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Introduction To The Topic

Is joining the Odd Fc Academy on your bucket list, but you don’t know the eligibility requirements? Keep reading through this article as every detail is contained here.

Before submitting your registration, please sure you understand and agree to the terms and conditions. Fortunately, as you sign up, you’ll experience a lot of advantages.

Let’s see the eligibility requirements of the academy.

Odd Fc Academy As A Digital Football Grooming Body

The benefit of Odd Fc academy is that everybody is welcome to join the Academy. Although there are no definite eligibility requirements, there are certain guidelines to follow to join the academy. You ought to visit the official academy website and register.

The Odd Fc academy trials may be accessed once you have registered on the site, which includes all other services. Taking part in their trials is a step ahead to achieving your football dreams in Odd Fc academy.

Detailed Information About The Academy

There are a few things you should know about the Odd Fc Academy before applying. In order to join Odd Fc, you must first complete the registration process.

Firstly, you must be between the ages of 18 and 35 and have played a coordinated football for nothing less than a two years.

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Secondly, in order to be considered for selection, players must perform exceptionally well at the Odd Fc academy tryouts. Oslo, Norway, hosts the trials which is held twice a year. You can either apply for a trial in May or in September.

You can learn more about the Odd Fc Academy’s registration procedure and qualifying requirements by visiting the academy website.

Is The Academy Open To The Public ?

If you wish to join the Odd football academy, you must go through a series of trials. Youngsters between the ages of 5 and 19 can enroll in the academy.

The academy is open to everybody, regardless of their gender. Meanwhile, the goal of the football academy is to groom young players who will be professionals in the future. The following are the conditions for joining Odd Fc academy:

  • No one under the age of 5 and above the age of 19 can participate.
  • It is open to both males and females.
  • Anybody can enroll at the academy.
  • The goal of the academy is to groom the next generation of talented footballers.

An Overview On Odds BK

Odds Ballklubb, or simply “Odd,” is a professional Norwegian football team that hails from Skien. They established the football section of the versatile sport club in 1894. This is after nine years after they established the club.

Football was the only sport allowed at the club, as they disassociated other sports. When it comes to Norwegian Football, you can find Odd Fc at the division one, which is the Elitesterien. Currently, they are the record holders for the most Norwegian Football Cup won (12). The won the last one in 2000.

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Between 1994 and 2012, the club went by the name, ”Odd Grenland”. Odd Fc is Norway’s oldest football club, founded in 1894. The club made its entrance into the Club of Pioneers on May 13th, 2017. They were the pioneer Nordic football club to be part of the body.

Background Account Of The Club

They established ”IF Odd” in 1885, making it one of the Norway’s oldest active sports club. The inspiration of the club name came from the novel Seierssverdet by Viktor Rydberg. There, tgey had a character called Orvar Odd from Norway.

Initially, IF Odd was primarily a gymnastics school with a Nordic skiing, track and field section. It was only later, on March 31, 1894, that they created the football section.

The club had tried to create it before, but it didn’t go through. So, this is basically the second trial. This is after an English worker within Skotfoss introduced football to Skien. So, the city accepted it wholeheartedly.

In 1994, Odd and the local club Pors formed a partnership and began to answer Odd Grenland and Pors Grenland, respectively. This is to better signify the Grenland neighborhood. Subsequently, a firm came into existence, bearing Grenland Football. As a result, Pors Grenland disassociated from the merger in 2009. Then, in 2013, Odd Grenland started went back to answer Odds BK.

More than any other side in Norway, Odd has won the Norwegian Football Cup on nine separate occasions since its inception in 1903.

The men’s squad suffered relegation for many years in the late 20th century. But were later promoted to the Tippeligaen in 1999 and remained there until they were demoted in 2007.

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Since then, Odd has been battling with relegation and promotion. They have defeated and has been defeated by clubs like: Bryne, Bodø/Glimt and Hødd.

On September 25, 2011, Odd player Jone Samuelsen netted a long range header against Tromsø. It is debated as the longest headed goal ever scored in a football match. The header came from his own half with the opponents keeper not mounting his goal post.

After the appropriate authorities measured the distance, they determined it to be 58.13 meters in length.

About The Stadium

Skagerak Arena seen from Sparebank 1 tribune.

SKAGERAK ARENA is the stadium of Odd Fc. It has a capacity of 12,000. The most people ever in the stadium for a match is over 12,500 which is for the 1984 Cup semi-final vs Viking.

There has been an official record of 12.436, set against Borussia Dortmund in a Europa League play-off in 2015.

Between 13,000 and 14,000 people can now fit in the stadium, after its renovation which was completed in 2008. Skagerak Energi, a local sponsor, influenced the name of the stadium.


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