of the greatest solutions for converting videos to MP4:

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YTmp4 – Youtube to mp4 converter

YTmp4 is an extremely common and simple tool for converting YouTube videos to MP4 and allowing downloads without the need for any software or registration.

It is easy. Simply enter the YouTube URL into the search box and select Convert. Press the Download button after choosing the quality. This method of downloading YouTube videos to MP4 is the safest and quickest.

 The fastest and safest converter and downloader for downloading YouTube videos to your gadgets is Ytmp4. Therefore, if you download the video, you are able to play it offline at a later time.


YTMP3 is the best option if you’re seeking for a converter that is totally free. Any YouTube video may be quickly and easily converted to MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) with YTMP3, and then downloaded for free to your PC, tablet, and mobile devices. YTMP3 is entirely web-based and doesn’t call for any additional apps or software.

Only videos up to 90 minutes in duration can be converted using YTMP3, which is a drawback. As a result, you will need to look for alternatives if you need to convert videos in bulk or that are longer than 90 minutes.

You will also need to carefully inspect your converted videos to verify consistent audio quality because there have been instances of sound problems after conversion. This is currently the best free converter option, though.

Although there are plenty other YouTube to MP4 converters available, these are the best, most dependable, and secure ones. The following points should be kept in mind if you are concerned about whether downloading and converting videos from YouTube is lawful.

Now go ahead and download and convert your favorite films so you can save, keep, and watch them whenever, whenever, without needing for an online connection. After all, converting YouTube videos to MP4 can greatly aid your social media marketing efforts. However, that is a different tale.

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4K Video Downloader

In particular, 4K Video Downloader is renowned for its effective operation and numerous practical features, such as downloads in 4K and 8K and an app proxy configuration that one can use to download without restrictions.

This means you can download YouTube videos in a lot of formats.

Similar to Snap Downloader, the free trial has restrictions and you must pay for the majority of the capabilities. Even worse, the converter will bombard you with a ton of advertisements as soon as your account is opened, therefore negating the value of the free trial.


iTubeGo, another video converter with great customer satisfaction ratings, is accessible in more than 200 nations. A built-in browser that provides easy access to several video streaming providers (more than 10,000 websites in total) is one of its strongest features. iTubeGo is accessible to Android users in addition to Windows and Mac users. 

Users can convert video and audio files in milliseconds because to its turbo-fast capability. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to add music and dubbing, as well as to trim out certain sections of the video. With regard to security, iTubeGo has SSL encryption built in to safeguard your data so you may download with confidence.

Sadly, the free version only offers a very limited set of features. You will need to invest in a membership plan that starts at $9.95 a month for one PC if you want to enjoy all of its features. You might come across a package deal that offers significant discounts (for instance, one for Windows and Android).

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Snap Downloader

Snap Downloader has a simple user interface. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, permits YouTube and Dailymotion video downloads, and provides video quality that range from 144p to 8K.

You can download as much as you’d like simultaneously and it also makes it simple to mass download YouTube playlists and particular channels.

You may get past geo-restrictions and even organize downloads for whenever is most convenient for you with Snap Downloader’s proxy setup settings.

A free trial is, however, only offered for 24 hours. You will need to buy a license starting at $7.99 per month for a single PC if you’d like to continue using this converter. The best offer might be to purchase an unlimited license for $39.99. This license is only good for one machine, but it is thankfully transferrable.


With the simple-to-use application Subly, you can choose the aspect ratio you require for the social media site of your choice and download YouTube videos in a variety of formats that are optimized for social networking.

Instead of downloading your films to your PC and then having to submit them to Google Drive, you may conveniently download them directly to Google Drive.

The snippet tool on Subly is another fantastic feature that allows you to modify or condense your movies as well as make samples that you can share on social media.

Additionally, you can use Subly to put text over movies, create precise captions and subtitles in a variety of formats, and convert your videos into a truly astounding number of tongues.

Simply said, Subly is the best option once it involves converting YouTube videos to MP4. Additionally, it’s not only because we created it and truly, deeply adore it. A little, yes. But the fundamental reason is that we firmly believe in it.

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HitPaw Video Converter

YouTube videos can be converted to MP4 with 4K resolution with HitPaw Video Converter. Both playlists and channels from YouTube can be changed to MP4 or any of the other 1000+ formats.

The download speed is 120 times quicker with Ultrafast Download. Thousands of major websites, in addition to YouTube, are supported.

Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP4

YouTube videos can be converted to MP4 format in a variety of methods. We will talk about the most widely used techniques in this part.

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Method 1: Online YouTube to MP4 Converter

One of the quickest and most effective ways to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format is by using a converter online. Online converters can be found for free in plenty.

Simply copy the YouTube video’s URL, enter it into your youtube to mp4 converter, then press the download button to download it. The converter will download the MP4 version of the video to your device.

Method 2: Video Downloading Software

Using software to grab videos from YouTube and convert them to MP4 format is another option. Software for downloading videos is widely available online, both for free and for a fee.

To download a YouTube video, simply copy its URL, input it into the application, and press the download button after downloading and installing the necessary software on your system. The video will be downloaded into the MP4 format by the software and saved to your device or system.

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Method 3: Browser Extension

Use an extension for your browser to convert YouTube videos to MP4 if you do not wish to set up any software on your computer. Popular online browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox each have a ton of free browser extensions available.

To download a YouTube video, all you have to do is go to the page where it is and click the extension button after installing the extension to your web browser. The extension will download the video to your electronic device and convert it to MP4 format.

The best tools for downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP4 will be covered in the sections that follow.


You may store your favorite YouTube videos on your smartphone and watch them whenever you want to by converting them to MP4 format.

Online converters, video downloading programs, and browser plugins are just a few of the ways you can convert YouTube videos to MP4 format. Utilizing reliable sources, examining the movie’s quality, and making sure you have the authority to download and convert the video are all crucial.

This comprehensive instruction should have made it clear ways to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format. Now, you may download and watch your favorite videos whenever you like!

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