Basketball Academy in Texas

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The NCTA basketball program has established a reputation for success on the floor and in the classroom. Six girls’ State Championships in a row and five boys’ State Championships in a row are examples of the program’s accomplishments, and some players have gone on to play at the university level.

The school’s overall goal for the basketball program is to give each student-athlete the resources they need to reach their athletic goals, get ready for college, and develop the life skills they will need to maintain a healthy balance between God, academics, and athletics.

The basketball program and NCTA offer a special setting that encourages an using relationships to care for and develop each student athlete building. Using this one-on-one strategy, NCTA has established a family. A trust-fostering environment for both faculty and students. NCTA upholds a Christian-centered environment that places a strong emphasis on the value of spiritual development and maturity. Every child needs to be loved and taken care of, according to the school and basketball program. The school and basketball program want each student athlete to grow in confidence and value serving others while giving back to academics by employing this purpose-driven strategy.

Basketball Academy in Texas


Primary School

The Elementary curriculum is structured in a chronological manner to provide learning continuity over the course of the elementary years. Students can build on existing knowledge when the same text curriculum is used, and each classroom benefits from the richness and individuality that each teacher’s teaching methods and experiences contribute.

Secondary School

In order to complete progressively difficult presentations, reading selections, the Academy seventh-grade English students must develop and master previously taught knowledge and skills. Seventh grade students learn to analyze a speaker’s persuasive \techniques and credibility.

High School

The curriculum at North Central Texas Academy is that of a private, Christian, boarding, day, and international school that prepares students for college. Having highly skilled and qualified employees and leadership…

College and Career Counseling

At North Central Texas Academy, the process of assisting students in making significant decisions starts with listening to them and collaborating on a plan. Students learn about and participate in…


By participating in a number of groups and organizations at the Academy, students have many opportunity to improve their leadership abilities. Officers are chosen at…

System of Academic Values

North Central Texas Academy is committed to providing scholarships to both domestic and foreign students who are highly motivated and from disadvantaged backgrounds. Although applicants from a range of backgrounds are taken into consideration, the standards are nonetheless stringent.

The program’s entirety is intended to instill a particular set of principles. These serve as the foundation for the behavioral expectations for students at North Central Texas Academy.

  • Respect: Students are expected to treat adults with respect and to be considerate of other people’s feelings.
  • Accountability: Students are required to be accountable for their own thoughts, actions, grades, possessions, and decisions.
  • Integrity: Students must uphold their commitments and act honestly in all facets of their lives in order to demonstrate integrity.
  • Self-discipline: Students are required to set and work toward their own personal objectives.
  • Compassion: Students are urged to develop their capacity to show others compassion and kindness.
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Discipline at North Central Texas Academy

A system of privileges and rewards underpins discipline at the Academy and in the houses. Every student must learn to appreciate and eventually internalize fair and consistent discipline. To acquire values and the right kind of behavior, students must put in a lot of effort. Loss of privileges, detentions, time-outs in the residences, missing sporting events and other outings, and ultimately dismissal from the Academy may follow violations of the conduct rules.

The expectations for the classroom and the home will be decided by each teacher and resident parent. With the students, rules and the penalties for breaking them will be reviewed.

Basketball Academy in Texas


Christian boarding and day school North Central Texas Academy has qualified staff to help kids develop academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. All pupils must be driven and able to perform at grade level or higher. If you believe your student satisfies our program’s requirements, kindly complete the relevant Admission Application.


Who enrolls in NCTA?

An international school, a day school, and a K–12 residential school all rolled into one is NCTA. Three different categories of kids make up the student body:

  • Families that desire to send their children to a private, Christian school
  • Students from other countries that require the opportunities that NCTA provides
  • Students from low-income backgrounds who are strongly determined to succeed academically

How did NCTA start out?

Gloria and Ed Shipman, together with their two teenage boys, Chuck and Todd brought some fugitive girls into their house. Thus starting what has since become one of the best international, boarding, and day schools in the country.

The non-profit organization initially received a 266-acre farm from the Shipman family. A few years later, another 250 acres were added, increasing the total campus size to almost 500 acres. The Academy was launched in 1975 with a small number of Students, limited resources, and lofty aspirations to create an excellent residential school.

Basketball Academy in Texas

Does NCTA value “character” development?

Character development is emphasized at NCTA and is taught in a variety of methods. First, the Academy’s overarching goal of fostering a Christian worldview strengthens character. NCTA works to prepare students to view the entire universe through the perspective of the Bible. Students who adopt this philosophy can form a solidly Christian worldview.

The Academy’s weekly chapel services are another way that character is developed. Each student at NCTA has the chance to participate in a midweek chapel service where they can sing hymns that express their Christian beliefs and hear motivational talks from local speakers and community leaders. Students can see and learn from various Christian leaders during these chapel services.

What city is NCTA in?

The location of North Central Texas Academy—a 500-acre working farm and campus—is among its most remarkable features. The Academy is conveniently close to Granbury, Texas, which is located south of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Students have the option to participate in the FFA/4-H program if they so want.

