Future Stars Basketball Academy

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Looking at the requirement for quality after-school programs locally and seeing the detonating development and ubiquity of balls, the Foundation chose to join the two…the outcome was the production of Future Stars B-ball Institute.

Future Stars’ central goal was to start a positive crucial ball base for small kids and simultaneously give nearby networks a quality elective for after-school or end-of-the-week exercises. Accordingly, bringing guardians, kids, what’s more, local area diversion together for a dynamic, sensational learning air. The objective is to help youngsters to play b-ball, stress the significance of schooling, give positive good examples, and award greatness and exertion.

Future Stars Basketball Academy

Not at all like numerous free b-ball camps that are held in the mid-year just and range in quality and impact, Future Stars needed to foster a steady year-round program. A program that guaranteed efficient pleasure, training, and improvement of abilities for kids during the school year too. Future Stars enrolled the help of a portion of the top “teachers” including NCAA and High School mentors to plan the What’s to come to Stars Framework.

Future Stars B-ball Foundation has been a particularly enormous accomplishment since its commencement in 1995 the educational plan has developed to incorporate baseball, cheerleading, football, lacrosse, soccer, and softball.

The Coach

Jim Olayos

Leader of Future Stars Sports Foundation has been associated with sports for over thirty years as both a player and a mentor. He is as of now the Progression. Overseer of Notre Lady Secondary School in Fairfield, Connecticut. Past his work at Notre Woman, he was the Athletic Chief at St. Joseph Secondary School in Trumbull, Connecticut.

The year 2001, he was the beneficiary of the Focal Connecticut YMCA Solid Children Grant. In 2003 he has cast a ballot as one of the main 100 most powerful individuals in Connecticut Secondary School Sports.

Future Stars Basketball Academy

His program has been highlighted in both the New, York Times and USA Today. In 2019 he was named as an Individual from the World Consideration USA Public Warning Board for Games. Jim is an alum of Fairfield College and Quinnipiac School of Regulation. During those years he was likewise the lead trainer for Masuk Secondary School in Monroe, getting the New York Day to day News Mentor of the Year Grant. After graduating from regulation school, he likewise filled in as an associate mentor at the College of Bridgeport under New Britain’s untouched and most dominating b-ball mentor, Bruce Webster.

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He has been an associate mentor at St. Joseph Secondary School under the Province of Connecticut’s all-time best mentor, Vito Montelli, and aided the McDonald’s All-American game in Indianapolis in 1991, where he trained NBA Elite player, Award Slope. Since resigning from his regulation act of twenty years he has dedicated himself to the Future Stars Youngsters’ Underpinning of which he fills in as Leader Chief.

Through his contribution with Future Stars and as Overseer of Athletic Improvement at Notre Woman Secondary School, Fairfield, CT Jim can share his sports information alongside his anxiety for youngsters. Jim and his better half Kim have four children and live in Shelton, Connecticut.


A Non-Benefit Association was established for the advantage and instruction of the present youth. “A long time from now…It won’t make any difference what sort of vehicle I drove, what sort of house I resided in, the amount I possessed in my ledger, or what my garments seemed to be. In any case, the world might be somewhat better since I was significant in the life of a youngster.”

Putting resources into our Future The present understudies are the upcoming educators, local area pioneers, and the corporate workforce. The track they pick as a naive kid will decide their way throughout everyday life and our future as a local area. What’s to come Stars Program (TM) was created not exclusively. Brought into the world of this program was What’s to come Stars Youngsters’ Establishment. What’s to come to Stars Program is an important instructive device giving crucial guidance. Training and direction to assist with guaranteeing that youngsters partaking in the program have a superior possibility of picking the best way throughout everyday life.

Future Stars Basketball Academy

Notwithstanding learning the rudiments of a picked sport and the craft of solid the contest, Future Stars members are instructed on significant Illustrations of Life (TM) issues and perspectives that impart:

  • -An Identity Worth
  • -Certainty
  • -Objective Direction
  • -Regard
  • -Self-restraint
  • -Moral Still, small voice

Our project structure and instructive accentuation give coordination. Proficient way to deal with youth improvement that is; significant, result-arranged furthermore, and quantifiable. Costs laid out with running a program include instructive and personal sports teachers. Garbs, impetus giveaways, instructive materials, showcasing staff, and site-related costs. These costs are covered by each understudy’s educational expenses. Who can manage the cost of the program for their kids? And see the worth in coupling life examples with sports as a learning instrument?

