Basketball Academies in Rhodes Island

On this blogpost ” Basketball Academies in Rhodes Island “. Learn about the different academies, tuition fee and how to join the academy.

About 1on1 Basketball – Rhode Island

One-on-One Ball started tasks in Rhode Island in the colder time of the year 2006. Rhode Island turned into the ninth Locale to send off programs. Rhode Island, known as the Sea State, with a populace of a little more than 1 million inhabitants spread among 39 intently weave urban communities and towns, has a background marked areas of strength for my roots. The College of Rhode Island Rams, Earthy colored College Bears, Provision School Ministers, alongside the Bryant College Bulldogs, (2005 Div.3 Public finalists) all have rich ball customs.

One on One is offering quality ball educational projects all through the province of Rhode Island through After School Circles, Player Advancement Projects furthermore, and Camps presented over time. For more data about our programs kindly attempt the connections above or to see a timetable of impending occasions and programs. To find out how One on One Rhode Island can help you, your group, or your schools if it’s not too much trouble, reach us. Assuming that you have explicit inquiries regarding any of our programs call (401) 639.0814 or email me at

NBA & Professional Programs

One on One B-ball is a ball-preparing organization that was begun in 1991 determined to give the slow time of year individual ball preparing to creating b-ball players. In the beyond 25 years, we have developed into an all-year b-ball guidance and occasion the board organization giving turn-key projects the nation over

NBA Player Camps

One-on-One B-ball has immense experience working with NBA players to give the best camp insight for all members. We give all parts of the camp the board including showcasing, online enrollment, protection, and providing completely prepared staff.

Private Training

As a b-ball preparing organization, One on One B-ball likewise gives world class preparation to school and expert players. We have prepared from one side of the planet to the other also, have assisted numerous competitors with coming to, or keeping, the degree of ability they are searching for

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Sponsored NBA Events

One-on-One Ball has tremendous involvement with the plan and execution of public missions involving the ball as the engaged limited-time vehicle. We have worked with organizations, promoting organizations, and nonbenefits to carry out programs the nation over. Skyhawks Sports Foundation gives a wide assortment of tomfoolery, protected and positive Rhode island ball programs that underscore basic examples in sports and life, such as collaboration, regard, and sportsmanship. Our projects are intended to give each youngster a positive presentation into sports while cultivating a long-lasting adoration for an a dynamic, solid way of life.

Higher Learning Basketball Academy


Higher Learning B-ball’s main goal is to further develop youth ball players by showing the essentials in an organized, diligent, and fun climate. We trust individual player advancement, shown by experienced mentors, will lead to more in-game accomplishment in a sporting, travel, center, or secondary school
group. Our preparation gives total guidance and ideas on all parts of the game. Throughout recent years, our staff has worked with and created players of any age and ability level. We utilize the USA and Rhode Island Youth B-ball Rules in our projects in general

High School Internship Program

B-ball Tasks Understudy positions require an exceptionally energetic, educated, also, a dynamic person who is dependable to aid our Higher Learning B-ball programs/camps/centers/associations. Accessible positions include court trough, right hand for competition tasks, and camp advocate. The ball
the playing experience is liked, not needed, except the camp advisor. School matured understudies can begin in their rookie, sophomore, or junior year of high school to acquire insight into their school applications, Public Honor Society, or to serve a particular number of hours for their neighborhood secondary school. Later the effective culmination of 20 hours of temporary job insight, understudies can join our junior instructing staff on finance for future projects

The objective of our temporary position program is to assist with creating young fellows and ladies in an expert setting which incorporates:

  • Time usage abilities
  • Keeping focused and coordinated
  • Public talking
  • Considering players responsible while in an organized climate
  • Figure out how to request help/help when required
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Sean Casey

Sean began his instructing profession as an Associate Men’s B-ball Mentor at Tufts College in 1995. In 1998 at age 27, he was named the Head Men’s B-ball Mentor at Curry School, becoming one of the most youthful lead trainers in the country. In 2003, Sean was named the Athletic Chief and Young men’s Ball
Mentor at George School, a day and live-in school situated in Newtown, Dad. He’s been coordinating camps for more than 20 years in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. He likewise claims S&A School Advising, which guides families in the school search process. Moreover, he is the Leader of the Portsmouth Youth Ball Board and mentors numerous serious travel groups.


Eric Simonelli

Eric Simonelli is resolved to aid the association of the adolescent ball program in Warwick, Rhode Island (RI) as a devoted occupant, father of school-age kids, and prepared mentor of b-ball essentials. Presently, Eric is a full-time School Advisor for School Arrangements and S&A School Guiding. He is the previous Overseer of School Advising and State Title Head Varsity B-ball Mentor at La Salle Institute, where he gathered a 96-21 Division 1 record and 135-49 generally speaking record in seven seasons. Simonelli’s group was the Division 1 Bosses in 2014 and 2015, was the RI Open State Champions in 2015 also, the RI Open State Sprinter was up in 2016.

Before instructing at La Salle Foundation, he directed The Prout School to the Division III State Title in 2011 and 2012, and was the Division III Sprinter Up in 2007. Simonelli went to Duxbury Secondary School in Massachusetts where he scored 1,200 vocation focuses and was a Loyalist Record, Boston Envoy, and Boston Globe All-Academic Player. At the university level, he moved on from Endicott School where he is was a DIII All American and was chosen into the school’s Lobby of Popularity

Hoop Island Basketball Camp

The Circle Island Ball Camp is for young men and young ladies hoping to have some good times while
working on their key abilities. Campers will deal with shooting, the ball taking care and passing, as well as playing in cutthroat 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 games. The seventeenth Yearly Tip top Summer B-ball Camp at the South Kingstown Rec Focus is for experienced (commonly travel level) players hoping to work on their abilities in an organized, high-speed climate. Past the essential abilities of ball dealing with, passing, and shooting, players will have cutthroat rounds of 1 on 1, 3 on 3 and 5 on 5. During these games, they will take ideas utilized in drill stations and apply them to game circumstances. Players will be shown how to set and use screens, and eventually figure out how to play in a motion offense. All mentors will be capable grown-ups.

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South Kingstown Amusement Center 30 St. Dominic Rd., Wakefield, RI



Rising Grades fifth ninth Association Subtleties

Lead trainer – if it’s not too much trouble, email to get your town/city group’s spot.

  • All groups probably played the RI MetroWest or Metrowest youth travel b-ball association during the 2021-22 winter season.
  • Individual enlistment is $80 per player.
  • Every player should enlist as an individual and pick their town/city group in the drop-down menu (8 players at least).
  • No free specialist enrollments except if endorsed by the association chief.
  • 1 game each week (configuration of 4 brief quarters with the last two minutes of each quarter halted time).
  • 8 all-out ensured games (7 ordinary seasons and 1 season finisher game). Up to 2-3 end of the season games are conceivable (10-11 all-out games).
  • Young men and Young ladies Divisions set up by association officials by age/grade/capacity (An or B levels if material).
  • We will have single-age bunches whenever the situation allows (ie fifth-grade division will be separate from the sixth grade).
  • The movement association begins toward the finish of June and deduces in Eminent.
  • Court areas will be in the Warwick/North Kingstown region.

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