Llamas, alpacas, and buffalo are also free to wander the campus in enclosed areas. A complete equestrian program with an indoor riding facility is also part of the curriculum. The agricultural location also provides for a greenhouse, vegetable area, and orchard. The rural, out-of-doors environment is fantastic for pupils, many of whom are from the inner city. They can walk around on 500 pastoral acres in this area.

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Is there an athletic program at NCTA?

At North Central Texas Academy, physical education aims to instill a love of fitness and exercise in students while also teaching them how to become physically fit. The focus is on motor development, fundamental movements, team and individual sports, games, relays, and cooperative activities.

The curricula for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade emphasize the development of motor skills and basic motions. The programs for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades concentrate on elements of team and individual sports, such as acting with excellent sportsmanship and cooperating. At NCTA, the topic of health is very significant. Given the increased occurrence of childhood obesity, it is crucial that pupils form healthy routines. Students study anatomy, safe practices, good eating, and the value of exercise.

Basketball Academy in Texas

Do pupils engage in performing arts activities?

North Central Texas Academy is committed to assisting each pupil’s development. Both academically and artistically, this experience is significant. Students are encouraged to express themselves artistically through a variety of mediums from K–12. Including musical instruments, choir, music appreciation, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and musical theater. This training not only broadens each student’s horizons, but also fully prepares those who wish to pursue the arts in greater depth through higher education.

What kind of program is board?

Across rolling acres with a view of the valley, NCTA has lovely, homey-looking residence. Up to eight boys or girls and their Resident Parents can live in each one. The campus is open, and students can bicycle or walk to various locations, including the chapel and the animal barns.

The dependable daily schedule is one of the keys to the boarding student program’s success. Every school day, the students get up at the same hour. They eat breakfast at home and then go to school till around 3:30. Afterschool activities include sports practices, music practices, and livestock care for FFA/4H students. The campus dining center serves both lunch and dinner. After supper, there are various programs and activities as well as required study times. The students’ ages determine what time they go to bed during the week.

Each student is given daily responsibilities that improve the group’s well-being and general health. Time spent on television, music, and the internet is constrained as well as subject to content monitoring. Students are chosen based on their age for each residence of eight boys or eight girls.

Like siblings and sisters in a big family, the pupils interact also with the other residents. Strong bonds between people form. Relationships that span cultures are particularly rich and gratifying. The following are some examples of off-campus activities, particularly on the weekends: movies, shopping, musical performances, sporting events, parks, and cultural activities. Family visits are regularly organized, and students are permitted to leave school with their families.

Does “faith” have any influence at NCTA?

The program at North Central Texas Academy serves kids from all religious backgrounds and is interdenominational. Supported by very strong moral and spiritual pillars. Christian worship is held every Sunday at the West Chapel, which is perched on a hill overlooking. The campus’s Youth Minister organizes Sunday evening activities, which include contemporary music and Bible studies. Parents and visitors are welcome to attend with their kids.

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Additionally, there are weekly programs centered on fellowship and teen-relevant topics. Inspirational speakers and musicians frequently visit the campus to share their experiences with the students. The Academy urges students to be morally and spiritually upright, to respect God and also their fellow human beings, and to keep up their religious practices.

Basketball Academy in Texas

Exist any scholarships?

The commitment to securing financial aid for any boarder who has a need sets North Central Texas Academy apart from practically all other boarding schools.

Many students who would not otherwise have the chance to make the most of their lives are able to receive the same high-quality education because to the hard work and generosity of the community. Scholarship money for disadvantaged students has typically come from the private sector for the majority of the Academy’s existence: individuals, corporations, as well as foundations. Similar to a university, the Academy also looks for underserved students with the same abilities and awards scholarships so that these highly motivated boys and girls can have the chance to learn, commit, develop, and eventually take on roles of responsibility and leadership in society.

What are NCTA’s plans for the future?

The over 40-year-old Shipman family ideal is still far from being realized. The end goal is to have 250 students enrolled each semester. That means creating an Endowment to cover a percentage of the campus’s annual operating costs is necessary in addition to generating enough money for more student housing, a larger chapel and auditorium, additional sporting facilities, and other improvements.

Raising money will always be difficult because one of the Academy’s goals is to offer enough scholarships for boarding and study based on student need. There is already a permanent endowment fund in existence. Within the endowment, there are distinct funds for music, missions, the agricultural program, athletics, as well as other things.

Basketball Academy in Texas

What does it mean?

This means that a donor who wants to give to the permanent endowment can also choose how they would like the money to be used. Donations made to the permanent endowment fund never expire. The ultimate objective is to create the best boarding, day, and international school in America.

“We continue to develop our program,” says Chuck Shipman, COO. “We are giving many boys and girls access to social, cultural, and academic components that they would not otherwise have”. Todd Shipman, President/CFO, adds that as the company grows and expands, “We will need a lot of help if we are to continue helping as well as educating the many students who come to our door asking for the help they need to grow, study, and have a positive effect on their world.”

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Do you need an Academy in the US? This post “Basketball Academy in Texas” compiles all Academies in Texas. Also check out their Locations, Cost and Schedule.

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