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However, a large number of the networks that we serve. While esteeming and embracing the ideas and results of our program can’t just cover the educational cost charge yet explore the coordinated operations of getting their kid to and from our program. Along these lines, the longing and having to have a Future Stars program. Accessible for youth is present there are just so many grant dollars accessible.

Future Stars Basketball Academy

Luckily, What’s to come Stars Kids’ Establishment perceives. The significance of the project to families and youngsters and sees esteem in satisfying their vision. The establishment was established to bring the. What’s to come to Stars Program to less lucky youth on a grant premise?

The Establishment needs your help with satisfying. Our objectives and objective of carrying the Examples of Life to all kids. Through the What’s in store Stars Program! Networks today need to address issues and fill holes where conceivable. We are requesting that you assist us with carrying this program to families that might not approach. Today to assist with building our networks of tomorrow through kids and sports. A duplicate of a letter from the Inward Income Administration/Branch of Depository as to/Gifts. Can be gotten by reaching Future Stars Kids’ Establishment Inc. at:

Future Stars Basketball Academy

21 Skippers Watch, Shelton, CT 06484, Telephone (203) 926-6822, Fax (203) 926 6922, Complementary (877) 998-STAR What’s to come? Stars Kids’ Establishment is a continuation Representing things to come. To Stars Effort Program zeroing in on burdened, in danger youth. The program cycle utilizes sports as an inspiration to effectively. Finish the everyday schedule schoolwork empowering a positive way of behaving and great person.

The mix of the games program and the “Examples of Life” part. Moves every kid towards arriving at their maximum capacity.

Future Stars Basketball Academy

The Illustrations of Life (TM) instructive program centers around genuine issues that kids manage ordinary. Every Example of Life meeting highlights an intuitive, centered message that gives real data to every youngster.

The program is introduced in a tomfoolery, significant way. After the show, the kid is given schoolwork. Task and urged to plunk down with a grown-up to work out and talk about together.

The three instructive tracks are Substance Misuse Avoidance, Schooling, and Individual Qualities. Each track has seven parts. The meetings are intended to center around the requirements of the youngsters at every individual site. These tracks are pointed at character advancement and values.

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The instructive system is to make a healthy identity worth, skill, certainty, and self-restraint. The instructive program characterizes and reclassifies character, and interactive abilities show anticipation strategies and advance instructive greatness.

By further developing a youngster’s self-esteem, expanding their insight base, and educating them on counteraction abilities we establish a climate to empower every youngster to reach their maximum capacity.

Future Stars Basketball Academy

Illustrations Of Life Meetings:

  • Substance Misuse Counteraction
  • *Drugs Obliterate Dreams!
  • *Liquor Can Demolish Lives!
  • *Guard Yourself, Don’t Smoke!
  • *Independent direction: Know the Right Move!
  • *Peer Strain: Don’t Yield!
  • *Fellowship: Pick the Right Partners!


  • *School: Your Point Throughout everyday life!
  • *Confidence: You Can Do it everybody’s Great at Something!
  • *Bias and Segregation: See The Entire Game!
  • *Harassing: An Individual Foul!
  • *Online Security: Don’t get a Specialized Foul!
  • *Security: Safeguard Yourself!
  • *Local area: Engage in the Game!

Individual Qualities

  • *Difficult Work and Commitment: These are Not Simply Sports Words!
  • *Regard: Stand Tall!
  • *Obligation: Make a point to see everything through to completion!
  • *Legend versus Good example: Pick your Position Shrewdly!
  • *Sportsmanship: Carrying on Honestly!
  • *Trustworthiness: Be a Straight Player!
  • *Consideration: Offer the Ball!

Different Testimonies of the Academy

“In a games world where such a lot of correspondence spins around the objection culture, I needed to pause for a minute to do the inverse. I need to offer my most genuine thank you for all that you and your staff do at Future Stars. I have been contending in sports since an extremely youthful age, and I have committed my profession to the sport undertaking. After almost 40 years in sports, I don’t think I have at any point been around a program like Future Stars. Whether my child makes the cutthroat ball a drawn-out objective, he has acquired certainty and life illustrations from your program that can’t be reproduced wherever else.”

Mike S., a Future Stars Parent

“I’m past dazzled with the abilities for the game, regard, and sportsmanship my child is learning. The mentors are hands-on, connected with, and patient…Outstanding program!”

Robyn, a Future Star Parent

“Future Stars resembles a much-needed refresher. My child is moved and tested by your program. He is getting instructions. This is difficult for him. However, it is enjoyable. I wish this program was the model until the end of our field as the game’s world by any means levels could profit from it.”

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